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  1. Twilight Luna

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Fluttershy with a cute bow.
  2. Twilight Luna

    Gender Race

  3. Twilight Luna

    Movies/TV Stan Lee Passes Away at Age 95.

    Rest In Peace, Stan. You are in a better place now. Go be with your wife and have a new adventure.
  4. Twilight Luna

    Does anybody know if there is any huge (lifesize) plushies?

    This one will be mine. This will be for @The Recherche‘s collection.
  5. Good morning! How is everypony this Monday? Unfortunately I have to work. :dry:    Just checked Netflix and full Season 8 is up. :ticking: Hope everypony has a great day!

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    2. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      Work work. :derp:

      Image result for mlp work

    3. Mirage


      Yes! I just watched the first two S8 episodes! They were fun! :ticking:

      I skipped ahead to watch the full Kirin episode too - squee!

      [Sorry, brony moment.]

    4. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      @Mirage It’s a great episode. ^_^

  6. Twilight Luna

    Does anybody know if there is any huge (lifesize) plushies?

    Not from Hasbro but from the secondary market.
  7. Twilight Luna

    Hiya everypony :)

    Hello! Welcome to the forum. You have a great taste in movies. The Land Before Time was my favorite movie growing up. I remember seeing it in the theater a bunch of times when it came out. Its always good to see another Twilight fan around here. Anyway, enjoy your stay here and make lots of friends!
  8. Twilight Luna

    What were the 80s like?

    Or pulled out an encyclopedia.
  9. Never keep Twilight away from her books. :lostit:


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    2. TwilySparky
    3. Twilight Luna
    4. Cash In

      Cash In

      She appears to be having some sort of mental breakdown. Leave her alone and she'll calm down...hopefully :mlp_confused:.

  10. Going to go out and run some errands. Have a song while I’m gone. :-D


  11. Twilight Luna

    The WPCC Lounge

    Work? Booooo!
  12. Twilight Luna

    Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    This would blow Twilight’s mind.
  13. Twilight Luna

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    I don’t think this one has been posted.
  14. Twilight Luna

    The WPCC Lounge

    I’m ok. How are you?
  15. Twilight Luna

    Best insults you got.

    Blind people are lucky they can’t see how ugly you are.