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  1. Total Lunar Eclipse

    Lunar Eclipe's Art

    Thank you! I love drawing her in her beanie~ Here's another.
  2. Total Lunar Eclipse

    Lunar Eclipe's Art

    Thanks! Been a while since I posted. Here's some new art.
  3. Total Lunar Eclipse

    Lunar Eclipe's Art

    Another one. It just keeps happening.
  4. Total Lunar Eclipse

    Lunar Eclipe's Art

    Thank you Harper, much appreciated c: I'll be doing my best to keep improving in the meantime. Another Lunar happened. last night.
  5. Total Lunar Eclipse

    Lunar Eclipe's Art

    Thank you! Got some Rainbow Dash done today.
  6. Total Lunar Eclipse

    Searching for free programs to make pony art.

    GIMP is similar to Photoshop and pretty popular.
  7. Total Lunar Eclipse

    Would you do this for $10,000?

    Hot dog. Yes. And if anyone gave me a hard time, I'd be like 'Yeah well I'm getting paid 10 G's'
  8. Total Lunar Eclipse

    Lunar Eclipe's Art

    When you're so hungry, you inhale stuff through every orifice in your face.
  9. Total Lunar Eclipse

    News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    To the contrary with child predators in particular. In real life, pedophiles and people who defend them get eaten alive. There's far less tolerance of them than I see in this thread. That's why the fandom has such a bad reputation in real life. The only times I've ever seen people defend predators like this was a) family or small community situations where people deny because they want to keep their pride, which results in silencing and abusing victims and, of course, more victims because the pedophile is protected or b ) on tumblr where it can be chalked up to the defenders being pedophiles themselves or lack of education. Pedophiles are not victims suffering from a mental illness. They may go to counseling when forced or to boost their public image, but they don't benefit from it. Pedophilia is not a sexuality. They are not attracted to children in the way that you would be attracted to another person. They're predators who prey on children because they like being in a position of power, usually frustrated because they themselves feel weak. They lack a conscience, love, empathy, etc. all the things that would stop a normal person from exploiting minors.
  10. Total Lunar Eclipse

    News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    Bringing up other country's laws is a common defense by pedophiles. It has nothing to do with Toon.
  11. Total Lunar Eclipse

    News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    Don't know if this was in response to me. I didn't think you were defending him. That's for someone else.
  12. Total Lunar Eclipse

    News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    It's not vigilantism, I'm not saying let's lock him up in a dungeon somewhere or burn him at the stake. I'm saying we need to protect victims by not tolerating him, see him with caution and scrutiniy, and don't just tell victims they should have reported it (that's unhelpful victim-blaming). We all need to keep tabs, report it when we see it, and take part in protecting minors and victims from predators like him. I'm not saying go post his home address online for the world to come at him with pitchforks, but don't protect his aliases online. He'll use those to hide and continue luring unsuspecting victims. He wants to stay hidden online for a reason. Think of it as a family. Little 15 year old Lucy was molested by 24 year old uncle Robert. First action is to cut off contact between Lucy and Robert. Next, you keep Robert away from any other little girls—because we know what his intentions are. Of course, we'd like to report Robert to the police, but sometimes that doesn't happen. Maybe the family kept it a secret to protect their pride and it happened 20 years ago, but Robert is still around wanting to molest Lucy's daughter. He may not be in jail or even on the sex offender list, but he's not innocent. If he shows up at a family get-together in a Batman suit and no one knows its him, you need to tell them because the children are there and he's planning to lure them into the bedroom when no one's watching. This is a common variation of a story retold over generations and generations. Many predators behave like this and many cases of people defending and protecting them. You don't have to murder them in their sleep, but at least take the precautions to keep them away from victims and report incidents. And do not ever call them innocent or blame victims for not reporting it. I gotta head off now. Got stuff to do.
  13. Total Lunar Eclipse

    News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    Okay then, I'm on board to accuse both. Lewd conduct with minors is not ok. I will defend the innocent, too. The victims, and often the defenseless.
  14. Total Lunar Eclipse

    News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    I'm not interested in legal accusations, I'm not an officer of the law. I'm part of a community where children and minors should be safe and protected by its adult members, and predators should not be supported or involved in any way. By calling him innocent, you are calling the victims guilty. He's not innocent—we know this. He's a predator. Maybe he hasn't the broken the law yet, I'm not sure, but we're not judges. We have the ability to protect the people in our community and I choose to do that. It's bad for the community and bad for victims to call him innocent. I don't know why you insist on arguing legal matters when I've made my stance clear that this is about not standing up for him based on the predatory nature. He has no place in the community and should be seen with scrutinity and caution. It's difficult a lot of the time to report these incidents and get a predator locked up. The legal system is very flawed in dealing with predators. A lot of the time, they get off scot free. Does that make them innocent? No. That pedophile I mentioned earlier comitted a lot of heinous things without being guilty in the eyes of the court. The reason these people get away with it is always the fault of those who defended them, gave them benefit of the doubt, and bought into their manipulation tactics (which are obvious to a trained eye). Toon will continue to victimize people if allowed to get away with it. One of the biggest problems for victims is when their families or communities won't stick up for them, and instead stick up for the attacker. You don't know the situation and neither do I. Groping is often unlikely to get anyone into serious trouble, though. Funny how you deliberately chastise victims though, lording it over them to just simply report it—as if it's the easiest thing in the world and the law is always on the good guy's side.
  15. Total Lunar Eclipse

    News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    And this makes it ok to defend Toon why?