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  1. Here’s some more! Another commission and a practice drawing.
  2. Lots of Purple Flame (commissions, not my OC).
  3. Yin yang Lunar (it's body paint/dye, or magic).
  4. It sure has been a while! Here’s something new.
  5. Hmm all I'm picturing is a mighty exhausted Pinkie Pie.
  6. When you code something and it works on the first test go ziiiiiing
  7. Here's some new art, an updated version of some old.
  8. It depends on the people! Mom and daughter relationships can sometimes have their own unique downfalls. I don't know if it makes them better or worse than other potential relations, but the set up definitely isn't perfect. One common dysfunction with mom/daughter is when mom is competative with daughter. Women tend to be more sensitive about their age and are pressured to sacrifice their career/ambitions to raise children, so this can turn into jealousy and resent in insecure moms. Mom sees daughter as a younger, prettier, and happier version of herself who, not only is 'better' than her at everything, but whom she sacrificed years of her life for (maybe even her youth). Those relationships tend to be really controlling. Mom might cope with her jealousy by making her daughter do all the same things she does (dress the same, have the same haircut, hobbies, interests, etc.) because it helps mom feel less threatened. This works out when daughter is young and the relationship might appear amazing until she develops a mind of her own. People from the outside mght see mom and daughter wearing matching clothes, singing together, shopping etc. and think it's perfect but it's pretty toxic. Mom will try to snuff out daughter's identity so she can't be a threat, making daughter so identical to herself that she can live through her instead of feeling jealous. She'll try to convince daughter that she's ugly, stupid, unskilled, worthless etc. and emotionally beat her into submission. It's pretty ruthless. Doesn't really happen with mom/son oddly enough. Very much a womanhood thing. Sometimes jealous moms will have more than one child, but only feel threatened by the daughters. Of course there's plenty of good mom daughter relationships that aren't like this. This is just one of the more common ways it can go wrong.
  9. If anyone wants a request, I opened a DA journal where I'll be doing a few.
  10. I use Photoshop mostly, though the really crisp lines I do in Illustrator. Thank you for the watch ^^ And yeah! I'm so happy to have gotten better. Here's a new one!
  11. I love your cover photo, Total.

  12. I love horses. They're gentle animals. Powerful but gentle.