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  1. AlicornSpell

    Animation Was Zatch Bell a pretty forgettable anime?

    I agree that the premise of the show was pretty creative, but it ended up getting executed really bad in a lot places. If the manga and anime were executed a lot better than it was, then I think the manga and anime would've been as popular and successful as mangas and animes like Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruro, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Inyurasha were.
  2. AlicornSpell

    Animation Was Zatch Bell a pretty forgettable anime?

    I wouldn't say that Zatch and Tia were a perfect match for each other (romantically). Their personalities are pretty different from each other. And so if Zatch and Tia ever got married as adults, their relationship would probably be similar to Goku and Chi-Chi's relationship (which was terrible) from Dragon Ball Z. Also just remember that Tia always got mad at Zatch and abused him by strangling him for very little reasons.
  3. AlicornSpell

    Animation Was Zatch Bell a pretty forgettable anime?

    The anime never got a ending in Japan too. The anime got cancelled before they could finish it. Only the manga got the ending.
  4. Like imagined if Beavis and Butt-Head join and become Xiaolin Dragons, and were put of the main cast of characters. I'm pretty sure the other 4 Xiaolin Dragons wouldn't like them much, and I'm pretty sure Kimiko Tohomiko would hate them the most out of the 4 Xiaolin Dragons. Jack Spicer and his Jack-Bots, Wuya, Chase Young, and Hannibal Roy Bean would be no match against "The Great Cornholio".
  5. Zatch Bell doesn't get mentioned much, and not many people actually seem to remember it. I personally never cared for Zatch Bell. The reason is because of how over the top it is, and the main character (Zatch) is pretty annoying, and there's also a lot of annoying characters in it too. Also the anime just has too much humor in it, since the humor ruins many moments that are supposed to be serious.
  6. To me, it seems to be that way, since women do tend to be a lot more caring than men do. And to most dogs, women are not seen as much of a threat compared to men. And this website also seems to confirm this fact too:
  7. I honestly don't think that men face sexism and double standards like how women do. If they do, then why don't they complain about it like how woman do?
  8. Go visit this webpage and you will understand why every man should be a feminist. Girls and women need to understand that their body is their body, and no one has a right to do what ever they want with it.
  9. Women are the primary caregiver of children, and they have a maternal instinct that children respond to. And let's be honest here, who would you rather watch and babysit your children, a male or a female? There's a reason why most babysitters and nannies are females.
  10. AlicornSpell

    Food What is your favorite vegetable(s) to eat?

    Carrots just because they taste so good.
  11. Even though fathers don't want to admit it, women are usually considered the primary caregiver of children, and are more likely to be closer to them than the father is.
  12. When I was a kid, a year seemed to go by very slow. But as an adult now, a year seems to go by very fast. Why is that?
  13. If they wanted Soarin to get a love interest and have him get married or something like that, then most likely they would make a new female character for him to be with instead of using already existing ones, since Spitfire and Rainbow Dash would definitely be out of the question. I could see Spitfire and unfortunately Rainbow Dash too being happy for soarin that he found love with some other pony that isn't them, since neither of them showed any indication that they had any romantic feelings for him.
  14. The same thing could be said about Rainbow Dash too since she's also a Wonderbolt like them. Besides I don't think the writers would think that deep about that really. So I still think that Soarin and Spitfire would more likely to become a couple than Soarin and Rainbow Dash would, which that thought doesn't make me happy at all since I am a SoarinDash shipper.
  15. I'm a SoarinDash shipper, but I have a feeling that if Soarin were to fall in love with somepony, it would most likely be Spitfire. I mean there's honestly never been a official indication that Soarin has feelings for Rainbow Dash and vice versa. I hate to say it, but having Soarin be with Spitfire would be the more logical choice than having Soarin be with Rainbow Dash. The reason is because Soarin and Spitfire don't have as near much character development as Rainbow Dash does, and their personalities aren't near as fleshed as Rainbow Dash's is. Also they aren't the main character like Rainbow Dash is, and the most of the writers obviously don't want any of the main characters being in a romantic relationship with another character. So I don't think that Soarin and Rainbow Dash will ever become a couple, while there may be a chance for Soarin and Spitfire to become one.