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  1. That's probably the best example of all the updated episodes. That one was always a classic anyway and it's even better like this.
  2. I’m watching Beastars right now. I only took a peek at it to see what it was about and it got me hooked. I’m only 6 episodes in, but I can’t stop watching it. I hope it goes the distance.
  3. I keep my volume at 100% but I keep it muted. If I want to hear something I un-mute it, and I like the sound loud and clear when I do.
  4. Tiny Toon Adventures, and Chip N Dale Rescue rangers would be fun to see make a comeback if anyone could do justice to these great shows. If this is about ALL shows and not just animated, I wouldn’t mind seeing a return of Northern Exposure, but I don’t know if they could capture lightning in a bottle twice with a show like that.
  5. Frantic (1988). Great Harrison Ford sleeper from Roman Polanski.
  6. Spiking the communal office coffee pot with a gentle laxative seemed like a funny idea once (but I’d never do it now. Too dangerous to mess with someone else's health).
  7. I was never part of any clique. I was just a subtle noise in the background. I was friendly and all that but not popular by a long shot. I didn’t want to be too cool; that’s just too much work with no payoff. I stuck to my own interests so maybe I was considered a nerd, I don’t know. It would be a fitting moniker though.
  8. The main thing I dislike about where I live is the noise of the neighbors I have to share a wall with. No matter how nice an apartment may be, inside or out, there’s no changing the fact that I have to live right up against other people, and they universally act like animals! To this day I can’t figure out what fascination comes from bouncing off a shared wall at all hours of the day and night. If I tap on the wall just to remind them there’s someone on the other side trying to sleep, they pound back and swear really loud as though I’m disturbing them! And don’t even get me started on people blasting their stereos at full volume in the middle of the night. Are they really so anesthetized to the concept of other people around them? Jerks.
  9. Modern technology isn’t intuitive, malfunctions constantly and is constantly reconfigured and upgraded, whether it needs it or not. And there are so many pointless bells and whistles involved that one has to figure how to get past all the clutter just to get to the basic functions required to do a task. Technology is supposed to simplify life and make things easier, but instead it now takes ten steps where it used to take only two. If the older generation should just sit down and learn modern technology, it might be equally useful for the newer generation to just sit down and learn how to function without it. People are suited best to what they grew up with and have made use of for the majority of their lives. No one is better or worse than anyone else for what they do or do not feel the need to adapt to. I personally prefer technology be kept to a minimum.
  10. If one cares only about one’s self, their money and their downtime, children may be looked at as a pointless burden and expense. But that’s reducing something profoundly meaningful down to the level of a mere annoyance. It’s human nature (or once was) to look beyond the self and do for others, but all too often human life is looked on with less deference than the latest video game. Responsibility is not a dirty word, it’s a gift, and children are an honor and reward that will last a lifetime. Everything your child becomes is a result of your actions and guidance, and that’s an amazing feeling of accomplishment. It’s a life-affirming experience that broadens the horizons and teaches people to grow beyond themselves, which isn’t a reduction but a vast expansion on what we already are. To hold a child and realize, “This living, breathing human being is an extension of my own self, they trust me, love me unconditionally and depend on me completely” and to see all the possibilities of that is to know true love and true happiness no words can describe. Money, time and effort mean nothing compared to something like that.
  11. Growing a tree from the nutrients in my ashes doesn’t make me a tree; it just feeds one. The tree is still its own separate life form. But I think it would be charming to bring forth something living from something that is dead. I’d like a nice palm tree decorating my mortal remains.
  12. I put seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, grated cheese, avocados, sour cream and the spiciest salsa I can get my mitts on.
  13. Feeling introspective and wanting to make plans for the future. Summer is coming and that always makes me think of the possibilities.
  14. I don’t wear anything to bed. Haven’t for years and I have no plans of changing that. Once you start sleeping in the altogether there’s no going back. Everything else feels so heavy and restricting.