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  1. I'd be more curious about what the Crystal Ponies think of it. There could be issues...
  2. It varies by season. At the outset, I have always considered it a glowing 10/10. It's waned a little bit here and there but I still love the show. Right now I'll give it...a 10/10 (with a little less glow).
  3. “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering.” ~Yoda
  4. I like La Vie En Rose (Melissa Manchester), What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong), Alfie (Jack Jones), Whistling Away the Dark, Feed the Birds, Say A Prayer For Me Tonight (Julie Andrews), Smile (by Charlie Chaplin), Cheer Up, Charlie (from Willy Wonka), Magic (Olivia Newton-John), and My Love is Like the Red. Red rose (Pat Boone), to name a few.
  5. Same here. I’m trying to watch only one or two at a time so I don’t go through them too quickly. It’s such a fun show!
  6. Generally speaking I dislike game shows. But if I had to pick three they’d be old ones like ‘What’s My Line?’ ‘To Tell the Truth’ and ‘Family Feud.’ Keep in mind I’m not referring to the modern remakes of these shows; the ones I mean are from the 1960s and ‘70s.
  7. Treasure Planet, Up, Princess and the Frog. It was time to get caught up on some of these titles.
  8. I liked that the show had a nice dose of physical effects and real puppetry and didn’t rely too much on CG. It gave it a nice look like the original movie. Nice voice cast too, including my favorite, Mark Hamill.
  9. ‘Alice’ by Christina Henry. I like her style of writing but this one is such a filthy book; a little bit too much for me. Hopefully the next book will improve in this respect.
  10. I’m getting a little self-conscious about my age. It’s starting to affect my life in too many ways and I’m trying to fight it…but I don’t have the energy. Somepony pass the Geritol!
  11. Sure, it’s all part of having a healthy superiority complex. (Just don’t use too many big words around me, they give me a headache).
  12. Taken as of September 2018. I get a chocolate rose from hubby and mostly life as usual.
  13. I go with my guts most of the time. There are drawbacks to being all emotion or all intellect, so I go with the closest thing I can get to splitting the difference.
  14. I remember that day and hearing scattered reports on the radio in the car as we were starting a vacation to Kansas City to watch a baseball game. I didn’t get the full picture until we got to our hotel and saw the news footage which, needless to say, was pretty horrifying.