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    This isn't happening, it just thinks it's happening.
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    Fashioning tomorrow's dreams, buying toys, and being spontaneous (like splashing through public fountains, singing “I Have Confidence” in my best Julie Andrews impersonation). I love creating art and literature when I can (which I'm happy to report usually excludes the tagging of public restrooms), and I have a weakness for live theater and ballet.

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  1. I stand on the brink of strange new fortunes ahead. Wish me luck. :twi:

    1. S. Fury

      S. Fury

      Good luck, my friend! :darling:

    2. Narcissus


      Relax, K, you got this. 

    3. Amanita
  2. Dreambiscuit

    In common or not in common?

    Not I. I love summer. Do you enjoy water sports?
  3. Dreambiscuit

    Does the characteristic above describe you well?

    No. I tend to trust first and ask questions later. Energetic.
  4. Dreambiscuit

    Do you own the above thing or not?

    Nope. Do you own a vacuum cleaner?
  5. Dreambiscuit

    When was the last time you .....?

    Right now. I'm almost done with Fellowship of the Ring. When was the last time you petted an animal?
  6. Dreambiscuit

    A or B

    Frozen yogurt. Hang gliding or parachuting?
  7. Dreambiscuit

    Gender Race

  8. Dreambiscuit

    What are you bad at?

    Figuring out technology. Sports (team sports but not personal athletics like swimming, etc.) Singing. Remembering short term things. Getting myself to stop procrastinating. Physical work with tools and stuff. Keeping my desk neat and organized.
  9. A very dear friend from these forums went through some serious family tragedy this summer. He put on a brave face and didn't talk about it to anyone; he just suffered more or less alone. I haven't seen him around here now for several months. I hope he and his family are okay. Even though this didn't happen to me personally, it makes me really sad. (I'm not going to mention his name out of respect for his privacy).
  10. did she just say "pony"?   it's a conspiracy, even the bears like ponies

    1. Dreambiscuit


      Oh yes she did! Haha, the conspiracy has reached even the lowest levels of society! :mlp_yeehaa:

  11. Okie dokie, ponies. Time for the 'Biscuit to sign off. See ya soon, I hope. :mlp_lie:

    1. S. Well Born

      S. Well Born

      He, same with me lass.  G'night

    2. Amanita


      Goodnight! Sleep well!

  12. Dreambiscuit

    Giggling Rarity

    You have a really nice style! I love this!
  13. Dreambiscuit

    Rarity and Pinkie doodles

    These are beautiful drawings! What medium/tools are you using to draw them?
  14. Dreambiscuit

    Is the above user's avatar cuter than yours?

    The epitome of cuteness! Definitely cuter than mine!