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  1. 6 Underground. Wow that movie really sucked. Self-consciously ‘brilliant’ with gimmicky, chaotic direction, dialog that sounded like it was scribbled between takes on the back of a cocktail napkin, and a desperate need of re-editing, with about 45 minutes cut altogether. Not sure anything would salvage that mess.
  2. Expelled from Paradise. I thought it looked good and had an interesting premise, but the writers needed to trim down some of the extraneous dialog and keep it more streamlined. It was okay though.
  3. I like ‘em rare to the point of being raw. If the meat is still semi-alive and twitching on the plate, it’s just about as done as I want it.
  4. I LOVE capes! They’re so stylish as well as practical! I have an Irish walking cape (like the one below) and I love it; it’s versatile, comfy and looks great.
  5. I put some condiments away (mustard and ketchup) and stocked up some diet colas and mango iced tea. This was shopping day so I packed a lot in there earlier in the day, basically my whole week’s supply.
  6. I would have been working and saving up for the vacation I was going to have taken in August. I had to cancel my trip because I won’t pay full price for half the experience with everything limited or closed altogether. But on the plus side of it, it made me aware of other opportunities to travel abroad next year, so I’ll focus on the positives.
  7. Baby Yoda! That's too perfect! I gotta have one!!
  8. A grey Disneyland Cast Member shirt with a retro castle pic on the front, and white shorts.
  9. I really love Venus Angelic (the girl is a living breathing anime character and her videos are fascinating and fun). And Travel Thirsty, a cool channel that shows exotic foods being prepared.
  10. YouTube sucks. It was already bad enough, but commercials two or three times in the middle of a video?! Screw that.
  11. Superman II (1981) a great sequel to the greatest of all superhero movies. Tangled. Yup, watched it yet again. Being one of my all-timers, this one is gonna come up a lot.
  12. I always had difficulty speaking any language that assigns gender to different words; it always seemed like a pointless added step. I was happy to find that Japanese doesn’t have that hurdle, but unfortunately they have quite a few other challenges that make gendered words sound like a vacation.
  13. @Vefka hopefully it will be the first of many! I love to revisit old threads, they keep things interesting and it’s good to look back from time to time.
  14. @Splashee, Oh my gosh, a Scout Trooper?? I want one! (I’d probably never wear it either, I wouldn’t want to get it all yucky). But dang, that’s so cool!!