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  1. Dreambiscuit

    How often do you buy new clothes?

    I buy clothes once a year unless I suddenly have a particular requirement to fulfill, or if I see something I really like that doesn't cost too much. I like to make my clothes last, and since a lot of them come from vintage/thrift shops, I can get replacements without spending too much.
  2. I work on art, write stories and watch a dvd with a snack. When it's dark and quiet I like to enjoy the simple things.
  3. Dreambiscuit

    Do you enjoy staying at hotels?

    I love staying at hotels! Being away from home is home for me. I love being on the road or enjoying a nice vacation. The beds are divine, I don't have to clean up the room when I'm done, and it's always fun to jump in the pool. Sometimes you can even get a really nice view as well. Most hotels, no matter how expensive, are very similar in their general amenities, so it's not worth paying extra money for a fancy place. Just any basic hotel that isn't a complete dive is good for me. I often take a day at a hotel every couple of weeks just to clear my head and get away from everything for a while. (My formed roommate works at a hotel so I get perks).
  4. Dreambiscuit

    Do you like thunderstorms?

    I love thunderstorms. When I used to live in the Midwest we used to have them all the time and I hated them because they always heralded the electricity going out for hours at a time. But now that I live in the west and have a dependable power grid, I love them. It's so cozy having all that booming and crackling going on outside while I'm snug and warm in my apartment. And the lightning can be really beautiful to look at.
  5. I'd want to know! If I have a precise timetable for getting my life together and taking care of business, I can plan a better course of action. I can do what's necessary without wasting time and I don't have to worry about kicking the bucket unexpectedly, leaving things unfinished and going out unprepared.
  6. Dreambiscuit

    What is the worst weather that happens in your area?

    In California there isn't a lot of severe weather. But we do have the Santa Ana winds that spread a lot of brushfires, and that can be scary.
  7. Dreambiscuit

    How popular are you in real life?

    I kinda have to blush to admit it, but I'm fairly popular in real life, and well-liked at work. People gravitate to me for some reason, even when I try to keep a low profile. There are of course many exceptions, but what do they know?
  8. Dreambiscuit

    Can you eat with chopsticks?

    I finally figured out how to use them; all I had to do was ignore all the instruction I've received over the years. I finally just picked them up and did what felt natural and it worked. They wouldn't be my go-to method of downing my victuals but they can be fun for the novelty of it.
  9. Dreambiscuit

    Do you like to go clubbing?

    I'd honestly rather get clubbed over the head than go clubbing. I don't like clubs, bars, parties, drugs, alcohol or music turned up to the distortion point. Clubs are chaotic, noisy and I don't honestly see how anyone can convince themselves they're having a good time in such an atmosphere. I've never been to a club and have no intention of doing so ever. When I see club scenes in movies I often cringe and look for the fast forward button. Not my kind of habitat.
  10. Dreambiscuit

    Piercings and Tattoos

    I have no tattoos or piercings of any kind (not even pierced ears) and I have no desire to change that fact. I don't think it's natural to perforate my person with sharp metallic thingies and I don't want any artwork adorning me that I can't wash off. I like to keep myself as natural as the day i was born.
  11. Dreambiscuit

    What Is Your Favorite Possession?

    My plush panda, Florrie. I've had her my whole life and I'd die without her.
  12. Dreambiscuit

    Your favorite piece of clothing.

    I have a purple dress that I'm absolutely crazy about. A friend of mine altered it to fit me a little better and it's just a beautiful thing. And my Irish walking cape is a classic. I also have some really fun t-shirts. Among them is one with Derpy holding a lightsaber in her mouth with the caption 'May the Derp Be With You.' I also have one with Yoda wearing Mickey Mouse ears and ripping through the front and back of the shirt with lightsaber in hand. I love novelty t-shirts.
  13. Dreambiscuit

    Have you ever had that feeling?

    It seems I go to war with every thought that goes through my head sometimes. I'm always thinking inappropriate things (probably because I try too hard not to) and I hate myself for doing it. Sometimes, because I have a sarcastic sense of humor, I think of very dark jokes and have to hold them in. I don't always hold them in though; it just depends on who I'm with and whether or not they'd be okay with it.
  14. Dreambiscuit

    Trolling: yay or nay?

    I don't see the good in it. I don't like negativity or anything that can cause hurt feelings. Constructive criticism is fine if it's respectful, but trolling is seldom respectful and I don't like it.
  15. Dreambiscuit


    I've never been to Australia but would love to visit (as long as I can avoid the nasty critters that bite and sting). My parents tell me I was almost an Australian citizen when my dad came close to taking a job there when I was a baby. We would have moved there permanently and I would have a cool accent right now.