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  1. Dreambiscuit

    Movies/TV Last show you watched?

    Just Add Magic. This is such a fun show about three 12 year old girls who find a magic cookbook and get into all kinds of fun adventures which they often have to cook their way out of. I really love it and find it relaxing.
  2. Tennis, Jai Alai and Handball on a Telstar system. Telstar was the same as Pong on the old Atari system. Very basic but at least it didn’t have lots of bugs and an update every 30 seconds.
  3. Dreambiscuit

    Technology Smart TV or streaming device?

    I watch streaming shows on PS4. I get Netflix, VRV and Prime Video (which sucks) for a few more days until it expires. That’s about all I need it for. I prefer to do most of my viewing on dvd or even my old VHS tapes. There's a lot of rare stuff there that I can't get anywhere else.
  4. I listen to cheer-up music, which isn’t particularly happy OR sad. I like ‘Smile’ by Charlie Chaplin because it cheers me up, but still has a wistful sense to it. I have a lot of music for sad occasions, but most of it is happy I guess.
  5. Dreambiscuit

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Superman 3 (1983). I used to think this movie was completely disposable, but it’s really not that bad. It could use a tweak here and there but it has the right feel for a superhero movie. I’d take it over anything nowadays.
  6. Depending on the circumstances, I express myself by: Art, Writing, Middle finger.
  7. Cheesecake with whipped cream. (I was out of Poptarts).
  8. I’ve been snacking out of control lately, and mostly at night when it really piles onto my waistline. I’ll get in under control eventually but right now I’m eating for two so I have an excuse (and I’m going to excuse it for as long as I can!)
  9. My job has changed a bit over time, but one thing I always wanted was for the guests to realize that I had a quota to take care of a set amount of guests per hour. The quota was really unrealistic and almost impossible to keep, but it was there nonetheless. I loved being with the guests but I would have preferred if they’d prepared themselves ahead of time while they were waiting in the queue, so they’d be succinct when it was their turn to be served. I know it’s not the guest’s problem that I had a quota, so really I wish the supervisors would have been less demanding.
  10. I never hated Walmart until this past year. When the covid thing started they came up with the most absurd policies imaginable just so they could ‘be seen’ doing something, even though it was BS and an excuse to make customers jump through hoops and sink to the level of the management. I’m not saying all Walmarts are the same, but the one I frequent never carries enough stock and what they do carry is usually piled up on big pallets in the middle of the aisles so no one can get around them without walking the length of the store to find an egress. They now use self-checkout almost exclusively
  11. Equestria Forums. I spent three years there before I got sick of it and came over here. I wish I would have started here and not wasted my time.
  12. I've eaten escargot,frog legs, octopus, squid, toasted crickets, tripe, czernina (duck blood soup) and some really weird Polish dishes I can't even pronounce or spell. It's all 'normal' to someone somewhere, except maybe the crickets. That's just for 'fun.'
  13. Sure, it’s a waste of time. The same way 90% of everything is a waste of time. Sleeping, eating, showering, working, and going to the little pony’s room all take time and seem more or less meaningless in the overall sense of things. Literally all these things do matter, but so does hanging out here on the forums. Everything shapes the pony we become even if it’s seemingly minor. It’s just like any hobby; there’s experience and learning to be done and that’s something we always get to keep.
  14. My name is Katie and it fits me. I look like a Katie (I’m just assuming what a Katie looks like; they’re seldom seen in the wild). It’s easy to spell and can be turned into a wide variety of nicknames. So I wouldn’t want to change that.
  15. I have no interest whatsoever in the news, global or otherwise. There’s no integrity in it anymore. If I want to enjoy some fiction I’ll go to the library and find something more entertaining.
  16. It seems absurd to say it aloud rather than actually laughing out loud instead. I mean, if I want to smile I don’t say ‘smile’! I just turn up the corners of my mouth! Besides, it’s easier than checking my spelling all the time.
  17. I like Pegasus best, but Crystal Pony is pretty nice too, especially since I once held the rank for a short time before the rank system here changed and sent be back down by two levels. So that’s a matter of personal annoyance and I want my old rank back. I’ve still got a ways to go though.
  18. I have a brother and sister, two years older and four years older, respectively. Once my parents saw me, they must have figured that was quite enough of that.
  19. You'd have to be insane or heavily sedated to be unafraid of tornadoes. I don't even like to watch them on TV. And encountering them in person is another matter entirely. Seriously scary!!
  20. Aside from spinal surgery a few years back (mentioned in an older post) I had my gallbladder removed last year. I never knew a gallbladder, when it goes bad, could be so incredibly painful. After having several attacks in one week I went to the doc, and was in surgery two days later. The surgery was quick and routine, but what a relief!! And I guess I'll be paying a visit to the Maternity Ward pretty soon.
  21. Come to think of it, I don't follow any topics and never have. It never even occured to me to do so.
  22. I’d be a Fire Fighter. I’m not good at asserting authority over others as police often do and I find the whole idea disconcerting. A fire fighter on the other hand is more along the lines of rescue, preserving property and saving lives. While police are also in the life-saving business when the situation demands, I wouldn’t want all the other stuff that goes with it. I’m afraid of crime and would not like to be constantly exposed to it. Police uniforms are more flattering than fire fighters’ but I guess that’s not really the important factor here. (Sorry Rarity).
  23. I can get passionate about writing. I love it when true inspiration strikes and a story flies out of my brain like it's writing itself. I love writing my romantic comedy short (and long) stories, and lately I've been expanding into a few other areas that have really lit my fire. I like to write; it's a lot of fun and a great way to exercise the grey cells.
  24. Dreambiscuit

    Glass toilet

    A glass toilet?!?! This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of! And that’s why I just have to have one! I wouldn’t want to use it myself, but as the OP said, it would be great for guests and other unsuspecting victims. I wonder if I could get one with chambered sections where I could put some goldfish or maybe a Betta within the glass walls. It would be so funny to see the fish swimming around in there, segregated from the business aspect of the thing of course. They wouldn’t have a very pleasant view, unfortunately.
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