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  1. It might be fun to try on the bat wings and maybe use those handy fangs on an enemy apple or two, but I wouldn't want it to be a permanent condition. I like my feathers way too much!
  2. 1. Luna 2. Twilight 3. Cadence 4. Celestia 5. Leia (No one said it had to be ponies!)
  3. I don’t see why they wouldn’t get along. Friendship is magic and all that. Batponies are just another specie like any other. And I don’t assume the Bat ponies would all be loyal to Luna while the Pegasi remained loyal to Celestia. I’m a Pegasus and my loyalties have always been to Luna (okay, so just ignore the Batpony rank!)
  4. This is not even a problem at all. Ponies have tails, pointy ears, and horns (some of them) as well as the wings in the case of the Pegasi. I doubt they even give it a thought on those occasions where they actually feel the need to dress. Fabric can have slots, be stretchable, have buttons, zippers or Velcro to close garments around the extremities of interest, and even magic can play a role when all else fails. Of course it's helpful to avoid wearing anything that would be too bulky and inhibit flight. Finding clothes that fit is something every living creature must deal with but the ponies have it easy because they have magic and even better still, they have Rarity! Don’t worry, she’ll fix you up.
  5. I make an effort to avoid thinking about anything creative or productive; that always gets me interested and I end up being awake all night. The best thing I can do is think about peaceful images and settings, like being aboard a sailing ship like the ones in Treasure Planet, flying through deep space (the pretty kind of deep space, with nebulae, strange worlds and snowfall. Yes, that’s right, snowfall in space!) and that usually has me drifting off to sleep fairly quickly.
  6. Cobra Kai. Just watched the first season. I like it a lot so far. I was never a big fan of the original Karate Kid movies, but I like anything that brings back some of my favorite decade and does it with some style and competence. Can’t wait to watch some more.
  7. This is my theme song and will be for as long as I live. Not sorry.
  8. Barbie Princess Adventure (2020). The latest Barbie movie and another great addition to the collection. I also watched The Brady Bunch Movie (1995) and A Very Brady Sequel (1996). Well, what can I say? They’re awful, hard to look at and a bottomless pit of cringe so...I really like ‘em!
  9. This is a song I absolutely love but I NEVER listen to it because it’s the saddest song ever written. “What’ll I Do?” by Irving Berlin. There are some other ones that I have to tread carefully with, like: Every time I hear it I go into convulsive, uncontrollable sobbing and it isn’t pretty to see. I can't say it's sad or bad, just deeply emotional. I love it but it’s BRUTAL.
  10. I’m the queen mother of bad gamers. I suck at everything I’ve ever played and I have a terrible disposition for games in general. I have no patience, no restraint, no maturity and no love for anything having to do with games. I’m fine at others things and can be a very level-headed and reasonable person, but games bring out the worst in me and always will. And I have tried many, many times to become a better (or at least more mature) player, but it goes against everything I am as a person. I hate games. Even if I was great at them I’d still hate them. I can’t even watch someone else play without getting irritated. So without a love and desire for gaming I don’t expect I’ll ever be good at them, nor do I care to.
  11. Massively into Star Wars and many things Disney, in addition to the Ponies.
  12. It’s certainly no more irrelevant that any other console because the competition isn’t exactly great in my opinion. If anything I’d say Nintendo is better than all the others because they don’t simply mimic everyone else; they actually try to innovate.
  13. Depends on how laid back you want it to be. I like Girls und Panzer, Maid Sama, Girls Monthly Nozaki-Kun and Cells At Work. And there are some great feature films as well with a very relaxed feel to them, namely: From Up On Poppy Hill, Whisper of the Heart, Arrietty, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and My Neighbor Totoro, to name a few.
  14. I can see that there are people who need it for medical purposes and that’s fine if it’s prescribed and used responsibly. Recreationally I don’t support the idea. Drugs of any kind, no matter how harmless they’re professed to be, can be (and often are) abused. I’ve known people who have used it recreationally and while they insist it sharpens and expends their minds, they’re seeing the benefits through an altered perception. When I’ve seen people under the influence they seem completely devoid of cognitive focus; completely unable to do many basic tasks or activities. I would not want these people to be driving or operating machinery because it can be harmful to others as well as themselves. Granted there are different uses of cannabis; with or without THC, so again, if it’s prescribed and used responsibly (with or without THC content) I’m fine with it, and in some cases it’s the best way for some patients to get relief. But for recreation, no.
  15. I had a leftover beef and cheddar sandwich from Arby’s. It’s the breakfast of champions-ish. And this time I remembered to take the foil wrapper off before I nuked it in the microwave, so no more fire, smoke or minor explosions. Yay!
  16. I don’t miss anything if it simplifies the overall structure. Gender-assigned words are a pointless complication and I’m glad English doesn’t have it, unless used to specify a person. If I find a new language that omits something unnecessary I embrace it gratefully! When speaking Japanese the sentence order is very different and that’s something I wish was similar to English rather than being inverted the way it is. I think it’s cool that it has its own unique identity but it doesn’t make learning it any easier.
  17. Feeling happy because of some things that went well this week. My tummer has been a little funny lately but even that’s behaving today.
  18. But they’re an acquired taste and prohibitively expensive. I recommend the churros or a nice Dole Whip. Come to think of it, I probably gave you a very similar reply.
  19. That’s good. Us weird wired folks gotta stick together!
  20. When I first discovered the ponies in season 2, I loved the show, but shortly after I heard that there was a huge following of adult fans called Bronies which got me curious. I’d never been on a forum before so I decided to check it out. I started on a different pony forum (EqF) and stayed there for three years before I came here. I like it way better here but the old forum served a purpose because I made most of my mistakes there, so by the time I came here I was perfect more accustomed to how things work. This is the only fandom in which I actually participate with others and I like that aspect of it because it’s completely unique. And I love the ponies, so here I am and here I’m gonna stay.
  21. My playlists consist of both individual songs and entire albums (which get their own sub-lists). I probably listen to the individual stuff the most often though unless I have time to devote to a whole album, in which case I love to immerse myself in some of my old favorites from start to finish.
  22. To be honest I rarely if ever read fan fiction. There’s no reason for avoiding it really. I just haven’t done it and don’t have an interest in starting at the moment. Maybe I’ll get around to it someday. I’m sure there are plenty of treasures out there to be enjoyed.
  23. An overzealous fan is someone who takes his/her passion over the line from harmless fun to annoying obsession. A person can hate everything or love everything as they wish. But they should know where the line is drawn as far as interacting with others. No matter which way you tend to lean, being caustic, or abusive to the material, should be kept to one’s self and public interaction shouldn’t become overly confrontational or irritating. It’s fine to have an opinion, but state it and move on. Or if it can be discussed/debated in a friendly or civil way on a calm middle ground, that’s fine too. But if it gets too combative it should be left alone altogether. Some polarities can’t interact comfortably because they’re just not compatible. But to each his/her own opinion, in the proper context, by all means!
  24. Darling Lili (1970). I try to watch this at least once a year. It’s a massively unsung classic from Blake Edwards, starring Julie Andrews and Rock Hudson and taking place during WW1. The aerial dogfights with biplanes are very impressive, the music is gorgeous and the story is funny and romantic. It was a major flop at the box office for reasons unfathomable (I guess audiences wanted Julie Andrews in a certain kind of role) and it was re-cut several times. The original long version is best but is very hard to come by unless you get a foreign dvd (which happily I have).