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  1. I look forward to Lando, Leia, C-3PO, Chewie and Palpatine. The rest can be packed up in an airtight container and sent into cold storage until competent filmmakers come along who can fix this train wreck and get Star Wars back on track.
  2. Yeah, some of them could use a tweak here and there. But overall I'm okay with a lot of them. I'm just glad I've remained consistent in most ways and haven't lost the personality of my younger self over time.
  3. I love nice people; the nicer the better. there are always plenty of people who are dark, grim, cynical and mean. Why wouldn't anyone want a nice smiling antidote to all that?
  4. Makeup kit, curling iron, my favorite earrings. What? What's the point roughing it if I can't look fabulous doing it? Honestly, get your priorities straight, people!
  5. I almost drowned once when I was a teenager. I was swimming in the ocean and got caught in an outgoing current and I couldn't swim hard enough to make headway against it. I thought I'd never get to shore until a miraculous wave came in from the side and pushed me out of the current and I was able to swim to safety. But it was a terrifying experience and I had nightmares for years afterward.
  6. Natural disasters are pretty scary; they're too powerful and there's only so much a puny human can do against that. I'm also really afraid of crime. I don't want to be a victim and I always fear being in a situation that might put me, or someone I care about, in danger.
  7. I've been drawing as long as I can remember. It's always been a fixture of life and I've done it frequently all along.
  8. Actually flies are really hard to whack with a newspaper because they're too danged fast. But if I blast 'em with my hairspray it freezes them right in their tracks. Then I can hit 'em with a dose of the daily news.
  9. I have no memory that far back, which is probably for the best of it was baby food. I would hope it was steak and a baked potato, otherwise I'm going to complain to mom. (Hey, babies chew on all sorts of things. I could have at least gummed it a little!)
  10. I only use outdated slang. That's the only kind I can use that doesn't make me feel like a dweeb.
  11. Something like this, but only if I could get it in floral colors. I'm not about to go super unless I can look good doing it! If we're going with multiples I wouldn't mind having the super ability to open pickle jars and Gatorade bottles without having to bring out the pliers. That really would be super.
  12. Same here. I almost never wear it and I can never remember the ones I like when I appropriate a spritz or two from my friends' supplies. My favorite brand for a man to wear though is probably Old Spice. That stuff is really nice!
  13. I fear spiders and snakes, which isn't really irrational in my understanding. But on the other side of the coin, I'm not a fan of department store mannequins; they can creep me out sometimes and were the center of many childhood fears. I'm afraid of crime too.
  14. I never really had sleepovers in the traditional sense. I always stay up all night with my brother on Christmas, but that's not really the same. I imagine it would be fun to watch movies, eat snacks and do girly stuff. I'm easy to please.
  15. I'd probably date Flynn Rider from Tangled. He's got a sense of humor, human imperfections that make him real, and under all the self-serving exterior is pretty down to earth and dedicated.
  16. I'd have a rare prime rib from the Blue Bayou at Disneyland, with a side of my mom's potato salad and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Maybe a peach iced tea to wash it all down.
  17. I love the smell of gasoline, new leather, hotel rooms (something about the detergent they use for the towels and sheets), Sharpie markers, fresh asphalt when it's hot, new cars, the smell of Southern California in the summer, chlorine, new plastic toys and smog.
  18. I have 98 or so. Something like that. A lot of them have left the forums though (I hope it wasn't because of me!)