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  1. Lousy, just plain lousy.
  2. Dreambiscuit

    Movies/TV Favorite Fictional Pig

    I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Henwen from The Black Cauldron. Great in the movie and even better in the books.
  3. Dreambiscuit

    Movies/TV Last TV show you watched

    Hardy Boys (on Hulu) and Domestic Girlfriend (on VRV). Hardy Boys has potential but it hasn’t been realized here. Mostly it’s a lot of grief over personal loss and talking endlessly about it instead of getting down to business and solving the mystery, which is what Hardy Boys is supposed to be about. Domestic Girlfriend is an okay anime but not my favorite.
  4. Dreambiscuit

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Sweet Girl (2021). Just an easy plug-n-play actioner. But it had a twist that made it all worthwhile. Now I want to see a sequel.
  5. Dreambiscuit

    Movies/TV Ed Asner has passed

    This is truly sad. He did so much over such a long career. He was in Cobra Kai just this year and was absolutely great. And I was just listening to his voice work as Jabba the Hutt in the radio dramitization of Return the the Jedi. He will be missed. God bless you, Ed Asner.
  6. I was never a huge fan of it to be honest. I have a lot of love for most of my childhood shows but I never embraced Thomas the Tank engine even then. I’m not sure why, but it just doesn’t click with me. I do respect it though.
  7. As the title says, what’s the largest amount of money you’ve found? This doesn’t apply to your own forgotten money found years after you lost it in the clutter under your bed, but a lucky dividend you found that wasn’t originally owned by you. The question primarily pertains to cash, but for the sake of conversation you can include gift cards, tickets, vouchers, collectibles, lost pirate booty, or anything valuable.
  8. Let’s talk about your best burger ever. Where did you get it? What made it special? Was it fast food or something unique? Dive in and explore this world of ground beefy goodness on a bun!
  9. I’m not familiar with Georgia; I’ve skirted around it (Tennessee, Alabama, Florida) but that’s as close as I got. I’ve heard it’s very nice but personally I’m always going to go with California. They say that once you’ve lived in the west you can never be happy anywhere else, and that’s certainly true for me. California has less humidity, fairly defined seasons that are never extreme, scenery to die for, and more things to do than you could ever imagine. I’m not saying it’s perfect though anymore; most of the population has a collective IQ of a cockroach and everything is regulated to the poin
  10. Dreambiscuit


    I know they aren’t ladies’ hats but I actually have two of them; one being an official Indiana Jones version I bought at Disneyland. I don’t wear them very often, but like men’s neckties, I make a rare exception because there can be occasions where fashion calls for a twist. I think they look divine on men and it’s unfortunate they went out of common use.
  11. I get self conscious when I stutter or get tongue-tied, which happens a lot when I get tired. Sometimes I can’t get words out at all, but burst out an involuntary “Ueh!” sound instead, which is really weird when you hear it for real. It’s incredibly embarrassing and I don’t even know how it started because I used to be a great speaker.
  12. Still 5’ 4” but I gained some weight during and after pregnancy. I fully intend to get back into shape but I’ve got my hands full at the moment. I expect I’ll get my ‘playing weight’ back before too long; I have a system for getting fit.
  13. Umm, I don’t really like to use these words anymore, but the general idea is, “Sh*t-f***! Mother f***ing c*** s***ing son of a c***ing b*tch!” or something of similar eloquence. (I speak fluent Asterisk).
  14. When I was very young I used to snoop into other peoples’ business, and one time I found out more than I wanted to know. So much so that it caused me extreme anxiety. I found out later that much of what I heard had been taken out of context so I was over-reacting, but that lesson was learned at great expense.
  15. At this exact moment I’m wearing a Holter monitor on my chest to track my heart rate. I don’t think a slow heart rate is the problem but hopefully I can tick that one off the list once I get this blasted device off me in the morning.
  16. Noodle arms here. I’m not very strong; I just work out enough to keep tone but not build muscle or strength. If I need to open a really tight jar of pickles I’ve got a guy who can take care of that for me.
  17. I'll give G5 a chance, and I'm sure it'll be fine. But I don't think it's going to capture lightning in a bottle the way G4 did. Some things are just spontaneously perfect and can't be duplicated, especially when the show creators try too hard to top what had come before. If they simply make it a good show with no pretenses of topping G4 I'm sure I'm going to like it. I hope they don't mess around with trying design the show off a checklist made up by a boardroom. Too much of that going around.
  18. I’m a female, was born a female, will die a female, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  19. Love is something that you can’t fall out of due to adversity, mediocrity or other conditions. If love is true it stays forever. If not, it was never truly love to begin with. Love can change its complexion though, and can become platonic when circumstances change but the depth of emotions do not. But generally speaking, as others here have already articulated better than I could, love is caring about someone else more than one’s self, and requires the happiness of that person to be happy as well. While love, especially romantic love, can potentially be the greatest and the worst of all emotio
  20. I mentioned some nasty ones in previous posts, but now I can add childbirth to the list. This was my first and they say it gets better after that to some degree. I knew what to expect and figured that as long as I could keep my wits I’d be able to get through it. The worst part for me was acting on the impulse to push when the doc told me not to; that’s when it hurt the most. Otherwise I think it was do-able.
  21. I always liked Spike best (and it doesn't hurt that it shares its name with a certain dragon we all know). I haven’t had it in a while and I don’t know if they even make it anymore. It was very strong and like many energy drinks it gave me an upset tummer. I gave up on energy drinks though, and can’t even handle coffee anymore. So sad.
  22. I went with Pop Rocks for its originality. But Candy Bun is a close second. Both are very unique and fun.
  23. I check my email and depending on what else is going on maybe take a glance at YT to check out the latest from my subscribed favorites, or see what’s on ebay. Not much else; I prefer to work and play offline.
  24. I’m not a guy, but my brother was into girls at a fairly young age. I don’t know at what point it became a physical/sexual attraction, but I know he always responded well to girls in general. He was all eyes when girls were in his vicinity. Attraction doesn’t have to equate to developed sexual drives. Attraction to the opposite sex can start at any point a person is aware there’s a difference between one gender and another.
  25. Not afraid of them. I don’t like to watch them being stuck into me or anyone else, but they don’t generally hurt very much and it’s over quick. So no big deal.
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