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  1. Now I need to attend two funerals this weekend. This means I'll be gone part of the day Friday to attend my aunt's mom's funeral, and I'll be gone part of the day Saturday to attend the funeral of someone I knew really well. Right now I feel discouraged because of this, among other things as well. This week has been tough, and the next few days look even worse.

    1. Crimson storm

      Crimson storm

      I’m so sorry for your loss  you have my condolences 

  2. EpicEnergy

    What is "canon"?

    What do I consider canon? Well, not any fan-made material, Equestria Girls, or the comics. I only consider the TV show and the movie to be canon. Look at it this way: what happens when fan A who only considers the TV show canon and not the comics gets in a debate about MLP with fan B who considers both to be canon, and some of fan B's arguments are based off data provided the comics? I know that's confusing, feel free to re-read it, but it's to make a point - what people consider canon is important, it is not a waste of time. I have personally experienced this, because I was fan A.
  3. Are you kidding me?! Fornite is bad enough, but now they got turrets in the game! I'm glad I left when I did, Fortnite is just getting worse and worse. At least it's not an auto turret, but I wouldn't be surprised if Fortnite had those in the future.

    1. ~Dusky~


      Turrets aren't exactly bad to have if they are done right. If they don't have a lot of health or don't do a lot of damage, they can actually be an interesting mechanic. But knowing Fortnite, their turrets probably are too tanky and do too much damage, because it is a Battle Royale game, and we all know how well they're balanced...

  4. Why are you following me?

    Who sent you!?

    1. EpicEnergy




      Why are you following me?




      Who sent you!?



  5. The weather has been dreary today where I live. It's been raining very cold rain for the whole day, so I couldn't go outside at all. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

    1. Phosphor


      I feel ya bro. It's been like this for over a week, with the exception of Saturday. Haven't been able to do any astronomy lately.  :( 


  6. I swear, my stomach literally turns into a bottomless pit when I do workouts!

    I've just recently starting working out again after a small break, and today I have consumed 1 large meal at lunch, a granola bar and protein shake and Mountain Dew for afternoon snack, 1 large meal and ice cream at supper, and I plan on eating a bowl or two of cereal for snack tonight. That's just one day, and that's not including the days when I wake up and eat breakfast, so in the end on a normal day working out I eat what would be the equivalent of four-five meals, and I still have room in my belly afterwards. It's expensive to keep me well-fed, and even on days I'm not working out I eat a ton. On top of that guess what - I am still as skinny as a pole due to my high metabolism rate.

    The point of this post? It's to say that so much money is spent keeping me fed, yet I am still somewhat hungry sometimes despite eating everything in the house. Imagine how much I ate at the cafeteria when I was in college, I ate tons of food.

    1. DivineGlow1000


      Well I know I learned something today!

    2. Phosphor


      One of my friends from college is like that. He did a ton of bike riding and could wipe out an entire pizza and some by himself. He's thin as a toothpick, too! :sealed:

  7. EpicEnergy

    Food The American Thanksgiving is soon...

    I do a lot on Thanksgiving. I spend it with my close family members at my home, then a few days later we go over to my Grandma's house and have a large family Thanksgiving with many family members. We normally set up the tree at my house, but this year we've done it earlier for a few reasons. Also, we eat turkey, cran-berry sauce, crockpot macaroni, and mashed potatoes for supper. We always watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, though not normally the entire thing - it depends.
  8. Honestly, I have a very unpopular opinion about this.
  9. Oh no, this is discouraging. My aunt's mom just died of a heart attack, I just got the news. My aunt already lost her dad a few months ago, but now her mom? I didn't know her mom that well, but it still hurts to hear this awful news. I hope my three cousins and uncle and aunt are ok. It was really hard for them when my aunt's dad died, but I can't even think of how bad it is now. I might need to visit them soon.

    1. Denim&Venom


      My condolences. And do find the time to visit. Sometimes a little support can make a big difference in the end. 

    2. EpicEnergy


      @Denim&Venom Thanks, I have plans to see them in a few days.

  10. I meant to put this in my first post, but didn't have the time. Acting out of character isn't an automatic failure for the writing department. Twilight is known to have "freak-outs", plus she was under a great deal of stress already with the princesses being disabled and the kingdom's fate lying on her should, so of course she should be expected to lose her cool and act rashly. The attack on Equestria was sudden, it would have taken at least a few days for any allies to hear of the incident, and longer for them to prepare and arrive. Equestria is peaceful and capable of defending itself, it's not like every nation was prepared to instantly rush to Equestria's aid at a moment's notice. Shining armor was probably overseeing the Crystal Empire in Cadence's absence, and in the unlikely event he was in Canterlot, I don't think a unicorn could remain uncaptured by foes who already took down 3 powerful alicorns and an entire city of equine unicorns, earth ponies, and Pegasi. Discord was not present in Canterlot, so he was probably in his dimension since Fluttershy was attending events, which means he would not have sensed or noticed an attack on Equestria. Starlight and Trixie, well, the mane six barely escaped, the alicorns princesses were captured, the entire population of Canterlot was captured, it's obvious that Starlight and Trixie would have been captured even if they put up a decent fight. They also didn't know the enemy had magical weapons that turn ponies into stone, nor did they have any time to fight back since it happened instantly. This is simply unexplained, not a error but simply lack of information. Also, I don't think Celestia knew of the hippogriffs being under the storm king, nothing says anything about that. Maybe that fleet was under the cover of the gigantic storm cloud, I'm sure the few ponies that didn't attend the the Canterlot event wouldn't have suspected or noticed a hidden fleet. It was clear, they needed to get help from the hippos as indicated by Luna's last words before her capture. Edit: apologies if this is sloppy and if I made some errors, I was in a rush again. It's a busy day for me.
  11. I think the movie should be considered canon. Of course it has errors, of course it is off on various levels, but that doesn't mean it must be eliminated from canon. It plays a crucial role in season 8 as its foundation, or at least a supporting role. The hippogriffs are a major thing that comes to mind, without the movie being canon you have no idea where Silverstream came from and where Mount Aris came from. Also, saying the movie must not be canon due to its errors is inconsistent. Many episodes in many season of MLP have errors and things that are way off, does that mean they should not be canon (such as "Non-Complete Clause" and "Fake It Til' You Make It")? I don't think so.
  12. Me and my family are setting up the Christmas tree right now! We normally do this on Thanksgiving, but things are going to get very busy around that time this year.

    1. Partialgeek514


      Sounds fun! I have no clue when my family will put up the tree this year. :-P

    2. Phosphor


      I don't even put up decorations. I just go to my grandparents' cabin for Christmas, since everyone else in my family seems too. :-P