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  1. Every angel in F1 guided Romain Grosjean from Haas, because it's a literal wonder after that horrorcrash that he's still alive and awake. Get well soon.

    Race obviously will be red flagged for a while now, geez...

    1. Tacodidra


      That was one of the worst crashes I've ever seen... :sealed: I still can't believe he wasn't seriously injured – I immediately feared the worst. Fortunately safety in F1 has improved a lot, though there are still things that need to be done (the moment with the marshall near the end could have been bad)...

    2. LyraLover 💚

      LyraLover 💚

      Yeah, to say the least. Between the fire and the guardrail, that's two things that could have easily killed him. Luckiest man alive, for sure.

  2. Morning

    1. Platinum Night

      Platinum Night

      Morning/Evening my friend. :)

  3. Qualifying of Bahrain Results(As of right now)

    1st Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes

    2nd Valtteri Bottas/Mercedes

    3rd Max Verstappen/Red Bull

    4th Alexander Albon/Red Bull

    5th Sergio Perez/Racing Point

    6th Daniel Ricciardo/Renault

    7th Esteban Ocon/Renault

    8th Pierre Gasly/AlphaTauri

    9th Lando Norris/McLaren

    10th Daniil Kvyat/AlphaTauri


    11th Sebastian Vettel/Ferrari

    12th Charles Leclerc/Ferrari

    13th Lance Stroll/Racing Point

    14th George Russell/Williams

    15th Carlos Sainz/McLaren


    16th Antonio Giovinazzi/Alfa Romeo

    17th Kimi Räikkönen/Alfa Romeo

    18th Kevin Magnussen/Haas

    19th Romain Grosjean/Haas

    20th Nicholas Latifi/Williams


    Qualifying Duels(If one wins, but trough penalty lands behind their team-mate, the team-mate gets a point)

    Hamilton 11:4 Bottas

    Leclerc 11:4 Vettel

    Verstappen 15:0 Albon

    Sainz 7:8 Norris

    Ricciardo 14:1 Ocon

    Gasly 12:3 Kvyat

    Perez/Hülkenberg 9/1:5/0 Stroll/Hülkenberg

    Räikkönen 8:7 Giovinazzi

    Magnussen 8:7 Grosjean

    Russell 13:2 Latifi

    1. TotallyNotNyx


      I wish I could say otherwise but the top 3 in the race would be the usual Hamilton,Bottas and Verstappen

  4. Rising's F1 Facts:

    Bahrain is just not a lucky track for the McLaren driver Carlos Sainz jr.

    2015-2017(All Toro Rosso) he retired all 3 times in Bahrain

    2018(Renault) he finally finished in Bahrain, but barely missed the points as 11th

    2019(McLaren) he was counted as finished, because he drove most of the race, but retired shortly before the race was over and only counted as 19th

    So from 5 races in Bahrain, Sainz only saw the finish line once and then it was 0 points

    With starting as 15th, he still has a chance to finally get a point finish tomorrow and finally having a good race here, but for that he at least need to pass 4 cars ahead...and of course not retire.