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  1. Princess Celestia & Twilight Sparkle. Uploaded by DeadLight
  2. Uploaded by faience Starlight Glimmer booping Trixie's nose.
  3. *Boops* @PathfinderCS @Fluttershy Friend @Deae Rising Shine~ @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Denim&Venom@Penguinbrony24 @ChB @Celli @Kyoshi @NightmareLuna800 @PoisonClaw @Unicorncob @Mirage77 @TigerGeekGuy @RDash11 @Totally Lyra @Dark Qiviut @Ganondorf8 @Chrylestia600 @Rikifive @PiratePony @Jeric @The_Gobo @Tilgoreth @The Cerberus @Mesme Rize @Hierok @hopkey123 @Alexshy Uploaded by faience
  4. @TigerGeekGuy What is your favorite episode of MLP:FiM?
  5. That's right! "Lyra Heartstrings Day" is almost upon us. Lyra Wallpaperby Shelmo69
  6. @ChB You're Welcome, BFFFF! I had a feeling "Lyra Day" was happening soon so, I looked through old posts & saw it was on Tuesday September 26th. PPlanesby mirroredsea
  7. @ChB @Totally Lyra @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf "Lyra Heartstrings Day" is almost here!
  8. Mega Thread

    @Mirage77 Banned for being too Luna-mazing. @The_Gobo Banned for being fast.
  9. Octavia. [WIP] More Equine Than Equineby strandedPenguin
  10. Fluttershy as a witch. Fluttershy n Eevee Halloweenby Exceru-Karina
  11. Here's some adorable art of Vinyl Scratch & Octavia Melody looking at fireflies. Firefliesby Yaaaco17
  12. @RDash11 Hatless Applejack smiling with an apple. Arbol de Manzanasby Vale-Bandicoot96
  13. Minimalistic Mane 6 heads. Mane 6 - Simple Avatar Headsby CaliAzian
  14. "Good Vibes" was catchy & adorable, IMO.