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  1. I really like this art style for Applejack.
  2. Unicorns remind me of my BPFFF Rarity so, I choose Unicorns.
  3. "The Last Laugh" In a Nutshell
  4. Foozogz - Make It Special (Reflection Mix)
  5. I want to see another Rarity/Shadow Spade mystery. This time involving "The Hayburglar". :P

    1. Prospekt


      I know this will never happen, but a Rarity Mysteries spinoff show would be amazing :proud:

    2. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      Noir style and all? :dash:

    3. Prospekt


      @Rising Dusk Exactly! Rarity Investigates is one of the better Rarity episodes if you ask me and I love how they animated it.

  6. One good thing about NXT being on the USA Network is that I'll finally be able to understand when people say "____ wrestler was SO much better on NXT! ".
  7. Big Macintosh: I don't care either way, to be honest.
  8. What's the big deal about Spider-Man leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe? I'm being serious.