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  1. @PiratePony Pinkie Pie as a pirate with her parrot Gummy. Pirate Pinkie and her Patient Parrotby SongbirdSerenade
  2. @AJFan89 Hatless Applejack. Uploaded by faience
  3. That's Future Starlight's problem, Twilight. Bad ideaby emmanuelAotU
  4. Princess Luna protecting Sweetie Belle from her nightmares. [MLP:ED]: At the end of this Nightmareby T0xicEye
  5. Rarity with a fabalous new dress and mane style. Rarity Extraordinarity!by AtomicMillennial
  6. Princess Celestia. Destinyby XeladuArt
  7. Happy Birthday to the mother of our beloved Mane 6, Lauren Faust! Lauren Fausts typical morningby BloodwolveNL
  8. I think Sunburst REALLY needs his glasses, Starlight Glimmer. Starlight Hipsterby bobthedalek
  9. Movies/TV

    As far as wrestling moments/matches are concerned I would have to go with, the "Claire Lynch" storyline that happened in Impact Wrestling a few years ago. I've heard nothing but negative things about this storyline & I don't care enough about Impact Wrestling's history to bother researching it.
  10. Equestria Girls Starlight Glimmer flying a kite.
  11. Starlight Glimmer flying a kite as Trixie looks on. Uploaded by dumddeer
  12. Rainbow Dash being painted by Applejack. Day20by Irenla
  13. Twilight Sparkle sees her dark side. Shadow Sparkleby StellarWay
  14. Here's something that looks a little more like a "Butter-Twi". Magic Wingsby FuyusFox
  15. This is the closest thing to Twilight Sparkle with butterfly wings that I could find. Twilight Sparkle, Breezie Againby FuyusFox