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  1. Spoiler Tempest Shadow Fan Club

    This Tempest Shadow & Twlight Sparkle picture is clever, cute & funny. A winning combination! New Mare, New Lookby Jachau
  2. Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    That's not just my favorite Sci-Twi moment but it's one of my favorite moments in the entire Equestria Girls series period! The hug between Sci-Twi & Applejack makes me smile every time.
  3. Saddest Episode Aside From The Perfect Pear...?

    I don't know if this counts, but I've always thought "A Canterlot Wedding Part 1" was pretty sad, TBH. First, nopony believing Twilight Sparkle when she had a feeling something was wrong with Princess Cadance & finally, the ending where everypony leaves Twilight Sparkle all alone after she disrupted the wedding rehersal.
  4. Respond with a Video

  5. Respond with a Video

  6. Gaming Favorite Zones/Areas In Gaming

    I liked The Hundred Acre Woods area in Kingdom Hearts 2.
  7. Ask Lyra and Lyra

    Hiya, Lyra! How are you? I was wondering: "What is your favorite food that @Totally Lyra has introduced you to?"* *I *really* hope that I haven't asked you this already. Thank You *so* much for answering my question!
  8. Ask Thorax

    Greetings, Thorax! I was wondering: "Since you no longer feed off of love when you're feeling hungry, what is your favorite thing to eat?" Thank You *so* much for answering my question!
  9. Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    @Nightfall Gloam Sci-Twi. Mlpeg Credits Sci Twilightby famymotta
  10. Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Sunset Shimmer with the wind in her mane. Sky is The Limitby Serviner-Tama
  11. Spoiler Tempest Shadow Fan Club

    1. I like the artists idea for Tempest Shadow's Cutie Mark. 2. Tempest's adorable smile! Fizzlepop Berrytwist!
  12. Say something totally random!

    @Denim&Venom I hear ponies in my head, they counsel me, they understand, They talk to me.
  13. Ask the Mane 6

    1. I'm not sure. 2. As in "least favorite"? If that's the case then, my least favorite Disney villain is Lady Tremaine aka Wicked Stepmother from Cinderella. 3. My favorite Disney quote is actually one I learned from my Changeling friend @WiiGuy2014: "The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique."
  14. Ask the Mane 6

    Twilight Sparkle: I believe the Changeling race is in a much kinder & better place then they were under Queen Chrysalis's rule. Thanks in large part to Thorax's tremendous leadership. Rarity: I believe the Changelings are in a much better place emotionally then they were previously & I couldn't be happier for them. Also, I think their new look is simply divine. Rainbow Dash: I'm really happy they aren't under that overgrown beetle Queen Chrysalis's rule anymore & their new look is *totally* awesome! Applejack: I agree with Rainbow Dash as far as Queen Chrysalis is concerned. As for the Changeling's new look, I think they look downright spiffy. Pinkie Pie: I'm *so* happy for Thorax & the other Changelings & I think they look *really* pretty! Fluttershy: I am very happy for Thorax & the other Changelings & I think they are the *most* adorable bug creatures I've ever seen.
  15. Ask Thorax

    Greetings, Thorax! As a follow-up to @ChB's question: "Has your brother @WiiGuy2014 introduced you to his Disney hobby?" Thank You *so* much for answering my question!