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  1. Connie

    Sleep with the door open or closed?

    I prefer to sleep with the window opened. Feeling the night breeze is just about enough for me.
  2. Connie

    Rate song, then post another!

    Tame Impala <3 10/10
  3. Connie

    Why is Lyra so popular?

    I like her because I like green. Mmmm so minty
  4. Connie

    S07:E23 - Secrets and Pies

    Possibly one of the dumbest episodes that have ever come out of the series.
  5. I have no idea where else to post this but damn drugs do wonders sometimes
  6. Connie

    Dog viciously attacks cats

  7. Connie

    Favorite music genre?

    I like Hipster trash that no one listens to
  8. Connie

    Rate song, then post another!

    It didnt destroy my ears so it's not that bad (: 9/10
  9. Connie

    Boop a snoot, any snoot

    Luna kittyyyyyyyyy It's so cute
  10. I'm having a hard time seeing Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie being in a relationship with someone
  11. Connie

    Rate song, then post another!

    The instrumental is heavenly ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :* <3 orgasm/10
  12. Connie

    S07:E13 - The Perfect Pear

    I can't believe I watched the episode just now. It ended just when I was about to cry. Absolutely heartbreaking considering their parents are dead. </3
  13. Connie

    S07:E14 - Fame and Misfortune

    I'm glad Daisy (the green haired pony) got to speak again. She has been my favourite background pony since season 1. I'm so happy she isn't forgotten. Oh, she also destroyed Rarity, and we got to see a funny meltdown, bless up. <3
  14. Connie

    Lady Kiriness Q&A

    Why are you such a perfect human being?
  15. Connie

    S07:E08 - Hard to Say Anything

    Yes, our ships just got destroyed. I am so disappointed :| Geez, I thought that the last episode made me feel uncomfortable, but this time my cringe-o-meter is off the charts.