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  1. Well, I think I'll go and get some sleep :lol: goodnight every-pony :squee: :catface:

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    2. Johnny1226


      Good night solarflare 

    3. The Cerberus

      The Cerberus

      Goodnight. :) 

    4. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Goodnight Huggles! Sleep well! ;)

  2. That is one big rodent :o :blink: :confused:


    1. The_Gobo


      Nasty furball :V


    2. Widdershins


      Kinda hilarious/sad that an organized sporting event like this can't shoo a Whistle Pig off their track. Oh. And.

       Tha' ain't a rodent! THIS is a rodent!



  3.   Hey! Hey, Solly! Ya wanna talk episodes?!!?

      Just watched PPOV! It's, like, the best Eppljeck episode ever! Didja see the epic Pirate Captain Applejack?!!?   HEEE! :squee:  *que hand flapping!*

    1. SolarFlare13


      Yeah, sure thing :lol:

      It interesting episode, to say the least. The only part I didnt like was the one where Applejack was a pirate :adorkable: UGH!!! :scots:  that part made me cringe so hard :derp:

    2. Widdershins


      What! Applebutt makes best pirate! :ooh: She already got that deep, heavily accented voice that's close to that anyway (call that an American accent if you want!) and she totally pulls off that look of squinting into a heavy gale of a storm like she's daring it to take her down :sneer: like nopony else can manage! That, and she looks totally cute in a lil' knit-cloth seafarin' cap! :wub:    Heck, I'd guess that this episode has the highest amount of pouting in it!

         Easy enough to miss it on Rarity since she pouts so much as it is, but it's totally out of the way for AJ & PP!



         What about Everything She Does? I know you're already on the fence about Litebrite Glimmer! Wanted to get a read on somebeing else's experience of it since it feels like a Make-or-Break. Despite the episode, kinda like Glimmerpants now!

      :lol:    Hmm, wonder if Sparklebutt would work as a good nickname for her, or maybe that's too close to Twi-Twi's...

  4. Hio o3o :3 :D 

    1. SolarFlare13


      Hewoo :lol: :3 *boops you* :catface:



    2. Burpy


      *boops back* >:3 :derp:

    3. SolarFlare13


      How are you doing today? :3 :catface: :3 :catface: :3

  5. How's every-pony doing today? :catface:


    1. Johnny1226


      I'm doing good thanks solarflare 

    2. The Cerberus

      The Cerberus

      I'm aright thanks :) maxresdefault.jpg

    3. Widdershins


      Had a few important phone calls to make... that still haven't been returned or settled. Soo been nervous because of that. Expecting some people to come by too who still haven't sooo... generally skittish. Y'know, like them cats!

         You ever had cats before? Didn't know they could be so emotional or as active & playful as dogs are. Like that one cat that was actually chasing the water. Only cats I've had were kept outside where I didn't see them often & one was a raging jerkhole of a tomcat!

  6. Ohhh, or I dunno... the time she turned random field mice into legitimate horses? That's like some human scientist coming up with a Anthropomorphism Potion! And she gets away with it! Not to mention the mind control spells! And we call Discord an Immoral Immortal! It's a mad house! A MAAAAAD HOUUUSE! Somebeing tell me what I'm referencing. I don't know. I find stopping to think about your humor only gets in the way. Hohh, believe me, I don't have anything to do with the sock puppet dimension! It's just as dark & morbid as that dimension with all the hairless apes that think their the highest lifeform around or something. You ever see a sock puppet war? Yarn unspooling when they impale each other on Knitting-Needle-Bayonettes? I've seen some Sock maan... I actually have a Sock Puppet Villain OC. His name is High Reagent Lord Godwin Sockitter. He's... kind of a goofy parallel to... a well known warmonger. There's a reason I haven't posted anything about him. But no, it's not crepe-y. You're thinking of the Paper Mache region of the Arts & Crafts dimension. “I can't help but think it hilarious how if you'd take out all the Enter-ed spaces between your lines, that your post would be, like, a third the size! But hey! I can't argue with bloating my Ask Thread space!” Well I was trying to be neat (...and make it easier to the eye. I mean, who wants to see a massive wall of text!? OWO) Well then again, I dunno what to make up of FlufflePuff, wheter she’s a pony or something else The last time I saw her, she wrecked my game X’D “I have not seen the Daybreaker episode” Oh really??? Well, I’m glad you told me that. I don’t wanna spoil it for you and I want you to experience it for yourself :3 ...but tell me: what episode are you up to? “Fully expect me to explode when I do. Well, more so than usual. If nothing else, its the concept that's killing me. What if SHE got corrupted! What a tweest!” IKR!? ^w^ I was SO hyped up for this episode and it didn’t disappoint Let me know ASAP when you have seen it and give me your opinion about it, ok? :3 “Ohhh, or I dunno... the time she turned random field mice into legitimate horses?” Well…that works too I wanna know, what kind of magic do you possess??? :3 “That's like some human scientist coming up with a Anthropomorphism Potion!” I’m sure Lyra would approve of that X’D I mean, how do you scientifically explain a pony such as her, standing on her hind legs as oppose to all four like every-pony else? Well, I was gonna say you were reffering to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, but that is called a Monster House, NOT a mad house. I think you may be reffering to this movie I mean, would’nt you say this is a “MAD” house!? I mean, “IT” looks pretty angry to me X’P I’d say, what kind of house do you live in? OwO Are there any thinking trees at your place? Oh thank goodness ^w^’ The last time I went there, one of those Sock Puppets tried to eat me O~O Hairless Apes, eh? Hmm…are you reffering to the HOOMANS in the other dimension? X’3 Or the Slender-pony that exists in the Ever-Free forest? OwO “You ever seen a sock puppet war?” As a matter of fact, I have…but it’s mostly a figurative of Pinkie Pie’s imagination gone horribly wrong O_O I dunno about you, but they were far more chaotic than the ones in Discord’s dimension… I mean, look at these things: It truly is a dangerous dimension we live in X’P What would have to be the strangest thing you’ve seen in your Dimension? Oh really??? What does your Sock Puppet OC look like? O.O More to the point, is he / she evil??? O_O The Paper Mache dimension? You mean the one with all the sneezing Piñata’s??? …and one last question: what is your favourite pass-time as a Draconequus??? :3
  7. Well I certainly didnt expect that :o 


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    2. The_Gobo


      1. AHA! You CAN logic! I knew it!!!!
      2. That is racist. How dare you :V And yes, the joke is dead. Very dead.

      3. Then let me shorten the statement to something more clear:
      Random does not equate to humor.


    3. Widdershins


       Hey now! I'm no Amorphist! Some of my best friends are Shoggoths! Really! Should see my vacation slides from the Tentacle Dimension!

       And I dunno, seems alot of common culture these days like the Pewdiepies would beg to differ with you.

         Jiggly Boopersnoots!

    4. The_Gobo


      If things just were because of someone arguing in favor of them, this world would be decimated and chaotic.

      Also I read that final line incorrectly at first.

      God, I'm tired =_=


  8. Wait...Legends Of Equestria is gonna be officially released on 19th August 2017!? :wacko:

    ...but that's the same time I have to go to this :confused:


  9. Ugh...I'm SO bored :scots:

    Any-pony wanna chat? :catface: more to the point, what's every-pony been up to? :) 


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    2. Vampira Heart

      Vampira Heart

      Oh oh Me me!! OwO

    3. SolarFlare13


      @Vampira Heart

      Yaay :lol: my kitty cat's on OWO :catface: *gives you a snuggle and noms on your mane* :wacko:

      how've you been and watcha been up to? :squee:


    4. The Cerberus

      The Cerberus

      I have been sleeping :3


  10. Hello Every-pony :lol: *starts making candy fall from the sky* how are we all doing today? :wacko: :catface:

    (It appears that I've lost my horn today :o …I believe a certain Draconequus has stolen it :umad: ...but I can’t seem to find him anywhere) :muffins:



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    2. Vampira Heart

      Vampira Heart


      I will get my revenge xDIMG_4593.JPG.f9613e46d42a065df6c99f58cfa31007.JPGXD

    3. The Cerberus
    4. SolarFlare13


      Wow :o there sure is a cat-fight going around here :sunbutt:

  11. Well, I think it's for me to go and get some sleep :lol: goodnight every-pony :catface:

    (leaves a basket-full of chocolate eggs to munch on :yay:)


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    2. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Goodnight Huggles! :)

      *takes the eggs* >:3

    3. Zachary


      Good Night!

    4. Johnny1226


      Good night solarflare 

  12. episode discussion

    But the thing I don’t get is, Granny Smith and Grand Pear are A LOT older than Bright Mac and Pear Butter. How did they out-lived them?
  13. episode discussion

    It was a really cute and emotional episode. I really enjoyed it and it explains why we havent seen Applejack's parents in the show prior to this episode Besides "All Bottled Up" and "Rock Solid Friendship", this would have to my favourite episode of the season Besides that, we still dont know where Bright Mac and Pear Butter are (...or if they will make another appearance in a future episode...)
  14. I just finished watching "The Perfect Pear" and I wont say too much, but it was a very cute and emotional episode.

    By far, this is the best episode of the season so far and I know the rest of you will enjoy it :catface:



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    2. SolarFlare13


      Yup :catface: it's in discordville where all the water is chocolate, all the trees are pink and I'm the leader of all the Duck Pones O3O

    3. Princess Moony
    4. Vampira Heart

      Vampira Heart


      yeah :P


      i would say the same, this one was acually more interesting to watch instead of kinda reused ideas that were slightly changed, not dissing on them but they coulda done better :) 


      It hinted towards that idea though or it made it sound like they ran away :P 


      Yes cause Applebloom said she doesn't remember them but applejack and Big Mac do so I just guessed that's how the mom passed but for the dad possibly from grieve or more morbid suicide but I'm guessing/hoping not that :wacko: 


      Lol! :yay: 


      I was kinda upset about their dad though cause the mom was totally unique and the dad looked like just a Big Mac recolor and even the marks look the same! Did that bother anyone else? :o 

      I thought the story was sweet though and I enjoyed the episode very much :) but I forsome reason was expecting grand pear to betray them some how in the end for some reason XD I dunno why :lol: 

      @Princess Moony @SolarFlare13

      *floats around in discordville covered in chocolate milk and cotton candy on a flying pig* OwO