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  1. In the next 24 hours, it'll be Summer here in Australia, and you know what that means? :dash: It's the beginning of the Bush-Fire season. Hopefully, it wont be as bad as last year. *fingers crossed* :lie: (a parts of me wants to become a fire fighter. I feel sorry for all the people in New South Wales and Victoria that have lost their homes / lives) 

    They say it'll be a lot wetter than last year. Now, you're probably thinking that is a good thing. It isn't. What that means is we'll be getting some hail this summer, and if you havent seen the hail stones we get in the summer time, they're 'bout the size of a golf ball. I'm not kidding, they're MASSIVE!!!  O_O :confused: here is an example:



    (If you see storm clouds like these, STAY IN-DOORS!!!) 

    Luckily, the Virus wont have ANY impact on our fire-fighters. :mlp_icwudt: In comparison to the rest of the world, Australia has done a VERY good job at minimising the spread of the Virus. Here in New South Wales, we've had NO cases of COVID19 in the past 3 weeks. Let's keep it that way. :) 


    It'll be interesting to see how they manage social distancing during the busiest time of the year. Last time I went out on Black Friday, it was packed to the rafters and it was full. Want my advice? DONT go out unless it is absolutely necessary :) 

    Overall, I've had a pretty good day day. I just finished watching the MLP Movie and the final race of the 2018 V8 Supercars Championship :laugh: My dad gave my uncle the 64GB USB that I bought a couple of days ago so he can download a copy of the Heisei Gamera Trilogy (...and possibly Godzilla 1985 and Godzilla VS Biollante). Ooooh, I cant wait *rubs my hands with glee* :ticking: 

    ...and last, but not least, we have the Kyalami 9 hour in December: the last race on the the intercontinental GT Challenge calendar and the last race of 2020. After that, we have the Gulf 12 hours, the Dubai 24 Hours and the Daytona 24 hours in January, so there's A LOT to look forward to ^^


    Hopefully, Porsche can wrap up the title :catface: Porsche are in a good position to win the championship. They've got the Rowe Racing Porsche sitting on top of the charts, followed by the GPX Porsche, with the Bentley sitting in 3rd. I'd LOVE to see one of these teams win the Intercontinental GT Challenge title. :mlp_icwudt:



    So how's your day been my friends? ^^ I hope it has been as good as mine :laugh: 

  2. Well, that put a MASSIVE smile on my face. ^^ :mlp_laugh: I just finished watching one of my favourite episodes of FIM: Luna Eclipsed. *sighs* I love her personality in that episode :wub:


    The last time I watched FIM was last year (August / September of 2019, to be exact) :twi: I stopped watching the show because I had enough of RD saying 'awesome' in every single episode she made an appearance in, twilight having a mental break-down and Trixie saying how "great and powerful" (more like Weak and Helpless) she is. :bea: It just got repetitive and annoying. 2, 4, 6, great and the first 5 mins of 'A Trivial Pursuit' are the episodes that broke me. I got past the half-way point of season 9 and I stopped watching the show because I had enough. I dont intend to watch the rest of the show. I'm sorry (...and this is just MY opinion), but the quality of the show took a nose-dive from season 6 onwards. 

    I dunno...there's something bout the old episodes that puts a smile on my face every-time I watch 'em. I used to binge-watch the hell out of Seasons 1 and 2 and they got me through the last years of high school A.K.A the worst years of my life. I love how these episodes were cute, fun and simple, and at the end of each episode, the mane 6 would learn a valuable lesson from their adventures...and these episodes would teach kids how to behave / make friends in the play-ground, etc. (From season 4 onwards, the overall plot of the episode started to become more complex / the show started to become more serious and I feel as if that killed the innocence the first two seasons had. Some would call that progression, but I prefer the simplicity and the cuteness the show had in the earlier episodes / in the beginning. Of course, this is just MY opinion.) I bought the DVD box set of seasons 1 and 2. The first episode I watched was 'The Mysterious Mare Do Well' all the way back in 2013. It's funny. I did not make my OC until 2016 :mlp_icwudt: I watched a bunch of pony content 'til I decided that I wanted to be a brony :catface:

    I can honestly say watching the first two seasons is a great way to cure my depression / boredom ^^ <3 

    Say, what is YOUR favourite season / episode / pony from the show? :pinkie: as for me? my favourite episode is none other than Luna Eclipsed, my favourite pone is Pinkie Pie and my favourite season is season 2 :3 

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      While I can definitely see where you’re coming from, I don’t think the series ever declined and while I love the simple stuff, the really intricate stuff from later on is cool too. :adorkable:

      The only thing I don’t like about the last seasons is the fact that way too much time was spent with the students who I absolutely can’t stand! :angry: They are way too attention-seeking and too often took the spotlight away from the Mane Six, characters who are the reason I’m watching the show in the first place, along with the CMC and the Princesses! :dry: It’s supposed to be My Little Pony, not My Little Pathetic Student! :lostit:

      But when that wasn’t happening, I don’t think there was much of a decline. Season Eight had the ‘Mean Six’ and that’s one of my favourite episodes! :mlp_icwudt: There are still a lot of great moments that are too many to list and that’s because I’ll always defend everything about FiM! :mlp_pinkie: (Except the students)

      What I’d give to go back to 2011 though... :-D

    2. Megas



      It just got repetitive and annoying. 2, 4, 6, great and the first 5 mins of 'A Trivial Pursuit' are the episodes that broke me.

      Saaaaame man. Absolutely could not stand it. Since S6, despite some bright spots, there were lots of episodes that felt like the writers wanted you to hate the show. I watched a couple of the earlier episodes in the show on the other hand and they still hold up

    3. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Glad you had a good time. :squee:

  3. Okay, I just came back from Toymate and it's...packed to the rafters. I didnt realise it was Black Friday until I saw all the cars in the parking lot. It was full and it was incredibly hard to find a spot / get out :confused: 
    I was taking a look at all the figurines they had and out of all the peg-warmers that were laying on the shelf, I found a diamond in the rough: a Black Series Captain Phasma :pinkie: ...and it was $25, the same price as a 3.75 inch figurine!!! What a bargain!!! :love: (I know I said I wouldnt spend my money til next year, but this came out of the blue) 



    (I remember reading an article somewhere where it mentioned out of all the figurines from the Sequel Trilogy, Captain Phasma was the most popular. Honestly, it's been a good year when it comes to star wars figurines. I got a black series darth vader and now, I have this :3


    Okay, I know there's A LOT of people who HATE the sequel trilogy (myself included :twi: I see it as nothing more than gloried fan-fiction), but if there's one thing I DID like 'bout The Last Jedi, it'd have to be the fight between Finn and Captain Phasma. In that scene, it was shown that her armor was able to reflect blaster fire. I just wish she had a more significant role in the series. She could've been so much more. I feel like she's the Bobba Fett of the Sequel Trilogy. :) She's the ONLY figure from the Sequel Trilogy that I wanna get!!! :ticking: ...and now, I have her in my collection. :mlp_laugh: YES!!! :mlp_yeehaa: 


    Now, I'm tempted to go and buy another one :twismile: (well, I spent a lot of time trying to find one with the least amount of defects) 

    Well, that's the first time I've ever gone out shopping on Black Friday, and I dont think I'll ever do that again :derp: on the plus side, I went to officeworks and I bought myself a 64GB USB for $10. I'll give that to my uncle so he can download me a digital copy of the Heisei Gamera Trilogy :ticking:

    1. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Cool. :fluttershy: I once saw a Shadow the Hedgehog figure at my local grocery store recently. It was one of those more rare figures, a variant where he is wearing a sports jersey. I thought about grabbing it and buying it while I had the chance.

      I didn't; so it will probably be gone next time I go back. :blush: I could have afforded it, but I still have medical bills to pay, and I'm just not sure how Christmas is going to go right now.

  4. Mine would have to be listening to Eurobeat. cant get enough of it
  5. Here, have a beautiful pic of Celestia and Luna :laugh: ^^ :catface:


  6. *gives you all a BIG cuddle* :laugh: ^w^ :catface:

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Midnight Danny

      Midnight Danny

      *cuddles back* :kindness:

    3. Samurai Equine
    4. HereComesTom


      Virtual hugs:  can't spread viruses this way!

      ...I hope I didn't just jinx it...

  7. Hey every-pony :pinkie: ^^ how are we are all doing today? :catface: 

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    2. Midnight Danny

      Midnight Danny

      Doing pretty good Solar. :grin: I've played Dergun Town a bit to see what is going on there and you're right, :catface: it really is the best custom server! :pinkie:

      The thing is l really need to learn to find sth from a quest (10 black tulips for example), :huh: but with time, l will learn about how do l find them. :squee:

      Edit: Pinkie Pie is soooooooooo cute! :pinkie:

    3. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Doing good, thanks. :Daydreaming: Live, love, & learn; my friend.

    4. HereComesTom


      I'm doing pretty good---got some nice loot in both ANCH and WoW, so that's always good!

  8. Man, that is a really tough question. Normally, I'd pick the fierce diety mask because of how OP it is, but if I had to pick one of the transformation masks, it'd have to be the Zora mask because it grants you the ability to walk underwater / swim like a dolphin / use martial arts / perform a barrier attack, but if I had to pick one of the regular masks, it'd have to be the Mask Of Truth. I love reading all the information from the gossip stones in OOT and MM. Heck, I wanted to make one as a kid ^^ It had a very simple, but beautiful design to it It was my favourite out of all the Masks in OOT and MM :3 The bunny hood would be my 2nd pick :3 I just love the design of it / how cute it looks and how it grants you the ability to sprint When I was a kid, I used to think Majoras mask was a secret mask you could get if you got all the Masks, including the Fierce Diety Mask and it'd turn you into the skull kid. Of course, those were silly rumours that used to be told on the play-ground
  9. Y'know what, I think I'll go and buy an advent calendar this year. :mlp_laugh: I saw a 'My little Pony' version a couple of years back. If I see one in-store, I'll get one of those. If there's none available, I'd be more than happy to get a regular one. It's been a long time since I bought one :mlp_icwudt:


    Also, I turned on my BRAND-NEW Nintendo 2DS for the first time. :mlp_laugh: I havent set it up, but I'm happy with it. It didnt want to turn on at first. I put a charger in, waited for a few secs and then, it turned on. I figured it'd be out of power =P I've been hearing some rumours that the screen of the 2DS XL is quite brittle, despite the fact that it uses the same screen as the 3DS (they may look like much, but they can take a hell of a lot of physical punishment. I've grown up since then, so there's no way I'll be doing anything stupid with my 2DS XL.) someone on youtube mentioned they had in their pocket and the screen fractured just because they had it in their pocket. then again, they probably sat down with the console in their pocket and they didnt have it in a protective casing. I will say this: it's slightly longer than my DS i. I only wanted to see if the screens were ok. This 2DS XL will be a spare, should something happen to my DS i (or if I REALLY want to play gens 6 - 7). The top part A.K.A the lid of the 2DS XL seems to be quite thin, so I'll need to be careful when I'm playing with it. I'm just glad that I managed to get a brand-new one before they're all sold out.


    Yes, it was expensive and I did say that I wasn't gonna spend my money on anything 'til next year, but I HAD to get one ASAP after they announced the 3DS was discontinued. :) 


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    2. Tacodidra


      I actually had that calendar in 2017 (and made my first status ever about it)! :D

      There are different versions too, I had one like this later.


      I hope you have fun with the 2DS! :yay:

    3. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Do those advent calendars come with actual chocolate, or do you have to buy that seperately?

    4. You


      Haha, I actually got one hanging around from last Dec which I got from another guy, still with chocolate and closed.

  10. Well, it's time for this pony to have a bit of a snooze. :mlp_icwudt: Goodnight every-pony ^^ :catface:

  11. Well, the 2020 GT World Challenge season is over, but there’s still the final round of the intercontinental GT Challenge. The #12 is currently 2nd in the points standings and are in with a good shot at taking the title. If they want to win the Intercontinental GT Challenge, they must stay ahead of their rivals. It'd be a MASSIVE result for GPX Racing / Porsche if they won the title. :mlp_icwudt: It'd end their season / year on a high. :laugh: IMO, this is the more significant of the two. The Intercontinental GT Challenge is A LOT harder to win than the GT World Challenge Endurance Cup. :) 


    Unfortunately, they were unable to wrap up the GT World Challenge Endurance Cup. Last time out at Paul Ricard, they finished 2nd, behind the AF Corsa Ferrari. Honestly, I am a little disappointed they were unable to get past the Ferrari (the #51 AF Corse Ferrari jumped ahead of them in the final pit-stop). Then again, they got a DNF at the Nürburgring (the #12 found themselves in the wall after having such a strong charge through the field). I think that's what cost them the championship. If they'd gathered some points in that round, they would've secured the GT World Challenge Endurance Cup, even if the Ferrari finished ahead of them :ooh: Honestly, I'm surprised the #88 AKKA ASP Mercedes DID NOT win the championship (they had A LOT of bad luck in the last few rounds. When I watched some of the highlights of the 24 Hours of Spa, they lost a wheel and at Paul Ricard, the left corner of their splitter was dragging on the floor, slowing 'em down and they lost a couple of positions as a result.) and where the Ferrari / the GPX Porsche ended up. :o To finish 2nd in the championship is not a bad result. It could've been a whole lot worse. I'm just glad it wasn't an Audi / Lamborghini that won the championship. Honestly, I was thoroughly impressed with the performance of the #51 AF Corse Ferrari. They had a REALLY strong run at the 24 Hours of Spa :squee: ...but then, it started to rain when there was only 2 and a half hours to go and the wet conditions favoured the Porsche. The #54 Dinamic Motorsport Porsche and the #12 GPX Racing Porsche managed to get past the Ferrari, making it a Porsche 1 - 3 - 4:laugh: a fantastic result :catface:


    The Kyalami 9 hour is on the 12th of December and it'll be LIVE and FREE on their youtube channel. :)
    GTWorld - YouTube

  12. @Sparklefan1234, this one is for you =P :derp:

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Thank You, BFFFF! :mlp_yeehaa:



    2. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Epic mashup! :kirin:

  13. Who do you think is cuter? Princess Celestia or Princess Luna? :ooh:

    1. TomDaBombMLP
    2. HereComesTom


      Luna by a hair---she's smaller :)

    3. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Celestia. :Tempest:

  14. Here, have a cute picture of the mane 6 ^^ :mlp_icwudt: :catface: