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  1. REALLY!? X'D Sizzlipede has a 1% encounter rate!? O_O :confused: then how come I encountered 4 / 5 of them in the span of 20 mins!? XD Not only that, I got one with a Naughty nature AND it has White Smoke :mlp_icwudt:



    ...and you know what's funny? :dash: when I encountered my 4th / 5th Sizzlipede, I was like: "if it has a Naughty nature, I'll take it". :laugh: Guess what? the one I caught had a Naughty nature X'D it was almost as if he was listening to me XP

  2. Now THIS is what the Ford Mustang V8 Supercar should sound like: Nice and beefy B)

    Speaking of Mustangs, Scotty has wrapped up the championship. At the Sandown 500, scotty finished 9th and Van Gisbergen finished 17th. This weekend was supposed to be the championship decider, but he's gathered ENOUGH points to win the championship (all he had to do was maintain a 300 point buffer over Van Gisbergen to claim the title), so all he has to do is keep the car off the wall and TRY to win the last two races of the championship :mlp_icwudt: (just for bragging rights) :catface:




    Here are some of the records he's broken this year: 


    - The last time a Ford Mustang has won the Australian Touring Car Championship was 1969. 

    - The last time DJR (Dick Johnson Racing) won at Mount Panorama was 1994.

    - The last time DJR won back-to-back championships was 1988-1989. 

    - The last time a Ford won the Bathurst 1000 was 2014. 

    - So far, he's won 18 out of 32 races this year. More than 60% of all the races this year. An astonishing record. He's won MORE races in a single season than ANY other driver. 

    - The first Bathurst win for the Ford Mustang and he did it on debut. 

    - First coupe to win Bathurst since 1992. 

  3. Gosh, Hop is such a...! ...Sack of Hammers. 

     Spends every moment you encounter him mindlessly rushing off or bragging about how he gon' be the best thing ever like his Big Bro!... then immediately proceedes to do absolutely no training or forethought into battles.

     Just got in a double battle with him on my side where he got two shotted every turn, with his team of underleveled three because he couldn't prioritize or use ANY Double Battle strategies like the Team Yell grunts we were up against! How does he make it past the gyms? How does he survive?!!? He's basically Ash Ketchum in the games!!

    … completely unlike the majestic, infallible beauty that is Bede, of course.


       P.S. You know what names you have to give your Applin apple-dragon. I expect fanart with AJ!

       :toldya:"Fear mah Appledragon's apple-based apple attacks!"

  4. Okay, I’ve just came back from Nerd Alert Collectables and I’ve just found out that they’re selling these Godzilla figurines for $50! O.O :o

    Now, I DID say IF they were selling it for $50, I'd get TWO of these! :ticking: 

    Okay, I’ve made up my mind. ^^ :laugh: I’m gonna get Burning Godzilla and Godzilla from GMK. ^^ I just wanna thank @TheRockARooster for helping me make my decision :mlp_icwudt: :catface:

    Now, I won’t pre-order these until Thursday. I’m gonna head to my local Toymate to see if they’ve got any Optimus Prime / Soundwave figurines in stock. If they don’t, I’ll pre-order the Godzilla figurines. :BornAgainBrony:



  5. Ohh man, I’ve got A LOT of things on my Wish List this year. ^^ Normally, I get money from my parents on my birthday / as a Christmas present and I dunno what to spend it on, so I end up saving my money. (Not like that is a bad thing or anything) X3 At the VERY beginning of this year, I did not spend a single cent just so I could get a Nintendo Switch Lite and Pokemon Shield.


    At first, I thought my Switch had a defect with the left joy stick, turns out it was REALLY sensitive and that's just how they're made. :mlp_icwudt: Honestly, I've had a blast playing Pokemon Shield, but enough about that :derp: I'm sure you guys are sick of me talking 'bout pokemon over the last couple of days...


    Okay, so I've saved (roughly speaking) about $500 + and I have a good idea of what I want for Christmas. The most amount of money I'm gonna spend on something is $70 - $80, but only if it's REALLY good. :mlp_xJpg51C: (my dad bought me a copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate and a Nintendo Switch Lite, so yeah. I've got a bit of money left over) :mlp_icwudt:


    I'm thinking about getting either a G1 Optimus Prime figurine or a G1 Soundwave figurine. :ooh:

    (that is, IF I can find one of those) :lie:


    I asked one of the guys who works at toy-mate and I asked them WHEN they'll be getting them in and he told me December / January. :) 


    Another thing I would like to get is that Godzilla Figurine. Yeah, I was genuinely surprised they were selling these! O_O I did some research and apparently, these are Re-releases! :blink: (...and they dont do that very often!) :o




    So yeah, he told me he'd give me a quote on the price of the Godzilla figurine. I hope it's not SUPER expensive, 'cuz this is something I REALLY want and I DON'T wanna spend MORE than $80 :please:


    (Burning G is my favourite!!! :ticking: <3 I freaking LOVE the Heisei version of Godzilla)


    Of course, this will be coming out in February 2019, but this is something I WANT!!! :wub:

    ...but yeah, THOSE are the two things I want for Christmas!!! :laugh: I'm gonna head back to Nerd Alert collectables to see what other figurines they've got :catface:


    So, what are you guys thinking about getting for Christmas??? :ooh: 

    1. HereComesTom


      I dunno---to be honest, I come from a family that has what they need and also has most of what they want, so we're really tough to shop for!  There's no games at the moment that I'm all that interested in, either.

  6. Solly... I... help.

     This... this is called...

    Snom.jpg.bd0e871e9ea7de92d4392839fdbda760.jpg  Snom.

    It noms snow.

     I am in serious danger of actually dying from Adorableness!

     It even has the widdle nubby :catface:-mouth!

    If I don't get one of these precious Bugby baboos, and with its Ice Scales hidden ability, I'll just DIE!

     This is so the closest we'll ever get to our shared dream of an Ice Dragon Pokémon!

    1. SolarFlare13


      WHEN can I get one of those things!? :confused: I WANT IT!!! :ticking:

    2. Widdershins


      Turns into Frostmoth, the Frost Moth. Fwost Mouf!

      Think it's... uh, up north? Route Ten...ish? Sounding like well past the third or fourth gym. Especially since they stated it likely lives in snowy fields o' tundra or whathaveyou. 

       It looks like its snuggled up in a sleeping bag!! Almost don't want to evolve the lil' Buggy Babboo!

      /Deep Inhale, shouts across the forums


       Es swo cuute! Siwwy buggy babee! You can't nom snow! Dat just water!

    3. ShadOBabe


      Dawww, it is a cute buggy bab! And I love it's evolution. X3

  7. Okay, I've just been playing Pokemon Sword and Shield for the last couple of hours and I've FULLY evolved my starter. ^^ I already knew what he looked like 'cuz I took a look at the leaks a while back. Now that the game has come out, I can show you what it looks like :laugh:


    This is Inteleon: Sobble's Final Evolution B) ...and he looks like a freaking Bad-a$$!!! :catface:

    If anything, he's the Pokemon equivalent of James Bond. I'm NOT kidding!!! X'D Sobble is 007 in the Galar Pokedex, it shoots water from it fingers / it uses its fingers like pistols and if you take a look at its 'dex entry, it's known as 'the Secret Agent Pokemon' :mlp_icwudt:




    This is the first time I've FULLY evolved my starter before the first gym. ^^ I have NEVER done that before and to me, THAT is a personal achievement. :blink: Now, I'm gonna go with all guns blazing!!! :sneer: Quite literally, actually XD


    (the only thing that's missing is some shades on this mother-bucker) B)

    This is my team at the moment: :) (...and YES, I've spent the majority of my time GRINDING in the Wild Area. Dont judge me X'D)


    Lv. 38 Corviknight

    Lv. 37 Inteleon

    Lv. 37 Boltund

    1. Widdershins



       eH, despite my being very vocally anti-monkey... me and my starter are getting along great. I can't hate anything named Thwackey.

    2. HereComesTom


      Wow.  This is taller and thinner than I've ever seen a pokemon, though I have to admit I stopped paying much attention after Ruby/Sapphire...

  8. Since you were asking about raising your own Ice Type.... I figured I would grant onto you my favorite, most awesome nickname for an Abomasnow, or other ice type!    */Drumroll!*


    And, I did just come up with my favorite name for what to call a full Ice team!

      The Just-Ice League!!

     ...and together... we can be...Just Ice!

  9. Okay, so I've been playing Pokemon Shield for a couple of hours now and I gotta say, it's SO much better than Sun and Moon. ^^ The graphics are AMAZING and the wild is FREAKING INSANE!!! XD you've got Pokemon that are 10 + levels higher than you, but it also adds a certain thrill to it X3 :mlp_icwudt: I LOVE what they've done. :laugh: This is without a doubt THE fastest way to grind and I LOVE the EV Training mechanics in this game. Ohh man, I've just been grinding in the wild area for the last couple of hours. I havent even been to the first gym yet. X'D

    Boltund is a MONSTER!!! O_O It took down a Lv. 40 Dusclops and it was only Lv. 31. Got a crit with Bite, got the flinch, got it down to red, it burned me with Will-O-Wisp and I finished it off. Seriously, this thing has earned my respect and has earned a permanent spot on my team!!! :ticking: I was originally gonna have a Abomasnow on my team, but this thing has replaced it!!! :catface: 


    Even when it was a tiny little Yamper, it was SUCH a hard-charger and it flinched its opponent 80% of the time. Also, it's freaking ADORABLE!!! :wub: I love my tiny little doggo! :catface:


    This is my team at the moment: :) 

    - Boltund Lv. 31

    - Drizzile Lv. 30

    - Corvisquire Lv.30

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Widdershins


      Think the first gym is level 20. Slow ya roll there, bro!

      ...Then again, Milo uses Dynamax, doesn't he? Ain't exactly a fair fight.

       Got me a new Zigzagoon! Yet 'ah meet a problem that can't be solved by headbuttin' it! Yo! Headbutt is supposed to have a percentage of flinching, but not with me! Headbutt spam got me so far back in Emerald and it will be again! 

    3. Tacodidra


      Great to hear you've liked it! :D Yamper is quite cute! ^_^

    4. Widdershins


      I’m surprised @SolarFlare13, that I don’t hear you freaking out about the new Ghost/Dragon~

  10. I just came back from the store and I just got my copy of Pokemon Shield :laugh: ^^ Of course, I won’t be playing it straight away. I’ve got other things to do X3 :catface: I can't wait to start playing!!! :ticking:


    After that, me and dad had a bit of a walk around and there was this new hobby store that just opened up. (It was called Nerd Alert Collectibles) :dash: It had all sorts of cool figurines. Heck, they were even selling Godzilla figurines. ARE YOU SERIOUS!? :confused: …and they were selling the CLASSIC japanese ones. They even had the one I was after ^^


    I asked the guy to give me a quote on the price of the Burning G. Even if it’s $150, I want it! XD
    It’s gonna be coming out on February 2020…but yeah, THIS is a figurine I’ve ALWAYS wanted!!! :wub: <3
    They were also selling the Godzilla from GMK, Shin Godzilla and the one from 2014 XP

     Ohh yeah, they've even got your favourite @TheRockARooster B)

     My dad bought a Predator figurine. Ohh man, we’ve been trying to get one of those for a while now. I dunno WHY they’re SO hard to find. :blink: It was $60, which is a pretty good deal if you ask me ;) 


    So yeah, we bought A LOT of things today X3

    1. TheRockARooster


      So cool, Solar.


      Godzilla Earth is now my favourite.

      He’s so huge but I love the others too.


      You’re so lucky. ^^

    2. Tacodidra



      I hope you like the game! :squee: The Godzilla figure looks great! :)

  11. Well, it's officially November the 15th. ^^ I'm gonna pick up my copy of Pokemon Shield as soon as the shops are open :derp: (I've got about a 9 hour wait) :twismile: 

    Once I get the game, I'll be playing Pokemon Sword and Shield for 12 - 16 hours straight. Yep. That's how I'm like when a new Pokemon game comes out. :laugh:

    Okay, so who's ready for Pokemon Sword and Shield? :mlp_icwudt: 


    Oh yeah, if you've got a Nintendo Switch and you'd like to add me, here's my Friend Code: 8018 6731 9801 :) 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Widdershins


      ‘Bout five hours into The Day and my preorder still hasn’t opened! (Got too excited to sleep!) To use an Americanism, I’m fit to be tied! 

       I bet you anything they redesigned the starters after the leaks got out! I so want Sobble to stay the cute lil’ chubby boi!

    3. LeafFerret


      I can't play more than 9 hours straight because I start getting headaches.

    4. HereComesTom


      I think I might need to add that friend code, but I won't be playing Pokemon Shield---my brother will!  I reserved a copy for him months ago, and I'll probably pick it up tomorrow.

  12. I'm just gonna leave this here :derp: ^^ :catface:


    1. Kyoshi


      Near the end of the video: RAPID FIRE OM NOMS. <3

  13. Here, have a cute picture of Twilight :laugh: ^^ :catface:


    1. DivineHeart1000


      @SolarFlare13 Good old Twi-Twily! I love her!

      Do you love her too?

    2. SolarFlare13


      Unicorn Twi is best Twi IMO :ticking:

  14. I just finished watching the NEW sonic the hedgehog movie trailer and I gotta say, I'm thoroughly impressed. ^^ This is SO much better than the previous trailer we got a couple of months ago. They really went back to the drawing board and fixed EVERYTHING. The jokes were good (it didnt feel like it was forced in any way), it was REALLY entertaining AND they FIXED Sonic's design. :laugh: I swear to god, the previous design looked like a guy in a fur suit and it looked...nasty :lie:. They did a REALLY good job with this trailer. I might actually go and see this movie. :catface:


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SolarFlare13


      I guess they wanted to go with a more 'realistic' look for Sonic. :lie:

    3. Widdershins


      That is just inane, nonsensical yelling & dated reference humor that deflates any tension or attempts at storytelling. So yes. A marked improvement.

      I love it.

      No, you’re also me. You aren’t allowed to like things I hate!

      Too bad; we’re watching it! I talked you into Deadpool, didn’t I?~

       Authorial Grumblings.

    4. HereComesTom


      Thanks for sharing that; that is far improved!

  15. Eeyup! :mellow: 

     Mr.Rime & the regional Cofragrius are cannon now! Just caught them on an official, Japanese only ad!

     You hyped?!!? I'm hyped!!:blink:

     Totally gotta take screenshots of the new pokemon we discover in game and share them with each other in the games!

      ...and I think they totally have been intentional in not saying anything at all about the final starter evolutions. More suspense, more fake leaks, more hype for the games, I'd hazard!

     Yee! Keep in touch!:squee: