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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Happy birthday, my friend! :pinkie: May your day be an amazing one! :ticking:

  3. @Wannabrony Happy happy birthday to you! Lots of cake and fluffy ponies all for you!


  4. Awwww, you flatter me! Wish that I had even a quarter of her knowledge though, the only fact I know is that the square root of 546 is 23.36664289109! But I think that you'd make a really good Twily yourself!
  5. Has been forever since I came back on here, but the answer is still yep! Still got it...
  6. Oh that was such a long time ago, let me think... Hm.... I do believe it was @Nightfall Gloam... Right? I don't remember very well...
  7. You seem nice, have a follow.:squee:

    1. Wannabrony


      Aww, you seem super nice too! Thank you so much! :squee: I'm not nearly as active on here as I once was, but I hope that I'll see you around here every so often! ^_^

      Here, have a follow back! :mlp_smug:

  8. @Wannabrony Hello there! Haven’t seen you in a while! How are you doing today?


    1. Wannabrony


      I've been quite well, thank you very much! ^_^ It really has been a while, hasn't it. :adorkable: How are you?

    2. DivineNightmare1000


      @Wannabrony I’ve been just fine thanks! I still love my princesses forever!

    3. Wannabrony


      I can see that! ^_^ I'm sure they feel happy knowing how much you support them. :squee:

  9. I am pretty sure we chatted or interacted much at a timeframe but I can't put it right now.

  10. Long time no see

    1. Wannabrony


      It has been a while! What's up? ^_^

  11. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Wannabrony


      Thank you very much! :kindness: I indeed had a birthiversary of merry. :laugh:

  12. Happy Birthday mine friend! :wub:  

    Image result for mlp birthday

    1. Wannabrony



  13. @Haunt-A-Brony Happy happy birthday to you! Lots of cake and fluffy ponies all for you!


    1. Wannabrony


      Even though I cannot say that my day was entirely pony-filled or cake-filled, I really did have a enjoyable birthday this year! Thank you very much!! :squee:

  14. Happy birthday, my friend! :pinkie: I hope you have an amazing one! :twi:

    1. Wannabrony


      Thank you so much, my friend! :rarity: I really did have a decent one this year!! ^_^

    2. Tacodidra


      You're welcome! :D That's great to hear! :yay:

  15. Happy birthday MLPF and thank you for making a place where all of us could chat about the show and build new relationships. I may not be online anywhere as often as I once did, but this place still is very close to my heart. Thank you MLPF.