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  1. Thank you! To be honest, I used to actually get a bunch of compliments but I've never seen what's so "great" xD. I normally look gross. That image is like the best image of me I became emo 7 years too late
  2. There isn't really anyone I miss specifically. Most of the people who I would miss I know on Discord or Steam. Though I guess in general, there is a lot of people I do miss back from when I joined the forums. It's kinda sad to look back at their profiles and see that they've been inactive for years when I remembered seeing them around all the time.
  3. My natural color is also a dirty blonde (I think. It's been so long that I honestly don't remember xD). Was it a good weird when you dyed the ends blue cause that sounds really cool. I'm tempted to do that
  4. Currently watching my childhood show: Code Lyoko with two friends (Who have never seen it before).
  5. I do but rarely. I've always saw myself as ugly at any angle so It's hard to bring myself to upload any
  6. Wait!? This topic is still going?? It's weird to come back and see a post I made when I was 13...
  7. I've had my hair dyed to a dark brown from blonde for almost 2 years now. Considering going back though since as much as I love it, It's caused far too many issues (It's also easier to not have to worry about dyeing it)
  8. Nice to know someone else has this issue. It's REALLY annoying. Best to just avoid the word all together
  9. Specific. I strangely can't pronounce the S and end up pronouncing it as: Per-Sif-Ic (Like Pacific)
  10. Was catching up on some Nostalgia
  11. I worked at my retail job all day so basically zero
  12. Merry Birthiversary!