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    On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.
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    Twilight Sparkle
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    Either Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash
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  1. This is my Mask! :3 Love it a bunch!
  2. Codelyy

    General Legends of Equestria

    I remember playing it back during the beta! I still have images on my computer of when I played it back in 2014. I remember applying for a programmer position on the game a couple of years ago as well. Sadly I never got it
  3. I don't mind a small/reasonable about of criticism but when it's constant nit-picking then it definitely gets on my nerves.
  4. Because finding the right person is hard
  5. I once met the Yogscast at EGX back in 2016! Honestly was one of the best days of my life
  6. Just got the Fiendship Is Magic book and I'm already confused by this 


    Why is Discord there?????

  7. My mum was never a nosy person but my Dad and Step Mum seemed to always want to know what I was doing 24/7. Got to the point where I had to make a completely new Facebook account cause they'd spy on my original one
  8. Scary Movies. I just don't understand the appeal.
  9. Jeff the Killer used to TERRIFY me as a kid. Not the story (of course) but just that image of him... Reminds me a lot of Momo which was another thing that didn't scare me but just freaked me out a little
  10. I think like everyone else, the last song (The Magic of Friendship Grows) is the main song I can think of that I've actually cried at. Though truthfully it's normally the end of the song that'll make me cry as listening to that little instrumental bit of the main theme, while the mane 6 stand there as the sun sets just... hurts
  11. I'm far more honest online then I am In real life. In real life, I'm just shy about admitting anything while no one can see me online
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