If you want to be a well-respected member of our community, we kindly ask that you take a moment to familiarize yourself with our ground rules. Honestly, we can understand the dear Celestia no, not another forum with rules! feeling, but they're really not that bad - we've done our best to keep this rules page short and to the point so you can get right to posting and participating!

Please note that these rules are global, meaning that they apply not only to posts within threads, but also to PMs, blogs, status updates, member profiles, and anywhere else on MLP Forums. They apply also to all official services that we operate (ex.: our DeviantArt group, our Facebook page, etc.).

Tolerate and love everypony. While we don't quite mean this in the literal sense, we do ask that you remain respectful of other people's opinions and realize that they are, at the end of the day, just opinions rather than grounds for declaring thermonuclear war. Don't flame, don't troll, and you'll be fine. We realize this can be difficult when somebody else attacks you first, but please report them instead. Responding in kind will only get you in trouble along with them and possibly make the whole situation worse for everyone else present when it happens. People want to reply to topics casually, not walk on eggshells around two other bickering members. See this and this.

Keep the foul language down. Swearing is not forbidden on MLP Forums, but we kindly ask that you keep it to a minimum. Not only is swearing out of place in the My Little Pony universe, but some fans who visit this site may be much closer to the target age than you and will not enjoy seeing the F-Bomb drop on their screen. Swearing is strictly prohibited in topic titles and tags, and racial or other derogatory terms against other members, groups, or other entities with the intention of slandering are more or less prohibited. See this FAQ entry for more details if necessary.

Write in proper, legible English. While we appreciate members from across the globe, please remember that you are on an English-speaking forum run by English-speaking staff. This poses a problem when we cannot moderate content that we cannot read. In some cases foreign language quotes are acceptable though. Our FAQ entry delves into that in more detail. In addition, while we do not require perfect grammar, you should at least try to punctuate, capitalize, space, and spell properly. For example, taking a few moments to proofread that you have capitalized an 'i' goes a long way with us.

NSFW and rule 34-type content is strictly taboo. Got a fetish involving ponies? We don't care if you do; however, we politely ask that you keep all fetishistic, pornographic, and other "not safe for work" material off of here, whether it is art, fan fiction, or otherwise. There are better places out there to get your clopping fix. On that note, shipping is permitted as long as it is "safe for work" and the topic is tagged appropriately, and images or other media that simply imply sexual content are usually fine, as long as there's nothing too visually risque. Keep in mind that heavy amounts of gore and violence contribute to NSFW just as much as sexual content, and that links to fanfictions, art or other media containing those themes is prohibited. Finally, please do not share shortened URLs (e.g., tinyurl, See this FAQ entry for more.

Advertising on MLPF is not permitted. We will allow you to place your personal website, social media, or media sharing account link in your signature and the appropriate field(s) in your profile, providing the content on the site does not link to content considered inappropriate for MLPF. Outside of those exceptions, advertising is strictly prohibited without Administrator approval. Examples of disallowed advertisements include, but are not limited to, commercial storefronts, personal websites outside of the permitted areas, chat groups, donation drives, crowd funding initiatives, research studies, affiliate programs, commission shops, and generally any topics/status updates/blogs with the sole purpose of driving traffic to your site or platform (this includes proxy posting on someone's behalf). If you want to advertise or collect money here, please get in touch with an admin to seek permission. This is for the protection of our members, and to cut down on annoying or spammy ad-centric content.

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. People work hard on their art, fanfics, music, animations, and cosplays. You wouldn't appreciate it if somebody stole yours, so don't attempt to pass off somebody else's as your own.

Do not post links to pirated material. This includes torrents and links to direct downloads on cloud storage services. Not only do laws pertaining to piracy change periodically and vary from country to country, we also want to respect the rights and hard work of content creators. Furthermore, do not attempt to upload and host copyrighted material on this forum, or post in-depth guides on how to receive pirated content.

Make quality posts. Posts - and threads - that lack contributing content are not allowed and may be deleted without notice. Repeatedly creating posts and/or threads that are off-topic, spammy, or otherwise pointless will result in your posting capabilities becoming restricted. There is a minor character minimum in most of the site's sections that aids moderators in trying to uphold content quality - do not attempt to bypass it.

Don't be a backseat mod. If you're not a moderator, don't act like one. If you see trouble, take ten seconds to report it and just move on with your life. This ranges from calling out someone else for violating the rules to telling people that their thread is a duplicate. If you take matters into your own hands, the problem will still be there, at best; at worst, you'll exacerbate the issue. The moderation will deal with it - that's their job, not yours. See this FAQ entry for more details.

Don't create multiple accounts. There is rarely a good reason to, and users found to possess multiple accounts will be subject to having the duplicate accounts banned, and a warning assessed on their primary account. If someone else creates an account from your physical location (ie.: a family member), please let the staff know with a ticket. Moreover, proxy servers and anonymizing networks are not allowed without good reason. See this FAQ entry for more details.

Don't create anything and call it "official" without asking an administrator first. This also applies to things that may not necessarily use the word "official" but may still be mistaken as such. Just ask nicely - it's only a problem if you do it without permission, and the administration will usually say yes. If you're wondering why we have this policy, please take a look at this post.

Don't roleplay outside of Roleplay World or the Ask a Pony sections. It's just silly - we all know you aren't a pony, and it only serves to clutter the forums.

Please don't post suicide threats. Venting about life from time to time in a status update or blog post is fine, but please keep substantial negative material regarding emotional difficulty and other life concerns in the Life Advice forum section. While you are welcome to ask for advice for overcoming suicidal thoughts there, suicide threats are not allowed anywhere on this site. Please see this post for more details.

Users under thirteen are prohibited from joining MLP Forums. Due to legalities concerning children and their online protection, as well as our own desire to keep any content that parents could find potentially objectionable away from their children, we must enforce this rule rather strictly. More can be read on this rule, here.

These rules are global and apply everywhere on MLP Forums. That includes personal messages, too. Individual forums may have their own rules, which will be displayed at the top of their index pages.

Formal Warnings

Misconduct will be punished in accordance with our formal warning system.

Warnings are between you and the staff. Complaining and/or attempting to stir up drama will void this privacy afforded to you and will not be tolerated by the staff. If you have an issue with a warning given by a staff member, you are encouraged to submit the warning for administrative review via a moderation dispute.

If you see anyone breaking a rule, we ask that you report the content in question immediately using the little "Report" link displayed on every post, personal message, calendar entry - you get the point.

All instances of rule-breaking will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions to rules may also be granted on a case-by-case basis by the administrators if you contact them directly via the ticket system.

Lastly, the primary attraction of a forum is its community, so, permitting members to remain on our site while they stalk, harass or otherwise antagonize other members they don't like elsewhere reflects poorly on that community. Trying to defend deliberately assholish behavior with the point that it's confined somewhere off-site is pretty stupid, especially when it comes to things as serious as abusive behaviour. Abusing forum members off-site doesn't absolve you of the consequences.