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If you want to be a well-respected member of our community, we kindly ask that you take a moment to familiarize yourself with our rules. These apply everywhere unless specifically noted. Any content deemed as harmful or bothersome to the community can be addressed regardless of whether if fits an existing rule.

Abusive conduct and language will not be tolerated - While you can challenge a user’s ideas, insults directed at a user, staff, or a group is not permitted here. While swearing is not prohibited here, please keep it to a minimum, and understand that racial slurs are forbidden. Basically, don’t be a jerk.

Write in legible English - We are an English speaking site. Entire posts and paragraphs in other languages are not allowed. Also, you should at least try and proofread your posts for proper punctuation and grammar. While we do not require perfect grammar, please put some effort into making content readable.

NSFW content - Any content seen as fetishistic, pornographic, or has explicit depictions of violence and gore is not permitted anywhere on this site. We have thirteen year-old kids here. Innuendo in small doses. Keep it classy.

Advertising is prohibited - All advertising requests should be sent to support@mlpforums.com. Note that we allow some exceptions which can be seen here.

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited - Do not claim someone else's work as your own.

Pirated links are forbidden - Do not post links to, or request links to, any pirated content. Specific exceptions have been made for Equestria.TV episode streams, and pre-approved authors of the Forums Official Episode Discussion topics.

Make quality posts and topics - It is highly encouraged that members place good effort and thoughtful posts for their threads. Any member engaging in the acts of "Trolling, sh*t-posting, spammy, pointless, and obsessively repetitive topics" shall be reprimanded. Others such as Forum Games are more relaxed with this rule, obviously.

Don't be a backseat mod - Please leave moderation to the moderators. Should you see anything out of place, click the report button and continue along as you were. Do not behave as a moderator when there are actual moderators at the ready.

Duplicate accounts rules have been updated! If you are using a duplicate account for abuse or deception, your account shall be banned.

Users under thirteen are prohibited from joining MLP Forums - We may be a SFW site but some of our content is still not suitable for non-teens.

Do not post suicidal or depressive content - Please keep substantial negative material regarding emotional difficulty in the Life Advice forum section. We are not mental health professionals, and this behavior can be harmful to you OR the community. Suicidal content will be removed.

Keep politics, religion, and the such off of Blogs and Status Updates. Effective immediately political, religious, and social commentary must be exclusively discussed in private out of general public view. Any content that starts discussing politics and hot button topics outside of Debate Section will be removed or subject to additional moderation. Presently the Debate Section is under construction under our new sister website, more information about that here. For now, the public site shall be clear of such content.

Rule Violations

A rule violation can be address through an alert, a direct message or a warning. These are to be between you and staff only. Complaining or attempting to flair up a dramatic scene shall be removed. 

If you feel you were issued a warning unfairly, please send an email to
disputes@mlpforums.com or file a Moderation Appeals ticket.
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