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Advertising Exceptions


Are there any exceptions to the no advertising rule? Absolutely. While MLPF does not permit advertising without Admin Approval as a general rule, there are some common sense exceptions for users.

All Users

We will allow you to place your personal website, social media, discord server, contact details, and media sharing account link in your signature and the appropriate field(s) in your profile, providing the content on the site does not link to content considered inappropriate for MLPF.


Octavia's Hall Art Threads and Collabs

Directing people to off-site art content to promote your art is allowable, provided you are sharing your art in your posts too. Suggesting people check out your videos, DA page, collaborative projects, etc ia okay. Linking directly to a store front, or requests for financial support of any kind are not allowed without Admin approval.


Commission Shops

It is acceptable to encourage users to commission you for art if you are an approved Commission Artist on MLPF. However, don't be spammy or pushy about it. A little reminder in a status update that you have some slots available, or a comment to those seeking art is something that we encourage. Competing Interests If your project is a Pony Forum, Minecraft Server, or a platform similar to the ones we have created for our community, we reserve the right to disallow advertising.

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Recommended Comments

Hi there. I'm kind of lost in this forum, it's huge! 

My name is Chris. I work for a company called River Horse. We make the 'tails of equestria' RPG, it's all officialy licenced by Hasbro and we're VERY proud of what we've accomplished! it's been an honour to work so closely with Hasbro.

Anyway, we are looking for volunteers to help us spread to word, and suggestions for youtubers who might be interested in unboxing/playing some free samples. Is there a place on this forum where I could put that out?

Or do you guys have some kind of network we could put the message out on? that might be a bit cheeky :p

Anyway, thanks.


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