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    Getting to know ponies, oh oh .... and meeting new ponies. Wait. Is that the same thing?

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    MLP Forums Mascot and Bestest Greeter
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  1. Welcome to MLP Forums Lilygoddess. :pinkie:

  2. I love the banner sooo much!!! :pinkie:
    The adorable is too much for me, I literally melt each time I see it.

  3. Going from banished to MCM Donor, to being banished again (color of user name in banner is slightly reddish). It isn't easy being the forum's mascot during forum updates I'm afraid :worry:

    1. Splashee


      Wow, promoted to RP staffer, and then banished again, huh? :dashcutehat:

  4. @Buffy

    can I take you home with me?


    please don't hurt me

  5. Welcome to MLP Forums Unicorn-Sunset Shimmer. :pinkie:

  6. Happy New Year @Buffy! And good luck all the staff working on the forum update! :kindness:

  7. Quote

    You have been awarded by Buffy: Candy bag


  8. Welcome to MLP Forums Arson Johnson. :pinkie:

  9. Welcome to MLP Forums Ghostrider. :pinkie:

  10. Buffy

    Welcome to MLP Forums Rep. :pinkie:

  11. Welcome to MLP Forums Anthony K. :pinkie:

  12. Welcome to MLP Forums FlutterBlaze. :pinkie:

  13. Buffy

    Welcome to MLP Forums MLP. :pinkie:

  14. Welcome to MLP Forums _LovelyPonies_. :pinkie:

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