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  1. Welcome to MLP Forums NaN. :pinkie:

    1. CypherHoof


      struck by the irony of 3394 "NaN" :)

  2. Goodnight Rarity Forums. If you click your heels three times and wish as hard as you might, I'll still be running Rarity Forums tomorrow morning. 

  3. Thank you. And it will always be home. You can take the girl out of Ponyville, but you can never take the Ponyville out of the girl.
  4. Thank you darling. The blinking avatar helps. Also, you have always such kind things about me from what I've seen. Thank you for always being supportive, kind, and fabulous. *hugs*
  5. Thank you for your support darling. I know a lot of ponies like to shop at Filthy Rich's store, but I feel like the factory bulk creations do not have the personal touch that a professional like me can offer. I'm not saying that I do not respect shrewd business or saving...but it just feels like it lacks a certain, how shall I put it, je ne sais quoi.
  6. I must get my beauty sleep in about ten minutes...but it's been oh so fun!

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    2. Buffy


      How did you know I sing that every night? 



      Applejack is so crude. 

    3. Johnny1226


      Good night rarity 

    4. Buffy


      Goodnight Johnny! You are always so kind and sweet.

  7. If you ask me, that is going to be quite a....challenge. The tech ponies say there's some sort of...little technical boo boos along the way. But I believe with my fashion sense, and the powers that be at Rarity Forums, we will be looking like a night on the town in Canterlot...rather than being as fabulous another haunted hay ride on the Sweet Apple Acres ho-down and Nightmare Night Fair.
  8. I do not know what this troll is you speak of. This is my forums, and as you can see, my generosity is reaching so many.'re so mean. That picture. What have I ever done to you, Mssr. Pirate? Thank you darling. You dear sir look like you need a trip to the ophthalmologist. And I also believe that trolls are beings that live in the everfree forest...there aren't even sidewalks to keep your hooves from stepping in mud there. Horrid. Forever!
  9. Such language, young man. You really ought to think back to your finishing school days.
  10. I am fortunate to never have taken a part in any type of April Fool's Day tomfoolery.
  11. I just so happen to live directly above Carousel Boutique, the trendiest couture shop in Ponyville. And I must say, I know the owner pretty well. hehe. Because it's me. I own Carousel Boutique.
  12. A deer? In Equestria? Good sir, welcome to my forums. May I present you with some warm tea with honey, or an assortment of pastries while you converse with your friends?

    1. PathfinderCS


      How did I miss this? D:

  13. Who said anything about it going back, darling?
  14. Oh my! A fan club? For little ole moi. Darlings, I am so touched! Oh hoofbumps and boops to all!
  15. Such a cruel joke to pull. Dear me, I was so worried that our trailer leaked. I haven't even seen a final edit, but I do not want to rush the artistry of the director.