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    Hugs for Buffy best mascot :3

  2. Thanks pal. ♡

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  5. Whoa! That moon is certainly ominous!

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      Gone Airbourne

      Looking forward to seeing it tonight!

    2. Don't Spy on Me
  6. I sent you a message last Saturday with a question.

  7. Welcome to Team Manehattan, Buffy. :darling:

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      Oono Akira

      OOOH YEAH! We'll teach 'em

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      Hi Rarity what a wonderful day is it not?

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      *bows before almighty Queen of us all the Nightmare Rarity*

      -at your service, milady.

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      Welcome to MLP Forums Second Best Nightmare Princess! :-D

  12. Buffy is so cute :wub:

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      Welcome to MLP Forums, Granny Smith. :mlp_icwudt:

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      THANK YOU, @Coloratura:mlp_pinkie: