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  1. Welcome to MLP Forums Passe Prancer. :pinkie:

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      Thanks, my dude.

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  5. mailmare did it better

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      which is better?


      Welcome to MLP Forums [Name]. :pinkie:



      Hi [Name]!

      Thanks for joining MLP Forums! I'm happy to welcome you to our community. You'll find many kind members here eagerly waiting to welcome you! :) 

      Before posting, I strongly recommend you take a moment to acquaint yourself with our Official Resource Map. It's a centralized hub of resources that should help you from feeling lost.

      Below is a small list of helpful things to know, to assist in establishing yourself in our community:

      • Are you an artist? A musician? A programmer? A video editor? Or maybe a fan fic writer? We have a section dedicated to all forms of art, Octavia's Hall!
      • If you enjoy roleplaying, we have a dedicated section just for that! Be sure to read the Roleplay World rules (and guide if you're new to roleplaying) before diving in though!
      • If you have any questions about the site, just open up a topic in the forum question section and a staff member will personally follow up with you.
      • Want a signature? Avatar? Picture of your OC? Take a look into one of the numerous request threads available in Requestria!
      • Once you're ready to dive into the magical land of Equestria, start off by introducing yourself. B) 


      ~ Mailmare

      (i spent way too long fixing the HTML mess with some dead links into something usable today...)

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      thanks buffy! hope youre having a good day my dude c:

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      struck by the irony of 3394 "NaN" :)

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