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  1. The WPCC Lounge

    Like serial zings...start with a zing, and if it feels good, get another zing, and then... uh GET ZING'DEFIED!
  2. The WPCC Lounge

    Nothing like a good zing in the afternoon.
  3. The WPCC Lounge

    @Rising Dusk It's going good! Espresso sounds great! Thank you.
  4. The WPCC Lounge

    During my 'there's no way I'm going to become a borny' phase, I 'caught' my daughter watching Slice of Life and it was the first time I saw DJ Pon3 - so basically, that episode did a few things 1) I saw a show much broader and deeper than 'a girls show', 2) an adult audience was made obvious and celebrated, 3) I saw myself in DJ a lot. Chill and Quiet, but also gets excited, listens to music constantly, a jokester, etc. Understood my friend. I hope you can work things out soon.
  5. The WPCC Lounge

    Hmm...soul brutha maybe? As far as my time - I should have been working, but I skipped a little (extended lunch break). hehe - DJ Pon3 is my heart and soul, she brought me into the fandom man. Luna and NM are my best ponies though...kinda hard to explain I guess. Then Rarity is my fav Mane 8. @Fluttershy Friend You seem a bit pensive lately...I hope you come talk to me if you need to brother. You were there at my first post dear friend. *hugs*
  6. The WPCC Lounge

    Rockin through life one energy drink at a time! ROFL It's a nice day, so took a road trip 'off the radar' and pounded the dust out of my speeekahs!
  7. The WPCC Lounge

    Hello everypony. How are you today thus far...or thus beginning?
  8. Luna Fan Club

    The princess is beautiful when she's angry. Eyes of pain:
  9. Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for no reason to defend yourself anyway!
  10. Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for looking like a girl.
  11. Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for lack of imagination.
  12. Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because relax man, at least it's real leather bro!
  13. Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for how did that happen! I just don't believe you.
  14. Why do people study the brony fandom

    We are HUGE and we happened out of nowhere. We were unexpected, even though Lauren did say she wanted the show to be more family oriented. The internet, 4Chan, the memes, the art, forums like this - totally unexpected. We're a real phenomenon!