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  1. I miss you, my friend. I hope you're doing well, even if you're not on the forums. :coco:

    Cloudchaser still loves you. ;)


  2. Hi there! You still around? :ooh:

  3. I hope you are doing okay. I miss ya. :sunny:


  4. Hello, my friend! I hope that you are doing well. :LunaMCM: I miss you. :( *hugs*


  5. Hiya Mirage. I hope you're doing alright out there in this mad world. :kindness:

    Yeah, that's basically it, just popping in to say "hi". :adorkable:

  6. Greeting ponies! I extend my hope that you are all doing well and being brave. I have been working hard and trying to stay focused, so all is well with me! <3

    Stay beautiful and cheer up! I love you. *hugs*


    "Do not look upon the world with fear and loathing - bravely face whatever the gods challenge you with." - Sensei Morihei Ueshiba



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    2. TotallyNyx


      Welcome back Mirage! Glad to hear you've been doing well. :D

      And thank you for that video. I'm glad there's people who realize that. :adorkable:

    3. Mirage


      @Nsxile Oh my goodness!

      I don't mean to be negative either but, the data on this outbreak is tragically incomplete and unreliable. All the experts admit that. In fact, Europe is learning than many of the Chinese test kits have a 70% failure rate. Also, the Chinese numbers are approximately 20 times higher than reported. It was a huge cover up.

      It's way too early to use a CFR (case fatality rate) as a risk factor when we know that many people either do not have symptoms or are so mild they don't report it. The IFR (Infected Mortality Rate, that is, ALL infections vs mortality) is way, way, way lower than 5%. Not to mention the CFR is different in pretty much every region is it measured, with Italy being the highest (because testing is not accurate at all). The reason certain regions get overwhelmed is because the virus spreads so rapidly and causes a very high rate of infection after a certain point (Influenza R0 is 1.3, coronavirus is about 2.8). The exponential growth of infections in densely populated areas is crazy high. This is the real 'problem' of this infection. It's spread is incredibly fast. Too fast for healthcare buildings.

      But that doesn't mean you're going to die if you are infected. In fact, the overall risk is extremely low. But when 100,000 people are exposed to it in a city, you get 10,000 sick people in a week flooding the hospital. Do you see how that's different than the flu (most of the time)? Infection rate is over 3 times higher, sometimes 10 times higher, so lots of people get sick at the same time. There are many variables involved. So to imply that every person is at 5% risk of dying is not accurate. Some people are at 100% risk of dying if they get it. Most people are at 0%. If you're at high risk, and there's data to inform who is at risk - then you need to take precautions. The world is shut down now - no use complaining about the rest of us sacrificing literally everything to please the drama queens in the media.

      The data, the politics, and rumors, the fear - it's all a mess. It's too early to determine the real numbers. But keep this in mind - the reason for lockdowns is because there are so many people that can spread the disease and not even know they have it. So many people that only experience mild symptoms. This indicates it's rather easy for an average immune system to handle it. The people that are getting very sick or dying have underlying conditions - pretty much every doctor on the front line says that.

      So please, let's give each other some benefit of doubt. I want everyone to survive. My message is a positive one, and when people are afraid, they perceive everything as negative. So I'm not 'downplaying' and I'm not trying to blow this off as 'not serious'. I just reject the panic, the fear, and the click bait narrative.

      (Also, by testing 'everyone' meaning testing randomly, not just people who are sick, which is what most countries are doing because of lack of test kits...and reliable ones at that).

      Stay well! Stay healthy! We'll be okay! *hugs*

    4. Nsxile 🔥🐲

      Nsxile 🔥🐲

      There was also coverup in the number of deaths in China from the virus, not just the number of infected. I also wouldn't say that the risk is extremely low and healthy people have died from the virus who have had no underlying health conditions/  Also, your claim that it's way lower is not true: there are currently 1,309,439 confirmed cases of, and 72,638 deaths from SARSCoV2/COVID19. 72,638/1309439 = roughly 0.055. 0.055*100=5.5% fatalities (which the percentage has been increasing each time I've talked about it)... If you're saying that current figures do not matter because there are people who been missed out because they haven't been tested for it, then it would certainly skew the results, but there is also the possibility that the number of dead is higher considering some people will be dying at home and in care homes, and may be alone when they do so and not counted in the official figures, so arguably both the infection rate and death rate is higher. Also, that is not measuring recoveries vs deaths, in which case, the death rate would be even higher (72,638/273,546=0.2655*100=26.6%)... Although, that is too high imo and, as full testing has not been done of populations has not been done, likely somewhat inaccurate.  At present, there is no real way to tell, as there are testing kit shortages and it would be quite difficult to test hundreds of millions of people... But yes, you are correct in stating that it is too early to know the true number of infected, dead and recovered. Also, it might seem like its easy for the immune system, but its pretty good at remaining undetected and has killed people before that were young, healthy and had no underlying health conditions... Also, apparently your immune system can also end up killing you via a cytokine storm when it fights the virus. The good news is that 95% of those who contract the virus should survive and 80% won't require hospitalisation. Also, the reason your sacrificing much isn't to please drama queens in the media, but slow the spread to a manageable level so that it can be contained, reduce the number of fatalities and not overwhelm your hospitals.

      Also, thank you and I hope you stay safe and healthy too! :LunaMCM: *hugs back* :catface:

  7. Mirage

    Luna Fan Club

    You're welcome to share your favorite pics of our Dearest Princess. I dream of the warmth, and a little life without my bossy sister. tehe!!
  8. Hello ponies! I've been really busy, and tired, so I've been kinda offline past couple of days. I hope you all are doing well, and I already miss you!

    Please don't forget me. I won't forget you!

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    2. Flutterstep


      No one could ever forget you, friend. :LunaMCM:

    3. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      I couldn’t forget you if I tried, and believe me, I don’t want to! I hope all is going well my friend. Stay safe!

    4. TotallyNyx


      Take all the time you need to do what life needs you to do. We'll be here when you poke your head back in. :grin:

  9. @Mirage You and @Twilight Luna are the biggest Luna fans that I know on here!

    Have some Lunas!


    1. Mirage


      Tis true!

  10. Mirage

    Luna Fan Club

    @Twilight Luna As the Night is beautiful, so shall Our Princess be!
  11. Your immune system is already equipped and ready to find, identify and destroy the COVID-19. Your immune system is far more intelligent, far more concerned for you, and far more powerful than anything a doctor or government can do.

    Once the virus enters your body and starts invading tissue, your cells set off alarms. Multiple immune cell types infiltrate the tissue from the blood stream in response and set up 'camps' where they corral more immune cells into the tissue with them (we experience this as inflammation). Helpers find cells infected with the virus and wear the protein receptors that infected cells wear when they are being damaged by the virus to reproduce its RNA. The receptors are copied by other immune cells, then more alarms are signaled throughout the body to produce immune cells specifically designed to create receptors to bind to the foreign proteins. Killer immune cells then wear the receptors, find the infected cells and inject a poison to kill the cell and the viruses within it. Macrophages then eat up the dead cells and viruses, so that the body can flush it all out in the form of puss or mucous. Eventually, immune cells can learn how to bind directly to the virus. Every virus has a different 'pattern', as determined by its RNA. By creating anti-bodies, these peptides are manufactured and spread throughout the body. If any virus comes in contact with the structures, the antibodies bind directly to the virus, preventing it from being able to enter any cell walls. When this happens, the virus is completely doomed, and becomes an easy task for macrophages to find, consume and destroy.

    This is only a very basic explanation of what it does. The immune system actually has many different kinds of ways to search and destroy invaders. It's greatest power is to adapt and try multitudes of ways to destroy foreign invaders, and once it works, it learns and remembers.

    Therefore, the whole experience of getting sick is the immune system working to learn how to destroy a new kind of invader. The body goes into cleaning mode to keep waste materials flowing out (coughing, sneezing, sweating, etc), it diverts most of its resources to the immune system where million and millions of new cells need to be made every hour (aching, weakness, loss of appetite), it may induce fever which is good for your immune system and very bad for bacteria and virus (your immune system can out reproduce them easily under a fever), and when you recover, you're cleaner, stronger, and immune to the invader. However, the most important lesson is that your immune system has learned more recent mutations and adaptations that viruses are evolving into. Take careful note of this...if you never get sick, your immune system wouldn't have learned enough 'lessons' to keep up with new viruses.

    It is absolutely essential that our immune systems adapt with viruses and bacteria, or they will adapt far enough to compromise most people. I'll let you decide what that means for you.

    Your immune system cares for you deeply. Care for it in return, and you will survive any infection.

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    2. Kujamih


      @Nsxile mortality rate of dengue is what?20%? If you left it untreated itll kill you and i had 3 cases already of dengue... So 3 more to go then im immune to all strands of dengue! Yey achievment! Ive already gotten the deadly strands so the rest is easy as pie.

    3. Mirage


      @Nsxile An overwhelming amount of people that are infected, in fact, recover. Better than 80%, without hospitalization. That means precisely that what I stated is true. Your immune system, unhindered, can destroy it. People die for various reasons, but almost always because their immune systems are not functioning properly, or are prevented from functioning properly. There isn't anything other than your immune system that can defeat this infection. Your body must somehow defeat it. Therapies can only aid in your survival by mitigating symptoms, such as reducing inflammation if it gets dangerous. But easing or removing symptoms won't save you if your immune system can't defeat it. You will still die. That is why I am encouraging wellness and sharing the science of the immune system. It's our best chance of surviving this, period. I am not downplaying this in the slightest. We cannot be too dependent on doctors and government, they cannot control this spread. It's going to spread worldwide for a long time. If people are prepared, and taking care of themselves and know how to care for their family, they will put less stress on the medical system. This is what we need...more education, more awareness, more strength to help our loved ones and neighbors. This could get very, very bad. But this is no cause for panic or fear. We each have the power to overcome this, for ourselves and others. It's a battle for all of us to fight, not just the doctors.

      I believe in you, all of you. I have faith that if people know and act with love, we will come out okay.

      Some will die. But that is part of life. We should not forget this is a force if nature. Nature gives and takes. And if I am selected to die from this, then it shall be. But I'm not going without a fight.

    4. Kujamih


      Fight fight fight fight!

      I think this is how you should really use this words,. Not to make other people fight XD

  12. What is that strange looking creature?
  13. Banned for entrusting him with the 20 sided die.
  14. You're walking a mental tightwire here because I'm afraid many would disagree with you. Those who are sympathetic to socialism will obviously object to Starlight's actions because she is portrayed as the antagonist. We naturally reject the antagonist, even if it aspires to some of our own beliefs. We'll say to ourselves, 'oh, well, I'd never do it like that'... Remember, Fluttershy didn't think there was anything going wrong. Antagonist aside, there was something compelling about a peaceful village where everyone was nice and happy. However, the fact of the matter is that Socialism isn't realized at all unless there is conformity. That is it's philosophical identity!