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  1. Luna Fan Club

    Ah, the last I've seen with my own eyes. Tis official that one.
  2. Indeed they should. We can make good use of Tempest. Her heart is in the right place.
  3. Happy Birthday Jade! Silly Pinkie pic!

  4. The WPCC Lounge

    I slept for maybe...3 hours. I'm glad you have a light day. Have fun when you get off work! I'm sorry if Nightmare is so bad - it's all for a good cause.
  5. The WPCC Lounge

    Good Morning @Fluttershy Friend! I hope you are doing well. Still working hard? Believe me, so am I! I've been a very, very bad pony. Stayed up way too late last night, and now, all the coffee in the world can't heal my weariness. Gunna tough it out. Still have server work and database conversions and all sort of problems to solve today... Be well fellow ponies!
  6. Ask Luna

    *grins* Your so sweet. You resist manipulation well, I shall give you that. Your strength is imposing, don't misunderstand, but you overcompensate your resistance. I can bring out the best in you, if you would let your guard down, just a little. And if my vision is so blinded, know that you tread in the same fog. Even still, while I see myself in you, you refuse to see yourself in me. You shouldn't be so quick to belittle what I am, for the line between love and hate is as thin as spider's silk! Nevertheless, if you see futility in changing me, you are correct. Solitude, it seems, has easily come. Peace, not nearly. If you should ever need me, call. There is much to do in this Discorded dream we are now living, so I must go. *Bows* Goodbye, Princess. *disappears into the shadows*
  7. Ask Luna

    Fear and despair are not what I am. Look closely, dear Princess. Fear and despair are what you were...and even what you are falling into now. Shall we recall the tantabus? You despair for what? For challenging the injustice of Celestia? How did you forget! I am the righteous anger of your heart. Why do you reject me so?
  8. Ask Luna

    I desire peace, and solitude.
  9. Ask Luna

    Oh yes? My desire is no different than yours. One fears it, the other does not.
  10. Ask Luna

    With our dear Princess Luna around, I have yet to find what you call, 'spare time'. Between my meditations she giggles constantly, tormenting my spirit with misguided ideas and emotional trappings. While I love her so, she insists that I become something that I am not. She works very hard on this, you see. Hasn't thou even been with a woman? Take care when you ask to never be alone...
  11. Ask Luna

    I have said this before, and I shall declare again as it is the truth - they fear Luna more than any other. None take any pleasure in ruling over Equestria, for thus they despise it. They seek only to entice me, their greatest threat. I will be the last foe they ever face, this I promise with all my being.
  12. Ask Luna

    Know your place. Just because I speak forthrightly means nothing of my rage. Tread softly here, for the threat before you can be swift and deadly. Most evil? Rather not, thou art mistaken. As for music the cries of fear and sorrow thus, they empower me. Vengeance unspoken, but shouting and thrashing instead. It is all a great pleasure. Claiming victory too early is a dastardly fall for pride my child. There are better ways to right oneself. Princess Celestia? That she fears herself is for your own good. Trust me on this more than anything.
  13. Ask Luna

    Are you blind? We are irresistible. Worry not of our preference, we have plenty of fun without you having to know about it. Princess Twilight Sparkle is a force to be reckoned with. Truly, I underestimated her power. She is far more powerful than my sisters, by breath and spirit she is guided by forces only the Night can understand. Let it be know, Child, her destiny is no threat to me. For even her name foretells our destiny.
  14. Ask Luna

    The tears of heaven bother me not.