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  1. Hey! You okay? You haven’t been around in a good while.. Oh, btw, I just started following you. Realized I wasn’t, haha. Thought I was this whole time. XD

  2. Everything OK NM?:fluttershy:

  3. Mirage

    What is your opinion on the Wonderbolts' suits

    I adore Spitfire! Oh right @Widdershins not awkward at all. Anyway, she is very cute and the uniforms don't look good. They have a 'power rangers' feel to them and so are hard to take seriously, even for a show like MLP.
  4. Mirage

    Luna Fan Club

    *nom* Mmmmm, taste like blueberries. *Licks lips* *Tackles*
  5. Mirage

    Luna Fan Club

    Shhh don't tell anypony. tehe
  6. Mirage

    celestia sent me on a quest to make friends

    Welcome @lordvaltasar! Your art is really good - please post more! From the depths of my heart, I wish you well in making friends here.
  7. Mirage

    Luna Fan Club

    I can be nice! (after one little bite)
  8. Mirage

    Luna Fan Club

    eh hehe...hmmm... Beauty rebound!
  9. Mirage

    The Avatar Above You Is Out To Kill You - How Screwed Are You?

    A garbage bag with a face! DOOM!
  10. Mirage

    Luna Fan Club

    Squeeee!!!! Princess Luna, the cuteness shall last forever!
  11. Mirage

    Respond with a picture

    I indulge only on Rarity occasions.
  12. Mirage

    Respond with a picture

    Because she knows her influence is unstoppable...
  13. Mirage

    Respond with a picture

    To the battle of shrugs.
  14. Mirage

    Respond with a picture

    Oh have Mercy thank you! Thank you!
  15. Mirage

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