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  1. So I'm thinking, meh, college courses online, EASY.

    *gets math homework assignment*

    Uh, what!??!! This was supposed to be fun!

    (well, it kinda is. I mean, what engineer doesn't enjoy complex numbers and Taylor series.)

    1. VG_Addict


      You take online college courses?

    2. Tacodidra


      Well, it's good to hear you enjoy it to some extent at least. ;) But homework in general... just no! :muffins:

    3. Mirage


      @VG_Addict I do. It's time to get more learnt!

  2. Mirage

    Luna Fan Club

    Never said I didn't like freckles...I said I didn't get them. I don't know what they mean or if they have an origin of some kind. Fuzzy ears and floof!!!!
  3. Mirage

    Answer The Love Question Above You!

    Huh what? Oh...maybe later.
  4. Mirage

    Gender Race

  5. Mirage

    Answer The Love Question Above You!

    I'm not shy. -same-
  6. Mirage

    Luna Fan Club

    Tis true as the guardian of dreams, many forms are possible... So if...freckles...tickles your interest, then so be it!
  7. Mirage

    Answer The Love Question Above You!

    Because we only have three gears - food, sleep and sex. Everything else is just not important.
  8. Mirage

    Answer The Love Question Above You!

    I do not know... My shortest relationship lasted one day/night. :3 Why do girls project their frustrations on their partner when their partner had nothing to do with what made them frustrated? I don't get it!!!
  9. Mirage

    Gender Race

  10. Mirage

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for being an unsophisticated American. Jeez.