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  1. The Recherche

    Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  2. Nice avatar :mlp_grin:

    1. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Danke! :darling: The artist is Wilvarin-Liadon, whom I have endorsed ever since early April.

    2. Tacodidra


      I agree with @Flutterstep! :grin: Then again, you always pick amazing Rarity avatars (like the GIF from earlier today). :D

    3. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Danke schön, Tacodidra! :grin: I have been very indecisive with my avatars lately... but I believe I'll be able to settle with this one.

  3. Happy birthday, Nye! :darling: Be sure to have splendid day, alongside an abundance of red velvet cake.

  4. I like that avatar. That is a noice avatar. :mlp_smug:

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    1. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Thank you very much. I've been experimenting quite a bit, and I believe that this one is paying off quite nicely. :darling:

  5. Finally a good avatar! lol

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      The Recherche

      Well, I try. :-D

  6. *boops the fabulous pony* :darling: o3o :catface: :3

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      The Recherche

      Oh, you. :-D

      *Returns the virtual boop.*


  7. Happy untimely birthday, TaZe! :darling: Be sure to eat plenty of pound cake this coming occasion.

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      Awesome "birthaversary" avatar, My Friend! :mlp_yay:

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      @Sparklefan1234 Thanks! I scoured the internet just for this occasion!

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      You're Welcome, My Friend! :rarity:

  8. Well, since many other folks are participating in this activity, I might as well toss my hat in the ring myself. :darling:

    This is my Johari Window, where you may list the ways I am the greatest human being in the history of existence.

    This is my Nohari Window, where you may list the very minute shortcomings that prevent me from reaching God Status.

    Faux-vanity aside, I am quite curious as to what you all will list, in contrast to what I list. :grin: You are free to ignore this if you like, though.

    1. Frostgage


      Oh man these were the biggest thing back in the day. I love them <3

    2. Califorum


      Oh why did you change your avatar, your other rarity one was fine!

      And I'll do them.

  9. The Recherche

    Ponyville vs Tenoschitlan Basin

    I don't hold Twi in the same esteem as Rarity... but I am willing to compromise on this occasion to support Team Ponyville. So, on behalf of Team Manehattan...
  10. Hey there, my friend! Now I’ll say this, even though I never usually say this; how’s life treating you? :mlp_proud:

    1. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Roughly as well as you would expect, in truth. :darling: I'm neither miserable, or euphoric... I'm just pressing forward.

      How about yourself?

    2. Nature Tune

      Nature Tune

      I see. I have been busy with school yet again. Sigh

  11. The Recherche

    How are you feeling

    Incredibly grouchy, as I always feel in the early morning (though it appears to be worse than usual today). Either way, it will pass.
  12. The Recherche

    Command a user to post

    It would be my pleasure, Prospekt. Have no fear; I brought pastries! Either way, I require your presence, @Lucky Bolt!
  13. The Recherche

    General How is your mood usually?

    Neutral, on most occasions; I don't have a terribly exciting life (at least not yet). There are days where I can get incredibly apathetic and miserable, though. Those often pass relatively quickly... but they usually happen roughly 3 times per month. In general, however, I'm quite content, if a bit unenthusiastic.
  14. The Recherche

    Double it

  15. I apologize in advance if any of this comes across as a harsh critique, but I feel that this needs to be said. First of all, there is no need to feel guilty over joining the fandom later than most. As for myself? I joined the fandom in February of this year, so needless to say, I'm quite a newcomer. This has not detracted from my experience within the fandom, though; I have met many, many wonderful people along the way. Yes, the brony fandom may be past its prime... but it will still be around for quite a while, even if it assumes a new form in Generation 5. There will always be new faces to join the fray, even if the overall quantity of fans contract. Not to mention, joining a Fandom late has it's perks; you arrive after the drama has petered out, as ~Chaotic Discord~ clarified. With that said... in my opinion, you should try to find more hobbies. Yes, there will always be bronies out and about... but I would advise against clinging onto MLP too much. Not only is the fandom shrinking, but there are so many wonderful things that life can offer outside of it. It's understandable to be upset over Bronycon's imminent closure, but there are many, many other avenues you can pursue. There are reading clubs, film festivals, Renaissance Fairs, among other things. The key is to find that which you love, or at the very least enjoy. You will most likely have a great time at Bronycon next year, so I'm sure that other festivities can offer a similar experience. One last subject to cover, though... I understand that post-divorce stress is not a joke, but I believe that the best thing you can do for yourself in this instance is to just press forward. The passion and energy that you felt during your run in the Fandom was not necessarily due to My Little Pony; it was due to the fact that you felt purpose somewhere. I am confident that you could rekindle that enthusiasm elsewhere, you just need to explore a bit. While I can't necessarily relate to your devotion to the fandom, I would advise against clinging onto it for too long. I know it can't be easy to do such a thing in your situation... but life goes on one way or another. Should you throw My Little Pony into the recycling bin of your mind? I don't think so; if it brings you joy in any capacity, then I don't see any issue at all with continued enjoyment, so long as it doesn't become a crutch. My point is, don't rely on MLP to bring joy into your life; there are far too many avenues in life that can bring you joy outside of it. I know it's tempting to say that you would rather live in Equestria than the real world... but I'm sorry; you don't have a choice. My Little Pony has been a valuable portion of many of our lives, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing those positive memories with you, wherever you go. Be that as it may, you have two choices at this stage of the game: Remain in sorrow due to the Fandom's contraction and the fact that you showed up a few years too late. Continue forward in life, welcoming new experiences along the way, which may even bring you as much joy as MLP did way back when. I apologize once again if any of this came across as harsh, but I only want you to enjoy your life as much as possible. Take everything that I have said with a grain of salt, but also take some time to introspect a bit. My Little Pony will be around for quite a while, and you and I will most likely bring it with us... but neither of us can do this forever.