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  1. I won't say that I am worried yet; I honestly didn't expect much of Make Your Mark, so I am not really surprised at Izzy being PInkie-fied. I will be concerned if this carries over into Tell Your Tale, though; I actually have some expectations for it, unlike Make Your Mark. I will say that I am otherwise perfectly fine with the rest of the Mane 5 thus far in terms of characterization; their inspirations are still relatively obvious, but I think they are doing well in distinguishing themselves from their G4 counterparts. Izzy just seems to be an odd exception to this, at least for now.
  2. ... Eugh. Not a fan of this one. I'm definitely not the first to bring this up, but I do not like it when Izzy is portrayed as this destructively oblivious. It mirrors some of Pinkie's worst moments, which is particularly bad for Izzy specifically, since she has usually been portrayed as much more thoughtful, or at least aware. I am starting to like Zipp and Hitch's dynamic though, and I do appreciate the moral behind this episode. I can just hardly stomach Izzy's character here; it's not the worst thing I have ever watched, not remotely, but I seriously hope Izzy is not like this in Make Your
  3. Looks about as good as I expected. The visuals are quiet nice, but I noticed a lot less motion in the actual shots; characters seem to stand around a lot here, with not much going on in the background. Still though, it looks good overall, even if not movie quality. I do think anti-magic sentiments are a good way to get things started with this series as well; it's something unique for this generation, if nothing else. I do look forward to seeing how it is all handled. And my goodness, how far in the future is this? "Dragons haven't been seen in Generations!" So we know Spike is gone, or a
  4. Another Hitch episode, and a pretty good one, actually. I won't pad this out too much; I am admittedly running out of things to say regarding this series, but this is higher on my list of favorite episodes thus far. This series is doing a pretty decent job handling the Mane 5 thus far in general; not perfect obviously, but for a series of YouTube shorts, it could certainly be worse. I do wonder who Hitch's next deputy is going to be, though. Probably Zipp, if this episode is to be believed, but we shall see.
  5. Netflix is really trying to save face, it seems. I will say that Make Your Mark looks about as good as I expected; similar to the movie quality, but not quite as crisp and clean. Still looks miles better than the first time we saw footage though, which is good. Can't say any of the other content looks very good, though. Even if I adored the Kung Fu Panda movies (the first two at least), I have no real interest in an ongoing series. Sonic isn't exactly known for having great series either, SATAM aside. Dragon Prince and Cuphead are good from what I hear, at least. The rest of it just looks like
  6. Dang, I totally forgot to say Happy Birthday on the first! I'm terribly sorry about that; I was at work that day, and it totally went over my head. :mlp_please: I do hope you had a good one, though!

    1. Tacodidra


      Thanks, my friend! :D It's alright! :kindness: My day went well, spending time with family and watching racing is always fun. I hope you had a good weekend yourself. :)

  7. These look quite clean, if a bit too saturated. Still, I am eager to see this in motion, especially with the wild levels of quality we have seen thus far. Some shots have looked great, others have looked like rubbish. I presume it's mostly due to Make Your Mark still being in production though, so I will give it the benefit of the doubt for now.
  8. I'm not so sure. How much longer should they have waited, in your opinion? Five years? Possibly ten? Genuine question; not being snarky or anything. If you are making the case that they should have taken more time so they could come up with more original material, then fair enough, but I don't see how MLP would have benefited from taking an extended break otherwise. If anything, waiting too long runs the risk of the franchise just fading into irrelevance, unless you wait so long that the property becomes nostalgic again, such as Pixar waiting to make Incredibles 2 for fourteen years.
  9. Unsure if you will see this, but do have a happy birthday! Only one more year until you can have alcohol in the USA!

    America and its silly customs, hm? :D

  10. Pretty much what I expected. It seems like a sort of Crash Bandicoot lite + Hat In Time, more or less. It seems a bit too on the simple side, which is to be expected somewhat; this is a game for young audiences, but even considering that, it seems a touch uninspired. I will still probably pick it up though, if only out of morbid curiosity. It does look at least a little bit enjoyable, if nothing else.
  11. Best would likely go to The N. Sane Trilogy for me. It does have some pretty big issues; some big enough to ruin it for some folks, understandably enough, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the games. Really, they only seemed to benefit from all of the features added, and the remastered music and visuals are stellar. There are probably better ones I am leaving out, the Resident Evil 2 remake especially, but N. Sane is the one I have the most experience with. This is more of a personal thing, but as for Worst Remasters, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl come to mind. The only edge
  12. Hey there Flutterstep. Do be sure to have a lovely birthday! Be sure to indulge a little for me, no? :mlp_proud:

    1. Flutterstep


      Thank you, Recherche! :rarity:

  13. Normally I would moan about this being another "be yourself" episode, but with the context of social media trends, I do think it is applied well here. It's still the same general message that we have all heard a thousand and one times, but I do think using social media as a vehicle for it is a decent way of making it more relatable for younger audiences. It's nothing I vibe with; I am too much of a crone to really use social media much, if at all, but I do think that this is a decent spin on a tale as old as time. I will add that "be yourself" can actually be counterproductive if you are tryin
  14. Some parts more than others. Stuff like Slice of Life can come across as pretty aged nowadays, and much of the early season content in general can feel like a products of its time as well. That said, in terms of the actual writing quality, animation, and characters, I think it is aging better than a lot of other series can boast; certainly among young girls' entertainment. I do think the later Seasons are not going to age as gracefully as Seasons 1-4 or so, but even considering that, I think FiM will be used as a great example of making entertainment for young girls legitimately good, not just
  15. Looks like I was correct in my suspicion that this would be a Hitch focused episode, at least partially. In that regard, it was alright, although I think the humor was lacking again this time around. Perhaps kids would find this funny, but I honestly find Izzy being trapped in a box a lot more annoying than amusing. Nothing terrible, and certainly not the worst MLP has ever offered, but nothing that jives with me either. Still, I am glad they are willing to give Hitch some attention as well; even though this is a property aimed at young girls, I actually think Spike was among the best characte
  16. Doesn't look anywhere near as clean as A New Generation did, admittedly. I do believe this is still being actively worked on though, so I imagine this will be ironed out when it is actually released. I did always suspect it would look worse than the film itself in general as well though, so I am not too upset yet. So long as the choppiness is straightened out, I am still looking forward to this.
  17. Somewhat, but I do think how you express it can really go a long way. It's all about taste, really; enjoy it on your own time, don't bring it up unprompted (especially around children), don't try to make it a huge part of your identity... just be a well-rounded person in general, really. Most people are perfectly fine with whatever quirks you may have in that case, even staring at pastel ponies in your free time.
  18. I will say that I often find Spike episodes to be a mixed bag, but Spike himself is actually a fantastic character as a whole. He is surprisingly layered and well-developed as the show progresses. I am not sure if liking Spike counts as an unpopular opinion, admittedly. I do think I can get away with saying Spike being one of my favorite characters is at least semi-controversial, though, especially with a roster as large as FiM's.
  19. Almost certainly a group nobody expected to return, but I think they did so wonderfully, even if this is a farewell album. Many have criticized the new songs for not sounding quite like they used to, but I think it works for the best here; most of the band members are well into their middle ages now, if not explicitly elderly, so having a more grand, climactic sound is very fitting. Voyage is a very bittersweet album as a whole as well; I would highly recommend the other songs.
  20. I used to revile olives, but I think I am opening up to them with time; black olives specifically, at least. I can't imagine eating them straight from the jar, but I am much more open to them being ingredients in dishes like pizzas, or any number of Mexican foods now. Other than that, my impossible to please palette has remained steadfast.
  21. More Pipp content, which is good. This episode was a little bit on the simple side for me, but it certainly wasn't bad. I especially enjoyed Pipp's song, even if it did take a little bit to grow on me. I do hope we get a Hitch episode soon though; we have gotten an Izzy, Sunny, Zipp/Pipp, Zipp, and Pipp episode now, so I am looking forward to Hitch being the focus in the future.
  22. As far as FiM is concerned, I have never liked Fluttershy all that much, but I do think she has some lovely songs. Not necessarily the best in the series most of the time, but they tend to be quite good overall.
  23. Much obliged once again for the signature. It's quite fabulous, if I do say so myself. :-D


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      Your signature looks AWESOME "in the wild", by the way. :squee:

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      The Recherche

      Indeed! The 100% justified, objectively correct arrogance is the cherry on top. :-D

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      @The Recherche I appreciate the credit, too. Thank You, BFFFF. :grin:

  24. Heyo, Twilight. Happy birthday! Do be sure to splurge a little for me, no? :-D

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      Still not quite expensive enough, but hey, it's a start! :-D But for real though, do be sure to have a good day today. Have you made any plans, or are you just hanging out?

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      Twilight Luna

      I agree, it’s not up to my usual 5-figure statue purchase. :pout:  I worked this morning so now I’m relaxing before going out to dinner with some friends. :)

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