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  1. @Dreadmare “You’re right about that, sweetheart.” Dynamo would say with a smile, before finishing his plate of food. After their plate was empty, he brought the tray over towards the top of the trash bin. “Sounds like a plan to me. Time to see some adorable pets. After that, it’s time to go play some video games. All the while visiting an old friend.” He would say, walking back over to Broken, who was holding Dusk in her arms. “Come on, you two. It’s time for Dusky to go see a petting zoo.”
  2. @Dreadmare As Fenrir took the guitar, Dynamo watched as he tuned it a little. While he began to play the song, Dynamo smiled as he, himself, couldn’t help in tapping his foot to the beat. “This is actually a pretty cool song. I mostly listen to Japanese songs, but this sounds like a definite classic.” While Finn was helping everyone else with food and drinks. He turned to Key and smiled. “Oh, it’s okay. It was great being able to give everyone a hug, but seeing everyone the next day was a bit worrying.”
  3. @Dreadmare Gentle smiled a little, before nodding at Devin's remark. "It's okay and no need to apologize. To be honest, I thought I saw a concerned look in my son's eyes, but he didn't want to say anything. He did seem remotely happy, but do you think you should go see him? Maybe try to see what might be bothering him? If there's anything going on, of course." She would say, knowing that she had promised that she wouldn't find someone else. "I only had morning classes today, so I can stay for a while. Why do you ask, dear?" She would ask, smiling as she felt Devin kiss her cheek.
  4. @Dreadmare Dynamo smiled as he saw Sora blush. "You always look so cute when you blush, Sora." He would say, nodding at the mention of the letter. "It's a good thing you were still getting mail when we were trapped. I can imagine it would be a nightmare to go through all the mail we got." He chuckled and shook his head. "Still, glad to hear that the letter was sent out recently. So, I guess all that's left to do is to respond to the letter and see how the doctor appointment's will go." He would say, taking some snacks from the bowl and munching on them. "You can say that again. In game food was good and all, but it'll never compare itself to real life food." He smiled softly and returned the nuzzle.
  5. @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo Pad: "Oh, I see. That's a better way of putting it. I've seen a building in town being built over time. So, I've seen little changes that happen during it. I'm okay with changes from time to time, but I'm not a big fan of so much change at one time." As Dynamo backed away from the hug, he smiles as it looked like Pinball hadn't changed a bit. He was an earth pony with a brown coat a fur. a mix of yellow/gold/gray for his mane and tail, and wore glasses. "It's good to see you again, old timer..." Pinball's eyes widened, before furrowing his eyebrows. "Hey! I'm not that old..." He stopped momentarily to roll his eyes. "...Okay, yes. I am old. Got to keep up with the classics of the retro games, after all. It's still good to see you, my boy..." He looked over as he heard a voice he had never heard before. "...Oh, well hello. You said you're name is Sunlight, correct. It seems like my student has talked a lot about me. You know my name, but I'll still say it to be formal. My name is Pinball Wizard and it's nice to meet you..." He returned the friendly smile and returned the hoof shake. He raised his eyebrows in alarm at the mention of being Dynamo's marefriend. "...Woah! Wait a minute. Stop the presses! You're meaning to tell me that my student had finally found himself a marefriend? Well it's about time! I was almost going to have a betting pool on when and if he would find himself a special somepony." He chuckled, while Dynamo gave Pinball a deadpanned expression. "...I'm kidding, but tell me. What brings you here to Fillydelphia, Sunlight? I'm guessing you're not from around here." Dew Drop: "I suppose it's a matter of opinions, but I'm glad you're able to handle it. I remember hearing that saying once, so it felt appropriate to say it now. It's definitely nice to hear that Dynamo was able to help your sister to be happy with what she is." Dew responded with a smile. As Jade turned to look towards the forest, the ebony pegasus looked to where Jade was staring. She narrowed her eyes slightly as she tried to pinpoint the exact spot within the forest. She soon saw several small creatures looking at the couple. She took a slow step back so as to not alert anyone or anything, but she wasn't sure what those creatures were exactly. To Dew Drop, the creatures moved very cat-like. "Uh...Jade? Do you have any idea what those creatures are? I thought we were the only creatures in this forest. Granted, I can imagine some creatures can take refuge within the area. It's just I've never seen creatures like that."
  6. @Catpone Cerberus The room fell into a comfortable silence, before the king chess piece was brought to Ember. When the two were alone once more, Dynamo tilted his head in slight confusion. He was about to ask what was curious, but stopped as he listened to her response. "When you put it that way, it does sound a bit curious. I would say that we enjoy each other's company or something along those lines. Maybe there's a specific reason. I mean, have you met any other creature that wasn't a part of the crime-world? If not, then perhaps it's because I'm the exception. Just because I'm mostly an average, everyday pony, or I just break the usual norm?"
  7. @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo Pad: "I suppose with how change can happen over time, it isn't very noticeable when having photographic memory. If you haven't seen a certain individual for some time, then I can see what you mean on the growing up aspect. The same can be said for being told if someone became more handsome and pretty after not seeing someone for a while. Even though the one being commented on doesn't feel that way. It's happen to me, while I feel like I'm pretty average. I get that change takes time and that it doesn't happen overnight, but I didn't think it would be easy to get used to the new norm..." Dynamo responded, finding it fascinating to hear Sunlight's thoughts on change. As they made their way up towards the arcade building, Dynamo held the door open for Sunlight to pass through. After making his way into the arcade, he looked around to see that some things hadn't changed. At the same time, a few things had seemed different, but it was the arcade he knew and loved. "...This takes me back. One thing that can make me feel nostalgic is where I began my roots as a gamer..." He sighed with a smile, while a pony had taken notice of the voice. "Well, if it ain't Dynamo Pad. I didn't expect to see you again after all this time..." The pony, who was the owner of the arcade, made his way around the front counter to meet up with Dynamo and Sunlight. The blue unicorn gasped in surprised, before smiling and running up to the elder pony. "...Mister Pinball It really is you!" He grinned as he hugged Pinball, who returned the hug. Dew Drop: As Dew listened to Jade’s reply, she gave him a sort of sympathetic look. “While I might not be able to relate. I feel as if I could understand how you feel. It’s like a voice of doubt in the back of your mind. Always trying to give you a sense of doubt or worry over something. It’ll always be there right next to you. If you let it stop you, then it’ll stop you from being yourself. ..” “...I understand that your an artificial pony, but I still see you as a pony. No matter what you say, my opinion won’t change...” She blinked as Jade looked towards the sky. “...I never knew you and your sister talked about something like that. If you asked me, then I wouldn’t really know what to change. I guess thinking changing that memory would help put your mind at ease. It would probably make you fit in more easily in society. Where there wouldn’t be worry if other ponies saw you in your artificial forms.”
  8. @Catpone Cerberus "I know and I guess I have to accept that as fact...." Dynamo sighed, shrugging his shoulders as he saw Ember's sympathetic look. "...I don't know her, or I guess I never knew her to begin with. Given how she's been able to keep track of me, then she'll know where I am soon enough. You said she was able to accomplish missions that her boss has given to her and all of his subordinates. I guess I understand the harsh reality from what you've told me, but I guess it's for the best..." He knew it wasn't easy for him to hear this from Ember, but he felt it was better to still be told this. Instead of avoiding the subject altogether and to not hurt his feelings. "...It's probably the life of the crime-world, but I suppose that's how it all works to know when someone is important or not. Either way, I'm just glad to have you back Ember. As far as I can tell, I'm just thankful to have my friend back." While so much had happened, he knew what he had said was the truth. He knew that things like this could happen again. At the very least, he was just grateful to know things were slightly back to normal.
  9. Dynamo looked to Jade and nodded at his captain's words. "Oh, I know." He sighed softly, looking back towards the fight. "We were all given a simple invitation to take part in this tournament. We weren't given much of a choice considering what was written in the letters. It was either join or face the consequences. So, it's like you were saying. We had to make the best with what we had." "I'm beginning to wonder who and even why they would want us to win?" Dynamo turned to Copper with a look of uncertainty in his eyes. "I mean, I get why everyone else was chosen for this, but I still don't get why I was picked. The only thing that I could think of was because of some bully's revenge. They offered me riches beyond my wildest imaginations, but only for wanting me to take a dive and lose in a gaming tournament. I refused and won my own way, while Cheap Shot mentioned that he would have his revenge. It was the last time I ever saw him as Cosmic and Frozen told me what had happened. They mentioned that Cheap was eliminated and that Rail extended my invitation. I know Jade told me that I'm meant to be on this team, but still." He had been given so many mixed opinions upon his arrival at this tournament. Those who had mocked his video games, those who could respect them. Even to those who had seen something special within him. He understood that Jade and the others had powers that were incredible. He just felt like a regular pony being thrown into a tournament of this magnitude. He knew spells that could act like video game magic, but it was all he could do for the time being. The blue unicorn broke out of his thoughts, while nodding at Shining Armor's response. A way of saying that the team owner was spot on with the information Rail had given him. "Rail wants to have all the money from all of the bets in this tournament. Just to make sure he can have the power to rule Equestria. If he wins, then he'll make every pony and creature into yokai like Rokata and the others. Throwing chaos and destruction across the land. An Equestria with no order, law and a place where Rail can rule. @reader8363 @Canteen_the_unstable As Draco's attack connected, Dynamo could almost feel the gust of wind wash itself over the arena. He looked at Nin, who looked to have been struggling from the last attack that he had received. His eyes widened slightly in shock, while Nin had fallen onto the concrete. His weapon shattering in his hoof as it looked like he was down for the count. He looked over to Draco, who was just in bad shape as Nin was. He heard his teammates response, but he didn't want to jump to conclusion. "Did he win? I mean, we need an official call, right?" He looked back to Draco, who was planning to make his way off of the ring. Once Topaz would make the call, he would rush over to help Draco. He didn't know why, but he wanted to talk to his teammate. Both to clear some things up, while wanting to help his teammate. He winced slightly as a part of his burnt fur revealed a lot of scars. 'I know he was sort of a bounty hunter and was part of a guild. What kind of fights and/or training he went through to get those scars?'
  10. @Dreadmare Dynamo gave a sad smile, before returning the hug. “Don’t worry sweetheart. I’ll make sure not to go overboard with working at the arcade. Makes sure to give Chocolate and Milkshake a lot of hugs for me. I’ll be back in a while.” He would say, making his exit and heading towards the arcade. After he left, Gentle looked over to Devin with a look of concern. “Hey, dear? Is everything okay? You seemed to have been lost in thought. Did you want to talk about it in private?” She would whisper into Devin’s ear, so as to not worry Scarlet about anything.
  11. @Dreadmare “Huh. Now that’s something I didn’t hear about. That’s rather interesting to know about. It seems that some of our music has reached the shores of where you both live.” Gentle would say, nodding at the mention of CD’s. “My husband and I had a few CD’s of other bands, but I haven’t seen a vinyl record in quite a long time.” As Fenrir entered the room, Dynamo turned to him and nodded. “Yeah. Of course you can, Me. Fenrir.” He would say, handing the guitar over to Scarlet’s father. Golden would nod in agreement as he watched Finn help anyone out at the party. “You can say that again, but this is Finn we are talking about. He loves to help ponies in need. At least it wasn’t that one time with the cookies.” He shivered, recalling the event that had happened at the TF2 base.
  12. @Dreadmare "I think being able to pet a flying fox would be rather interesting. If they have regular foxes, then I'll lose my mind." Dynamo would chuckle, while nodding in agreement. "Animals are so adorable when they are small. Just like a kitten or a puppy. You just want to scoop them up, hug them close and never let go." He says, smiling with a nod on the idea of photos. "Photos are a perfect idea, hon. That way, we can keep the photos as memories and keepsakes. That, and we'd have something to show and tell Button, Night and my mom, as well." He looked over to Dusk and chuckled along with him. "You're right about that, son. Now Nana will be able to see that you two aren't the only bats. I think she'll be genuinely surprised and happy to see these photos." He says, taking a bit of food from the food tower.
  13. @Dreadmare Dynamo chuckled as Sora had wiped any stray tears away. "I guess I can easily say the same about you sweetheart. Seeing how you're as cute as always. Even when you aren't in the game." He returned the nuzzle as he was lead over towards the sofa. As he took a seat, he wrapped an arm around Sora, while holding her close to him. "I simply can't deny snacks and cuddles. I'm glad that you were given a letter. Did it say when you first got it? I can only imagine it wasn't today. Maybe it was recently? At least you'll be able to get the surgery. I do find it understandable to have a couple of sessions to make sure that you're fine. Being stuck in that game for so long could have given anyone possible, long lasting side effects."
  14. @Catpone Cerberus "I did mean the boss and that would make the most logical sense. You just don't have the leader waltz out of anywhere and not expect anyone to go against them so easily. There's so many rules and ways to live in the crime world. At least, that's what I'm learning about, so far..." "...I want to say that isn't true, but I've seen jobs where ponies and creatures are just miserable. Being treated with disrespect and losing their job for no reason. Even when you work to the best of your ability and don't expect anything in return. I can see how nurses can start gossiping and handing out information from what you're telling me. They wouldn't want to get their hooves dirty, or they'd be out of a job..." Dynamo responded, nodding as he listened to Ember's options on the plan. "...Very well. If I'm here, then I can basically give her your reply. If not, then I'll stay out of it. I promised not to get mixed up in things and I won't break a promise. Unless something happens and I have to help a friend. There's always an exception to the rule, of course. Although, that isn't the case to many things. Knowing Blossom, she'll be wanting to know where I'm at. Like you said before, I'm somewhat predictable. So, she must be confused that I'm not where I'm supposed to usually be."
  15. @Catpone Cerberus For the latest post, I wrote out Dew Drop's response without any stuttering. Even though she still has that habit, I was thinking along the lines of how you wrote Ember's response in the other RP.