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  1. Happy Birthday @Bakugou is my Man! I hope you have an continue to have an amazing day, my friend! :mlp_yeehaa:

  2. Sorry I couldn’t respond until just now. I’ve been extremely busy with my job. When I get home, I only have about 2 to 3 hours to log onto the computer before I have to go to bed to be up extremely early the next day.
  3. @Pastel Heart @ExplosionMare @Toshigami Equine @GeneralDirection @C. Thunder Dash "I'll set my alarm too. Just in case we need to meet him at a specific time. Although, I seem to have an internal alarm clock in my mind as I seem to be cursed as a morning pony." He would say, before looking towards Pencil. "Maybe we can meet up at a specific location. If we don't meet up at a certain time, then we can go to the other's house and see if they are up." He noted, before Thundy and Chelsea began to play the game. "Good luck, you guys." He says, tapping his back hoof as the song began to play. Even if he wasn't playing, the song would send him into a sort of dancing mood/frenzy.
  4. @Pastel Heart @ExplosionMare @Toshigami Equine @GeneralDirection @C. Thunder Dash Dynamo nodded as Pencil had brought up a good question. "I was curious about that too. I wasn't sure if we were to meet at your shop in the early morning, or a specific time. I'm good to show up at any time, but I guess it's better to ask. Better to be safe than sorry, in my opinion." He explained, before looking back to see the two griffons were ready to begin. "I'm ready to watch when you two are. I might not be able to watch all that often. Just to warn you as I'm still having to make sure if anyone needs help in the arcade." He says, before being given the time to meet at Trilby's home. "The morning works for me. I'm more of a morning pony, so it works out." He responded to Trilby, before said stallion had walked back into the crowd.
  5. Happy Birthday @RaraLover! I hope you have and continue to have an amazing day, my friend! :Rara:

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      Thanks, my friend! :yay:

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  6. @Crescent Moon "Okay and you're right. I wouldn't want to leave and not say bye." Dynamo responded, nodding as she went to take a rest in the passenger car seat. "I'll be right back, Stacey." He says, before heading back towards the house. He saw his mother standing in the door frame that was from the living room and foyer. "I guess you were waiting for me, huh?" He chuckled, before becoming quiet. "Thank you for letting me have this opportunity. I promise to not let you down in the decision that you made." He would say, Gentle nodding hesitantly, before giving a soft smile. "I'm still really nervous given how she had mentioned about security. However, I still have hope that the two of you will be just fine. Just make sure to come back in the morning. If you are staying, then please text me to let me know when you'll be home, okay?" She asks, holding her arms out to give her son a hug. One that Dynamo returned without question. "I promise that I will. Thank you and I love you, mom." After a moment, the two broke the hug as Dynamo was about to take his exit. "I love you too, dear. Now don't go and keep her waiting." She winked, Dynamo rolling his eyes with a smirk. Giving her one final wave, he exited the house and made his way back towards the car.
  7. @Pastel Heart @ExplosionMare @Samurai Equine @GeneralDirection @C. Thunder Dash Upon seeing Thundy's eyes turn into hearts, Dynamo could only tilt his head in confusion. He had to cover his ears as he heard a high pitched squeal from the male griffon. He looked around the room as a couple of gamer's and onlookers were kind of staring at Thundy, before returning to what they were doing. "Uh...I would say that's a bit too late on that one. Granted, I guess I can't blame you. Love Shine is a pretty catchy song and always something to dance too. So, can't go wrong with a song like that." He says with a reassuring smile.
  8. @Pastel Heart @ExplosionMare @Samurai Equine @GeneralDirection @C. Thunder Dash As the two griffons tried to figure out a song to dance to, Dynamo looked over as he tried to voice his opinion. "If you ask me, then how about the song Love Shine? That's one of my favorite songs, but it's always a song I usually warm up to when playing DDR." He would say, before turning his attention back towards Pencil and Trilby. Upon the mention of his shop, Dynamo gave a smile and sighed in relief. "Thanks and I'll hold you to it. I'll be there first thing tomorrow. I'll make sure to knock so I don't walk in unannounced." He would say, nodding once more in understanding towards Shadow. "Okay and that sounds like a plan to me. If Shadow is unable to make it, then it's okay. I thought it would be best to have a couple of opinions from others. Also, Trilby has a point." He says, hoping to gain Pencil's attention with Trilby. "I don't mind if he sells his stuff in the arcade. If he wants to, then he can leave some at the arcade to hang up to see if other gamer's want them. Sort of work out a profit for both parties if that makes sense. If not, then it's no need to worry, in my opinion. I remember Trilby said he was a haberdashery when we were in the game world. So, it's better to go around other places that can help with his business. So, if it can help a friend, then I'm okay with it. Who knows? It might draw other ponies and creatures in who haven't considered games before." He explained, rubbing the back of his neck with his hoof. All the while, having a sheepish smile upon his face. "I think I took too much up in business when I was in Fillydelphia. My old teacher taught me everything he knew in an about video games, but he also taught me about business and marketing. Said something along the lines of it helping me if I worked at the Ponyville arcade, or any arcade, in general."
  9. Oh, sorry about that. I haven't had a chance to look at the RP. I got home from work and just had some dinner. Going to respond once I'm done eating. I'm completely okay with taking at his shop. Oh, no. I"m sorry about that. I didn't know you were meaning the RP. I was going to try and respond when I had the chance, or when I got home from work. I know Dynamo is busy at the arcade as he's running the shop and organizing the tournaments with Pastel and others.
  10. I'm sorry, but I didn't leave Thundy and Chelsea hanging. I've been busy with overtime at my job and haven't had any time to respond. I'm working 11 hour shifts for about four to six days depending on my schedule. So, my responses might not be as frequent. @Samurai Equine @ExplosionMare @Windy Breeze Is there a perfect opportunity for Dynamo to ask Trilby, Pencil and Shadow about what happened in the game world? More specifically the events that happened between him and Pastel? I know he wanted to ask about Pastel's crush, but I wasn't sure when the right time would be to ask. Especially if he needs the conversation to be private away from Pastel.
  11. @Pastel Heart @ExplosionMare @Samurai Equine @GeneralDirection @C. Thunder Dash Dynamo felt bad as he didn’t want to pull Trilby away from his work. However, he did understand that he could always ask him later. Making sure to look around to see that nobody was listening. He then leaned over towards the stallion so he was close to his ear “It’s kind of a private chat that I need to discuss with you, Pencil and Shadow. That, and I need to be away from Pastel as it’s something that had happened when we were in the game. I can understand if you’re busy as I’m being busy with organizing and supervising the tournaments. Maybe we can chat once the event is over. If not, then we can chat first thing tomorrow.” He was nervous as he felt he was putting out his off, be he needed the perfect opportunity to have this discussion.
  12. @Pastel Heart @ExplosionMare @Samurai Equine @C. Thunder Dash @GeneralDirection As Dynamo made sure to keep the tournaments organized, he looked around to see if anyone had needed his assistance. Upon scanning through the crowed, the blue unicorn had taken notice of Trilby, who had returned from helping Mayor White back to his office. Making his way over towards the stallion, it seemed that Trilby was carrying in a cart of merchandise. It seemed that he was selling gifts and such to the gamer's around the arcade. However, upon reaching the group, Dynamo took notice that some merchandise was not from the usual he was selling. He had received a neon-colored t-shirt with the Two Castle's Logo on the front. He had even been given a lanyard to indicate that he was the owner of the arcade and wristbands. He was about to pay, but stopped as he was told it was no charge. He wanted to argue as he wanted to, but it seemed that Trilby was adamant in his decision. With a sigh and shake of his head, Dynamo smiled as he placed the shirt on. "Thank you, Trilby. This is really kind of you to do that. Also, you're right. If I'm being the owner of the arcade and running this event, then I got to look the part." "I'm not sure if anything can top the last exciting thing. Going through that game was crazy in it's own right, but it was pretty fun. Without the whole future of the town at stake part, of course. Although, I guess the other events that we had were pretty exciting too." He would say, chuckling as Pastel began to strut around, while wearing her shirt. "I think the shirt looks nice on you, Pastel-chan. A live performance does sound interesting, but I don't think we have ourselves a karaoke machine. Unless you're talking about the Prance Prance Revolution machine." He says, while Thundy and Chelsea began to set up their song from the game machine. Speaking of Pastel from before, Dynamo remembered he wanted to ask Trilby, as well. "Actually, I'm glad you were able to come back, Trilby. I needed to ask you, Shadow and Pencil something. Don't worry as it's nothing bad or anything. It's more like I needed your opinion on something. I think Shadow had left earlier, so I might ask her another time. I still hope I can ask for your's and Pencil's opinion."
  13. @Pastel Heart @ExplosionMare @Samurai Equine @C. Thunder Dash "There are some big named tournaments around Equestria, but I'm not sure what EVO is. I can imagine it's a video game tournament, but it's probably more than that, right?" He asks, before raising an eyebrow. "A champion title, huh? I haven't played much on Super Smash Brothers, but I do know of it. You did see how I played at DOA the other day, so I wouldn't count me out. It's a shame I'm running/supervising tournaments. I could probably give you a proper challenge." Dynamo responded, before turning to Chelsea as he placed a hoof upon his chin. "I think Mario Kart might be on the list. I'd still check to see what's available and what's not. Better to check if there's any tournaments or not. If you're looking for free play, then there should be room to play those games." He explained to the duo griffons.
  14. @Samurai Equine @Windy Breeze Okay and no worries for Trilby. If he needs to, then he can ask Trilby and Shadow for the next day if they don't show up at the arcade, or if Shadow isn't there either.