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  1. Dynamo Pad

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Dynamo smiled and nods, while having a look of awe on his face. "That's good to know, but it's still pretty cool. I thought I would be like the characters in the video games, or something like that. I hope I won't stand out because I'm a visitor to that dimension. At least I don't have to follow any of the dimension codes." He raises an eyebrow in curiosity and wonder. "That does bring up a good question. Have you ever brought anyone to a different dimension before?" He asks and sighs in relief at her reassurance. "Okay, but I'll do the same, as well. I'll wrap an arm around your shoulder. Just in case we do somehow get separated, if that's okay?" He was about to confirm that he was set to travel, but stops as he quickly ran to his saddlebag. He pulled out his handheld and made sure he had a copy of his Pokemon game. He runs back over to Kitty and nods. "I'm ready and all set to go. I'm going to take my video game with me. Just in case I can meet some of my actual Pokemon from the game." He grins and chuckles at his idea.
  2. Dynamo Pad

    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Simply Cerberus Dynamo nodded as Sunlight was ready to start their morning jog. As they began to run, Dynamo kept up a slow pace, so that he wouldn't tire himself out. He wasn't as winded as he was yesterday, but he knew that he would still feel tired after his jog. He understood that he would have to continue the training, in order to feel physically fit. He began to notice Sunlight had begun to increase her running speed. He figured that would make sense, since he would have to try and keep up in the run. That, and Sunlight was showing him a new pathway for their jogging. "So, Sunlight. I don't think you told me about the path that we're going on today. Where does it lead to? I think I know there is a place called Whitetail Woods. That's usually a path for runners during the Running of the Leaves."
  3. @Mika Greymist Dynamo chuckles and shakes his head. "Nah. I wouldn't say that you're wrong. I mean, those two seem to have good chemistry with each other." He says as he had lost a life in the game, as well. "Oh, man." He sighs, before smiling. "Oh, well. If Button gets himself a girlfriend, then it's worth it." He blushes slightly as he felt Broken kissing his cheek. He raises an eyebrow as he looks to see Broken looking at her son. He smiles and nods at her suggestion. "That sounds good to me. Maybe I can get to know Dusk a little more." He says as he began making his way towards Dusk. "Hey, Dusk. Is everything okay, little buddy? What's wrong?" He says, kneeling down, so both he and Dusk were at eye level. Button smiles softly as he felt Night rest her head upon his shoulder. "Well...we have plenty of retro video games. Such as Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, etc. It really all depends on what video games you're interested in. Sometimes the games switch every week, or so. However, the retro games switch every two to three weeks. Given that they are old games and are pretty classic, in my opinion." He gasped as Night slightly nibbled on his ear. He bit his bottom lip as he felt a blush appear on his cheeks. "Y-You don't have to thank us, Night. We just did what we thought was right."
  4. Dynamo Pad

    Planning OOC of roleplay.

    Oh, okay and that does sound pretty complex. However, it sounds pretty interesting and awesome. Thanks for letting me know.
  5. Dynamo Pad

    Favorite Canon Brohooves

    I would have to go with the brohoof between Applejack and Rainbow during the episode, "The Saddle Row Review." The way the scene was presented and built up for the brohoof was pretty funny, in my opinion.
  6. Dynamo Pad

    Post your favorite canon boops

    If that kind of boop is allowed, then I agree. This is a cute couple and the boop is just adorable. I would say this because it's random, yet adorable.
  7. Dynamo Pad

    Planning OOC of roleplay.

    @Kitty_Cat Hey. I was just wondering something. If they go into the Pokemon world. Would that mean some of their Pokemon they know from the games they play would be there? Say, Dynamo has a copy of the game, so his party would all show up, or something like that? I wasn't sure if that would make sense, be overpowered, or something those lines. So, I was just wondering what your opinion on the idea, if that's okay.
  8. Dynamo Pad

    S08:E17 - The End in Friend

    I just finished watching the episode and thought it was pretty awesome. It was funny to see how Rarity and Rainbow went about their day, while the class was observing. I think it's more of how we the viewer's interpret the interaction of the characters throughout the episode, or something along those lines. I liked how Rarity and Rainbow brought up multiple moments that happened throughout the seasons. Some of the moments from their hangouts were pretty funny, yet you could truly understand how the other felt. I also liked how Rarity kept wearing her books throughout the entire episode. The glittery moments were pretty funny. I do wonder why some moments there was no glitter, then other moments there were. I also could relate to Rainbow on not wanting glitter on her hooves. I was surprised how Rarity and Rainbow just decided to end their friendship by the end of the first act. I would have said that would happen near the second act, but I guess it was to fit more time in and to help build character development. I liked how Starlight suggested for Rarity and Rainbow to each read each other's similar interest in books. I also liked Starlight's and Twilight's plan to help Rarity and Rainbow working together when things were not going well. The creature they encountered was pretty interesting and it was cool how they worked together to help the creature out. I also liked how they used their personal knowledge of things and skills to help each other out through the adventure. I also liked how there was a secret passageway, that leads back to the school. I liked how Rarity and Rainbow became friends again and I really liked the moral of the episode. All in all, I found this episode to be very enjoyable. I look forward to see what happens next throughout the rest of the season.
  9. @Mika Greymist Button could only smile and nod. "Miss Night Shadow, huh? That's a lovely name for a lovely mare, such as yourself." He says, while not noticing the blush upon Night's face. He nods in understanding and waves his hand to her. "There's no need to explain, Night. It's nice to be able to spend time with family." He says as she turned her attention to Dynamo and Broken. "Seems like those two make a lovely couple, huh?" He asks Night, while checking to make sure that everything at the counter was in order. He looks back to Night, who was asking if there was any video games that she would like to play. "Hmm...it honestly depends on what you like to play. We have an array of many games. From old classics to the up to date new games. What kind of video games do you like to play?" Dynamo just leaned against the game machine and watched the show beginning to play out. "If only I had a snack and a drink, then I would watch the fireworks happen." He whispers back and chuckles at the cute interaction between Button and Night. He continued to play Gauntlet and nods. "I wonder if that will happen to us when it comes to dinner tonight. I can only imagine how things can turn out. Like mother, like daughter, huh?" He asks and chuckles along with Broken. Button was surprised as Night hooked her arm with his own. He blushed, but he couldn't help, but smile and nod. "I have to watch the front counter, but I think that will be just fine." He leads the way through the many arcade machines, but looks back to the other couple in the arcade. "Dynamo? Can you make sure to watch the front, while I'm away?" He asks as Dynamo nods. "You've got it, Button. I'm playing the game, but I'm still watching the front. Have a nice time, my friend."
  10. Dynamo Pad

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Dynamo smiled and chuckled along with Kitty. "It's always good to befriend others. Sometimes, an enemy could be misunderstood or being going about something in the wrong way. When it comes to showing them friendship, then everything becomes easier." He grinned as she agreed on the world that they would be visiting. "This is awesome! I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes that game series." He says, before listening carefully at Kitty's explanation on how she goes to the different dimensions. He cringed slightly as he almost looked like he was going to be sick. "I'll take your word for it. Should it be wise for us to hold hands? That way, we won't be separated from each other while we teleport?" He suggested as he was feeling nervous on being lost in the wrong dimension. He watched as she took a pencil and paper, before drawing what she would look like in that world. He raised an eyebrow and whistled in astonishment. "You look really cool! Also, is that a tail? Will I still have a tail when I enter that dimension?" He asks as he had so many questions to ask, but knew that he would get answers in due time.
  11. Dynamo Pad

    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Simply Cerberus Dynamo chuckled as Sunlight opened the door, while the couple began to exit the room. The blue unicorn noticed that Jade was still asleep on the couch. "Looks like you're right. At least he's not sleeping in a tree." He snickered quietly, while trying not to laugh about their earlier conversation. He quietly walked through the living room and looked to see Sunlight, who had opened the door and waited for him to exit the house. Dynamo swiftly, but quietly, exited the house and waited for Sunlight. After seeing her locking the door, he smiled and nodded in agreement. "I'll probably go along with the former of the options. I guess he knew we would need each other after what had happened yesterday. That, and he was probably tired himself, so he crashed on the couch." He shrugged his shoulders as he wasn't sure about his theory being correct or not. He then decided to stretch as he knew he was in a workout. "Ready to go on this jog together, sweetheart?" He asked as he was ready to begin his training.
  12. Dynamo Pad

    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Simply Cerberus Dynamo hummed at the idea. He dragged out the hum to build a sort of dramatic effect. He took a deep breath and smiled with a nod. "I think that sounds good to me. It's always good to change up the jogging route. That way, it doesn't feel repetitive. That, and you can always build up the difficulty of the run as time goes on." He smiles with a chuckle. "That sounds good to me. Jade might be up when we get done our morning jog. That, or he might still be like a zombie when he gets up. No matter what, he'll be up regardless." He chuckles as he started making his way to the door.
  13. @Mika Greymist Dynamo whistles in astonishment and nods. "Oh, wow. That makes sense when you put it that way. Since she works for Luna, I guess that means she has a night shift. Having that kind of schedule must be a nightmare." He smiles sheepishly at his unintended pun. He noticed the blush upon Broken's cheeks and frowned slightly. He shook his head to try and rid himself of any jealous feelings. "How did she help you and Dusk's father meet? Also, I know I might not be able to replace Dusk's father, but hopefully I'll be a good boyfriend and a good father figure." He watches as Broken guided him on how to play the game. He smiles as he was starting to figure the game out, before the duo played through the game like it was nothing. "I think both Button and your mom will get along well. Button has been feeling a little lonely as of late, so I think getting to know your mom will be good for him." He nods in agreement as Broken's mom had stepped into the arcade. Dynamo noticed Dusk dropping the controller and ran to Broken's mom. All the while the ponies that were playing against Dusk were yelling about how the game was over. He chuckled at the scene, before he turned his attention over to Broken's mom. "Hello ma'am and I'm doing okay. Broken was showing me an old video game that she likes to play." Button could hear the door opened and looked to see who had stepped into the shop. He stopped momentarily as he saw a lovely mare had suddenly appeared. He had never seen someone, who looked so beautiful before. He shook his head and decided to act professional, but he had a slight blush upon his cheeks. "Welcome to the arcade! I don't believe I've met you before. I'm doing okay, as well. Thank you for asking. I hope that you're doing okay yourself. Is there anything that I can help you with, Miss...?"
  14. Dynamo Pad

    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Simply Cerberus Dynamo chuckled, before faking a gasp. "Oh, no! Then we must get you to the Ponyville hospital." He winked and laughed heartily at his little joke. "I'm sorry about that sweetheart. If you ever need a painkiller, then my hugs are always here for you." He says as he turns around to see Sunlight, who was brushing her messy mane. He smiles and nods in agreement. "I can't blame you there. I guess we'll see what happens during the day. Then we can watch some anime, while relaxing and have some kisses and cuddles." He rolled his eyes as he shook his head and chuckled. "Oh, that only happened one time. It was a little crazy, but at least there was a great wedding at the end of the day." He says, before adding jokingly. "I guess you could say that bugbear was a wedding crasher."
  15. Dynamo Pad

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    The last movie I watched was The Lego Ninjago Movie.