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  1. @Calico Dynamo nodded at her reassurance as he returned the hug. "I'm just glad that everything turned out okay and that everything worked out. It's always good to have a rival because you know you'll meet them again. That, or you might meet them for the first time and feel that special connection." He nods at her remark as he could see how they could relate to each other. "Those are just critics, who don't know good music when they've seen it. I may not have heard a lot of music in my time, but I could listen to your songs and think they are awesome. It's always good to change things up, whenever you have a sudden spark of inspiration." He says as he returns the nuzzle. "I'm really glad that you and I are, or were rivals. No matter what, I'll always see you as my special someone and my rival. I'm glad that I'm a part of your's and Dusk's life, as well as having both of you in my life." He was caught off guard as Dusk went up to him and hugged him tight. He looked down and picked Dusk up as he hugged the blue unicorn some more. He felt bad that he was making the young colt cry, but he smiled softly at Dusk's kind words. "Oh, son. Please don't cry." He hugged the young colt close to him as he placed a hand behind his head. "I feel really special to have you and your mother in my life. Especially having Button, Night, Princess Luna and others that I've met. I've gone through a lot over the years, but knowing you're all here just shows how special I am. I feel rather lucky to be here right now. I wouldn't have it any other way." He pulled back from the hug to wipe Dusk's tears away with his thumb. "Now no more tears, okay? Where's that great smile that I like to see?" He ticked Dusk, until he was able to see a smile. Dynamo looks to Luna and gave her a grateful smile. He held out a hoof and waves said hoof to the Princess of the Night. "Thank you and please. You don't have to bow to me, Princess Luna. I see you as both my teacher and my friend, so there's no need to bow." He says as she explains what he would learn in her training. "I'm beginning to wonder what kind of magic I'll be learning. I know the standard light spell and levitation spell, but that's about it. My mother taught me the basics, but I could never get down the shield or laser spells." He says, while listing off everything he could do. Dynamo was surprised slightly that he would assist Luna in her dream walking abilities. "I've never had to dream walk before, but it sounds like a lot of fun. I'll help others out in any way that I can. I could even imagine that some dreams would have gaming levels in them." Button nods in agreement, before chuckling slightly. "I bet Princess Luna anticipated this and tried to see who could master that game."
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    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Catpone Cerberus "That's good to hear. I wouldn't want to do anything that would make you feel bored. I want to include you in things and make you feel happy, sweetheart." He smiled as they made it up to the 8th episode in the first season. He looked towards the window to see that the sun was going down. He saw the episode was about to start and immediately hit the pause button. He stretched and got off of the couch, before making his way into the kitchen. "I'm taking your advice and having dinner, so I won't be hungry later on." He chuckled as he turned back to glance at his girlfriend. "Is there anything you would want me to make, Sunny?" He asks, but blushes as he heard her remark. "I'm glad to hear that you think about me like that. I can honestly say the same thing. It's never a boring or dull moment when I spend time with you, Sunlight."
  3. Dynamo Pad

    Private Everfree Dark Tournament RP

    As the match got underway, Vergil moved in to attack Canteen first. Dynamo was surprised as the attack came to an abrupt halt, while Canteen asked Vergil to stop to use his inhaler. 'Why in the world did he even stop his attack. He should have continued and given himself an advantage. It's understandable that there should be honor. However, it seems like this tournament doesn't like honor or respect. Is this Canteen guy acting like he's some kind of comic book character?' He thought as the green dragon went to attack Aiden. Dynamo was slightly surprised, yet amazed that the green dragon created a force weapon from his fire breath. He watched as he actually scored a direct hit on Aiden. "So, it seems that they can be damaged. It's nice to see that aren't invincible." His eyebrows furrowed as he had a bad sense of foreboding. 'Why did it feel like Aiden was hit intentionally by that attack? Was he trying to see what his opponent could do?' He thought as Aiden made it back to the ring, before fighting the green dragon in close quarters. The blue unicorn watched as the attacks were non stop, while the ground shook from their relentless assault. It seemed as if neither side wanted to give an inch in this fight. His eyes widened slightly, before his eyes narrowed at Aiden's response. "So, he was just warming up in that whole fight? He could even break that dragon's arms? I wonder how much strength this guy even has." Dynamo looked back to the fight between Vergil and Canteen. He was surprised as Vergil's attacks weren't quick enough to land a hit against Canteen. Each attack was precise, yet nothing was working. He winced slightly as he could see and hear Canteen land a hit and broke Vergil's jaw. "How can someone be that quick? I didn't even blink and he just dodged or teleported. He may be random, but he has the power to back up his claim. I didn't think he'd go that far in breaking Vergil's jaw like that." He was stunned by the brutality, but knew this is what the tournament was all about. He couldn't help, but wonder if his magic would be enough to take on Canteen.
  4. @Calico Dynamo was in awe of what Luna was telling him. He looked over to Night, who was explaining that Luna being a gamer was a secret. He nodded almost immediately and gave Luna a serious look. "You have my word that I won't say a thing to anybody. There's not a lot of people that I talk to, to be honest. Regardless, they'd think I'd be talking about an old mare's tale." He smiled softly at the mentioning of the tournament he went to a few months back. In truth, this wasn't his first time seeing the Princess of the Night. However, this was his actual first time meeting her in person. "Thank you for helping me on that day. I don't know what I would have done without your guidance." He bowed humbly to show his thanks and appreciation. He looked up and nods at her explanation. He knew how some rivalries could end up good, or could go badly without warning. "I've had my share of bad rivalries. Even if the one you face is rude or disrespectful. You still can't help, but respect how well they play in a game. If I am able to help, then I will help show the right way to have a good rivalry. A rivalry should always end in friendship and respect, in my opinion." Button nodded in agreement to some of Broken's remark. "It's true. I would see her in certain days of the week. Always on the same arcade machine and wanting to beat the high score. Sometimes she would make a small mistake and then start over with new determination." Dynamo's ears fell as he felt bad for making Broken feel that way. "I'm sorry that happened to you, Broken. I wasn't trying to make you lose sleep or friends. I just play and try to have fun. I always want to try and push myself to new heights when I play. I never really saw it as breaking records." As she continued to explain today's events, Dynamo smiled fondly to the gray mare next to him. "I can say the same thing. At first, I thought you were someone who wanted to break a record to prove a point. However, when we played that new game together, I could tell that you loved gaming. You had a passion for something that you truly care about. I can say the same to Dusk. He has what it takes to be a gamer one day. Regardless if his cutie mark is gaming related or not. He has the heart and determination for the games he loves to play." He says as he looks to Broken and squeezes her hand once more. "You two have become really important and precious to me. I really do like you Broken, as well as Dusk. In a way, I can see him as a son to me." Dynamo chuckled at Luna's remark. "I guess it's just because I've been told that I'm not special." He frowns softly, while looking towards the ground. "Back when I was younger, a lot of ponies had ganged up with my bullies. They all said that I'd never become anything special. That I'm not destined for greatness." He sighs, before continuing. "Even when I tried to do something special, others just looked the other way, or told me that they'd never take me seriously. A few ponies at the arcade back home took me seriously, but I was afraid to trust them. We are still good friends, but I still couldn't help, but worry." He looked back up with a determined smile. "Over time, I've been trying to change and believe in myself some more. I don't want to feel negative about anything. I want to prove that I can do my best and become somebody that others can be proud of." Button flashed his friend a smile and gave him a thumbs up. "You'll do great, buddy. When I met you, I thought it was cool that you knew Mr. Pinball. He told me that you were something special when he met you. Ever since we worked together, I've been seeing what Mr. Pinball was talking about. You'll be great as her apprentice." Dynamo smiled as the two fist bumped each other. "Thanks, Button. That really means a lot." He says, before nodding at Luna's training schedule. "That's completely fine by me and understandable. Thank you for allowing me to go on my date with Broken. That does bring up a good question though." He says, before raising an eyebrow to Luna. "What will you be teaching me in? Am I to learn a new type of magic or something along those lines?"
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    Hi! New here, looking for some friends!

    Hey, @DJ_Vinyl.Scratch_3! Welcome to the forums and I hope you enjoy your stay on the forums!
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    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Catpone Cerberus As the siblings nodded that they were ready to start the anime marathon, Dynamo hit the play button as the intro began to play. While the episodes were playing, Dynamo would occasionally explain what was happening. Either going into context of what each character could do, or if the anime had left information out. He didn't really hear anything from Jade, but Sunlight had replied whenever there was a question or comment. As time had passed, Dynamo had felt that Sunlight had leaned closer to him. He smiled softly and inconspicuously wrapped an arm around her. His ears perked as he heard Jade needed to leave and wished them a good day. He nodded and waved back to his friend. "If you need anything, then just let me know. I'll see you later, Jade." He hoped that Jade wasn't getting bored of watching the anime. He could understand as the first season was a bit slow in the story. However, it did pick up over time throughout the seasons. "How do you like the anime so far, Sunny? I know you've never seen anime before, but I hope that you're enjoying yourself." He says, while looking down to the orange unicorn sitting next to him.
  7. Dynamo Pad

    Private Everfree Dark Tournament RP

    Dynamo nodded at Jade's remark as he watched the other team make their appearance in the ring. He raised an eyebrow as only two members of Team Crimos had shown up. He had a sense of deja vu as the leader of team Crimos entered the ring. The blue unicorn watched as Canteen was still in his pajamas and was acting strange. 'It's as if he's acting like a child. What is this guy's deal, anyway?' He thought as he mentioned of ending some grandma. He glanced over to Tricis and had to assume that Canteen was referring to her. 'Does this guy have some issue with the coach? I'm just concerned on how this guy wants to battle. He doesn't even seem worried at all.' Dynamo looked to Jade and gave her a look of concern. "This really does seem familiar. Remember in yesterday's match with Team Rokata? They only had a few members, but they destroyed their opponents." He sighed as he felt a sudden chill run down his spine. "I guess we'll be getting a repeat performance." Dynamo didn't say anything at first as Tricis talked about Canteen's team. "Whatever the case may be, it feels as if those two don't care about the difference in numbers. It seems like they'll make up for it with strategy, teamwork and power." He looked to Tricis with a look of surprise as she talked about someone else putting an end to her. "Why would someone want to take your life, coach? If it's not this Canteen guy, then who? Is there a reason and is there a way to avoid this?" He wasn't expecting an answer since it seemed like private information. The blue unicorn could only wonder what he had gotten himself into, but ignored it for now. For now, he watched as the match was about to begin.
  8. @Calico Dynamo stood up from his bow as he listened to what Luna had to say to him. His jaw dropped from the news of being chosen to be Luna's protege. He was honestly stunned silent. He shook his head and finally found his voice. "I-I just don't understand. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm flattered that I'm chosen to be your apprentice. It's just...why me? I don't really feel as though I have that much talent. I'm still learning to control and find my magic." He remembered his mother had taught him the basics after gaining his cutie mark, but that was about it. He didn't even know what other kinds of spells and unique magic he could wield. "Isn't there anyone else that's better at games than I am?" He asked in wonder to the Princess. He was being humble as he knew he was decent, but probably not at the level that she claimed. "Not only that, but I didn't know you were a gamer, Princess Luna. I've heard rumors and stories, but I didn't know it was true." Button grinned sheepishly and waves his hand to the blue unicorn. "Yeah, about that. I just found out a little while ago from Night." Dynamo turned to Button to give him a deadpanned expression. "You could have told me this sooner!?" Button chuckled and gave him an apologetic look. "I wanted to, but it seemed you were busy spending some quality time with your special someone." He winked as Dynamo pouted at Button, before chuckling. "Fair enough, but this is surprising." As Luna explained the other reason of why she chose him, Dynamo felt Broken's hand in his. He looked to her as she explained how she felt about him. He smiled and squeezes her hand gently. "I was never the best with relationships, but I guess it's because I try to find the best in others. When that happened, a lot of ponies tried to take advantage of me. I would only be in a relationship with someone who related to me on one thing or another and one, who loved me for me. When I saw Broken, she seemed like a great rival, but I saw her as both a mare and a gamer. I even care for her son and he's a sweet and kind child. I know he'll be a great and amazing pony in the future under the right guidance of his mother and father." He winked to Broken to emphasize what he meant in that statement. "I couldn't honestly think of anyone in my life except for them and those that mean a lot to me." He says as he turns his attention to Luna. "To answer your question, Princess. I accept your offer to be your gaming apprentice, but I still would like to know. From all the things I said earlier. Why would I be the one chosen to be your apprentice?"
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    Request Shop OC Headshots (Avatars)

    This looks awesome! Thank you so much and I really do appreciate this.
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    Private Everfree Dark Tournament RP

    @Unicorncob Dynamo watched as Team Cleave had made their appearance. He raised an eyebrow in surprise and curiosity on the ones that made up the team. He had to admit that this team was made up of interesting creatures. 'I wouldn't have expect diamond dogs and dragons to be on the same team together, but I'm not one to judge. It's also interesting to see some dragons working alongside the others. I guess since Ember is the Dragon Lord, the relationship between dragons and ponies have gotten better.' He thought as the unicorn mare climbed into the ring. He frowned slightly as she spoke, while looking somewhat frail. "I can understand how they are named Team Cleave. I just wonder if this mare's frailness is real, or if it's a facade to underestimate her opponents." He spoke his thoughts out loud, while looking over to Jade and Tricis to see what they thought.
  11. Dynamo Pad

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    @Kitty_Cat Dynamo nods in agreement, while Kitty returned her team to their pokeballs. "It's always fun to discuss game theories and possible video games with a friend. Now I'm even more excited to see what generation 8 has to offer. I know they've released a Pokemon called Meltan. I don't know what it is, but it does look cool, in my opinion." He looks down at the pokeballs he held in his hooves. Inside these capsules were the Pokemon that he raised from all the games he played. He took a deep breath and smiled. "Come on out, everyone!" He tossed the pokeballs up into the air as they all materialized before Kitty and himself. The six Pokemon on Dynamo's team were revealed to be: Infernape, Alolan Ninetales, Hawlucha, a Dusk Form Lycanroc, a shiny Metagross and a Flygon. As they all appeared, Dynamo was in awe and shocked that his team was real. He took a hesitant step forward, while reaching a hoof out towards them. "Y-You guys?" Each of his team turned to see the blue unicorn and smiled. He was greeted by each of them as they all tackled him to the ground. Dynamo winced from the slightly pain of hitting the ground, but he smiled and laughed as he was hugged by his team. "I can't believe you're all here! I know I've seen you all when playing the game, but this beats playing the game by a long shot." He felt tears were welling up in his eyes, but he didn't care. He was just so happy to finally see his team in real life. His team allowed him to stand back up as they looked towards Kitty. Once Dynamo stood up, he smiled as he turned towards Kitty. "What do you think of my team, Kitty? These are some of the greatest friends I could ask for." He grinned as his team grouped up together to do a sort of pose. (Commission made by @StormBlaze)
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    Request Shop OC Headshots (Avatars)

    This looks really cool! I was just wondering if it's okay to fix one thing. Would it be okay if my OC could be smiling? I'm sorry for the late response.
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    Private Everfree Dark Tournament RP

    As he left the room with Tricis and Jade, Dynamo thought he had faintly heard Frostflame's outburst. His ears dropped slightly as he shook his head. 'If only you knew. I may not know you or anyone else, but I care for your life, Frostflame. I try to give anyone the benefit of the doubt and try to be a friend. Only if they are mean spirited is when I say otherwise.' He thought as he remembered the look that Draco had on his face. He furrowed his eyebrows and closed his eyes briefly, before opening his eyes and looking forward. 'Maybe in time he'll understand. It's good to keep your friends close and enemies closer, but I just want friends who can accept me for who I am.' He knew he made a good impression, but he guess that it didn't matter to some. He would just have to keep fighting and do the best he could, no matter what. It took them some time, but Dynamo and the others had finally made it back to the arena. His ears perked as he could hear the voice of Topaz, who was announcing the final match for the first round. He looked around and was able to find a few available seats for Tricis, Jade and himself. As he sat down, the blue unicorn looked to the left side as one of the teams emerged. "I guess you were right when you said some of the matches were mismatched, coach. I just wonder how this fight will play out." He says as he awaited for the second team to appear in the stadium.
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    Planning Everfree Dark Tournament OOC

    @Snow Frostflame What class and character are you in WoW? I love that game and I haven't played WoW in such a long time. I have been wanting to get back into that game someday. Also, I think the RP didn't get too far because the forum was down for a while.
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    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo hummed in thought as the siblings gave him the option to choose the anime. "I know there are some anime that have real life history involved. Although, sometimes it's changed, so as to be original, or something along those lines. One could imagine that the books you read have been in some shows." He informed them, before nodding on his choice. "I would have to go with My Hero Academia. It's fairly new and it's a pretty interesting anime, in my opinion. It's all about super heroes and how one kid wants to be the greatest hero. So, he goes to a school that involves with learning to become a hero." He mentions, but leaves out a bunch of important factors, so as to not give any spoilers. "The show just finished airing it's third season and season 4 was just announced. Plus, that anime was the game that we played when we first met each other. In a way, it would help give you an idea on how the characters have all those crazy powers." He chuckles as he takes the DVD out of the case and goes to the DVD player. After installing the disc, Dynamo moves back over to the couch and takes a seat. Making sure he was comfortable, he levitates the remote, so it rested next to him and Sunlight. After hitting play, he looks to the two siblings with a smile. "Are you guys ready to see what anime is all about? If so, then welcome to my world." He says, while chuckling slightly.