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  1. Okay and thanks for letting me know. I wasn't sure if they had responded and I was waiting from a response from Bluebell, before making my reply to everyone else.
  2. I'm sorry for the late reply. I'm lost as I'm not sure what's going on. I've been busy and going through a lot the past week.
  3. For Moon, my most difficult totem Pokemon battle was definitely Lurantis. I remember using revives and/or healing items, but it was still a challenge. I think it was difficult because I either wasn't sure of Lurantis's type, or I was caught off guard by the move, Solar Blade. Especially how it had a way to use said move with the sun being up, or I think it also had the power herb to use Solar Blade right away. It also didn't help that my team was mostly weak to the totem due to bad type matchups. For Ultra Moon, my most difficult totem Pokemon battle was Togedemaru. I remember having super effective Pokemon for it, but the damage from the move Zing Zap was too much. Even using Z-moves weren't very effective due to it's raised defense from it's aura, as well from the move Spiky Shield.
  4. Yup! I got a couple o Pokémon plushies and video games. Do you own any anime statues or figurines?
  5. @Lazy Ferret "Huh. That's pretty interesting, if you ask me. I never really knew that about you, but I like how I'm still learning more and more about you hon." Button smile, taking another bite of his slice of pizza. "I can understand that. I guess having a child means that you have to be more careful in what you normally do in a daily life routine. Since you don't want anything to happen to you or your child. I can definitely see that in how careful she and Dynamo are when it comes to Dusk. It really shows how much they try to look out for and take into considerations Dusk's and each other's well being."
  6. @Lazy Ferret "Oh. I guess that was to be expected, but I didn't want to assume either." Gentle giggled slightly, before nodding as the commissioner had brought up the incident with a sigh. "I sometimes forget that it happened throughout all of Equestria. I know everyone wants to forget, but I guess this will always catch up to us. I'm guessing that the Mayor had already notified you when Devin and I had left. I'm sorry to hear that you weren't able to help before, but I'm glad that you can help now. Is there anything that I, or Devin can do to help? I think our kids might try and get involved in this. I can't say for absolute certain."
  7. @Lazy Ferret "Oh, I see. So, it's mostly stopping by to pick up everything. At least it'll give me a chance to do some window shopping." Dynamo chuckled as he glanced around the store for the statue figurines and plushies. Just as the clerk had showed up to hand the packages over to Stacey, Dynamo had picked up a few of the packages in his grasp. Thanking the clerk, Dynamo nodded as followed alongside Stacey. "Okay. After some lunch, we can go head off towards the arcade."
  8. @Lazy Ferret "Oh, I know and I appreciate the help. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you, as well, sweetheart. I wanted to make it my personal goal to finally meet you and the others in real life. I'm glad I was able to fulfill that goal." Dynamo smiled, taking Sora's talon into his hand, while giving her talon a kiss. "I've never really learned any sort of martial arts, before learning it slightly from your teachings. I believe I've heard of the book before, but I've never read it personally. I was mostly a manga kind of reader, but I have read other books besides manga, of course." He would say with a chuckle.
  9. Dynamo smiled with a nod at Pencil's response. "Awesome. I'm glad you'll be able to join us for a visit. The nurse gave me the room number. So, I'll lead the way. Just make sure to stay close so nobody gets lost. I know the numbers are listed on the door, but the halls kind of look the same." He would say, speaking from experience. As they entered the room, Dynamo's ears fell slightly at Pastel's exclamation. He wanted to mention to use inside voices, so as to not disturb the other patients. However, it didn't seem like Pastel was shouting. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders as he didn't want to question anything. @Pastel Heart @ExplosionMare @Samurai Equine @Ragland Tiger Dynamo smiled half-heartedly at the joke, before nodding in understanding. "I guess you really took quite a spill from what you've told us. How about I meet you half of the way." He would say, before the gamer pony went over towards Bluebell and gave her a gentle hug. All the while, making sure not to disturb the injuries that Bluebell had attained. "I appreciate the concern, but I'm glad to know that you're okay too." He shook his head, while giving Bluebell an apologetic look. "You don't have to apologize for anything. You didn't disrupt the race in any way. If anything, I feel as if I should be the one to apologize. I felt as if I could have done more to help so you wouldn't have ended up like this. I know a lot of things happened and I had a panic attack, but I appreciated you and Pastel for helping me through things. Plus, you said you were escaping from a pack of timber wolves. I'd be trying to escape too if I ran into them. I just didn't know they were in the area." Dynamo backed up from the hug as he held out a hoof to point to Pastel and Pencil. "The ones who took first place are actually with us. This is Pencil Pouch and Pastel Heart. Pencil is the one that took first place, while Pastel and I managed to get second place." He says with a smile.
  10. Hearing his name being called, the gamer pony turned his attention towards Astral with a nod. "That's true. I know Pastel and I should go and see Bluebell first. I'm just not sure how many visitors are allowed in a hospital room. Well, in this hospital room, to be more specific." He stopped to think, before a random thought had crossed his mind. "Actually, I think she had said something about being part of the royal court. I'm not sure if she by that, but it must mean that she's very important." He would say, wanting to wait on the nurse's word to be allowed to visit Bluebell. Although, he didn't know what room number she would be in." Once the nurse came back to give them the update on Bluebell, Dynamo gave the nurse a thankful look. "Thank you so much for letting us know. We'll visit her as soon as we can, but we'll decide on who should see her." He responded, while thinking of the four who could visit first. He turned back to Samurai, who returned to both the gamer pony and Shadow. "I know Pastel and I will go first in visiting as Bluebell shared a cart with us. I know you want to visit her, as well, Samurai. Along with Astral and Pencil, who took part in the race. I guess it depends on who would want to see her more. Like we all said that Pastel and I are a given. I was thinking that maybe you and Pencil should be the other two. Astral had just said he can come along if we think it's necessary. Although, I know you and Pencil might want to check on her more as you both were very concerned on Bluebell. Even though we were all pretty much concerned." He would say, while trying to figure out how to draw straws in this scenario. @Pastel Heart @Astral Vision @ExplosionMare @Samurai Equine @Ragland Tiger As he made his way towards the designated room, Dynamo took a deep breath as he knocked on the door, but not too loudly. After a moment, he had heard a soft reply. Indicating him to be allowed to enter the room. Upon opening the door, Dynamo poked his head into the room to see Bluebell laying in one of the available beds. "Hey, Bluebell." He smiled softly, before stepping into the room. "How are you doing? Are you okay?" He asks, showing genuine concern for the unicorn.
  11. Did you mean the shirt? It was around $35, but the shirt also came with a charm/keychain and a sticker.
  12. Just received my Bit Rate shirt from Ponyfest Online. I remember ordering it during the second Ponyfest and it was well worth the wait.
  13. Awesome! I mean, I definitely want to respond, but I wasn't sure if there was a room number that was specified. That, or if the nurses gave how many occupants could visit certain patients.
  14. I was waiting on everyone else to post. Also, I don't know if the nurses gave the group permission to visit Bluebell. I don't think there was a specified room number to go find, or how many visitors can go see her at the moment.
  15. Happy Birthday, @Pripyat Pony! I hope you have and continue to have an awesome day! :grin: