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  1. I remember being at the Whooves Line is it Anyway panel. I was surprised when Dusty had said a swear word in the microphone, but I was more surprised at the proposal. I remember seeing the Bulk Biceps at past cons, but that moment was really awesome! I was also surprised that there was so many marriage proposals. The last time I heard there was about seven to nine proposals in that entire weekend. I remember someone also proposed to someone else during a panel on who the best ship would win. I remember the whole room erupted into cheers and applause. There was also a bunch of laughing as the panelists had said two OC's can be shipped together.
  2. I'll take a hug! Who can deny a free hug? *hugs @DivineSoul1000 back* *also hugs* @Succubusted @VinylWubs @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @2nd Amendment Brony @Soren Peregrine @Jeric @Will Guide @Dark Qiviut @Catpone Cerberus @ambergerr @Stardust* @Arid_Blitz @DwhitetheGamer @Emerald<3 @Lektra Bolt @Lord Valtasar @MidnightFire1222 @Mothra @Dixie92 @Orchid_Bloom @Randimaxis @SolarFlare13 @TheRockARooster And a very special and awesome hug for @Starlight Glimmer.
  3. Princess Starlight Glimmer by the YouTube channel, FlorgaLorga.
  4. Good morning everyone! How is everyone doing on this Friday morning?

    Here's a dancing Starlight to start the day and/or make everyone smile. I hope you all have a great day today. :) 



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    2. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      @DivineSoul1000 Nice! How was Guard Armor? I remember how tricky he could be at times. Also, I remember Wonderland. Not my favorite world to go to in the game as the forest was rather tricky to navigate. Also, the boss was a pain to deal with, but not a bad world, in my opinion. 

    3. DivineSoul1000


      @Dynamo Pad Guard Armor is easy for me! I never have any trouble with him!

    4. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      @DivineSoul1000 I remember always having trouble with Guard Armor when I played the game years ago. I think it was because his attack patters were random at times. Especially with how his arms and feet attacked. :laugh: Although, it's not as difficult nowadays, but it was great to have some challenging bosses. 

  5. As Mamoru listened to Tharas's response, the teen tilted his head in confusion. While some things didn't make much sense, he shrugged his shoulders and nodded as he got the gist of it. "Eh, you've read one fortune cookie, then you've read them all. The whole chain of events reminds me of that game show, Chain Reaction. Need to connect a chain of words to get from one point to the other." He chuckled, before grinning at the idea of the quirk. "You know, if you say it like that, then it also works the other way around. While some villains might be able to read moves, then you'd have to be unpredictable. Now, that's not what I'm aiming at, but it's just a random thought is all. Now, you said you can read people easier than most. Which means, if you get to know us enough, then we could make powerful combinations of moves. I can imagine a crazy combo, then follow it up with an explosive finishing move!" His eyes gleamed as it was like playing a video game. At the mention of gambling, Mamoru grinned sheepishly, while giving Tharas a thumbs up. "Don't worry. I'm not much of a betting boy either. It sounds like fun, but then you worry about putting your money in one bet and then lose it. Plus, I'm not too familiar with some of the card games. I will say my favorite, regular card game would have to be Blackjack. I'd say that regular card games don't interest me though." At the mention of collecting samples and making a big portfolio, Mamoru raised his eyebrows as his tails swished slightly. "Right...good to know..." It sounded strange, but this Canteen didn't sound like a bad person. He could see being friends with him in the long run. He tilted his head at the response and the chuckling. "Sorry. I seemed to have missed a good joke. What was the punch line? Seeing how I don't get what you mean on us not using it against you. I'd say that you don't know what you are missing. Anime, or animation in general is like an art. Even though it's others making drawings to make the drawings come to life. Still, I guess I just love the effort put into the animation and styles. Sort of like you're reading a book, while watching." At the mention of five feet, a look of realization dawned upon him, before chuckling. "Oh, whoops. My bad, then. I guess I forgot to take into account that I'm not the best when it involves math. If you want me to record the spar, then I'm all for it. I'd just have to find a camera to record the battle, of course." As Noroi took his turn to introduce himself, Mamoru glanced to Noroi and tilted his head slightly. 'He jinxes? What does that have to do with...' He stopped as his question was soon answered. He didn't laugh, but winced slightly at Noroi, who had fallen as his chair suddenly broke. 'So, it's sort of like he's cursed? He can jinx others, but the effects can affect him, huh?' He wondered as he felt sorry for who he considered a friend. He turned his attention back towards the front of the class as Noroi had moved to a new desk. As Mamoru listened to Haze's description of what they'd be going through, he gulped slightly in worry. He had been training ever since he gained his quirk, but he wasn't very good in other fields when it involved elemental powers. He hoped that he would be prepared when it would involve this training to be a pro hero. At the mention of weaknesses, he furrowed his eyebrows as he and the others talked about them. Granted, it was only briefly, but it must be because the teacher was starting to get to know them too. He frowned as he listened to Wolf's weakness of turning rabid. 'I'd be worried if we had a major test exam and the stress got to everyone.' He though in a non serious way, but he soon learned that the idea of turning rabid was very serious. At the mention of being called "weak" Mamoru looked down towards the desk. He could relate as others feared him based on his powers. Either that, or it was because of his parents. He was pulled out of his thoughts as Haze asked for someone else to go next. Seeing nobody had talked, Mamoru had decided to go up next. "I guess I'll go. Like I said, my weakness is from loud frequencies. Sort of like nails on a chalkboard, or even moves that deal with light, sound and vibration. It makes me freeze up, clutch my ears and double over in both pain and dizziness. Sort of like a teacher I heard was here from my parents. I think his name was Present Mic." He shuddered as he knew he wasn't going to enjoy running into him. "I also don't like when others fear me for something that they don't know or understand."
  6. @Catpone Cerberus "Really...?" Dynamo blinked in surprise. "...I mean, I remember my mother telling me stories about unicorns with curved horns. Granted, it was a story about my favorite legend, Mistmane, but I only thought it was just a legend of sorts. That, and even if the legend was true, then I never knew there were still some unicorns like that still existed. It would be cool to meet them one day." "That's still pretty interesting, if you ask me. I guess pony-dragon hybrids, along with other creatures might not have a cutie mark, as well. That would mean that any sort of talent and/or future is achievable. You wouldn't have to be stuck having one talent that you'd be known for. To be fair, I do like the cutie mark I have for video games, but that still sounds pretty neat..." Dynamo smiled at the friendly tone. He was taken aback from what she had said, but her friendly tone was still present. The blue unicorn had a lot to learn, but he was starting to see that she didn't mean anything in a bad way. "...I think I see what you mean. While you don't know your real folks, you still have parents that love you for who you are. It's better to have what you have, instead of not having anything at all. Is there anything else you'd like to talk about? The same can be said about asking me anything. I'd like to get to know you more." The blue unicorn started walking around the arcade. Making sure that the games were still up and running, before he decided to head over to any available games to play.
  7. @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo Pad: "Okay and thanks for letting me know. Hmm..." He walked over towards the mirror, looking at his reflection with the suit still on. What Sunlight had said wasn't untrue. Seeing how he wasn't much of a suit pony, unless he had to go to a formal event of sorts. However, he remembered that they were still on a sort of date. After everything they had gone through today and with how much work Sunlight had put into the day. He knew his choice had been made right then and there. He smiled as he decided to still wear the suit. He looked over to his suitcase, before levitating a brush over towards him. He tried to fix/style his mane as he still wanted to look presentable for his mare friend. Dew Drop: Dew had giggled as Jade rested his had upon her head, while she continued to enjoy the view. As he soon spoke, she took every word he had said into her ear. Her eyes widened slowly as he continued to speak. She pulled away from the embrace, before placing one front hoof over her mouth, while the other front hoof was placed over her heart. Along with feeling teary eyed in the process as he spoke from his heart. At least, what she considered a heart as his heart was artificial. "J-Jade...t-that's the most beautiful thing a-anypony has ever said to me. I know w-we met just the other day, b-but I can tell you that I feel just the same about you. The feelings g-go both ways. If you fall, then I-I'll fly as fast as I can to save y-you. If you need to cry or t-talk, then I'm right here to listen. I-If I am your s-sun and moon, t-then I guess that makes me your s-sky and earth. The pretty flowers that b-bloom with kindness and c-care..." She blushed and was hesitant to ask her next question as something Jade had said caught her off guard. "D-Do you really mean that, J-Jade? I-I know I said we m-met about a day or t-two ago, but did you really mean it? When you s-said the l-l-love you part?"
  8. @Demencia "Hmm..." The blue unicorn hummed, while looking around the room as he was deep in thought. "...At least we'll have time to try and get the room ready. Nothing is set in stone just yet. I see what you mean about doing something like what Rarity does, but you don't have to always follow in Rarity's footsteps. Although, following in good example works wonders. It's all about doing things that work in your ways, but I understand." He says, smiling as he felt the kiss upon his cheek. "I guess working at the boutique will be somewhat like going to school. Once you're all set and graduated under Rarity's teachings, then you'll be at your fashion room to create your dresses. Sounds like a crazy process, but I'll be here to support you, Scar." He says as he kisses her cheek. "After talking to your family, putting everything together for the room, meeting Rarity and seeing the Ponymon trailer? No wonder your mind is all a buzz at the moment." He chuckled, before nodding and taking her paw into his hand. "I can't say no to snuggling in an army of plushies. Although, what time is it? If it's late, then maybe we can get something to eat. I know I'll have to call my mom soon to meet my girlfriend, after all."
  9. @Demencia "You're not wrong in that assumption. Chocolate always knew what was wrong, whenever I was starting to feel sad. He would always lay down next to me as if he was acting like a blanket." She smiled softly, before frowning and nodding about the camp incident. "I heard that some of the parents didn't even know what to do. Some of the kids even went to therapy. At least, that's what the word around town was like. The therapists had tried to tell the kids that it was all a dream and those who disappeared had moved away. It's a sad thing to try and cover up, but at that kind of age. What can you possibly do?" She shrugged her shoulders as they soon arrived at Gentle's house. "I'm grateful that they are here for our kids, but I still feel awful. I wish we could have sent them over to Scarlet's aunts, so she could have someone to help her through those difficult times." She smiled softly as she unbuckled her seatbelt. "Still...thank you, Dev. It warms my heart to hear you say that. I can say the same about you and the pets. Since she's been back in town, it seems like she's bouncing back pretty quickly. It shows that even after all of this time, your parenting has helped her to become strong physically, mentally and emotionally." She says, opening the passenger door, stepping out of the car and closing the door behind her.
  10. @DwhitetheGamer @Unicorncob @reader8363 Dynamo had looked over to Rose, while waiting patiently if she had anything to add towards the meeting. After getting her response, the blue unicorn had turned toShining Armor, Quill and the rest of the team. "Ego sounds to be a really popular trait within this tournament. Even so, I'll tell you everything that I was told. As I talked to Rail, he started to sound as if he had gone crazy. His calm demeanor was gone. He said that he wants to have all the wealth that this tournament had been providing him. However, his goal isn't to live off of the wealth. He told me about Cumulus's home, in Trottingham. He managed to bring peace, but there was something more beneath the surface. Their other member, Nin. It turns out that he's a bloodmage, who used a ritual to awaken demon's from within other ponies and creatures. That's what happened to Rokata and the others on that team of theirs. It's the work of Yokai." He paused momentarily to let that information sink in to the rest of the team. "Now I can see what Tricis was telling you and I when she mentioned that we were like Rokata. We were what he was like before this all happened. I don't know exactly what caused him to change, but now it's starting to make sense." He turned to his captain, before continuing. "Rail wants nothing more than to destroy the peace and order that's held in Equestria. He wants to start riots, bring order to an end and to even start riots, chaos and destruction. He's planning to build an army of what Rokata and the others are right now. He'll plan to build his own order where there are no rules. Where everyone is equal, yet everyone is gone." He sighed as he looked towards the ground. "The weird thing was what he told me after that. He said...that none of Rokata's team are being controlled. They all still have their free will. They all had their reasons and they chose to accept this offer. I don't know Rokata's reasons for going down this path. Rail even admitted that even he didn't know. Selene accepted as she admires Rokata and wants to reach his end goal. Onyx accepted because he despises Rokata and wants to eliminate him. Mason? He's the wildcard on this one. I don't know about if he was offered this same power or not, but I want to say I don't think so. I remember he appeared before us after the semi-finals." He looked back up to Shining Armor's gaze. Hoping that he and the others remembered the previous events. "There was some talk about this Tenebris. It's like a parasite that's attached to Mason. Apparently, it's been a part of him for years. His fight against the other team was brutal, yet insane. I know I tried to fight him when it involved saving Rose, before facing Team Lockdown. However, he was doing things with the use of his shadow that even I hadn't seen before." It was then that he remembered the deal of Rail's game. "Wait minute, you guys. Rail had said he wanted me to stop by the private room because he wanted me to play a game with him. He said that in this final battle, he's going to make a big gamble. He wants to be his life with Tricis's life. If that's the case, then Rokata couldn't have just gotten rid of Tricis. There's no way. Why make a bet when you don't have all the pieces assembled. Granted, we can't put our eggs in one basket and trust what's been said to us. So, I'd take what Rokata had done with a grain of salt." He says, not wanting to mention about the offer to gain that same strength just yet. He would wait, until the time was right to bring that up. For now, he turned his attention to Quill with a curious eyebrow raised. "You said you found information on the opponent's we'll be fighting. Do you have any information on Selene? I think any info we'll get on our opponents will be very helpful at this point."