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  1. @Kitsune* She finished her text and quickly put her phone in her back pocket. She smiled, "Yeah, no worries, everything is okay. It's just Sasha, he is teasing me. He is such a butt sometimes." She chuckled and then placed her napkin in her lap and picked up her chopsticks. Dynamo chuckles while taking the napkin and stuffing it in his shirt, so he wouldn't spill anything on his shirt. "He sounds like a bit of a joker. Does he always mess with you and other from time to time. What was he joking about?" She began placing a few pieces of each roll on her small plate. She grabbed some of the wasabi and soy sauce. "Yeah, I've been making food like this since I was little. My mom is a wizard in the kitchen and I helped out a lot. Learning to make sushi was the most fun, and delicious! Please dig in! Don't be shy, I could hear your stomach growling earlier." She shoves a slice in her mouth and smiles at him with her little cheeks filled. Dynamo smiles while trying to hold back another chuckle. He couldn't deny how cute she looked and nods in agreement. "I guess cooking was your mom's special talent. I guess there must have been a lot of exotic food dishes." He says before taking his chopsticks to grab the sushi. A couple times he couldn't grab his food. At one point he thought he was ready to take a bite, but the sushi fell from the chopsticks as his utensil smacked him in the head. He had a deadpanned expression on his face and sighs in slight frustration. He looked to see Kitsune smirk softly and giggling at his dilemma. He didn't want to use a fork, so he decided to try the chopsticks one more time. He picked up his sushi while having a firm grip on his eating utensil. After making sure nothing would fall, he placed the sushi in his mouth and chewed. His eyes lit up as he began to chew vigorously before swallowing his lunch. He wanted to stuff his face with more food, but tried to be more polite. He didn't want to choke on his food or become sick. He sipped his tea while he ate and was satisfied with his lunch. After finishing, he stood up and went to place his bowl in the sink. Once he sat back down at the table, he saw her bring out the tray of cookies. He took one before taking a bite and hums happily. "These cookies are amazing. I'd say they're just as great as the cupcake I had yesterday. Thank you again for all the food. I really do appreciate it." Suddenly a thought just occurred to him. "I almost forgot. The pink pony I got a cupcake from gasped and then vanished. Is that a normal everyday occurrence around here in Ponyville?" He asks while finishing his cookie. "So what kind of anime did you bring over?" She asked. "I brought over two DVD's in case one didn't appeal to you. One is called Lucky Star. It's a comedy and slice of life kind of anime. It's more or less the story of four friends going through shenanigans and everyday high school life. The other is a shoenen, or an action anime called Fairy Tail. It's about these group of wizards that have their own guild going on quests and facing off against enemies. I picked up the box set recently, so I haven't gotten far in it. I've seen up to about the fourth episode and it has some funny and awesome moments." He explains, but tries his best to not sound weird.
  2. episode discussion

    I could imagine that as well. I think she was climbing up to get the volume, but was probably going to give that cat a stare down. Would have been a crazy cat fight, but it also reminds me of Ahuzotl. He has so many cats and they are friendly and vicious. The same can be said for Goldie Delicious. Now I wonder who would win in that cat fight Oh, okay. I haven't seen the episode, so I wasn't sure what you meant. When you put it that way, then it does make a lot of sense. I guess the torso was probably the same, so it was easy to reuse. I'm not entirely sure, to be honest. That's true when you think about it. Looking back at it, I thought it was funny to catch that harmless innuendo. I was also more surprised because I didn't expect the show to do something like that. I guess I shouldn't be surprised because the show could have done that in earlier seasons and some of us would have never known.
  3. episode discussion

    I didn't even think of that. That was perfect and well done, my friend. Goldie Delicious' cats are pretty cool. I like how the white cat just blends right in with her mane. Especially the cat that is bigger and tougher than the others. I can't say if that's a bob cat or whatever species of cat, but it sort of reminds me of a guard dog for Goldie. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes we meet a character and know a bit about them, but then we don't see them again. Sometimes we do, but it's rare at times. Here, we see them enough times to know a bit about them. They're probably one of my favorite parents from the mane 6, in my opinion. I do hope we could get more backstory on each mane 6's parents meeting and how they came to be now. I don't remember that in the episode, "The Times They are a Changeling." After re watching what you meant, I was surprised the show put a sort of adult moment. Especially what Burnt Oak said made sense and it was hilarious.
  4. episode discussion

    I really enjoyed this episode a lot. I was in tears throughout the viewing of this episode. It was interesting to see the apple siblings going around and asking about their parents. I laughed when I saw Goldie Delicious's entrance from her home. The ball of cats reminded me of that video game, Katamari. It was interesting to see how the apples and pears could never get along and had a feud. I liked how we got different time frames of Bright Mac and Pear Butter's lives together. I was surprised to see that Mayor Mare and Mrs. Cake knew about their parents. I also found it very interesting how we get to learn about Mrs. Cakes given name. I laughed a bit and was happy to see Mayor Mare's mane was pink. It was a nice callback to the episode, "Ponyville Confidential." I also liked how we get to meet Bright Mac's friend, Burnt Oak. He was a cool character and a friend to the apple sibling's parents. I also liked how Big Mac asked Burnt Oak for more stories from time to time. I at first thought Big Mac would try to ask for some love advice when it came to him and Sugar Bell, but I thought it was a touching moment. The song was amazing and Bright Mac's and Pear Butter's romance was really adorable. I liked how both Granny Smith and Grand Pear were able to put aside their difference and be a family. I loved the moment where they saw Bright Mac's and Pear Butter's trees were intertwined. It felt very symbolic and beautiful, in my opinion. All in all, I loved this episode and it's probably one of my favorite episodes this season. I hope we get to learn more about Bright Mac and Pear Butter in the future.
  5. @Kitsune* Dynamo saw the door open and smiles at seeing Kitsune. He smiles at her and greets his friend with a wave of his arm. "Hey there! It's been a long time since I last saw you. It's nice to see you again." He says jokingly while laughing kindly. She moved aside as he stepped inside her home. He looks around in awe at how nice her house looked. He turns around to see her leaving the living room. "Just make yourself at home, you can unpack your things, the tea will be ready in a minute and we can start chowing down on the sushi!" She said from the kitchen. "Okay that sounds like a plan. I'm actually a little hungry." He chuckles while taking his book bag off of his shoulders. He lays the bag on the couch and takes out the anime DVD's and places them on the coffee table. He continues to look around the living room while admiring the things in the room. "Okay, everything is ready if you would like to join me in the kitchen." She waved to him from the table. She heard her phone go off again, she raised an eyebrow. His ears perked as he heard her calling to him. He makes his way out of the living room and into the kitchen. He looks at the food that was served for them and he felt like he was drooling at the prepared lunch. He blushed in embarrassment as he felt his stomach growl. He takes a seat while noticing Kitsune shaking her head. "Is everything okay? I didn't do anything wrong, right? Also, the food looks really good. You made this all yourself?" He says with an curious eyebrow raised. He looks down to notice chopsticks placed next to his bowl. He also notices the fork and smiles at her kind and generous thoughtfulness.
  6. spoiler

    While looking back at that scene in the episode, I agree with what you mean. Both Pinkie and Discord can be crazy and over the top, but I'm happy that Pinkie could help give some advice for Discord on the tea party.
  7. spoiler

    I really enjoyed this episode. Discord was very hilarious with his crazy antics. I liked how he wanted to throw a tea party for Fluttershy for a change. It's nice to see how much he cares for her. It was funny seeing the multiple Discord's throughout the episode. It made me wonder if that would be his version of the mane 6. I liked how Discord tried to spice things up when gathering his tea party supplies. I also found it something to see Pinkie give Discord simple advice. I was expecting something crazy and over the top, but it makes sense given that she's the party planning pony. I liked how we get to see Discord's house again after a few seasons. It was cool to see Discord renovate his house, but surprising to see that it could make him vanish if he isn't his chaotic self. I found it funny how Fluttershy was expecting chaos, but was given a normal setting. I especially loved how Fluttershy tried to be chaotic to save her friend. All in all, I really liked this episode and the moral was amazing. I look forward to seeing what the season has next for us.
  8. @Kitsune* As Dynamo was making his way to Kitsune's house, his phone began to ring. He took out his phone and saw that he received a response. ""Okay, see you soon! :]" Dynamo smiles as he places his phone back in his pocket. While walking through town, he remembers the steps on getting towards her house. He passed the sweet shop and saw a bridge coming up in his field of vision. He looks to his side to see the water flowing from the dam. He turns around while he walks and takes in the view. He takes a deep breath and exhales with a smile. 'This place just looks so peaceful. I'm glad I decided to move to this little town. I hope to make some great memories here in Ponyville.' He quickens his step a little, but continues to walk at an even pace. Soon he comes across the fork in the road. Dynamo looks at the text and remembers to go left. He could see the forest coming up in the distance. His heart began to quicken and he couldn't tell why. Was it because of the forest itself, or was it because he was going to a girl's house. He shook his head to erase such silly thoughts. He took a deep breath and tries to calm down. 'Just take it easy Dynamo. You're going to a friend's house and hanging out. Just have a nice time and learn more about your friend. Nothing to be nervous or afraid about.' He soon felt calm as he reached the base of the forest. He thought he passed a cottage of sorts along the way, but he didn't pay it much mind. As he reached the base of the forest, he noticed a house right along the area. He concluded that this was Kitsune's house. He smiles as he pulls his phone out of his pocket to text her. "Hey I made it to your house in one piece. I'm knocking on your door to let you know that it's me." He hit send and began to walk up to her house. Looking at said house, he thought the outside of the house looked beautiful. He notices the hen house and concludes that those must be her chickens. He smiles as he steps up to the front door and gently, but firmly knocks on her front door. He quickly made one last check to see if he had everything he needed for their little hangout. He nods in confirmation as he waits patiently at the door.
  9. @Kitsune* The next morning, Dynamo alarm on his phone went off at around 6:30 AM. He sat up quickly in bed, as the alarm gave him a quick jump start for the day. He leans over to grab his phone and turns off the alarm. He rubs his tired eyes and yawns. He was never a morning person, but to him, it was like a curse. He always got up early, but he could never really go back to bed most of the time. He stretches before getting out of bed and head for the kitchen. Once there, he opens the cabinets on what he could make for breakfast. He pulled out some boxes and some milk from the fridge while getting some bowls. He starts to make a pancake batter and mixes all the ingredients. He gets out an electric stove and places the batter onto the stove. After a couple of minutes, he flips the batter to find the pancakes a crisp golden brown. He waits a little more for the other side to be done, before grabbing himself a plate. He uses a spatula to flip the pancakes onto the plate and turns off the stove. He places the plate on the table before getting out a bottle of syrup from a drawer. Once he adds syrup to the pancakes, he puts the syrup back and gets out a fork and a knife. He sits down and digs into his breakfast. After enjoying the food he made, he throws out his plate before placing the utensils and bowl into the sink. He puts the boxes away and begins washing the dishes. He lets the dishes soak before heading back to his room. He checks to see if he received any new text messages from Kitsune, but finds that there was no response. He looks to the time on his phone to see that it was around 8 AM. He chose to get ready for the day and gets changed. His clothing attire consisted of a beige shirt, blue pants and his black shoes. He heads back into the kitchen to finish up on washing the dishes. After making sure they were clean and put away, Dynamo heads back to his room one more time to make sure he had everything. He gets out his book bag and prepares for his hangout with Kitsune. He gathered his PlayStation 4, a couple of controllers and his Lucky Star and Fairy Tail first season box sets. After making sure he had everything, Dynamo exits his room and makes his way out of the house. He locks the door before walking down the path to the arcade. He was greeted with a good morning here and there and he responded in kind. He made it to the arcade to find that Button Prompt was preparing to open the arcade. He knocks on the door and was let inside the arcade shop. After greeting each other, Button gave Dynamo the rundown to how things worked. He made sure to pay attention, so he wouldn't make a mistake. Button saw the concerned look in Dynamo's eyes and chuckled. Letting him know that if he made a mistake, then he could be shown until it became second nature. Dynamo sighed in relief and relaxed a little more. Soon the shop was open and some ponies were walking into the store. They either played games or were collecting tickets for prizes. Dynamo walked around the store and made sure every game was up and running. That, or he helped ponies who were having trouble getting stuck on a game. It was around 10 AM when he felt his phone go off. He checks to see that he received a text from Kitsune. He smiles as he reads the message. He nods before quickly replying to her message. "It's been going pretty well so far. I was confused on some things in the arcade, but Button made sure I would be okay. I hope you're day is going pretty well. I never had sushi before, but it sounds great. I'll make sure to be as hungry as possible when I get there. I'm almost done work, so I'll see you soon =]." After sending his messages, he puts his phone away and continues his work. A couple of hours later, the clock on the store had read 1 PM. He sighs in relief in knowing that he was all done. He heads over to Button to let him know that he would be leaving. After getting the okay, Dynamo waves to him and exits the arcade. He slung the book bag over his shoulders as he pulled out his phone. "Hey! I'm all done work and I'm heading over now. I'll message you when I'm outside the house. See you in a little bit." He smiles as he sends Kitsune a response. He looks to the directions she gave him yesterday and proceeds to make his way to her house.
  10. @Kitsune* Kitsune chuckled as she read his response. "If you would like to bring your favorite cookies that would be great. Idk if you like what I have, they are just short bread cookies. I would be okay with watching some Anime." Message sent. "OH, and you shouldn't get lost, it's super easy, just head south towards the sweets shop and keep going in that direction, you will continue on the path and go over a bridge, once you hit the fork in the road you take a left and as long as you stay on that path it will lead right to my house." Message sent. Dynamo heard his phone ring and checked to see he received two messages. He smiles while chuckles and smiles in relief as he read the messages. "I'll see what I can do, but I'm up for trying something different. I'll check through my anime library and bring something over. Thanks for the directions. I shouldn't get lost when finding your house now." He yawns while rubbing his tired eyes. "It's starting to get late, so I'm going to head off for bed. I'll text you when I'm on my way over. See you tomorrow and goodnight, Kitsune." After sending the text, he places his phone back on his night stand before laying back down on his bed. He stares up at the ceiling while being lost in his thoughts. 'Today was certainly a productive and busy day. I made it to Ponyville, I was able to get mister Pinball's home, my stuff was delivered safely and I even made a new friend. Even though she isn't a pony, she's really awesome. I hope I get to learn more about her as time goes on. Although, what Cheap Shot said is starting to bother me. How did he even know about my name. I wonder if he knew about my channel, but could it be more than that?' He yawns again before sighing. He felt his eyes were beginning to grow heavy. 'Oh, well. I shouldn't worry about it right now. For the time being, I should get some rest. I got a big day ahead of me.' With that, he closes his eyes and let's sleep take hold of him.
  11. @Kitsune* Kitsune was smiling as she read the incoming text. She quickly opened up the keyboard on her phone and started typing away. "Just wondering, I was going to see if you would like to come over for some tea and cookies. I plan on staying in tomorrow, I have some things to do around the house and yard before Sasha arrives in a couple days." She hit send. Dynamo grinned as he saw that he received a response. After reading the message he contemplated on what he could do. He nods before typing out his response. "That sounds pretty nice. Maybe I could help out for your visit with Sasha. Do you want me to bring anything with me, besides myself?" He laughs again before finishing his text. "Maybe after we're all done cleaning up, we can play games or watch some anime. What do you think?" "My address is 159 S Holly Street. You can come over after your shift is over and we can talk about how your day went. Sound good?" Message sent. She placed her phone down on her stomach waiting for another response. Before he sent his response, he received another text. He smiles before adding onto his message. "That sounds perfect. Hopefully I won't get lost, but I'll do my best." Message sent. He placed the phone next to him as he waited for a response.
  12. @VinylWubs Dynamo returns the smile and nods. "I'm mostly calm, but can get hyper really easily." He chuckles and grins widely. "Fun is the best word in the pony dictionary. No, wait. That word goes to supercalifragilisticexpialicocious. I also wouldn't want to live in a world that's all about maturity. That's more this place in a nutshell, but one day we can change all that." He says before lowering his voice one more into a whisper. "That could be, but we can't assume anything yet. For all we know, it might not be that harmless. Still, we should make sure if she'll be okay. She's important to me and I don't want nothing to happen to her, you know?" He glances away with a slight blush on his muzzle. He turns back to his sister and pats her head. "Don't worry about him. True he made me upset, but I had you and the others by my side. I also know Coco-Chan will tell us when she's ready. Hopefully she'll trust us enough to tell us what's going on." Joe places a hand in front of him to show that he understood. "Sounds to me you're on a rant and I don't blame you. Those ponies aren't worth your effort and it'll be up to them to change their ways. I seriously doubt that will ever happen, but you never know. Just like with Twilight and her friends, Coco. Destiny has a funny way of working things out." He chuckles lightly and nods. "I'm glad to see someone enjoys my donuts. Just make sure to not let that ruin your diet. You eat too many donuts, or too much of one thing, then you'll end up sick. I remember that happened to someone a long time ago and they had stomachaches for weeks. It was tragic, but they learned a valuable lesson." He nods while giving her a hopeful look. "I hope he'll return one day. When that time comes, then everything will be resolved. I know the Princesses will make sure every pony will apologize. Until then, we just need to bide our time. Now take care and enjoy spending time with your friends. Also, don't let that stallion get away." He waves while giving Coconut a wink and chuckles. Dynamo chuckles and nods. "You have the cutie mark of a gamer, but the soul of a comedian. Sounds like you have two talents there, sis. I don't think Joe would understand because he probably doesn't know about anime. You got to have a knack for that sort of hobby, or something along those lines." He says as Coconut and Console joined him. He smiles softly at Coconut, who was sitting across from him at their table. He looks down to his donut before taking a bite. His eyes lit up as he felt like he was in heaven. "This donut is so good! I had treats before, but these are delicious!" He swallowed his portion before looking at the yellow mare. "I don't think we got to know each other when we first met up. Anything you'd like to know about us, Coco-Chan?" He asks while giving the yellow mare an inquisitive look.
  13. @Kitsune* Kitsune smiles, she begins to type. "I'm glad that your things arrived safely. I know what you mean about losing track of time, I was reading for a long while tonight. I'm doing better, just need some time to clear my head and rest my soul. What are your plans for tomorrow?" She hit the send button. Dynamo smiles while trying to rub his eyes to stay awake. "Oh really? What book were you reading? I don't have that many books. That is, unless you count the collection of manga I have." He chuckles before he continues texting. "I'm glad to know you're feeling better. Just remember I'm here in case you want to talk about it. I'm honestly not that busy. I just have to be at the arcade early tomorrow. Button wanted to give me a quick run down tutorial of the place. Then he wants me to work for a couple of hours, so I should be done around 1:00 PM. Why? What's up?" He nods before hitting the send button.
  14. Mega Thread

    The last movie I watched was 47 Meters Down.
  15. @Kitsune* Before making his way home, Dynamo stopped at the convenient store to pick up some food and drinks. Once he makes it to his house, he opens the door and steps inside. He remembered that his boxes would arrive today. He made sure to ship them the day before so they would make it the next day. As he enters the living room, he sighs in relief to know everything arrived safely. He puts his food away and begins to straighten up the house. About an hour later, he was in his room placing the last of his belongings away. He sighs in relief and was thankful that he was done. 'Today was a pretty crazy day. Although, I don't regret any of it. I got to know the gist of Ponyville and I made a new friend.' He gets up off his bed and stretches before heading into the kitchen. Once he entered the kitchen, he goes over to the fridge to make himself a quick dinner. As he finished his dinner, he made sure to throw his trash out and heads back into his room. He decided to turn on his console and play a few games for a little while. A few hours pass and he looks to the clock to see that it was 10 PM. He stifles a yawn and decided to call it a night. He made sure to turn off his console and got changed into his pajamas. He lays back down on his bed and sighs happily while feeling tired. He almost was about to close his eyes when he realized he had to message Kitsune. Reaching over his night stand, he grabs his cell phone and inputs Kitsune's phone number. After saving it into her contacts he sets up a message for her. "Hey Kitsune. I'm sorry for the late response. I got my boxes today and was unpacking. I also lost track of times playing video games haha. Anyway, what's up? Also, how are you feeling?" He hits the send button and awaits a message from her.