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  1. Most of the plushies I own are on display. I keep some plushies on my bed to hug them in my sleep.
  2. My mom was completely okay with it. She told me if it makes me happy and I don't get hurt, then she supports me. My dad didn't really say anything, but I felt like he didn't like the fact that I was a brony. After some time, he accepted that I was a brony and was okay with it.
  3. Open

    @Orange Sparks Celestia giggles and shake her head at Shade. "I understand, my dear niece. I noticed it as well, but I was able to talk her into looking for someone special. I guess we didn't have to look far." She giggles once more and nods, but suddenly frowns while nodding at Luna's remark. She then turns her attention towards Spitfire. "I think Luna had moved everything to the palace earlier, so we won't have to worry on moving anything else. If anything, we can transport anything else we need later. I think we should go and check on the others. Has anyone seen the chariot yet? We can take a slow ride to try and calm down. It'll give us a time to prepare on what needs to be done." Soarin looks out the window once more to see another chariot approaching the house. He walks to Celestia and salutes to her. "The other chariot has just arrived, Princess Celestia. We're ready to head off toward the palace when everyone is ready." He says as Celestia nods appreciatively. "Thank you very much Soarin. Is everyone ready to go? I think the little ones want to see their mommy very much." She says while glancing at Briar and Lilith. Thunderlane nods and sighs in relief once more. "Thank you boss. That makes both Cloud and I feel better to hear you say that. We can plan out the mission on the way to the palace. It'll take our minds off of what happened. Then we can visit Clockwork and see her before we head out. We have Rumble and Flitter with us. Should they stay at the castle for safe keeping? They'll have someone to listen to and be looked after. It's better than being by themselves and possible dangers, in my opinion."
  4. Private

    @Orange Sparks Dew Drop smiles and nods. She looks forward as she remembers Night's piece of advice. "I'll do the best I can. I'll just close my eyes and hold you close if things look scary." She says and nods at his remark. "That's understandable, but I c-can't help in being scared. It just shows how well they make the haunted house." She says as the begin their trek through the house. A little while later, the group make their way to the exit. After stepping out of the house, Dew sighs and nuzzles Night. "T-That honestly wasn't too bad. Some parts were pretty scary, but everything else was just shock factor. Some things that got me were jump scares. Thought I was going to have a panic attack from the third jump scare." She says and giggles nervously. She leans up and kisses Night's cheek. "Thank you for reassuring me, sweetheart. Having you all there helped me out in the end." She says while leaning down and hugs Mistypaws. "Thank you as well, Mistypaws. Seeing you growl at the others and protecting me was really sweet."
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    @@Orange Sparks Celestia giggles at Shade's joke. "That was terrible, Shade. You're not jealous of Dynamo, are you? Do you have feelings for the stallion? You would be if you saw how he looks now." She says before turning her attention towards Luna. "You aren't going to accept your daughter insulting your date now, are you sister?" She winks with a smirk on her muzzle. She suddenly frowns while turning towards Eli. "Now I want you to remain calm, Scout Captain Eli. Switch may not know who you are, but I don't want you to sully your reputation on trash like him. What he did is unforgivable, yes, but I'll make sure he won't ever forget what he has done. Same with my sister here, as well. We'll make sure he gets the most capital of punishments. I just want you to remember that if you do talk to him." Thunderlane entered the living room and bowed his head to Spitfire. "I'm sorry that we are late, Spitfire. It's just like Cloudchaser had said. Please don't blame us, or our siblings." He says but looks to the others with scowls on their faces. "Uh...did we miss something here?" After being given the explanation, he scowls as well. "Now I have more of a reason to be angry at that stallion. Hearing what happened the night before really got on my nerves. I'm just glad he's been captured and all is well now." Soarin nods in agreement to Thunderlane's remark. "It's a miracle the Princesses were able to do something about this situation. Right now Shade has Switch in custody. We'll be figuring out his punishment on our way to the palace. You may join us, since Spitfire and I are heading there, as well. We'll give you the mission briefing on the way there."
  6. Private

    @@Orange Sparks Dew Drop looks to Mistypaws, before turning her attention to Night and nods. "I'm glad to k-know that she thinks of me this way. Whenever Misty is around, I feel as though she's a guardian to me. I really enjoy the snuggles we share together as well. I still am looking forward to the big snuggling with her and her kits tonight." She giggles and calmed down from Mistypaw's presence. She smiles softly and nods once more. "Thank you and I'm glad you are all here with me. I think I'm going to be okay right now." She says, as the group continues to make their way through the haunted house attraction.
  7. Private

    @@Orange Sparks Kitty smiles and nods as she takes the dishes and places them in the sink for later. She looks at Derek and the others while giving an innocent look. "I'm doing okay, everyone. The dishes are not that heavy and I'm feeling a little better from yesterday. I'm also set and ready to go see Tara and Jenny." She says as she and the others make their way to the car. She kisses and nuzzles Derek before entering the vehicle. "Thank you, darling. You are such a gentleman." She says as she buckles up her seat belt. Gabby smiles sweetly and hugs Derek. "Thanks little brother. You are very kind and generous." She enters the back of the car and buckles up. She takes Stella's paw into her own and smiles. "I'm all set to go and see Jenny. I really do hope she's doing okay. Hopefully Tara was able to help her stay calm without Zeke."
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    @@Orange Sparks Dynamo chuckles and nods. "That makes sense to me, Fel. I would probably fall back asleep if I'm not up and out of bed. That happened once and I was late for studying with the professor." He says as he takes another bite of his breakfast. He notices Felicity feeding her Pokemon with her own food, as he just stared at her. He then smiles and shakes his head. "I saw that and I think I remember you did that before we started our journey. I think it's cute, but is it safe for Pokemon to eat human food?" Dynamo looks to the professor with a surprised expression on his muzzle. "You mean you used to have that bad habit as well, sir? Also, you have your own Rockruff? I always imagined you gave your Rockruff to Felicity."
  9. Private

    OOC thread is here: It was lunchtime at the university of Liberty, as the young Pegasus, known as Dew Drop, started making her way to the cafeteria. The purple maned pony held her books closely to her body, as she walked carefully around the wandering students. She tries to hide her face behind her mane as she attempts to avoid talking to anyone. She wasn't trying to be rude to anyone in the slightest. She was somewhat shy and nervous around others. She feared that she would be a bother to others, which resulted in her shy nature. After a couple of minutes, Dew reaches the cafeteria and sighs in relief. She opens the door and starts to head in line to grab some food. Her food consisted of a hayburger, a salad and a bottle of water. After paying for her meal, she scanned the cafeteria to locate a seat for herself. "I hope I'm able to find a seat in here. More so, that I'll be by myself and won't bother anypony." She quietly says to herself. She frowns as she found that most of the tables were pretty much full. She then noticed a table with a lone pony sitting by himself. She glanced at the other students and noticed that they didn't pay this colt any mind. After a few minutes of contemplating, she decides to walk over to the nearly empty table. As she was making her way over to the colt, her heart started to race in fear. She was afraid he would tell her she was a bother and to leave, but she couldn't back down now. As she reached the table, she clears her throat to gain his attention. "Uh...e-excuse me. D-D you mind i-if I join you?" She stutters while nervously shuffling her feet.