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  1. Dynamo looked back at Astral, before giving his friend a sheepish smile. "I guess it really does seem like that, huh? I suppose one could call this quest a 'gaming quest,' as well. I guess we'll need to look into it more, while crossing that bridge when we get there." He smiled, looking forward to whatever this quest that he and Pastel would go towards. He always loved playing video games as it helped him to meet new competitors and rivals. It also helped him to improve in his gaming, while allowing himself to meet many strong opponents in the process. "Oh, by the way, Astral. Pastel, Pencil and I were going to stop by Pencil's place so she can grab her sketch pad. Do you and Samurai want to go along with us? It'll be a quick stop, before we head towards the arcade. What do you think?" He waited as it seemed that Astral and Samurai were talking about something that was of big importance.
  2. Happy Birthday, @Randimaxis! I hope you have an amazing day, my friend! :D 

  3. @AzureMoon Dynamo watched as Broken scored a five pointer, before returning the embrace. "Huzzah! My sweetheart is going for an all time record!" He cheered alongside her, before scoring another three pointer. "I'm up for some air hockey and even some skeet-ball. Perhaps we can play one and then the others. Who says we can't play both games? The arcade has any and all games for us, for Dusky and for my mom to enjoy." He would say, before handing her another basketball to throw. Gentle giggled once more as she continued to hug her grandson, while returning the nuzzle. She looked down to see how many tickets they had already won. "Look at all of those tickets, sweetie. We won all of those, but you did most of the work. This is most impressive and something to be proud about. Have you been saving up for a prize that you've wanted?"
  4. @AzureMoon Dynamo nodded as he heard Charlene's response. "Okay and you're welcome. I only said that because I wanted to look out for your's and Mr. Fenrir's well being." He says as she had stepped out of the car. "Maybe there can be a day where Tabby can visit Miss Cheerilee and the other students? Maybe to give her an idea of what this school is like and to help form connections. That way, she won't feel so lonely or worried on her first day of school." He blinked in surprise as Charlene had brought up the conversation he and Fenrir had talked about. The gamer pony soon smiled and chuckled in agreement. "You have a deal, Mrs. Charlene. I'll make sure that Tabby continues to eat healthy, while we can still spoil her from time to time."
  5. @AzureMoon "You and me both, sweetheart. I remember getting through Sword and Shield, but I haven't had the opportunity to continue playing the game. Maybe we'll be able to rectify that, huh?" He smiled, chuckling as Scarlet had explained what she had meant. "Oh, so that's what you mean. I'm all for co-play and I can never pass up the opportunity to cosplay. Remember when we went to a convention together? It's like we had walked into our own paradise. Even dressing up was a lot of fun." He would say, smirking playfully at the mention of the female rabbit's choice in Pokemon. "Oh? I'm going to guess that you'll go as Umbreon. That dark type Pokemon was always a personal favorite of yours. Either that, or maybe Absol. I can see you being an adorable Absol. If I had to pick, then I might go with a psychic type Pokemon, or maybe a Flygon. Maybe an Alolan Ninetales, but we can narrow down the choices." He smiled as he nuzzled her, before he continued to cook his part of breakfast. Devin nodded as she patted Devin's shoulder. "I understand, hon. I just hope everything is alright. Just remember that you can talk to me about anything that's on your mind." She sighed along with the female rabbit, while nodding in agreement. "After everything that happened, along with seeing those blasted posters. I think a meeting with Dr. Wolf has been long overdue." She would say, stepping out of the car and nodding in agreement. "Okay and that sounds lovely. I think we could all go for a group hug. Maybe after that, I can give my favorite rabbit some cuddles too?" She asks, walking alongside Devin.
  6. @AzureMoon "I did hear someone had mentioned that there was a train that lead to Mt. Aeris. So, maybe that can be an option if driving is out of the question. Better to take a safe trip, then having to either fly there by magic and flight or by air travel." Dynamo smiled sheepishly, remembering that he wasn't the best with heights. He had dealt with heights when trapped in the game, but it depended more on the height itself. "So, since we are on the way to get something to eat. Do you know of any good diners or restaurants that can make a good breakfast course?" He would ask as he buckled up his seatbelt.
  7. "Ouch. That's a bit harsh, don't you think?" Dynamo responded. Wincing slightly at Draco's statement upon his two bullies. While he could understand Draco's form of logic. Dynamo still wouldn't wish ill will upon anyone. "I can see what you mean, though. Since it also depends on how badly you damaged the unicorn horn. I remembered in school that a unicorn's horn can grow back in time. It all depends on how badly it's broken, or something along those lines. It's why I trained with Copper when we were both in the same dojo. Since I couldn't use magic at that time, I had to work hard and train my body. Plus, if one relies on magic, then the opponent can exploit that weakness. They'd just stall out the user until there's no magic left. Once that's done, then they go in for the final strike."
  8. "I wonder if VR would exist. I know arcade machines are a thing. Along with the making of some consoles are on the rise. I've only seen a few anime that dealt with the idea of VR type of games. It would be interesting to see something like that in Equestria. Perhaps making a petition for Princess Twilight to look into this would be a good idea." Dynamo grinned, rolling his eyes playfully at being called a ship name. He was still learning how to grasp the meaning of joking around. So, he decided to play along with Pastel's remark. "Whoo Whoo!" He exclaimed, pretending the act like the ship's horn. "All aboard for the maiden voyage. Please make sure to keep your hooves, tails, and accessories within the S.S. Dynamo at all times. If you fall off, then we are not held responsible for anypony's carelessness. Next stop Pencil's place, before heading towards the arcade!" He chuckled, before turning back to face the Pastel and the rest of the group. "That is, if everypony else is in agreement with the idea, of course." He responds with a smile. "That's completely understandable. Responsibilities must come first before allowing yourself to enjoy the day." The gamer pony responded, looking back to asian pony. His jaw suddenly dropped at the mention of the arcade, before gasping in surprise. "You've never been to an arcade!? In that case, then we've got to try and change that immediately." He looked back to Pastel with a look of alarm. "You've got that, Pastel-chan? We're dealing with a code online of utmost priority. We're talking about monster invasion of a town or royal location of the utmost of urgency. Samurai has never been in an arcade before. We must change that asap!" He stated in a comedic fashion, before giving a playful smile and a wink to show that he was kidding. However, he hoped that she would understand and play along. Seeing how he knew that she seemed to be a gamer enthusiast like he was.
  9. "I guess I don't have what you'd call the best poker face." Dynamo slightly joked, before growing serious once more. "I suppose that not everyone is redeemable. It depends on if they are willing to change or if they are seen to be given that second chance. I guess I should know as I've dealt with bullies that I've tried to give a second chance. Just like Cosmic, Frozen and Cheap Shot. I've always tried to give them a chance as there should be good within everyone's heart. However, they only pushed me further away as they were too caught up in their revenge of the past." He would say, recalling the time that Draco and Snow had caught Cosmic and Frozen days ago.
  10. @DwhitetheGamer @Unicorncob @reader8363 @Canteen_the_unstable Dynamo blinked as he heard Draco's response. "Did you happen to read my mind, or does my expression about this fight give it away?" He wondered, while not taking his eyes off of the fight. "I honestly don't know what Rokata wants from Jade at this point. They are both similar in some ways, yet the two of them are clearly different. Simply because Jade went down a different path that wasn't following in Rokata's hoof steps." He sighed as a moment with Selene had occurred to him. "I wonder if that's what Selene had meant during our fight." He would say, addressing the others that were standing around him. "She spoke to me in my mind during that last part of our fight, but it had me thinking. She said that she felt like a fool to think that their abilities, or possibly even ours, were the things that were meant to be tested in this tournament. That it was meant to push everyone to new heights, but she soon said that it was nothing like that. If it's not that, then what was this whole tournament even about? Just a spectator's sport to make bets and to eliminate any potential threats or competitions?"
  11. @AzureMoon “Okay and that sounds perfect.” Dynamo would say with a smile. Nodding as Sora has lead him towards her car. “I’m always up for discussing our plans over breakfast. I can imagine we have a lot to discuss anyway.” He nodded as he made his way over towards the passenger aide of the car. He noticed the sheepish smile, before returning the same expression. “I mean, we have gone on some dates when we were in the game. However, we haven’t gone on a proper date in the real world. In that case, then I would love to consider this our first date.”
  12. Dynamo glanced over to Draco as he heard his teammate speak. He let his words sink in, before turning back towards the fight. “If she really is holding back, then it has to be more than just that. I get that it’s just about whether or not you can eliminate your opponent, but what is Jade trying to do?” He wondered aloud as he heard Jade’s pain from her now injured leg. ’Is she trying to save Rokata?’ He thought, before his eyes widened slightly in realization. ‘If that’s true, then is she able to? I mean, Tricis did say that Jade and I reminded her of Rokata. I just don’t know after seeing his true form being revealed. It’s almost as if there isn’t anything left of the old or true Rokata. However, Jade looks to be fighting to save him. So, I have to trust that my captain will be able to do what she can. Don’t give up, captain.’
  13. @Pastel Heart @Astral Vision Dynamo looked from Pencil's hoof, before looking to the direction that she was point towards. He looked back to see a sheepish grin, before returning the expression with a smile of his own. "Based on what you said, that honestly doesn't seem that far away, in my opinion. We could make a quick detour if everyone is up for it. All we can ever do is try our best. Also, trust me. I'm not the best with directions. Even with a map, I can be a nervous wreck on finding the right place. I still forget that the house I'm staying at is still next to the arcade." He chuckled, while joking about the last part. The gamer pony's ears perked as he heard the voice of a familiar friend. He smiled as he saw Samurai approaching, before returning the bow. "Hey, Samurai! It's good to see you again. I'd say that today has been pretty fulfilling, so far." He frowned upon hearing Samurai's stressful day, before shaking his head as he heard Samurai's question. "I'm sorry to hear that you haven't had the best day, so far. I hope everything is okay. All we were doing was practicing some magic, while getting some interesting results." He smiled sheepishly as he remembered the way his spells had turned out. "At any rate, there was some reassurance and now everything is okay. We were thinking of heading towards the arcade to play and test out some games. Along with heading to Pencil's house so she can grab her sketch pad. Did you want to tag along with us? Maybe some games will help take your mind away from the stress you had been talking about."
  14. As he was talking to Wolf, Mamoru had glanced behind him to see that Ryu had taken a seat next to them. He smiled as he acknowledged the dragon's presence, before going back into the conversation with the female wolf. Suddenly, he was stopped as a large mist appeared in front of him and the others. The atmosphere around him became hazy due to the mist. Feeling numb and disoriented due to the mist's effects, Mamoru had fallen forward, before coming to a rest upon Wolf's shoulder. No sooner did that happen, the fog had suddenly vanished as Ana had soon appeared. It had taken the fox boy a moment to gather his thoughts, before suddenly jumping back with a look of surprise and a blush upon his face. He wanted to apologize to Wolf, but due to Ana talking, the best he could do was to give Wolf and apologetic expression. He looked back at his teacher as she explained why she was here. 'She couldn't have just shown up or made an announcement for us to gather?' He thought with a deadpanned expression. All the while thinking of ways on how to not let the mist get to him again. His expression soon changed into a serious look at the mention of taking the teacher's words to heart. He listened to what Ana had said about him, while thinking back to his demonstration. 'My body sways in subtle ways? I thought it was due to my abilities of being a Shinobi. I didn't think there was more to it than that.' He thought it was intriguing as he was glad there was room to improve. "I don't really know if I can choose the element, or if the element chooses me, but I'll try. I accept the pointers and thank you for the help, sensei." He nodded, before hearing the comment about Wolf and him being a couple. The blush he tried to suppress had returned full force upon hearing the teacher's comment. He couldn't acknowledge her words, but couldn't deny them either. He couldn't even respond due to his blushing, feeling nervous and being tongue-tied. 'Does she know something that I don't? Maybe she saw the wink that Wolfie gave me from earlier.' Upon hearing that it was time for bed, Mamoru nodded as he turned to Wolf. "It sounds like it's starting to get late. I'm going to get something quick to eat and then I'll turn in first. In case I don't get the chance to say it later. Goodnight and I'll see you in the morning, Wolfie." He stood up from his seat, bid the others a good evening, got something quick to eat and headed towards his room. Upon entering said room, he noticed that his suitcase was placed at the foot of his bed. He soon climbed into his bed, closed his eyes and allowed sleep to take hold. Mamoru had woken up early the next day as he knew he had to start getting ready. Due to his father's training, he was always a morning person. He gave the occasional yawn, but he was still awake. He remembered that he and the others were going to a camp for training. Throwing the covers off of him, the fox boy made his way over towards his suitcase and began to unpack and repack. Since it was nice weather, he would make sure to take the essentials based on how each day would be. After a few minutes, he left the room and went to do his morning routine: showering, getting dressed into his uniform, eating breakfast, and brushing his teeth. He soon brought what he needed with him, before heading towards the location that the group was supposed to meet up at. He saw that Toby had arrived first as he gave the classmate a smile and friendly wave. "Morning, Toby. Ready for training camp today?" He asks, waiting for the others to show up.