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  1. @Pastel Heart @Samurai Equine As Dynamo climbed in the back seat of the motorcycle, he looked over to see that Pastel had joined him in the other side of the back seat. "I remember riding in a car that would jump over dunes. I can only imagine this will be much different than that." He stated, before being flung back in his seat by Elusive, who had revved the enging and drove off with a cheer. "Just make sure not to drive too fast, Elusive! I've never exactly drove a vehicle before!" While he drove vehicles in arcades, they were mostly stationary and only moved in regards to motion controls. The group drove through the city, while trying to take in the sights from Elusive's fast driving. He felt his heart drop once more as they went over ramps and sudden loop-the-loops. "This is insane!!" He exclaimed, fearful, yet trying to enjoy the ride. He had to hold onto his hat and monocle in the possibility of them flying off of his head and face respectively. Once the group had arrived back where they started, Dynamo managed to climb out of the back seat of the motorcycle. "Whoo! Look at the time. Gotta go. Tata." He mumbled, before falling backwards as his back had hit the ground. The world suddenly spun in his peripheral vision as he tried to calm the rhythmic beating of his heart, as well as gain the sense of feeling in his body. After a bit of time had passed, the gaming unicorn sat back up as he readjusted the hat on his head. As he was sitting, he felt a bit of weight upon him as someone was leaning against him. He looked over to see that it was Pastel, who had seemed to have gone through a similar experience as he did. He chuckled slightly as he was glad he wasn't alone in that regard. He looked back over to Elusive as he gave her a thankful nod. "That was a fun motorcycle ride, Elusive. Thanks for letting Pastel and I be the passengers. You've got a great talent in driving that cycle." He would say, before his ears perked as Trilby called out to him. Looking over towards the Cleric, he nodded as he took note of Trilby's request on the team change. "You're right and I always try to keep my promise, Trilby. I think it would be okay to switch up the teams. This way, we can find a good strategy in order to tackle the next boss. It'll leave them guessing in case someone saw the team's earlier combo attacks and such." He explained, before hearing Elusive give her two cents on the team dynamic. "Two battle teams would be a good idea. It would help in taking care of certain bosses, so we won't be stuck here for some time. However, I guess it depends on the others. Side quests will help give us upgrades for upcoming fights/bosses. Along with maybe some better equipment and items that will aid us in battle."
  2. "It's nice to meet you Nitro. Like I told Neon, my name is Dynamo Pad, but you can call me Dynamo." Dynamo responded, before nodding. "You're from Canterlot, huh? I'm guessing that you're just visiting for the time being?" He asks, before listening to Nitro's history of living in Detrot. His ears fell, while frowning as he heard the orange pegasus's past. "I'm really sorry to hear that. I wouldn't wish what happened upon anyone. I guess your dad wanted you to continue the family business of sorts, but some things aren't truly for everyone, right? Was the delivery that important that it had to be done during a terrible storm? It just feels like such a risk." He would say, wincing slightly as he saw the metal wing. He knew he was a unicorn, but it felt like he could feel the pain from Nitro. "It sounds like you knew what you wanted to do. At least you were able to stand up for yourself and found your special talent and passion.
  3. @Lazy Ferret "I wouldn't call it a sob story. Everyone has something they don't like to talk about, or if it's personal." He whispered, giving Stacey and understanding expression. "Random change of topic, but I'm glad I was right." He threw a fist in the air with a chuckle. "I think I saw you pick up a random animal that comes in during one of your streams. I can imagine you'd let them sit in your chair and have them stream." He grinned, before his grin faded as his jaw dropped slightly as she held his hand in hers. He blushed as he wasn't expecting her to take his hand. "A day and night time stream, huh? I never really thought of it like that. That makes a lot of sense considering the amount of viewers you'll get. I might try doing that more often. Gives me a chance to let of some random swears, but subtle enough to not get in trouble on stream." He gave a sheepish smile with a wink.
  4. @Lazy Ferret Dynamo's lips contorted into a crooked smile as he tried to hold back a laugh. "When you put it that way, then that's a bit of irony. Considering you're able to fly with your wings." He'd say, making sure to keep holding everything as she lead him to the station. "Oh, I think I remember her. I know we all were looking different in regards to our avatars, but still. I'll have to see everyone again in order to remember their faces. Especially if they have different color in their mane and such. Thankfully, they were able to visit and help with the car." He would say, taking note of the train that had pulled up to the station. "Now that's what I either call convenient or perfect timing. At least we'll have time to bring our luggage and such into the private carriage." He says, eyebrows raising in surprise at the ticket.
  5. @Samurai Equine One thing I was wondering about the upgrades. Were they brought up and/or what each player would get? I wasn't sure if it was up to us on what the upgrade would be, or something like that.
  6. @C. Thunder Dash Dynamo looked towards the pegasus, while tilting his head in slight confusion. "Hmm...I guess I must have misinterpreted. I know racing is racing at the end of the day. Sorry about that. I meant more along the lines of plain racing in general. Something more along the lines of just racing down the track to see who has the faster time. That, or just plain race around a circular course." He explained, giving the pegasus an apologetic look. "Oh, I've heard of both of those series. I'm not into racing games, to be honest. Unless it depends on what game it is. However, my dad liked those kind of games. He knew most of the kind of vehicles, while I just liked to see how I could do against the competition. I hope you don't mind me asking, but what's your name? I don't think I've seen you around town before either."
  7. Dynamo smiled as he felt Neon return the hoof bump, while also taking note of his name. "It's nice to meet you too, Neon." He would say, blinking in surprise at the mention of illegal air racing. "Seriously? This is the first time that I've heard about it. I guess since it's considered illegal, then not much is spoken on the subject. I mean, my dad always loved racing, but it was always done at a track with professionals. That way, it was more of a controlled sort of way to be considered a fair race. Sort of like the race track in Canterlot where the Wonderbolts would race at." He explained, chuckling with Neon. "I can imagine that being some crazy stuff. I can understand your dad was looking out for you, but I guess curiosity gets the better of everyone at one point or another. Air racing in town does sound pretty fun, but it wouldn't be something I'd do. I wouldn't want to get in trouble and plus. I have a horn instead of wings, of course." He pointed to the horn on his forehead, before chuckling once more.
  8. Dynamo looked back to Neon, while having a look of understanding and awe in his expression. "Oh, so that explains it. I've not been through all of Ponyville yet. Considering that I've only been in town for about a year at most. This is the first time that I've seen this store around town. I can understand how it must have taken some time to set up this shop. It's a pretty big store, after all." He noted, looking around to take in all of the types of toys and games that were available. "I think that's nice that you're helping to expand your own kind of market. Seems like a sort of family business of sorts." He would say, shrugging his shoulders slightly when asked what brought him by. "I'm not sure, to be honest. I passed by the store and I guess curiosity dragged me in. I'm a fan of video games, but I love toys and other games too. So, I wanted to see what this store had to offer. By the way, I know she had said my name before, but I don't think I introduced myself. My name is Dynamo Pad, but you can call me Dynamo. It's really nice to meet you..." He smiled, extending his right hoof for Neon to take in a hoof shake. @Emerald Heart @TRX-61211 @C. Thunder Dash His ears perked as he head the door being opened to reveal another customer. He looked back to see an orange pegasus. He didn't recall ever seeing this pegasus pony before, but the mention of cars had piqued his attention. "You can say that again. It feels like this is a toy and/or card gamer's paradise. I'm more into video games, but I know a tiny bit about street racing. At least, a different kind of racing if that makes sense. My dad was into cart racing and always had friends and racers showing up at the track in Fillydelphia. Sometimes it was with cars, while other times the had Pegasi racing against one another with their wings."
  9. @C. Thunder Dash @TRX-61211 @Emerald Heart I’m sorry I’m not able to respond. I haven’t been feeling good today and I’ve been really busy at work. Is it possible to wait till I can make a response. I didn’t want to fall behind
  10. @Lazy Ferret "That's a good thing to know. I actually didn't know that as I only had ragdoll cats when I was younger. I do remember them being pretty friendly, so I can easily guess they were treated right." He responded with a smile. "I can only imagine the kind of dog-pile of hugs you'd get from all of your pets." He chuckled, before his expression turned neutral. Since they were still streaming live, he wasn't sure if the viewers knew much about her personal life. "I'm glad that you told me. Trust me when I say that I wouldn't just up and leave after being told something. I would actually have that form of logic when it comes to having lots of friends, while being a popular streamer. However, I can guess that it's more than just that." He says, leaning closely towards her ear, while making sure the stream wouldn't hear them. "You don't have to explain anything. If you feel comfortable talking about it, then maybe we can talk about it when we are off stream?"
  11. @Lazy Ferret "When you put it that way, then it kind of makes me worried to fly in a zeppelin." He would say, shivering slightly in fear. "I guess it's mostly why I'd rather take a train. It seems like the most frequent way to travel and it's mostly safe." He would say, nodding as he began to grab the luggage from out of the trunk. Levitating the luggage in his grasp as he picked up any groceries in his hands. "No problem, sweetheart. I'm glad that someone will be watching the car when we go to Mt. Aeris. Is it one of the friends that were with us in the game, or someone else?"
  12. @Lazy Ferret "Oh, I know who you're talking about. I think some legendary's can talk, but I think it's if they have some sort of psychic abilities. I would also say that there are certain exceptions because of the movie series for Pokemon. Even still, you never know." Dynamo responded with a chuckle, nodding as Scarlet gave him hints every now and then. "Will do sweetheart. Sometimes the treasure chest or hidden items are so inconspicuous. I remember that for Kingdom Hearts when trying to get 100%, or looking for the specific rare items." He would say, handing the controller to the female rabbit every now and then. Just in case she wanted to play, while giving advice for certain fights.
  13. "That's a good idea. It'll save us the energy needed for walking. Although, it would be good to make sure we can find power ups and such when traveling. You never know who we'll be facing next at this point." Dynamo responded, turning his attention over towards Trilby. "We might need a bit of assistance in finding the second level. If that's okay, that is. Since Elusive joined the group, I'm guessing we might need to change up the team roster. If not, then we'll figure something out and go from there." Upon hearing the name 'Storm King,' Dynamo's eyes widened as he looked back to Thundy. "The Storm King! Now I remember!" He exclaimed, giving an apologetic look as he shouted out of nowhere. "I'm sorry about that, but now I know who Tempest Shadow is. I remember hearing about this when I was still living in Fillydelphia. Apparently, the Storm King had appeared in Canterlot and managed to subdue most of the Princesses. Princess Twilight and her friends had managed to escape, but the Storm King sent Tempest to go after them. In the end, Twilight and the others managed to help Tempest to learn about friendship and defeated the Storm King. I honestly didn't know that Tempest was here in Friendshire. I wonder why." Dynamo looked back to Pastel, who seemed to have been giving him a look. He blushed with a tilt of his head as he wasn't sure if she was acting like herself, or if she was getting heavily invested in her character class. "I mean, I have gained a few victories when competing in some local tournaments. I'm not the type of pony to be greedy when gathering the spoils. Especially since I lead you and the others to the power ups." He winked, before giving her a smile.
  14. "I wouldn't go and say that. I mean, I can be a bit of a clumsy unicorn, after all. It's how I first met Starlight when I was living in Ponyville to begin with. That, and some would say that I'm just kidding around with my clumsiness. However, it just happens from time to time." He returned the sheepish smile, while running a hoof through his mane and chuckled.
  15. Once the gaming stallion made his way into the store, he started to notice that a crowd had begun to form outside of the store. He was thankful as he didn't want to be around anyone pushing or rushing into the store. He stopped as his ears perked from the sound of a roaring engine. He placed a hoof to his ears as the screeching of tires almost felt deafening to him. He had heard the roaring noise before from his father, who was into racing, as well. "I wonder who could be racing a car at this time in the morning." He wondered, the small cloud of dust and smoke made a bit of it's way into the store. Dynamo coughed slightly, while using his left front hoof to blow away any smoke/dust. He was completely taken off guard that he didn't notice being bumped into by Emerald Heart. @Emerald Heart @TRX-61211 @C. Thunder Dash The gaming unicorn felt himself being knocked to the ground from the initial impact. He slowly sat up after a few minutes, while his eyes spun in a daze. "I-I'm okay. N-Now that's what I call a wake up call." He shook his head to help gather his bearings. All the while using his front right hoof to dust off his jacket. "I-I hope you can forgive me. I guess I wasn't watching where I was going. That, or I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings. I hope that you're okay." He would say, turning his attention towards the unknown pony, before raising an eyebrow at hearing his name being brought up. "Y-Yes, I'm Dynamo Pad, but how do you know..." He stopped, before turning to see a mare bowing before him. Taking a good look at the mare, Dynamo gasped as he seemed to recall Emerald. "Wait a minute. You're Emerald, right? Emerald Heart?" He asks, while recalling the times that he had seen her throughout Ponyville. He didn't know her personally, but he had passed by her numerous times. "I think I know you too. You don't have to apologize. If anything, then I hope you can forgive me and that you're okay." He says, returning the bow. Dynamo's ears perked once more as he heard a voice calling out behind him and Emerald. He stood up from his bow and turned to see a neon green unicorn stallion. He hadn't seen this unicorn before, but he had to assume that this was the owner of the toy store. "G-Good morning. No need to worry as I'm okay. Just a little bump and falling over. Thankfully we both didn't knock anything over in the store. I hope everything is okay. I hope you can forgive me by asking, but are you new around Ponyville? I don't recall ever seeing you in town before. That and this store is definitely new, but this place looks really cool." He would say, marveling at all of the different games and toys that were available.