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  1. @Dream Walker Gentle smiles as she is given a fresh cup of iced tea. "Thanks again Rose. I guess that's why they called the sixties groovy. I guess it took away troubles and saw things in a different perspective. I can't say because I've never had the journey you had, my friend." She says while placing a hand on Rose's shoulder. "I'm just grateful that you are still here with us. I'd hate to lose who I considered my best friend in high school. You, Azure and I were practically inseparable, in my opinion." She giggles and shook her head at Azure and Rose. "I honestly would have been surprised if you flirted with my son. I remember how you tried to embarrass some of the guys in school. You even tried to embarrass Quick, but he seemed to be oblivious to it all." She giggles and nods. "I do thank you though, Rosie. I'm glad you let Dynamo take Lilly out and let them become a couple. I think we should check up on them and see if they're okay." Dynamo's breath was hitched in his throat as a blush appeared on his face. "O-Oh, uh...okay. That makes sense, when you put it that way. I-It's just...I wanted to respect personal space and not make you feel uncomfortable, or something like that. I'm glad you trust me Lilac because I trust you as well." He says before walking over and laying himself down on the bed.
  2. @Dream Walker Gentle felt as if a weight was lifted off of her shoulders, as she felt her friends pat her on the back. "I truly do feel a little better. I know these feelings will never go away, but you're right when you said that I need to think on the positive side of things. Talking about it truly does help when it comes to talking about problems and feelings." She nods as she pulls all three of them into a group hug. She soon pulls back from the hug and smiles. "Thank you all so much for the help. You three truly are the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for. I think that would be nice for Dynamo to spend time with Lilac while I teach at my dance class. Usually he would be at the arcade helping out Pinball Wizard. It's sort of like a job for my son, but at the same time it isn't." She says before pulling Rose into a comforting hug. "'s okay Rosie. The important thing is that you tried to help them even when they didn't listen. That still shows how much of a great friend that you truly are. That kind of life does sounds dangerous, but I'm glad to know that you're okay. I remember how you talked a lot about that kind of life when we were in school. You were really engrossed by the subject." She says, before pulling back from the hug and nods once more. "Yes, I would like another refill on my iced tea. Thank you and I appreciate it, Rose." Dynamo chuckles as the husky puppy crawled up to him and licked his cheek. He pets the puppy, as the kitten curls up on his lap and purring happily. "I hope you get the painting done soon, but I know you'll be able to finish it. When is your parent's wedding anniversary anyway?" He asks before looking at the clock on her nightstand. Seeing how it was late, he gently laced the puppy and kitten back on the bed. He got up from the bed and yawns while stretching. "It's starting to get late, so I guess it's time for bed. Do you know where I'll be sleeping tonight? Is there a spare room in the house that I can use?"
  3. @Dream Walker Gentle felt Rose hug her as she continued to cry. She nods as she rested her head in the crook of Rose's neck. She hugged her friend tight as she let go of all the pain she held in her heart. After what felt like an eternity of lettering her emotions go, Gentle took a few deep breaths to calm down. She hugged Rose and gives her a sad smile. "You don't have to say anything. I'm sorry that you lost some important friends in your life. It's difficult to process things when it comes to losing someone." Gentle felt Arctic place a hand on her knee and nods. "At first we had to mourn over the lose of Quick, but over time we came to accept it. We didn't want to, but we knew we had each other to support ourselves." She smiles softly as she wiped the dry tear stains on her cheeks. "I know he would be proud of us both. Dynamo had to take responsibility as the man of the house. There are times where he thinks about his father, but it can't be helped. We can't just not think of the people we care so much for, right? I think he would be smiling down at Dynamo right now. Rose and I saw the entire time how well he handled the situation. I just want to raise my son to be happy and have a bright future for himself." She says and giggles while shaking her head. "Oh, trust me Arctic. You can try, but my son has his dreams set. He wants to be a professional video game player. Just like those gamer's at EVO tournaments. I know he also wants to make games some day and maybe even open up his own game shop. Besides, I don't think he would want to be a politician. I don't think he'd ever want to be away from Lilac. No offense, Arctic." She says while giving an apologetic smile. Gentle smiled once more, as she felt more tears were beginning to form in her eyes. "Thank you so much, Azure. That truly means a lot to me and my son. I'm really glad to know that he'll have others to watch over him. Just in case something ever happens to me, but hopefully not for a long time." She says while returning Azure's hug. "Everything is okay for the moment. However, if anything ever happens, then we won't hesitate on asking for help. You three are my oldest friends and I know we would always look out for each other." As Dynamo exits the bathroom, he follows Lilac until they reach her room. As he entered her room, he saw that she was laying on her bed with her kittens and puppies. He smiles as he takes a seat on the bed and pets a kitten on the head. "It must be nice to be home, huh? I'm guessing you spend most of your time with your aunt Rose? I hope they stay for a little while as well. I know they'd love to catch up with my mom and spend time with you."
  4. @Dream Walker Gentle smiles softly and waves her hand to Arctic. "Don't worry, Arctic. I know exactly what you mean. Quick could be oblivious on certain things from time to time. Sometimes I had to be blunt as well, so I can relate to that. Sometimes when someone says something, it can go in one ear and out the other to cause the person to be dense. I'm just glad Quick was great friends with you. Otherwise, you would have been a pure stick in the mud with that attitude of yours." She giggles while giving Arctic an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, but you can't help in admitting that to be true." She looks to Rose and nods. "I remember you and I were competing for Quick's attention. I guess he saw my kind nature and saw something special in me. I was afraid he wouldn't like me with my somewhat rude attitude. I can tell you I wasn't nice most of the time, but that was only if you made me extremely angry. I appreciate that you backed off when Quick and I were going out, Rosie." She says while placing a hand on Rose's shoulder. She returns the hug and nods. "I'm so sorry to hear about that. Never forget that I'm here for you if you want to talk about it, Rosie. You're my friend and we just reunited. I don't want to lose contact with my oldest and greatest friends." She says as she follows the others to the living room, but not before turning head back to the bathroom. "If you fall asleep, then goodnight and sweet dreams you two. We'll see you in the morning." Dynamo nods while calling out to Gentle. "Okay and I love you mom! Goodnight!" Gentle smiles as she follows the group to the living room. After taking a seat on the couch, she is given her iced tea by Azure. After nodding thankfully to Azure, Gentle takes a sip of her drink before placing it on the coffee table. She lowers her gaze, before taking a deep breath and looking to her friends. "Quick was healthy and doing fine. At first he was. After graduating high school, he took up welding as a career. His father was a welder, so he wanted to be just like his dad. The only problem was that while he wore the welder helmet, he never wore a mask over his mouth. When it comes to welding pieces together, the pieces have dust flying in the air. Not wearing a mask caused the dust to get inhaled into his mouth. Over time, the dust accumulated and he had what was known as welder's lungs. It's where the dust made one of his lungs completely useless." She felt herself begin to tremble as she recalled her memories. She didn't want to finish, but knew that her friends should know the truth. She took a couple of deep breaths to help calm herself down. "He could only use half of his lung capacity, but he was still well enough to still be himself. He worked at a race track and either raced, or helped other racer's to sign up. As the years went by, Quick became a little light headed and had to sit down more. I became concerned and decided to take him to the hospital. It was there that we found out that he had cancer. We were all worried, but we knew we all had to stay strong together. We gave him radiation and chemo therapy. A few months of the treatment and he looked like he was getting back to his old self. However, we found out that the radiation damaged his other good lung. Even with a transplant, his lungs were too heavily damaged. One day, he...he j-just said that he was done struggling. I called my son and we went over to say goodbye to him. W-We were both devastated because we felt that it wasn't his time to go." As she finished, she felt tears beginning to sting her eyes. She wiped her tears away, but found more tears forming as time went on.
  5. @Dream Walker Gentle smiles as she tries to hold back a giggle. "Now that's just cold, Arctic. Quick may have been childish at times, but he could always make the worst of times feel like a distant memory. I guess it was that infectious smile of his that made life great." She smiles softly as she recalled memories of her late husband. She gasped suddenly as a stray tear had suddenly cascaded down her face. "I'm so sorry about that. I do miss him very much. It's nice to look back at the good times with him. His smile and attitude helped everyone out when things were difficult." She says apologetically and nods. "You could say that Dynamo turned out the way he did thanks to me. He may have his father's goofy nature, but he takes more after his mother, in my opinion." She says and nods at the offer. "A glass of iced tea would be nice, if that's okay. Also, thank you because you three have every right to know what happened to him. I know it's difficult to bring up, but talking about it really does help." Dynamo smiles as he finishes brushing his teeth. After using some mouthwash, he turns to Lilac and kisses her cheek. "You're welcome and it's no problem, Lilac. If you asked me again to go out with you, then I would say yes every time. I had a great time tonight as well and I'm glad we're going out together. I'm looking forward to spending time with my girlfriend." He pulls Lilac into a hug and holds her close in his arms.
  6. @Dream Walker Gentle whistles at Arctic and Azure, as she felt impressed on her friends achieved their dreams. "That's pretty amazing. I remember how you always wanted to be an ambassador, Arctic. I remember Azure had your back in your dreams and even had the same dream. I'm just proud and glad to hear you both made your dreams possible." She frowns and nods, but gives Arctic and Azure a soft smile. "You probably knew what you were getting yourselves into when you took these jobs. I'm sorry to hear about not having a lot of time to spend with Lilly. However, at least Rose is here to look after her. Even so, you still find time to spend with your daughter. There's also Dynamo, who is her boyfriend now. Everything will work out for the best for everyone. I just know it." She says before placing a hand over her heart. "Thank you and it wasn't easy. Quick and I worked hard to raise our son to be who he is today. I also remember hearing those words. You told that to all of us when we graduated high school. Quick and I took those words with us wherever we went. Those words helped us to find out jobs in welding, racing and dancing respectively. I may have lost my husband, but I knew I couldn't just give up and feel sorry for myself. I had to continue what I loved and what I was passionate about. It's the same thing when it comes to my son. He wants to work hard and make his father proud." She says with a kind and true smile. The smile soon faded, as she looked to everyone in concern. "I suppose you would want to hear what happened to Quick, right? Should I tell you all privately when the kids are asleep?" As Dynamo entered the bathroom, he saw Lilac, who was finishing up on brushing her teeth. He chuckles and smiles as he returns the hug. "Hey there, sweetheart." He pulls back from the hug and grabs a toothbrush, as he begins to brush his teeth.
  7. @Dream Walker Dynamo smiles and yawns before taking the shirt from Arctic. "Okay and thank you Mr. Arctic. I'll be right back." He says as he heads into Lilac's room to get changed. Gentle smiles and nods as Arctic joined the group. "I know what you mean Arctic. When I saw your Lilac, I knew I saw a bit of you and Azure in her. She reminds me so much of Azure in our younger years." She says while raising an eyebrow in curiosity. "What have you been doing since we graduated? I mean, I know you two wanted to go into being ambassador's, right? Were you able to achieve your dreams? If so, how has that career been?" She says and nods. "I've been doing better. Much better than what happened a year ago. So far, I've been continuing my dance classes with other hopeful students. While at the same time, I've been taking care of my son. I'm just glad he and I are doing much better on the road to recovery." She sighs while leaning against the wall. She looks to Azure and Arctic with a calm and grateful smile. "I'm really glad I got to meet you all again. It really takes me back to the good old days, you know?" Dynamo exits the room in his pajamas while looking at his mom, who was conversing with Lilac's parents. He looks around the hallway, but couldn't find her anywhere. "Has anyone seen Lilac? I know she was just here a few minutes ago." He says while feeling concerned about his girlfriend. Gentle smiles and points to the bathroom. "She went to go brush her teeth. You should brush your teeth as well, young man. You don't want to go to the dentist now, do you?" She asks with a smirk. Dynamo shook his head as he yawned and rubbed his eyes. "No, I don't mom and okay. I'll go brush my teeth." He says as he makes his way toward the bathroom.
  8. @Dream Walker Gentle smiles as she raised her hands in the air. "Okay, okay. I give up Azure. I can't argue when it comes to my friends, so I'll stay for the night." She says with a soft giggle. "Thank you and I truly appreciate it. I'm glad Rosie didn't say anything on who was stopping by. I wanted to surprise you and Arctic. It truly has been quite a long time since I last saw you both. I guess our lives got really busy, that we didn't really have time to keep in touch." She says and giggles once more while shaking her head. "I can't argue with you there. Rosie was always sociable with everyone. I guess that's how she became friends with Quick and then me." Dynamo pulled his legs up to his chest and rested his chin on his knees. He wrapped his arms around his legs as he felt his eyes become heavy. He felt like he was going to fall asleep again, but he stayed awake as he heard a voice calling out to him. He looks up to see Lilac walking out of her room in her pajamas. He had a faint blush on his cheeks at how cute Lilac looked. "I-I would, but I don't have any pajama's to change into." He says tiredly, while rubbing the back of his neck.
  9. @Dream Walker Gentle smiles sadly and shook her head. "No, it's okay Azure. I want to talk about it. You and Arctic have every right to know on what happened. We can talk about it when the kids go off to bed. I also agree with you on that, my friend. They truly are such darlings. They look adorable together. You should have seen how cute they were on their date." She says and nods to Azure. "I talked about it with Rose and I think it'll be okay. Do you want me to come pick them up tomorrow, or did you want me to stay?" She asked while wondering what the plan would be. She smiles softly and giggles. "She and Dynamo had a nice time at the arcade and fair. There was a small mishap, but Dynamo kept Lilac safe from any danger. Thank you and that really means a lot to me and my son. It warms my heart to hear that you approve of my son dating your daughter." She says while gently shaking her son's shoulder to wake him up. "Time to wake up, honey. We're at Lilac's house now. I don't want you to fall asleep in the car. You don't want to catch a cold, right?" Dynamo woke up, but still felt a little drowsy, but nods as he exited the vehicle. "O-Okay, mom. Don't worry, okay? I'm up, I'm up." He says with a yawn, while rubbing his eyes. Gentle placed a hand on Dynamo's shoulder, as she helped her son into the house. The two made their way up the stairs and tried to look for Lilac's room. Gentle noticed an open door and proceeded to the open door. Gentle peeked around the door and smiles, as she saw Azure make her way out of the room. Dynamo sat down against the wall outside of the room, so he could wait for Lilac. Gentle nods and giggles at the state her son was in. "I guess it was a long day, so they are probably exhausted. I'm surprised I was able to get my son up the stairs. Thanks for letting me know Azure."
  10. @Dream Walker Gentle sighs in relief and smiles. "I know they'll become stronger individuals in due time. The strength they gain from each other's support will help them in the future." She nods once more and giggles. "Dynamo is always modest like that. He gets that from myself and Quick. We try to be nice, kind and supportive without asking for much in return." As they reach the house and pull into the driveway, Gentle noticed two people walking out of the house. She gasps before smiling and glances at Rose. "It looks like you're right about that one, Rosie. They look as if their ecstatic to see me again." She says while making her way out of the car. As she exited the car, Gentle was brought over to the door and was reunited with Arctic and Azure. She couldn't help, but giggle at the playful banter between Rose and Azure. She was surprised when Azure came over and pulled Gentle into a hug. Gentle smiled and returned the tight embrace from her old friend. "I can't believe it's you, Azure! Oh, it's been way too long since I last saw you." She says while pulling back from the hug. She looked at her friend and shook her head with a smile. "Thank you for the compliment, but enough about me. Just look at you, Azure. Almost as if you haven't aged a day. True, there's some silver in your hair. However, you still look just as beautiful, my dear." She says before hugging Azure once more and nodding sadly. "Thank you for the concern and i-it's okay. I-It's just been a long time and it's kind of a sensitive subject to discuss." She says before turning her attention towards Rose's car. "So...what about Dynamo and Lilac? Should we wake them up and bring them into the house? I'd hate for them to catch a cold."
  11. @Dream Walker Gentle closes her eyes and nods with a soft smile. "That's true when you think about it. I guess they both found something the other lacked." She quickly opens her eyes and looks to her friend in surprise. "I don't mean that in a bad way. I promise my son isn't using Lilac as a way of coping with the loss of his father. I know he'll be truly happy with his new girlfriend. It's know what I mean, right?" She whispers quickly, but stopped as Rose nuzzles her. She smiles and nods once more. "I understand what you're saying Rose. Maybe talking to Arctic and Azure will help as well. You've done a great help and I truly appreciate everything that you've done. I'm moving on with my life, but I don't think I'll ever find someone to date, or even marry. I guess in a way Quick was the only one to take my heart. It would feel strange to find someone to have as another husband and father figure." She says and sighs in relief. "I'm glad to hear that it went well. I could imagine that he likes the trading cards that he received." She says while giggling softly. "I'm glad things are back to normal and that all is well. I'm really looking forward to seeing Arctic and Azure again."
  12. @)o( Dream Walker )o( Gentle smiles and waves a hand to Rose. "You're welcome and it's no trouble, really. They probably won't leave each other's side after everything that's happened today. Now that I think about it, that just sounds adorable." She grins while squealing softly. She looks back to make sure the teenagers were still asleep and thankfully sighs softly. "There were times I could see those nudges and times I couldn't. You know your ways when it comes to dating. You'll find that special someone soon, my friend. If it's any indication on what happened tonight. Lilac and Dynamo look truly happy. He hasn't smiled like that in quite a long time. I guess they both needed this little date tonight." She says before looking curiously at Rose. "By the way. Did Dynamo like the little present that you gave him? Is everything okay now that you talked to him?"
  13. @)o( Dream Walker )o( Dynamo smiles as he wraps an arm around his girlfriend. "If it's no trouble, then I'd be okay with it. As long as it's okay with my mom." He says before slowly closing his eyes to rest. Gentle chuckles softly and nods in agreement. "Thank you and the same can be said for you and Lilac. You have every right to be proud of her. It seemed as if she was contemplating on asking Dynamo out all night. I felt sorry for the dear and could tell she was building confidence. She's shy, but she knows what she wants in life. With the right confidence, then she'll go far. They'll bring out the best in each other." She says softly as she felt Rose pat her leg. She hums softly while closing her eyes in thought. "Hmm...I wouldn't mind if Dynamo stays for the night. We'll be there for a while, so I guess it'll be okay. Plus, knowing Lilac right now. She'll probably be clinging to him for quite a while. I don't think he'll be going anywhere for the moment." She holds back a fit of snickering as she looks back at the young couple.
  14. @)o( Dream Walker )o( Dynamo looks to Rose and blushes at the thought. "D-Do you think Lilac's parent's would mind if I spent the night? I w-wouldn't want to impose and all." He says nervously, but took a deep breath to calm down. He then smiles and nods. "I think that would be a good idea. I haven't visited the malt shop in quite a while. Maybe Lilac and I can plan on what to do the next day, as well." He says as he reached the car. He opened the door and smiles at how cute his girlfriend was being. "She truly is sweet and angelic. It feels wrong just to wake her up." He says as he opens the door and takes his seat. After making sure to close the door gently, he reaches out to Lilac. He grabs her gently and pulls her over to him, so that her head would rest on his shoulder. Gentle notices the two come back and nods to Rose. "Looks like she's talking in her sleep. I don't think the two were rushing their relationship. Though, I think it'll be good for them to take it one step at a time. I trust their judgement on how the approach their relationship. I worry at times, but I know they'll come to us if they ever need help. That's a parents job after all." She whispers before closing her eyes and nods proudly.
  15. @)o( Dream Walker )o( Dynamo looks at the deck of cards that Rose had given him. He glances back toward the car and smiles. He turns to Rose and chuckles softly. "That's just like my mom. I guess seeing how I played tonight and along with what happened today. I guess she wanted something that Lilac and I to enjoy together." He says while nodding at Rose's offer. "Okay and thank you Miss Rose. I promise to take good care of these cards. Again, I accept your apology and I thank you for letting me take Lilac out tonight." He walks up to Rose before giving her a hug. He then pulls back from the hug and yawns loudly. "I guess it's time to get home. Today was a busy day, but it was a lot of fun." He says before starting to make his way back to the car. Gentle smiles and nods with a giggle. "His name is Frozen sweetie, but it sounds like a fitting nickname for him. Just make sure you and Dynamo don't say that name to his face." She says before nodding. "I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself tonight, Lilac. Dynamo wouldn't stop talking about tonight. He wanted you to have a perfect night and I think it was a success. I'm glad to hear that you care so much about my son. He can be hesitant because he's afraid of making a mistake or making someone angry. It happens to everyone every now and then. I've even been that way when I was a little girl. I don't think he'll have to worry with you by his side." She says, but was concerned when she got no reply. She turns and smiles at seeing Lilac had fallen asleep. She adjusts her seat and awaits for her son and Rose to return.