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  1. When it's 2:45 am and you're writing VBA code.

    1. CypherHoof


      Haven't had a reason to write VBA in years - they all insist I use Powershell :(

    2. Brony Number 42

      Brony Number 42

      I'm writing code to auto input files into a database. I'm turning several hours of work into a mouse click.

    3. CypherHoof


      Yeah. I did that to pull AWS instance info from the API and write them into MS Access tables; then I discovered that the AWS RESTful API uses some weird digital signature construct that is an abomination and for which they don't supply an ActiveX control, so reverted to using the Powershell libraries which DO abstract that away from you, and pushing that data into MS Access tables using a com object to open the database.

      VBA was my original plan, but couldn't make it work.

  2. Myself, a coworker, and my boss were going over some stuff. I was looking at my phone and my boss said to me, "Are you getting this?" I said, "I sure am. I listen with my ears." :ButtercupLaugh: I'm still employed.

  3. It shows how awesome capitalism is, how private businesses have stepped up to help out. It shows how great America is. It also exposes the ungtateful people who can't take care of themselves and blame others for their problems.
  4. I didn't get the iron pony badge yet, but I did all the things.

  5. Pro tip. I buy thin crust pizza so that I can eat the whole thing. I used to buy thick crust, but then I'd have half a pizza left over, and the next day it would be stale. Plus, it has a better toppings to crust ratio.

    1. LegoshiLunA


      I can eat it left over and its fine with me :3 plus i like both thin and thick crust especially if the crust has those bubbles on it xD 

    2. Brony Number 42

      Brony Number 42

      You mean when it is soft? Frozen thick crust tends to get hard the next day. I like it when the cheese gets crispy.

    3. Kujamih


      :)I like it when its inside my mouth:laugh:

  6. Sonic, the restaurant, has She Ra toys. So there I was, an adult male, buying a complete set. Meh, when I worked in the oil field I bought MLP toys at McDonald's with my coworkers watching. :Tempest:

    1. Antagonist



      What's that?


  7. I don't have pictures because my stuff is in boxes in 2 storage sheds. I have almost 3000 video games, 1500 dvds, hundreds of books, board games. Maybe this summer I will do an audit and get pictures.
  8. Did anypony get the Iron Pony badge? I did all the things but didn't get it yet.

  9. Defintely when my friends had kids. Then when those kids are teenagers. And I love cartoons and always will.
  10. I want a Cherry 2000.

    1. Deerie


      Get it ~

    2. Brony Number 42

      Brony Number 42

      According to the sci fi, future-set movie, they stopped making them by 2017. But there was a warehouse in the ruins of Las Vegas that has them. But that's in zone 7, a very dangerous place. I need a tracker to help me.

  11. Sci fi movies have a lot of "sectors" and "zones."

  12. It's never too late to join the fandom.
  13. I'm sick of far left propaganda.

  14. I played Pulp Cthulhu last night with an adventure I wrote. It went well.