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  1. Inventor of thermal underwear? Do you feel that you are younger, older or fitting for your age?
  2. I definitely prefer physical copies. I tend to write notes in the books I read. And to see my book collection grow on the shelves is far more satisfying than seeing some digital list grow longer.
  3. It is obvious to say that we prefer to be alive than not. But what about death do you fear? Do you fear the loss of consciousness? Do you fear that your legacy will not be as well as what you would like it to be? Is it the fear that you have not done enough during your time alive? Perhaps you believe in an afterlife but you fear that you may be doomed in Hell for eternity? Or perhaps you are not directly afraid of death but you are primarily concerned about the well-being of your family and friends? I do not expect the fear to be limited to just one of the aforementioned reasons (and others not mentioned), but I am curious about what aspect of one's death or its consequences people think about. Loss of consciousness was my primary fear and perhaps it still is. But assuming I live to a very old age and have done most of what I could do in my life up until that point, I do wonder if I myself would no longer fear losing consciousness and instead adopt the attitude of being grateful that I have generally had a satisfying life. It is something I wonder about very old people in general: since they are close to death, do they tend to be more or less afraid of their end?
  4. Reading books is one possibility though I usually do that anyway. The most inconvenient is if there is a power outage while it is dark and I am not tired.
  5. While I much appreciate the superiority of motorized transportation over equestrian transportation, I cannot say they are cuter.
  6. Maybe this? If a Youtuber insists you to like and subscribe, does it affect the likelihood of you clicking the like and subscribe buttons?
  7. Earth. If not Earth then perhaps Mars as it is the most feasible planet to visit compared to others, I expect would be the first planet we will terraform in the distant future, the Valles Marineris gives the planet a more distinctive look. Is there a personal project of sorts you have been meaning to do but you always seem to delay it?
  8. I just realized the Forum Lounge and Forums Games are noted to not increase one's post count. So I suppose for those who have been posting there for that purpose will be disappointed.
  9. Not to increase my post count itself; I post in threads that interest me. In one way I do like to increase my post so that I can get the post count badges I like more, but it looks like they are still showing off the new badges they made. If anything, the easiest way to increase post count for its own sake would be the Forum Games and Forum Lounge section. Usually I would be making posts in the debate section, but depending on the topic and the point reached in the discussion, it is not unusual for me to spend over an hour to make one post as I may need to do some researching or reviewing to make my points. Time has been more limited recently so there are discussions I have left unfinished and some other discussions I have not yet joined. So I have been more active in threads like these where there is not as much time investment per post.
  10. Time is not a ball nor wibbly-wobbly as if we speak of a spinning top that is slowing down. Time is actually a cube.
  11. Did anyone die yet? Last I checked, these Dutch men got arrested but were given a very light punishment considering we speak of trespassing a military base.