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  1. Luna the Great of all the Russias

    Do looks matter to you?

    To an extent, yes. Physical attractiveness is appealing but more important is how healthy the individual is. Looks fade but it is not an excuse to disregard your body. In other words, if I like your personality, I would prefer you to be around for as long as possible. Though on the other hand, if your personality is terrible to begin with, then I have no strong opinion or investment in terms of your state of health.
  2. Luna the Great of all the Russias

    General What makes art good

    Perhaps technical skill and/or insight. My preferences lie in realism though stylistic deviations may still be appealing. Something like abstract art does not appeal me; if it looks like a young child made it, it is not interesting.
  3. Waited nearly eight years for this.

  4. Luna the Great of all the Russias

    What kind of forum poster are you?

    Recently, I mostly post in general discussions and debate sections.
  5. I do not know about immortality because I would be very bored after the end of humanity or the universe and I would probably not have the patience to wait for something new to happen as that may take some billions of years of waiting assuming something happens at all (unless perhaps my perception of time is so greatly altered that my perception of time is something like a million years passing is equivalent to a day passing today). I would at least wish for extended life especially if that meant that I would more or less have normal body functions rather than simply being stuck to the bed or a chair.
  6. Luna the Great of all the Russias

    Who loves paper books?

    I prefer physical books as I frequently underline text and make notes inside books unless it is fiction.
  7. Luna the Great of all the Russias

    General How do you feel when no one replies to your status updates?

    Not much. I see it as more or less the same as thinking about something out loud and there may or may not be people nearby to hear it who may or may not find it at least slightly interesting, or alternatively a simple way to put something on record - during this particular time I thought about this particular thing. Replies may be preferred in terms of engaging in a potentially interesting conversation.
  8. Luna the Great of all the Russias

    If the user above you suddenly left...

    Thank you. That comment is not surprising as he displayed a great interest in Soviet and Russian military. I have not seen him on the forums for some time though.
  9. Luna the Great of all the Russias

    If the user above you suddenly left...

    No opinion because this is the first time I have seen you on the forums despite the fact that you have 6122 posts and have been here since 2012... Perhaps we simply tend to lurk around different parts of the forum. How does one get banned within 12 hours with 5 posts? Perhaps user was banned but made an alternate account to try to evade it?
  10. Luna the Great of all the Russias

    Who else hates all these new Internet terms?

    I thought pwn and own meant the same thing; my guess is that pwn was simply a misspelling of own but became accepted as a term. Pwn has some aspect of nostalgia for me whereas rekt does not... not that I have anything against the term. If there were terms to be used to describe Anime enthusiasts it would be either Weaboo or Otaku as far as I am aware. It is not clear to me whether either or both are intended to be derogatory or neutral.
  11. Luna the Great of all the Russias

    Who else hates all these new Internet terms?

    I miss the times when people frequently said pwn; rekt is not quite the same.
  12. Luna the Great of all the Russias

    Why Do You Use MLP Forums?

    Ironically, I recently have not spent much time looking through the MLP discussions much anymore despite still enjoying the show. I check the general discussions and debate threads more frequently now. One aspect of the forums I have never used is roleplay.
  13. Luna the Great of all the Russias

    Gaming Worst Games Ever Played

    NotGTAV (now named NotTheNameWeWanted due to copyright issues) may be the worst in terms of the amount of effort put into it. But the game was VERY cheap and it was absurd so I found it amusing. In terms of games I found genuinely unenjoyable or disappointing, I will mention COD Ghosts. I have enjoyed COD games since COD1, but Ghosts was the first and only COD game where I would want to get a refund because it performed so poorly on my PC. There are probably three factors why I did not bother refunding it at the time: I played it regularly with other people, my enjoyment of the game's new features was still higher than my irritation towards its technical flaws, and I think this was before Steam's change in refund policy. Other than Ghosts, as well as IW and BO4, I have all COD games for PC. I do not normally look to play bad games for the sole purpose of them being bad games. However, someone has given me a copy of Pony World 3 which I have yet to play... I am obliged to play it eventually.
  14. Luna the Great of all the Russias

    Sleep Paralysis is scary.

    I experience this on occasion but it annoys me instead of scaring me because there are things I would much do than wasting my time laying still. I cannot recall ever having hallucinations. Edit: And I have very recently had hallucinations while under sleep paralysis though it was still something that annoyed me rather than scared me. What appeared to have happened is that someone has entered my room who seemed to need me urgently. I tried to attend them, but due to the paralysis, communication was difficult; trying to break the paralysis, I attempted to reach out my arms and yell out something like "Wait a moment! I am coming there!"
  15. Luna the Great of all the Russias

    Are most brony's lives uneventful and feel left out?

    If G5 deserves it; even if it does not meet the quality of that of G4, I hope it would be good enough to keep me interested in the series.