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  1. Hmm... Is it necessarily a bad thing? I think it is said that people from illiterate cultures had far better memory than people from literate cultures. But clearly, reading and writing is invaluable to us so perhaps it was worth the trade-off of worse memory; notes on paper can act in the place of our prior memory capacity. Even assuming with each technological innovation there is some cognitive ability that gets inhibited, perhaps we are still better off because the new technology allows us to do more things than before it existed. But really the problem is not the technology itself but how we use it; we are still responsible for our own well-being and development after all. I would wonder if it is really necessary for you to avoid modern technology if your concern is going through a cognitive decline. Though if you have already gotten accustomed to your lifestyle and see no benefits of introducing modern technology anyway, then I suppose there is no reason to change.
  2. I am skeptical of that claim. Even assuming that more advanced technology hinders our cognitive ability, I would first ask if the quality of the education system has been degenerating for the past several decades.
  3. It strikes me as strange that they called it "social distancing". Would it not have been more accurate to call it "physical distancing"?
  4. I will cheat a bit by posting more than just a headline. Not sure if I would consider this the funniest but it at least makes me chuckle. Bucket man is hero.
  5. At this rate you will run out of threads in which to post.
  6. 1) Single digit number of posts per day at most; I do not often post more than nine within a day (though I do lurk often). 2) Ironically, in recent times I have spent very little time on the actual pony part of this site. Most of my activity is in the Beyond Equestria section with most of my attention in Debate Symposium. Also, does the stats tab still exist? I recall this website having switched software or something several years ago. 3) I do not know where to find the member list. 4) I do not really have a particular time of day when I post most often.
  7. Here are some very original names. The Jokesters. The Jester. The Prankster. The Kidder. The Fooler. The Memester. The Comedian. Now here are actual attempts at names for clown-like pony inspired by early 20th century cartoons. Jolly Gerald Whillikers. Jolly Mischief. Dudley O'Higgins. Cornelius Augustus Bartholomew (but more commonly known as "The Carefree Bugger"). "Questionable Quinton".
  8. Steams sales. The time when many buy games more because it is on sale than actually having any intention of playing them. In more recent years, I have not spent nearly as much on games because, at this point, I already have most games I have any bit of interest playing I have close to 300 games on Steam (actually fewer because some games are listed multiple times like "Game:Singleplayer" and "Game:Multiplayer", but leaving that aside for simplicity...). But of those, about 133 games I own have either never been installed or have less than 1 hour of total play time. How much of the games you own have you actually played?
  9. Ah yes. The advice animal and rage comics genre died as a whole by about the early 2010s (I think they were losing relevancy by around 2013). Would "press F to pay respects" be considered to be the longest lasting one? Advance Warfare was released almost six years ago and is still being used today.
  10. If you are over 30 years of age and you are still playing video games, then you are going to go to jail and Hell.
  11. With the Coronavirus, I started listening to the Plague Inc. soundtrack for the first time in quite a while. Adverse Reactions, All in your Head, and Z Com Falls would probably be my favourite songs in the soundtrack.
  12. The most concern I have about this is its potential to negatively affect the economy rather than whether I will die from it. Even then, I have not lost sleep because of it.
  13. Brony since ~25 July 2011 and joined the forums in 9 July 2013; I think I would count as an old member. My activity on the forums has been sporadic but I regularly lurk and I do not see myself completely leaving the forums in the near future (unless I get banned). It is perhaps because I have not invested much into this site that it has never felt like "home" so-to-speak. I will mention that whenever I see older members, especially when they have been notably active, that got banned, it always leaves me asking, "What did you do???" There are recent examples of these members, but perhaps among the most notable active members I remember are Scootalove and Candy Star (think he changed his name to something else though). I think there is a record of a lengthy discussion concerning the latter's ban (although I do not remember anything specific being mentioned; it may be the case it is mostly those within his circle so-to-speak know what happened. Many were sad that he was gone though.), but I know nothing about the situation of the former. I assume the conditions behind this or that ban are not intended to be widely known, but it does leave me curious.
  14. At this point, I expect I am recognizable among the regulars of the Debate Symposium but remain obscure in the rest of the forums.