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  1. However, I would still advice to reupload it. The video box ends up being pointless otherwise.
  2. Hello @PuddingPonyPal and @CypherHoof First of all, taking into account that this topic does not request any sort of technical advice nor inquiries regarding art, this topic shall be relocated into Visual Fan Art. Now, please consider the section's purpose, and that of the topic itself. Anytime you find an interesting point for conversation, I sorely ask of you to utilize the PM system in lieu of the topic itself. Anything that does not directly correlate to the art piece on display shall be considered, at least in the very majority of cases, off-topic. Have a lovely day now!
  3. Alright that's just adorable. Would love to see more!
  4. Request Shop

    Hello @chaosprincess and @Ezerona Do take into account that OP has not been around for quite a few months as of now. While they may make a return at some point, I wouldn't expect it to be anytime soon. Have a lovely day now, and apologies for the inconveniences.
  5. If a scarcity of time to prepare for an exam is already expunging my sanity into the abyss I cannot wait for what real life has to offer.



  6. Hello @Ruffled Daydreams Taking into account that people will open this thread thinking that it will only be the Pinkie drawing, I'd suggest creating a separated art dump topic to post random pieces.
  7. Hello @Demonwolfspirit Taking into account that you don't plan on continuing with your request shop, the thread shall be locked to avoid further replies from inattentive users. If you decide to restore it, communicate with me via PM and it will be unlocked. Have a lovely day and I hope life gives you more free time in the near future.
  8. Hello @woodchunks66 Taking into account that you seek some form of advice related to the field of music, I believe this topic would be more suitable for Vinyl's Creative Resources. Have a lovely day!
  9. request

    Try to keep personal inquiries that are unrelated to requests for PM ya'all. i like fun but work is work
  10. Lovely work there lad! One thing though, keep in mind that this section's purpose is only to showcase art. If you need some advice Photo Finish's Magics is the perfect place for it. Now, about the advice itself, I would suggest playing with differently sized brushes, going from a dark base for the mane's structure and then reducing the size and using lighter colors. When that's over you may use individual strokes with the smallest brush possible to add a realistic disheveled feeling to it. Have a good one now!
  11. In spite of this being actually based on the art itself, therefore being somehow fitting, I would really appreciate if you could keep the topic just image-based. Please?
  12. Taking into account that this topic is based on a request, I believe it would be more suitable for Requestria (in spite of the section's pun name). Have a lovely day now!
  13. Fair enough, thank you. ^^ Cool snek btw, hope Mesme doesn't come around to defend his turf.
  14. Hello there @RaphLuna Just letting you know that I placed the samples within a spoiler box to avert an unnecessary use of space. Lovely pieces as usual, must say. Have fun!