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  1. Request Slime Avatar Request

    Don't make requests in other people's topics peeps.
  2. Critique Wanted A Day In My Shoes

    As you seem to be looking for assistance with your idea instead of showcasing a finished product, I'll relocate this topic into AK Yearling's Written Resources. Have a lovely day now!
  3. Request Can I have some art of i give some?

    As this topic indicates a possible exchange of art, I'll be relocating it into the Trade Ya! subsection. Have a lovely day now, and best of luck!
  4. Critique Wanted The Making of Cinnamon Rose

    Moving the topic into Photo Finish's Magics as Visual Fan Art is intended for completed works. And must way, that's some lovely work so far! Have a lovely day now! ^^
  5. Request Shop Crackship requests

    Very much appreciated, best of luck with the shop! ^^
  6. Request Shop Crackship requests

    Accrediting the original sources is necessary to employ the content, so I'd suggest to refrain from using the ones currently unknown.
  7. Request Shop BLS's free pony sprites and icons(OPEN)

    Peeps, take into account that the original poster hasn't attended the topic nor visited the forums in a long while.
  8. 60 min Pony Drum and Bass Mix

    Hello @PSFMer Unfortunately this section is only directed towards the showcasing of musical pieces created by the user itself. Therefore, this topic shall be locked. Please do take some time to check the forums' and section specific guidelines before posting, as well as perusing the type of content within the section in question to get a better grip on its nature. Have a lovely day now!
  9. Visual Art RWBY oc drawing

    Remember that requests aren't permited anywhere outside requestria peeps.
  10. Tempest Shadow 3D Printed Custom

    Movin' this one into Other Fan Art as this sub-section centers around 2D content. Have a lovely day now!

    As this topic does not resemble any regular sort of fanfic, poem or completed story, I believe it is not suitable for this section. Therefore, it shall be locked. Do keep into consideration to scrutinize the section's content before posting to be fully aware if your creation truly fits within its confines. Apologies for the inconveniences.
  12. Request Shop Request shop thing

    Please do add proper accreditation to the base's creators in every case, as it is obligatory with any piece that employs bases within requestria.
  13. Request Request for a signature?

    I'd suggest to refer to this topic as Kyoshi's work with signatures is well recognized (and deserving of such recognition). ^^
  14. Request Help wanted for the MLPF World Cup

    Pinned and featured for the cause. Can't wait to see your work folks!
  15. Ink Heart concept art

    The setting is just gorgeous, fantastic and very detailed work! Can't wait to see more. ^^