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    A life without uncertainty is a life without meaning.
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  1. Hello @Fia94 Given that you want to know people's thoughts about your work, the proper tag of 'Critique Wanted' will be fixed to the post. By the by, those are just adorable, albeit maybe you could try to change the nostrils a bit. Have a lovely day.
  2. My stomach says no but this spicy empanada says yes.

  3. Hello @J. Brony Contemplating that this section is specifically directed towards works and crafts of your own creation, this topic will be relocated to Media Discussion due to being unsuitable for Pony Games, Apps and Dev Projects' and Octavia's Hall overall function. Have a lovely day and enjoy your time in the game.
  4. Have a lovely week folk.

  5. Hello @Lunarpalette Understanding that you are looking for personal impressions of your work, which is yet to be concluded, I'll proceed by relocating it into AK Yearling's Writing Resources. Furthermore, the pertinent tag of 'Critique Wanted' will be added. I strongly recommend you to continue nurturing with the reviews of your work and posting it here once it has accomplished its final form. Have a lovely day, and have fun pursuing improvement.