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  1. What about uploading them to imgur and sharing the link?
  2. Hello @Madnie Taking into account that you're asking for advice of a technical nature, this post shall be relocated into Photo Finish's Magics. Have a lovely day.
  3. May those who perished tonight rest in peace; may these happenings that stir dread within us someday signify nothing but the reflection of obscure, implausible thoughts hailing a close yet unrecognizable past. 

  4. Topic moved to Stardom's Creative Resources along with a 'feedback' prefix. Hope you get some advice there lad, keep up with your work.
  5. Now this is truly some astounding work, missus. My utmost sincerest commendations right there. And this one is plain gorgeous. Once again, great job. Hope to keep seeing some of your work around here, it deserves the praise. ^^
  6. critique wanted

    I hope you find what you've been looking for! Best of luck bud ^^
  7. @Cl0udChaser do remember that requests are not allowed in Visual Fan Art.
  8. Hello @Phoenix2k16 Take into account that this sub-section is directed towards the showcasing of actual videos, and its purpose is not to simply share your youtube account.
  9. anime

    This is actually pretty damn good @ooBrony, great job!
  10. animations

    Hello @Sweet Shimmer Taking into account that your content does not pertain neither to the show nor universe of MLP:FiM, this post shall be relocated into Non-Pony Artwork. Have a lovely day!
  11. Well, do remember that if needed you two can simply organize your trades solely through PM, or any other platform that allows reciprocal communication whatsoever. As you may see within the sub-section, there are no preordained trades around, people just make a thread to allow others to offer them to involve in one.
  12. Hello @NomadSpellbrush Taking into account that you're looking for assistance with your work and an overall review of your proto-premise, this post shall be relocated into AK Yearling's Writing Resources. Have a lovely day!
  13. critique wanted

    Hello @maddoghabets Given that you give utmost importance to constructive criticism, I believe this post would be more suitable for AK Yearling's Writing Resources. Therefore, it shall be relocated to aforementioned sub-section along with a prefix of 'critique wanted'. Have a lovely day.
  14. Hello @Nightmare Muffin Do remember that the Fan Music section's specific purpose is giving the possibility to showcase original creations of musical nature, whereas your topic ostensibly holds the potential for discussions unrelated to any work of your creation. Therefore, this post shall be relocated to Sugarcube Corner. Have a lovely day.
  15. The sass of that avatar is unfathomable. Love it.