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  1. Shadow Beam

    Part Time Job: Pinkie Promise

    I'm just asking if you could expand on the project at hand, as such is the regular procedure within this subsection. ^^
  2. Shadow Beam

    Part Time Job: Pinkie Promise

    If possible do elaborate on your aims regarding the game, at least basic aspects if you aren't currently sure of what to do. ^^
  3. Shadow Beam

    Singers needed

    Moving into Vinyl's Creative Resources ^^
  4. Shadow Beam

    Princess Luna sculpture

    Absolutely beautiful work! Kudos ^^
  5. Understand that this section is solely directed towards games and apps of your own creation. Do remember to read the section specific descriptions before posting. Locking.
  6. Shadow Beam

    Request Shop I Would Like Ponies/EG to Draw!

    Reminder to always credit the creators of the bases you'll be using folks. ^^
  7. Shadow Beam

    Request Shop Sir Lunashy's Signature Request Shop!

    @Darth Vader Take into consideration that the user has not been active in the forums for an extended period of time. Locking the topic.
  8. Shadow Beam

    digital The Katoa System [outer planets]

    Try to keep matters not directly related to the topic within PMs folks. ^^
  9. Shadow Beam

    Request Insert generic title about wanting art of my OC made

    Keep it related to the request at hand folks, there's always PMs for tangential inquiries. ^^
  10. Shadow Beam

    Request Shop Come Get Ya Cutie Marks!

    The artist is still around allegedly. @Tech Reel, should I lock the topic?
  11. Shadow Beam

    staff New Staff Position - Event Coordinators

    Fantastic and much needed idea. I'm eager to see what you guys come up with.
  12. Shadow Beam

    Adventure I NEED HELP!

    Since this seems to be revolving around helping with writing instead of showcasing a piece of your own, I believe it would be more appropiate for AK Yearling's Writing Resources. Please do consider reading the section specific descriptions before posting. Have a lovely day and good look with the writing. ^^
  13. Shadow Beam

    Looking for an artist teacher..

    Moved into Photo Finish's Magics. Please do take the time to read the section specific descriptions and check the previous posts before creating a topic. ^^
  14. Shadow Beam

    Visual Art Jupiter and the Great Red Spot 7/26/2018

    Fantastic as usual Phosphor. Although if it isn't much trouble, could you keep your photographs withing a single topic? It's just to avoid drowing out other topics.
  15. Shadow Beam


    Unfortunately this topic does not pertain to this section, as it does not showcase a game or app of your own creation. I believe your best bet would be searching in forums related to that specific game. :/ Locking, have a lovely day and good luck fixing this issue.