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  1. Shadow Beam

    Equestrian Language Project

    Would be better to have a topic of your own to have more control over it. ^^
  2. Shadow Beam

    Princess Doppelganger

    Unfortunately this subsection only allows art created by the original posters themselves. Therefore, this topic shall be locked. Have a lovely day now!
  3. Shadow Beam

    Fan Animated Series I'm producing.

    Mhmm, Visual Fan art is devoted to drawins, signatures and such. Video Fan Art is more appropiate in this case. Good work by the way, have fun with the project!
  4. Shadow Beam

    Fan Animated Series I'm producing.

    Topic moved to Video Fan Art. Also, seeing as you introduce your channel here, I'd suggest using it to post your WIPS and projects once they are done. ^^
  5. Shadow Beam

    Still Waiting For Portal 3...

    Stay on topic folks. ^^
  6. Shadow Beam

    critique wanted (Critique Wanted) First Comic Style Drawing

    The critique wanted tag has been switched over to Visual Fan art. Let me fix it for ya. ^^
  7. Shadow Beam

    brony/pony name

    Moving topic into Original Character help. ^^
  8. Shadow Beam

    Hetalia: America, Britain, and the Flying Mint Bunny.

    Folks, try to avoid going off topic. This topic's discussion should be predominantly focused on the piece at hand. ^^
  9. Shadow Beam

    Visual Art So I like art.

    Absolutely adorable work. Great job!
  10. Shadow Beam

    analysis Season 8 MLP Review

    It was quite good. I'm a fan of reviewers that take the effort of placing their character in to keep it more visually appealing. Concise for a whole season's review, which is appreciated, and it had fair points made. Good job!
  11. Shadow Beam

    looking for artist for pony armor

    Have you checked in the commission shops? You might find someone capable of delibering what you look for there. Furthermore, as this topic does not fit with requestria nor with this subsection, it shall be locked. Have a lovely day!
  12. Shadow Beam

    no critique Discord

    This is fantastic! Great job!
  13. Shadow Beam

    Request Request For A Pony Themed Phone Case

    Unfortunately any procedure that involves transactions is not allowed within Requestria. I'd suggest to check the Commissions section in case there's already a shop dedicated to such products, or alternatively seek a design for it and then resort to people that would be able to provide the custom case.
  14. Shadow Beam

    need help modeling ponies

    Moving topic into Other Fan Art, as this subsection leans more towards drawn and photo-edited art. Have a lovely day now!
  15. Shadow Beam

    Request [Commission Request] Pony Character Reference Sheet

    Discussing commissions within Requestria is strictly forbidden. We already have a subsection specifically tailored to that end. Locking the topic.