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  1. Hey, Shadow Beam! Haven't seen ya around here in a while.

    Hope things are going well for ya  :coco:

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. Pathfinder


      Happy birthday! <3

  3. As aforementioned, this subsection isn't appropriate for commission related topics. Locking the thread
  4. Moved into Original Character Help. ^^
  5. As the topic does not showcase a finished work and asks for assistance, it shall be relocated into Stardom's resources.
  6. It is preferred to make a post dedicated to your own game to seek playtesters instead of those of other users. Alternatively, a general topic specifically meant to have people sign up as testers for the section is always a possibility.
  7. Could you reupload the file with a PNG or JPG?
  8. FMA, very nice. Lovely works as usual Pucksterv! ^^
  9. Would be appropiate to post some pictures of the finished work, just for the folks that for any reason can't watch the video and would rather see the piece outright. ^^
  10. Try not to derail too much folks. ^^
  11. First of all, she is truly adorable. Now, unfortunately this subsection only allows works created by the poster, thus the topic shall be locked. However, you can always use a blog post or a status update to share her with the others. Have a lovely day now! ^^
  12. Moving it into recommendations, as it is more appropriate for said subsection. ^^
  13. Must say, I adore your style. Design wise they all look astounding as well, great job!