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  1. @Magic_Spark Posts have been merged, remember that you can edit posts instead of making new ones. Also take into account the topic's last signs of activity as well as the OP's, given that in cases such as this one you might not receive a response back. Have a lovely day now!
  2. Why would that be? Can't access those pages?
  3. Taking into account that a topic such as this has been already posted within Fan Music, and that the musical piece is its main feature, this thread shall be locked. Great work and have a lovely day!
  4. The file does not work @Mlppotterwhoovian I would suggest to upload it the a video-based web as (preferably) youtube or alternatives. Works a lot better than files.
  5. Taking into account that this topic does not fit the specifications of the sub-forum, and that its purpose has not been specified, it shall be locked. Please take time to read the forum descriptions before posting. In case that you're seeking someone to help with the voice clip for a video/game/app/etc you are currently creating, I'd suggest to check the resources sub-forums and find the one that better fits your current need. If you are not looking for it to complement a project, then I'd suggest checking Requestria. Have a lovely day now.
  6. First of all, I must say that yours is an extremely adorable style . Simple and with a lot of personality, which is always a good thing indeed. Now, I should inform you that we prefer to contain links to personal pages within the signature and biography of the users. It's cleaner than posting it directly on your thread and it will show up beneath all your posts.
  7. Craft

    This is fantastic! Great work!
  8. Lovely piece Owl! One thing though, take into consideration that you can place the links to your personal pages within your signature to avert adding them in every topic. It's more efficient and helps since we prefer to keep them there. Have a lovely day and continue with the good work!
  9. Visual Art

    That's some smooth lining right there Ari, great job!
  10. Given that this topic does not showcase a visual art piece of your own creation, nor an art piece at all, this topic will be relocated into Trixie's Tricks. Considering that you are new, I'd suggest to read the guidelines, descriptions and check the posts present within the section before posting. Also, don't forget to pass and say hi by Welcoming Plaza.
  11. Visual Art

    That's adorable! Great job ^^
  12. Request

    It looks lovely Tracker, although do remember that if you want to display your pony art Visual Fan Art would be the ideal place for it! ^^
  13. Spoiler

    Really like the opposed siblings! One thing though, pony generator content showcased as your own creation isn't allowed within visual fan art and requestria. Try to keep it in consideration for your forthcoming posts. ^^
  14. Request

    Featuring this just to make sure it garners attention. 👈👀👈
  15. Request Shop

    @Techno Universal try to keep matters not directly related to the request outside of the request shop. Oh, and the best of luck with your shop StrawCherry, can't wait to see what you come up with! ^^