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  1. Topic moved into Show Discussion. ^^
  2. Request Shop Juniper's Salon (OPEN)

    I'd suggest to read the previous comments instead of writing absolutely unnecessary posts.
  3. The Pony of Shadows has come back!

    As this topic does not contain a game/app-related content of your own creation, I'll have to lock it. Please do take the section-specific descriptions into account before posting. Apologies for the inconveniences.
  4. @Nightmare TerrorNo unrelated/insubstantial posts please. ^^
  5. Drawing Program

    @Kevin_Tang The topic has been moved to Photo Finish's Magics as it is related to Visual Art. Please do take into consideration reading the section-specific descriptions, forum guidelines as well as checking the theme of the section you are about to post in. Have a lovely day now!
  6. Fan Fiction Deadpool Kills the DC universe Chapter 1

    @Nightmare TerrorIf possible try to keep the next parts within a single post as to avoid flooding the subsection. ^^
  7. Thanks for following me, Shabby from Scoogy Doo. :P


    1. Shadow Beam

      Shadow Beam

      There's a pony talking to us Scoob...

  8. gallery StrawberryOverlord's Gallery

    Ideally, unless it's something particularly special you want to separate from he rest. It's just to avoid lots of simultaneous posts.
  9. gallery StrawberryOverlord's Gallery

    Hello @StrawberryOverlord First of all, I believe there's no need to point out that this is indeed some fantastic work. My commendations on the unique style and quality of work. Now, you may notice that some of your threads have been merged. This is due to the fact that we prefer to keep successive submits or established series within a single topic, as to avoid drowning/diverting potential attention towards the work of other users. You are free to edit the topic as you desire, in case you would like to make an art dump or something of the likes. If you have any further questions, contact me or in case I'm not around a mod/admin. Have a lovely day now!
  10. a name for this dragon

    Moving to Sugarcube Corner as this isn't an original character nor does the topic pertain to this subsection's requirements. ^^
  11. Any good human-to-dragon transformation fanfics?

    As this topic does not seem to fit with the sub-section's requirements, it shall be locked. Apologies for the inconveniences.
  12. art Fluttershy Portrait

    Elegant style, fine job!
  13. A Meeting

    Lovely piece, although it would be ideal if you could credit the artist that made the background as well. ^^
  14. MLP-esque videos and channels/collection

    *Topic moved to Sugarcube Corner. ^^