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  1. Fantastic work as expected missus!!! The crown looks just fab, really good job. People will make lines to take photos with ya
  2. Lovely work afan, although I should tell you to consider creating a different topic for non-pony music within Non-Pony Art if there're no great inconveniences. Do keep it up and lovely day!
  3. Request

    Stick to the request aspect peeps.
  4. Critique Wanted

    Great job indeed buddy, can't wait to see the final product. ^^
  5. Request

    Alright, somehow the post I made previously didn't submit. Now, request topics should be general, you can't post a topic making a request to a single artist. It needlessly fills space and is unfair for artists that are not interested in the request. If you require art pieces from certain artists, check if they have open request shops or commission shops. Also, remember to avoid doublepostig unless necessary. You can always use the edit function. Conclusively, the thread will be locked as it serves no further purpose.
  6. fan art

    I'd recommend posting your pony fan art in a topic within Visual Fan Art. It's the proper space for such things. As for the memes, I'd suggest to avoid posting such things within this section unless they are, well, drawn or involve a significant amount of design effort. Remember to read forum descriptions, guidelines and check the other topics within the sections to avoid future inconveniences regarding misplacement of posts and such.
  7. tenes alguna galeria online donde pueda stalkear tus dibujos?

    1. Ando333


      nvm ahi vi

    2. Shadow Beam

      Shadow Beam

      Need to revive those though 

  8. Request

    Please take into account that requests made here by the user should open to all artists. Next time you need a specific set of hands check if they have open shops of their own.
  9. Hold on I know you

    1. Ando333


      can you expand?

      nvm lol

  10. Craft

    Topic moved to Non-Pony Art. Nice job and have a lovely day!
  11. Keep requests/trade offerings outside of Visual Fan Art topics peeps.
  12. Request Shop

    Hello everyone. It would seem that the original poster has not been around the forums for a long while now, and there's a high possibility that he will not answer the requests. Being such the case, I'd appreciate it the requests came to a halt until new signs of the user surface. Have a lovely day now and apologies for the inconveniences.
  13. Post pinned and featured to garner a decent amount of attention. Good luck with the project folks!
  14. Moving thread into Button Mash's Code Library. In spite of the user not being among us anymore, it might prove itself useful for other individuals with interest in dabbling into game developing. Have a lovely day everyone.
  15. Taking into account that this topic does not showcase a piece of writing of your own creation, I believe if doesn't belong to Written Fan Works. However, seeing the opportunity, I'll allow it to stay within AK Yearling's Resources given that it is a very specific concept that might catch some interest, the product of that interest ultimately being discussed here. If you so desire, you may edit the topic with tips and suggestions coming from your experience. Otherwise it wouldn't truly serve a substantial purpose. Conclusively, please do remember to check the forum descriptions as well as the topics within as to avoid straying from the section's purpose.