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  1. Shadow Beam

    Trixie and starlight art request

    It would be better to mention that which you are willing to trade with, as the post might otherwise not get any interest from the users.
  2. Shadow Beam


    If possible try to elaborate further on the features and potential of the app.
  3. Shadow Beam

    Gallantry Reference

    Can always contact Pathfinder in case you are interested on creating a shop in Commissions. ^^
  4. Shadow Beam

    Rainbow Dash Fursuit

    Unfortunately this section is directed only by art made by the original poster himself, and thus it shall be locked. Apologies for the inconveniences.
  5. Shadow Beam

    Looking to buy an Adagio Dazzle doll from the Rainbow Rocks line

    As this topic does not fit the requirements of this subsection (unrelated with transactions, mainly), it shall be locked. However I'll leave it up in case someone wants to answer through PMs.
  6. Shadow Beam

    Music My Music Collection

    If possible try to update the post with your new pieces as they are finished, as we prefer to avoid having topics consisting of just links to galleries or such. ^^
  7. Shadow Beam

    non pony oc's

    Remember that this section is directed towards showcasing art of the original poster, not pieces nor characters from other users in general. Locking
  8. Shadow Beam

    Is there any current fan game projects going on?

    Topic moved into Sugarcube Corner, as it doensn't involve technical aspects related to game development per se. Also, do remember to use the edit function is possible to avoid doubleposting. Have a lovely day ^^
  9. Moved to AK Yearling's Writting Resources. Do remember to check the section specific descriptions. ^^
  10. Shadow Beam

    Equestrian Language Project

    Would be better to have a topic of your own to have more control over it. ^^
  11. Shadow Beam

    Princess Doppelganger

    Unfortunately this subsection only allows art created by the original posters themselves. Therefore, this topic shall be locked. Have a lovely day now!
  12. Shadow Beam

    Fan Animated Series I'm producing.

    Mhmm, Visual Fan art is devoted to drawins, signatures and such. Video Fan Art is more appropiate in this case. Good work by the way, have fun with the project!
  13. Shadow Beam

    Fan Animated Series I'm producing.

    Topic moved to Video Fan Art. Also, seeing as you introduce your channel here, I'd suggest using it to post your WIPS and projects once they are done. ^^
  14. Shadow Beam

    Still Waiting For Portal 3...

    Stay on topic folks. ^^
  15. Shadow Beam

    critique wanted (Critique Wanted) First Comic Style Drawing

    The critique wanted tag has been switched over to Visual Fan art. Let me fix it for ya. ^^