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  1. SilverComet

    Sunsets home life

    The portal does not transform inanimate objects (like the crown and element of magic), nor books or other items. It MAY "adapt" clothes/fur/accesories so they keep fitting their "porpouse" on the other side if they are being worn by a living creature [a saddlebag thrown like the crown will passthrough without reshaping into a backpack]. It can even create complex devices like a wristwatch (unless it is just mockup for aestetical reasons), from organic matter [maybe using the iron on Starlight´s blood?]. Besides this observed "behavior"; there is a "deleted scene" in the DVD of Friendship Games were Princess Twilight meets Sunset in a cafe and then tries to pay using Equestria´s "bits" (big golden coins); then Sunset uses a few dollar bills while saying that she will have her chance to do it on Equestria later [as it was a "plot coupon" about her desire to return that was discarded]. This confirms that both "bits" coins do not change and they are not accepted as common currency in the world of Equestria Girls. About the human six parents: Besides Granny Smith, the only indirect reference in EQG to any parents is the BIG house near Sci!Twi´s "lab" (both share the same fences); since in "Monday Blues" its clear that she lives in the "lab" [implying that Night Light and Twilight Velvet are as rich as their pony counterparts and enjoy living their lives without their independent, "crazy" teenager daughter ].
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  6. SilverComet

    General Do you wear pajamas to bed?

    I sleep nude the whole year (I may wear socks on cold nights at winter).
  7. SilverComet

    You wake up in the world of the last video game you beat.

    For that case (specifically); you wake up in the last game you played that had at least one "chapter", "stage", "cut scene" or other clearly defined point of development from where you can not backtrack normallly. NOTE: Tutorials do not count.
  8. SilverComet

    Some interesting info on the EQG timeline/continuity?

    Sunset Shimmer won her first "Spring Fling" with a smile in her face. The second "win" she got was on her first "Fall Formal"; here is when she started to become mean and manipulative (this is where that baloon Mabel Pines got "backstabbed"). By the time of the "Last Spring Debacle"; she had no other choice but to sabotage Rarity´s popularity to win. EQG1 starts days before Sunset Shimmer´s second Fall Formal. The portal opens once every 30 moon cycles FROM THE EARTH SIDE (about 2 and a half years); as It would mean nothing if Princess Luna talked about "moons" from the Equestria side ( since it was data Princess Twilight should known in case SHE MISSED IT, for her to come back then). -> Since Sunset came from Equestria (a little AFTER the time for a "Spring Fling"); she either did not participated on that same first year´s Fall Formal, or she lost it (this assuming those events already existed back then, as we did not see any other photos of any other girl in Principal Celestia´s office). If we assume this first year is when the humane five met and took that early yearbook photo (the "freshman year"); then they remained friends through the next year (sophomore) without incident; with their friendship being broken by Sunset on their third year [just previous to EQG1]. -> The events of the 4 movies happened in this "third highschool year" that is probably the 10th ;as it is implied in "Forgotten Friendship" that Wallflower Blush met Sunset Shimmer [in 9th] after Sunset joined C.H.S. (but not necesary "as soon as" she came from Equestria, since Sunset had no real NEED to go to school inmediatly, she probably waited for the begining of the next scholar year).
  9. SilverComet

    Why are some ponys more slender.

    This is a myth. The only variation in the budget happened between Season 1 (plus The Return of Harmony two-parter) and season 2. The reason we got "improvements" overtime [besides the FLASH software and DHX computers getting better]; is because part of the budget was always dedicated to "research and development" of new assets and techniques that get either incorporated or discarded for the "mass production". Some early examples is a "dynamic shadow projection" used for a single scene in S1E02 [Rainbow Dash spooking the rest of the mane six in the Everfree Forest]; that was only reused 50 episodes later in S4E03 (since it required as much work to do it right as making a new asset/animation from scratch just for that scene); getting superseeded by another more flexible one by season 5.
  10. SilverComet

    Spoiler Why doesn't twilight wear shoes?

    Think of it this way... For (whatever reasons) you become a greek demigod and move to Mount Olympus to enjoy your inmortality. Since now your body is both inmune to the elements (you always feel comfortable no matter what) and a symbol of perfection; it is expected [yet not enforced] for you to show it with pride (naked) all the time. Since you have still the choice to wear any clothes, would you? Twilight feels exactly the same about the "Princess Regalia". Rarity would digress, but she is a weirdo (for pony standards).
  11. SilverComet

    Bi, Straight, Gay, or Lesbian

    Bi .
  12. SilverComet

    Spoiler Lets talk about Apple Jacks parents

    A backstory about their deaths ? Nope. Never. Everything else about them before ? Maybe. -> There are "other worlds" in MLP:FiM; so we may even get a meeting of Applejack with the dopplegangers of her parents.
  13. By creating a completely disconected universe with different rules and history. Counter-example: MLP:FiM and Equestria Girls are NOT "different generations" (technically speaking, each one is a diferent franchise; it is just coincidental that the first 3 EQG movies are also a CROSSOVERS with MLP:FiM). It is common on MLP to "recycle" names and color schemes of characters into the new generation [nothing from the "original" one carries over]; because HASBRO is a toy company that keeps making some of the same toys even years after "the tv show" that promoted them finished. For example, the G3!Scootaloo has G3!Cheerilee as her sister (both are sold well on Europe by colectors), but that did not influenced the current show at all. The "CMC" Scootaloo was not even on Cheerilee´s class at the school until after they met Applebloom [who is a G4 original character]; as there was no relationship between them other than their models and names being "required to be" in the current tv show so HASBRO would not lose their eclusive TRADEMARKS (like how it happened with other ponies like Surprise).
  14. SilverComet

    Need some help with the specials.

    (Technically speaking) That episode of the "digital series" only requires "Friendship Games" [EQG3]; since nothing from EQG4 is referenced in it [he could be just a random love interest for Sci!Twi, just like Flash with pony!Twilight]. -> In that case, the only "spoiler" would be he does not suffocate under the vines in the 4th movie (or maybe he was revived? xD ).
  15. It is "technically" better on multiple aspects (but so was the case for Friendship Games). About 4/5 of the "votes" on popular brony sites like this forum are splitted between Rainbow Rocks and Legend of Everfree (with opinions about what is the "best" being varied). Good songs on both. - - - - - - You should check the "prequels shorts" for Rainbow Rocks (how they formed their band), the "encores" of Rainbow Rocks (there are MORE than those 3 videos liked by CiberHoof). Also check the "BLOOPERS" and deleted scenes (DVD) for Friendship Games. "Legend of Everfree" only has a blooper reel as "extra".