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    The script of The Movie was made before the S4 finale. Boom! [head explodes]
  2. Happy birthday, SilverComet! :) 

  3. Is there any hope for EQG's characters?

    It can. Pinkie Pie brought back from "Maretropolis" some cupcakes ("Power Ponies" [S4E06]).
  4. Are there human versions of Griffins at CHS?

    Gloriosa Daisy has her pony counterpart living/working on the upper levels of the Castle at the crystal Empire (seen looking down after Flurry Heart destroyed the ceiling in S6E01).
  5. The Answer That Was Always There

    "The Answer" In decimal: 42 In Binary: 101010 In Emote: <3
  6. Early Morning Wake-Up Surprise

    I can see this playing so wrong... She: I looking for Kyle... you: Babe, I AM Kyle, you are drunk! ; come on here... xD
  7. It would be cool if they can replace the heart symbol animation for a horseshoe...
  8. Would you do this for $10,000?

    I think the actual "idea" of the challenge is to face ridicule (and expose yourself publicly in real life as a brony) for $10000 For example: Since I live in Argentina; I should sing the spanish version of the jingle for the toy´s comertials instead of the tv show. Otherwise most of the diners (who probably do not even understand english), would not recognize the "pony" part of the song as related to the HASBRO´s franchise [they may even think I am promoting a new mascot, as part of the Ronald McDonald´s crew].
  9. ty ponies

    Are you from Devon, UK? [It says so in your profile...] You should be able to get all of the specific and "rare" merch you want in one of the many brony conventions [as they have in their stands toys, plushies, clothes and much more made by fans, not just toy companies]. For example, the UK Ponycon 2017 on Leeds, UK (still without a definitive date, the last one was on the 22-23 October 2016): Another one (much bigger) is GALACON 2017 ; already confirmed for July 29-30th, 2017 in Ludwigsburg, Germany : Of course, it is not necesary to fly there to physically aquire most of the merchandising; as it is usually re-sold at better prices on Ebay (or other online websites) a few weeks later.
  10. Did ww lost all of our previous messages? =S

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    2. SilverComet


      -> "The status histories haven't been erased, you just have to click [See their/your activity] and go from there... "

      [Thanks for the data Yu Darvish ]

    3. Miles


      Ugh, the inability to edit statuses... you should post that in the issues thread.

    4. SilverComet


      At least we can now give a brohoof to post made on our status updates! xD

      Speaking of it... how do I access to the "post of this user that have at least one brohoof" ?  [It was really usefull to filter out the "count to 100000"  posts]

  11. Starlight's R63 name?

    This is the official tag on derpibooru:
  12. New intro for season 7?

    I think I figured out from were this rumor may come... It is not a secret they are experimenting with ToonBoom for the animation cycle of the tv show (based on the experience gained from the movie). They should not change yet fully for the episodes themselves [as season 7 is being done with the classical FLASH); but maybe they are recreating the opening with the new tools.
  13. General Bisexual Support Thread

    An update of the Original Post video resource: [This time with more hard data, numbers and a better context] Link:
  14. New intro for season 7?

  15. Reboot or press on?

    Re-write the first parts you already did of your original fanfic without changing its spirit. Take notes of the new things you now would want to implement (from the point were you left it) but the structure of the setting and/or original story would make it difficult. Use those for the next fanfic later if applicable.