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  1. EXTREMELY LONG analysis ahead: Click the spoiler to see it (hiding it to not bloat the thread)
  2. You raise a good point... In my case, I would have to quickly learn everything I do not know about Sunset... something that may be easy to do if I can use her geod´s power [but it also means I would have to be VERY CAREFULL until I got enough knowledge about how every other person/pony thinks about her]. Given that her geod "dissapears" when Sunset goes to Equestria, it may mean using its power is not a posibility while on pony land [so I would had to find a good reason/excuse to bring Twilight, Spike The Dragon & Starlight to Pedestria (CHS); to "scan" their memories]. Celestia would be really hard to get out of Equestria... unless I manage to convince her to take "vacations" [assuming she is not "retired" already when I replace Sunset]. -> Getting Celestia´s memories would be really important to get: If I ever have the need I could use the "excuse" that my own memories got "shuffled" by the Memory Stone (but I kept it hidden or did not noticed & now it is getting worse because of ~reasons~ ), knowing about the past of Sunset BEFORE she got out of Equestria could be the only way to "convince" them that I am the real one.
  3. The bisexual unicorn with a geod that gaves her the ability to see/feel EVERYTHING another person experienced just by touching them for a few seconds. -> Extra points if Sunset ever learns how to control the "overload mode" of her geod [to be able to read "open thoughts" of people nearby & access the memories of the rest of the mane 7 via their connection with their geods].
  4. Sunset Shimmer is bisexual (confirmed). If there is 1 non-hetero in EQG, then "Everyone" is not applicable. End of the Discussion.
  5. Hello and Happy Birthday! :)



  7. Both Twilights SHOULD be desperate to find a way to prevent ANY timeloop from happening. But not for the reasons most people think... From the point of view of (any) Twilight: a) If there is only 1 timeline (the device just "add" an entire day for a few people every time): -> Then Sunset (plus who know how many others) would eventually get perverted & brave enough to perform all types of experiments with her body/mind, over & over [until she/they know everything about her, even more than herself ever could]. Even if the timeloop stops, she would be completely exposed to their manipulation (no chance for her to overcome whatever may be done to her "for realz" this last time). b) If there is a multiverse (the device moves Sunset & others to the past of another reality): Then there is a chance that she would NEVER see again her friend Sunset Shimmer (or any other "doppleganger Sunset" from another world ). -> This is the MOST SERIOUS risk [specially since it is likely canon from "The Cutie Remark" implied timetravel mechanisms & Starlight´s "half-explanation" of it back in the S7 finale ]; since nothing guarantees the events of the "next world" would lead to their Sunset Shimmer to enter into the past of this one (replacing the one from this that is going to another world´s past).
  8. The King is Back (feat. Vylet Pony) by Blackened Blue
  9. Ideas & Design Works (IDW) never had "access" to the "Bible of the Show" of either FiM or the Equestria Girls Franchises [they do not even had a SINGLE writter who ever worked at Decode HalifaX Media (DHX) ]. -> THE COMICS ARE NOT CANON. First mistake: Assuming things (there is only 1 "crowning event" per year). Second mistake Not paying attention: The "Last Spring Debacle" Rarity referenced at the end of EQG1 is the same "Spring Fling" event Fluttershy mentioned at the cafeteria while talking about the same "girl" [RARITY] that Applejack also described as being "backstabbed" by Sunset Shimmer previously on that SAME YEAR ]. -> The First & Third pictures of Sunset Shimmer at Principal Celestia´s office corresponds to the "Spring Fling" events on the previous and current year; with only the second one being the previous Fall Formal (happening about 1 year before EQG1). Third mistake: Princess Luna already told us when was the LAST POSIBLE TIME Sunset Shimmer could had left Equestria (or came back as Princess Celestia hoped): 30 Moon cycles ago (~2 and a half years) before the ~few weeks~ that passed after S3E13 (that is also less than a month from S4E01); almost ONE FULL YEAR since the pilot of the series: S1E01 (The Summer Sun Celebration). -> This is rather UNLIKELY since Twilight was a "little filly" (younger than the CMC) when she got her cutiemark [ Sunset Shimmer left Equestria BEFORE Twilight got it, since they never met each others ]; so it is more likely that it happened on a 60 Moon/months (~5 years) timeframe; as this would allow Sunset to begin classes at Canterlot Highschool at ~whatever grade the human CMC currently are~ [also the "chibi" forms of the humane five on that old, dusty anual school book on EQG1 finally make sense]. 4th: It is "Fall (formal)" on Earth, yet almost the begining of Summer in Equestria (maybe the ammount of days for each year is DIFFERENT between Earth & Equestria?); in any case, the "seasonal seasons" of the planets are NOT in sync [but the flow of time it is the same]. 5th: Wallflower Blush said that she met Sunset Shimmer "in ninth-grade English" (meaning that they could have being on different schedules or parallel classes on previous years); but also that she met Trixie "since third grade" (period); but not necesary at CHS (perhaps in some other elementary school in "The Town" ? ). 6th: Applejack knows that Rarity´s dream of being a clothes designer dates back to... kindergarden. (from that Rarijack EQG special) The point is that free education is covered on Earth for youngins. Conclusions: Sunset Shimmer real age is ~30 years old (same as Maud, Starlight or Sunburst). The "portal" only translates "species" between planets (but does not compute "ages"); so it is currently using the "median shape" from what it can "see" from its position (facing to the entrance of a Highschool full of teenagers). For the case of Spike, it likely used that other dog seen on EQG1 (just after they arrived for the first time) as a model. -> The last EQG special has a "suspiciously young" Princess Celestia lookalike... Either: a) FiM is showing events from MULTIPLE timelines of Equestria (something that is canon to exist and be real since S5E25) b) SOME of the Hearth Warming Eve celebrations happened in the distant future and/or at the same time (it requires minor retcons on some visual details, like Twilight´s wings/castle, the CMC cutiemarks, or Spike´s wings). . (Main, Prime, "canon") Equestria & CHS timelines are always in sync: [ S4E01 = EQG1 ; S5E01 = EQG2:RR ; S5E26 = EQG3:FG ... ] [ ... ; S6E12 (Twilight&Midnight "in mirror" at Twilight´s Castle) = EQG4:LoE ; S6E21 (Starlight´s Test) = EQG4+(3/3):MiMa ... ] [ ... ; S7E20~24 (Libraries+Pilars+Clover) = EQG4+2:FF ; S8E01 (coldstart+movie) = EQG4+4:SB ... ] [ ... ; S8E14 (Rare Artifacts) = EQG4+5:SBP ] 
  10. I will agree with you IF the ONLY "Planetary Defense" were the Humane 7 (IF they fail, THEN the planet is DOOMED). BUT ! ! -> The TITLE of this thread includes "The Military" (implicitly also opening the way for other third parties too): . Wallflower with the Memory Stone [you could also include "The Sorceress" Clover was chasing (or descendants)]. . The pony who brought the timeloop device from Equestria (before losing it and/or dying at that water stream). . Any plausible "random Equestrian Magic Burst" giving someone a "boost" from "local background human" to hero/ine. . A (Secret) Society or Goverment_funded Organization with access to restricted magical devices [akind to the S.C.P. Foundation]; that would change from "in the shadows" to "counter-attack" once all previous ones PLUS the (normal) Military fail.
  11. Exactly! -> This is why I am sugesting changes on the proposal (check my previous post).
  12. NOTES: [for my future posts] . (Main, Prime, "canon") Equestria & CHS timelines are always in sync: [ S4E01 = EQG1 ; S5E01 = EQG2:RR ; S5E26 = EQG3:FG ... ] <- The "foundational level" ( no villains here ) [ ... ; S6E12 (Twilight&Midnight "in mirror" at Twilight´s Castle) = EQG4:LoE ; S6E21 (Starlight´s Test) = EQG4+(3/3):MiMa ... ] [ ... ; S7E20~24 (Libraries+Pilars+Clover) = EQG4+2:FF ; S8E01 (coldstart+movie) = EQG4+4:SB ... ] [ ... ; S8E14 (Rare Artifacts) = EQG4+5:SBP ] . There were severe limitations on what the "humane 6/7 could do" at each point of time (in magical & practical terms): RR = FG < LoE = FF =/= SB (the acquisition of the geods was a "big powerup" ; yet "doubling up" the entry points between worlds changes the paradigm on planetary defense ). . Not all villains can be used in the same way at any points of time. ex:(Chrysalis) "As a Changeling Queen" simply does NOT work by the time of "Forgotten Friendship". Inserting her just before of it enables the [unexpected by everyone] "Memory Manipulation" third party (Wallflower of the ~Resistance~!); while placing her (with her changeling army) after "Spring Breakdown" opens up the "Quicksand Portal" of the island for either/both sides going to/from Equestria... To avoid this kinds of complications: -> All "invasions" will happen sometime after EQG4:LoE (to be more specific: After the HuMane 7 discovered how to "superpower_up" their geods in that "Rainbow Dash abuses her power" short); but BEFORE Sunset makes "peace" with Princess Celestia & unlocks the secrets of the "Underground Canterlot Library". This is to give the HM7 a (much necesary) "edge" combat/defense while in their own world [specially if they get separated]; while still not opening up to the unnecesary complications created after the 2017 Movie [ the Staff of Sacanas is too OP for the good guys to have it ], and keeping all of them having to deal with the temporary "transformation adaptation debuff" if they have to do an "emergency jump" through the portal to Equestria. -> I will be using the "Invaders From Infinite Equestrias" plot device (some villains are coming from the other timelines Starlight made at EQG3; "connected" to CHS via the Dimensional Rifts Midnight Sparkle created) as an excuse as to HOW they could exist in some cases (at different, non-chronologically-compatible powerlevels).
  13. What about the "quicksand portal" in that island? What about ~whatever~ made the ~timeloop_eye_thingy~ end up in a river of the CHS world? Even if Sunset took the Staff of Sacannas and traveled the entire World; raising it up on "every horizon" to drain random magic (asuming the staff will do it anyways even if she can not even see it or being aware of its existence); there is no guarantee it will work with EVERYTHING [even if it did, magic stuff could be moving at the same time she does, meaning she may "miss" something]. Finally, she can not put "walls" in between the CHS world and Equestria (to prevent Equestrian magicians from "dumping" their trash in it); plus it would likely only mean it would be sent to another world [ maybe the G5? ]. Nope. Sunset Shimmer (and her amazing group of friends) will start a (not-so) SECRET SOCIETY (like the CMC) to keep constant vigilance over magical and inter-dimensional activities on their world [worst case scenario, they end up making an S.C.P. Foundation ].
  14. The reason why moving the Equestrian Sun is "harder" is because of the distance. Telekinesis strenght seems to "falloff" the same as any other force (farther objects require a higher energy output), plus the "feedback" of information on the applied surface [a facsimile of the tactile sense] will become more weak [akin to the "tower reception" of a cellphone], meaning an increased concentration to "pick up" the data and correct errors may also be needed on long distances. The Equestrian Sun is likely to be much farther away than the minimum "+1 equestian lunar radius"; but at the same time both objects could be MUCH CLOSER (while being both much smaller), than the distance from Earth´s Moon to Earth. The "absolute minimum" distance for the Equestrian Moon is the level of the outer atmosphere of Equestria [above to where the friction would become strong enough to both alterate its surface and produce shockwaves if moved at the speeds observed on S4E26]; but then we also had to take into account the "Paralax Problem" it could cause between cities on the surface of Equestria far away from each others [regardless if the PLANET of Equestria is a sphere (likely) or a plane, the "Nation" (observed "from space" in S4E26) represents only a fraction of its surface]. -> From Yakyakistan to Mt Aris, the Equestrian Sun does not seem to be too close to the horizon.