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  1. Haven't named my OC yet, but she's an inventor whose special talent is memorization. Famous Last Words: "Now if I just connect this red wire....."
  2. I'm always happy when anything (magazine, TV show, etc.) portrays the fandom in an unbiased or neutral light. Some of the major news stations that have done (and I am reluctant to call them this) REPORTS on Bronies do it literally from the completely uninformed side of your average anti-brony and then dare to say it's all "facts", despite them looking no further than a few risque pictures of Rainbow Dash on 4Chan. I'm thrilled that Playboy actually wrote something that doesn't sound like the irate babbling of an Internet hater.
  3. Nickelodeon seems to have given up. They have Spongebob which, as bad as it is, makes them tons of money, and that's all they care about. So they're just putting shows through to fill up time because they've realized that they can't have Moneybob (ahem, I mean "MilkBob CashPants") running 24/7.
  4. Wait for it to be posted on the Internet (which is undoubtedly will be within at least two weeks). Then I'll gather all my MLP figurines and plush toys around me and watch it with a big bowl of microwave popcorn and a glass of root beer.
  5. Probably not. I don't think I'd be as into the show if every episode insisted on literally shoving a comb down my throat.
  6. Ironic how haters keep claiming that all Bronies are "gay", yet the majority of the replies on this topic are straight people On another note, I'm bisexual.
  7. I found some episodes to be horribly boring. Even when I was younger, I felt they could have done so much more with certain plots. "The Sponge Who Could Fly" was immensely dull and the fact that it was hyped to the heavens made it even worse. "Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy IV" was also too boring because it mainly consisted of the citizens getting shrunk by a panicking Spongebob....and that's basically it. Nothing really happened before or afterward to make it memorable. There's also "The Great Snail Race", which can easily be compared to certain modern Spongebob episodes. Most of the jokes weren't funny, unless of course you find Spongebob treating his beloved pet snail like crap to be hilarious. Kind of puts "Dumped" in a different perspective if it had aired soon after "The Great Snail Race". I can forgive all of those clunkers because at least seasons 1, 2, and 3 never came out with anything as bad as "One Coarse Meal".
  8. I've played the game briefly, but I haven't gotten past Night 2. I've been meaning to, yet I'm always stacking up a bunch of other games to do first and I rarely get around to actually going back to FNAF. In all honesty, I like all the lore and theories more than the game itself. It's very intricate and exceedingly interesting, especially since the first time I saw a video of FNAF I wasn't quite sure what was going on other than what the Phone Guy said. Then I actually looked up the story of the game and watched some theory videos. It's funny how I'd rather watch a hundred theory videos about the game than play the actual game. I have, however, played some parody games.
  9. I honestly prefer "Cupcakes". "Sweet Apple Massacre" seemed to be trying its best to be as messed up as possible (and it succeeded), which automatically ruined it. It's not really a story at all. It's just a bunch of disturbing scenes created for the sole purpose of getting a reaction out of people. No real substance to it, just attempts at shocking the audience. As such, I'm not a fan of it in the slightest.
  10. Whether you like Mr. Enter's videos or not, there is one thing we must all remember about this news: Viacom did not do this to protect their property, which is what copyright law is supposed to be used for. Instead, they did it out of their own pure childish tantrum over someone daring to say something bad about their shows. Mr. Enter's reviews were perfectly under fair use and Viacom is aware of it. They just don't want anyone with any semblance of popularity saying bad things about any of their shows, even if said shows deserve it. They may not be able to get at the big, professional critics, but they can easily crush a mere YouTube channel with a reasonable following. So beware, my friends who might try to review anything associated with Viacom: Viacom despises free speech and will stop at nothing to destroy you if you say anything negative about their shows and it gets attention. Sorry about the little rant. I'm tired of seeing comments on YouTube of people saying they're "happy" Mr. Enter's channel was taken down because they personally didn't like his reviews. Apparently someone deserves to have their rights violated if they make content you don't enjoy.
  11. That's what all reviewers do with literally any media. It's basically their job.
  12. The only thing funnier than the video is the comments Take a look, folks, it's a gold mine down there. On a serious note, is this guy for real or is he just trying to get attention? I spend a lot of time on YouTube and I can sense a troll channel a mile away. Some channels are one hundred percent devoted to pissing off religious people, atheists, feminists, or any group of people you can think of who already get some crap. On the other hand (or hoof), then there's people who are dead serious when they post videos about how women having rights is making men "soft" or how homosexuals are ruining America (sadly, I've seen videos that are very much to either effect). Hard to tell which camp someone is in because some people are just that misinformed and unintelligent.
  13. Because of the whole thing about there not being romance in the show (or at least not a lot of it). In nearly every cartoon I've watched in my lifetime, males and females were only allowed to be friends if it was going to eventually develop into a romantic relationship. It has been well-established in fiction that any female friends will eventually fall in love with their male friends, and vice versa, by the end of the series, unless they're related. It's annoying and cliche as hell, but its a trope that appears in a lot of cartoons. It's very rare for me to find a cartoon where males and females are allowed to remain as mere friends without any romantic implications whatsoever.