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  1. Happy birthday! :pinkie: Hope you're alright and having a wonderful day! :yay:a73eb50a99b8e8b1ab4dece095e49796.jpg.d0c20b89747fbe087b307a4f5b1a8659.jpg

  2. Happy B-Day Quintara HiveHagfish~ :)

  3. ...hello? id like a talk, in case you ever wanna give me the chance... ^_^;

  4. well. Nevermind. because a mod decided to be incompetent. so ima leave MLPF. anypony wants to talk to me. add me on skype. if not. have a nice day.
  5. look. i know how to debuff. im not some second rate gamer. im an expert RPer. just gimme a chance to do things like this and you will see.
  6. This is why I put so many debuffs on it. High conditioning, it still sounds like a shotgun, she litterally took the stock of an AA12 and used it. (got the stats of that from a new vegas mod) I guess recoiless was a poor choice of words. More like a shotguns recoil. There was a little girl not too long ago that defended her home with a shotgun. Ive put so many debuffs on the thing now its not even funny. Do I really still have to get rid of it? If I continue is this really going to be a problem? What? come on, arnt we trying to havefun? I was hoping this might eventually get into an epic level
  7. Nighty night everypony! * KISSIEHUGGLESNUGGLES *

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      *sits down with shotgun waiting for raiders or slavers*

    4. Ecto Storm
  8. How about if I say that that was the last bullet she could fire before it breaks? Say the condition is very low and I wont find any parts for a while? So I cant use it for until the GM says so. For all the power the rifle has, it actually really sucks. At full condition it can fire 4-6 rounds b4 it needs repairs. I put a lot of effort into this weapon. But, like I said, I wont use it for a while if it "Conflicts" with everyponies preferances. Also she didn't find this rifle, she made it. Hence the major debuffing. Nighty night everypony * KissieHuggleSnuzzles *
  9. Awwww. Be safe at school! *KissieHuggleSnuzzles * Nighty night everypony * KissieHuggleSnuzzles *
  10. Posted. Hope you all enjoy o3o Fyi. I tend to keep my ammo low. And I dont always hit. I actually roll for everything. If needed I will post my rolls as well. Please let me know if yall like her >_<
  11. *Gear Head lay about half a mile out from Ironshod. She had heard of it from the Ironshod magazines she read like bedtime stories. She floats out the pieces of Isabella. Her custom 50mg recoiless Anti-Material rifle. Putting it together, she looks through the scope.* 'Raiders......why always raiders? Oh well......they arnt ponies anyhoof......' *She thought. Takeing aim at ones chest. The great thing about her rifle. Is even a grazing wound can be fatal. The silencer on it makes it sound like a shotgun as she fires. The raiders chest suddenly haveing a hole in it, tearing out his left shoulder
  12. Okie. Where is everypony and is anypony near Manehatten?
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