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  8. OOC: https://mlpforums.com/topic/155746-the-lost-worlds/ RP: Not Yet Up Inspired, but not fully, by the video game Destiny Introduction/General RP Backstory: A long time ago, the worlds of cosmos were ordered, and in peace. Everything was in order, and every creature that existed in the Equestrian Quadrant was content and happy. Offworld travel was common, and many creatures, not just ponies and dragons, came to and from the world of Equus. Technology had sprung rapidly ahead: Laser rifles, autonomous vehicles, land-to-space craft, mechanized prosthetics (that were affordable), and other advancements. Also, technomancy had emerged, changing the way Equestrian society worked and played. Life was good for the next 253 standard years. Then came the Fall. Creatures born of evil and power came and swept across the Equestrain Quadrant, cities burned, fields and resources ransacked. Mass killings. But over the next three standard years, a new kingdom arose from the ashes of the Equestrian quadrant. The Dual Crownship of the Fallen Quadrant of Equus. The Dual Crown was a partnership of monarchs, who would rule with an iron grip. They were none other than Celestial and Luna (Note: They are not the main enemy of the RPers, but I can't exactly spoil it.). The Quadrant was shocked, and was quickly locked down and sanctioned. Life in the Quadrant dwindled under the Dual Crown, and several once important planets, Equus and its reflection, Earth, became soon abandoned worlds. The capital of the Dual Crown was formed on Phraxes Prime, a solar system away from Equus. But now the wind of change can be faintly felt, and as the Dual Crown sits in its seat of Power. It has forgotten Equus, and that's where your story begins. All the old towns and cities mostly exist, but knowing time, things have certainly changed. Rules: - Coarse Language is not suggested, however if you wish as an option, come up with some "curse words" of your own design, as languages have been mixed around for a good long while in the Equestrian Quadrant. - Please try to post once a day, I am active during the evenings (EST) - Be respectful, and try to be on topic, however if it relates to the topic then you can post it on the OOC. - If you have questions, please just ask them, I'd rather you ask me a few questions, so that I can flesh out the world a bit better. Character Creation, Modification, and Submission: Alrighty, so since this is going to start of as a technologically advanced "post-apocalyptic" world, with a long history of alien races mixing in and out of it, most races will be included, including but not limited to ponies (all varieties), humans (however humans in Equestrian would have their respectful pony form), sentient machines, and other creatures. Submitted Creatures will have tags, which shall be used to describe them: - Alien: Creature race not originating from Equus. - Machine: Creature is purely mechanical. - Organic: Creature is mostly organic material. You may come up with your own tags as you wish, if you can however, please just use these, they are helpful in organizing everything. Submission Options: Submit a link, with Tags ------OR------ Copy and fill out below: Name: Race: Age: Tags: Physical Description: Personality: Backstory: Job/Class: If you have any questions, or see something that I missed or made confusing, please just ask or let me know.
  9. Bored out of my mind.

  10. Segundo thought it was probably wise to leave this pony alone. Segundo said "Good Day, Sorry for disturbing you." Segundo set off. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @@Colenso Rivers, A while later he was on the outskirts of town, and he heard gunfire. Segundo crouched and lept onto a building, trusting he could make the jump. It was a bit taller that he expected, but he managed to catch a ladder and climbed up the railing. He looked over and saw a pony with a sniper rifle about to fire... And some armored pony had just transformed. "By the stars... That's the last one. Though... could it be truly a machine, and that means he would heavily armored to where Segundo couldn't touch something vital. Then he spotted a sniper. With a new model sniper rifle! Oh, yes... that was going to be his. It wasn't long before Segundo ran and had tackled the sniper, and used a sleep spell to knock sniper out. Quickly knocking him out, and claiming the sniper rifle. Segundo ran his paws down the weapon and smiled at it. He wasn't going to be parting with this thing. It has been forever since he had a real rifle in his paws. It's been several years since he last had a rifle. Segundo snapped back to reality. He decided that he would need attire... more appropriate for his needs. More mobility and combat readiness. Then over Segundo's left paw was a glowing screen and a list of spells on it. Segundo removed his hat and pulled out a black and blue robe with an attached hood. He pulled it on, and claimed the sniper's clothes: a pair of camouflaged pants and his shiny watch. Segundo dumped his clothes into his hat, and put the hat on his back, along with his new sniper rifle, and took of running on top of the building.
  11. Façade leaned over a computer terminal and grabbed a glass, and handed it to Indicus. "I'm good Redwood. I think I'll check that shipment now. Feel free to explore and ask around," Façade then set off through a new blast door in the library into the armory, which contained about ten to fifteen large crates.
  12. "Huh, well nice to meet ya. My name is Segundo. How are you this fine evening Mr......" Segundo extended his paw, and very quietly muttered to himself, which casted a quickened spell invisible to the eye. He smiled warmly has he extended his paw to the... Segundo guessed shy(?) pony.
  13. Façade took a couple of them and flipped through them. "Your cleared. So if you need anything, just run by me. I'm going to head to the armory and take a look at a shipment I had recently ordered. You're welcome to come along. And Indicus, I need an ID." Façade adjusted his shirt and smiled. He then looked at the hologlobe. "And just in case you're wondering, no magic is being used."