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  1. @genessee @Hazard Time So he was from a vault, confirming it at least. His rather careless attitude returning and giving more grief against his company. Only reason he doesn't put a bullet in him is he's useful. He examines his rifle. RAIDER STRAIGHT PULL RIFLE DMG 42 DPS 71 RLD SPD 2.2 Secs CPTY 6 Rnds He pulled back onto the barrel shape grip retracting and the chambered round dropping as he detached the side magazine. His grimy scope lens closed with their dangling cover caps. "One of them nicer rifles. You should hold it." He simply sat back, resting against one of the large ventilation shafts. Hearing Lance's comment he grimaced. Bad taste in experiencing new drug recipes. He kept quiet though. Already too tuckered in just a short period of time after the battle- Stimpaks also having a side effect of slight fatigue. Overstimulating your cells will do that to you. He simply returned to watching the brilliance of the warm fire before them, eyes occasionally looking to Ametrine. Just to check on her.
  2. @Hazard Time That soft giggle cracked a further smile. Something small yet to help alleviate the drabbness. A familiar expression he nearly forgot from a begotten life. @genessee The smaller one came back, taking seat between them. A slight crack in the little connection. Though a slight perk in his tone noting of his upbeat behavior. "Are you drunk again?" He asked, slightly unsure of his intention. He occasionally looked to the mare that familiar fire in her tone before she calmed down turning back to the fire. He kept with his slight smirk. His attentioned turned back again to Ametrine. A fine leather jacket on her frame. "Nice fit. It looks good to you." He says to her.
  3. @Hazard Time Their eyes met. The old spark of simple mutual benefit. Not a true friendship but a common interest. Camaradere. He gave a slight smile on his narrow muzzle. "Likewise." He says, giving relation to what she said at her last sentence. He shifts a little returning fixated at the fire- though a slight ease in tension at offically greeted by a new comrade. Been awhile since someone said something nice to ya. Stable folk are far and few between. His paws resting at his knees and rifle under his arms as he attained his focus. Lost in slight thought but aware enough if the mare spoke up. Hellhounds? Rare things he noted. "Nasty things yeah... Tried to plink at it from afar." He says, "Didn't do no good. Except run." He says. He shifted focus, "Others are odd off. I followed you and that Stable Dweller back at the neighborhoods. Glad I didn't pick you two off. A good thing we have found." He says.
  4. @Hazard Time He hid away his surprise, nothing was really unexpected but to find a mechanical mare? Some kinda advanced robot? Not that, that mattered it helped his ass in a fight. Might as well be sentient enough. He was always a quick adjustment to new things. "No wonder you ripped them apart easily. Not to diminish either mechanical or organic. You did well down there." He says, both contorting about her being whilst trying to uphold a compliment. "Kill or be killed. Only a good arm and wit gonna getcha through." That gruff stallion always had a blood thirst for firefight. His eyes look down to his scuffed, calesed paws. Roughed itching and scuffs, a slight peel in the skin. Fur is all dry and matted. His eyes felt dry. Again.
  5. @Hazard Time "All problems are unique when it's about ourselves." He replies. Eyes feeling dry, close to this burning tinder. He reached a paw grabbing at a small bit of tinder tossing it into their little catalyst. He breathed steadily, slightly audible maybe to the mare? He cleared his throat, still itchy. A long pause as they both indulged their sights to the comforting glow of the flame. He slowly clenched his paw fingers, feeling the waring bite of joint wear on his bones. Arthritis taking its wear. His two pinkies barely closing in fold. Eyes drifted, as unnoticing as he could looking and observing the mare's features. An illustrious pink silver mane, her eyes glistening of burning ember. Almost unnatural but in a rather alluring fashion. Well at least to him. She seemed just like her? She just had this allure, a bedazzle and a voice to sooth the whole Stable. "You boys did a good job out there~" She spoke to them with utter goddess praise in her tone. Hypnotizing. He was staring to long, returning to gaze at the flame he shifted a little until noticing something... Ajar to her coat, flapping like paper? Skin? [Perception] "Hey? What happened to you?" He asked pointing at her potential wound.
  6. @Hazard Time His gaze also kept to the fire, paws resting on his knees as he kept seated but palms facing the flame to feel its glow and heat. He cleared his throat a little, feeling an itch to it. Not a good sign, might be growing ill. Damn radiated water. "No I'm not. Or in a native sense I guess? But I've been around for sometime. Longer then the lot you." He says, directing to his age. His rifle rested shouldered in his lap as the moments dragged on. "You doing okay?" He asked her, just simply continuing to make conversation.
  7. @Hazard Time Opening the door he returned, eye adjusting to the new light source from the brief darkness in the stairwell. The simple earth pony before him as he approached to the small tinder pile before him, untwining the metal wiring around it to loosen its grip he arranged the vertical planks into a short tent like fashion with a smaller pile underneath it. Pressing the sparker to the underpile he clicked at it a few times before a steady flame was at the end of the burner. He gently grazed at th dry wood, embers catching and forming as it burrowed to the wood. Slowy- surely with a small trail of smoke emmiting he knelt onto his fours and leaning to blow gently to help spread it. Didn't take long before their small fire was going. A still decent amount of tinder left over. He cleared his throat a little. He looked up to the mare. "Good day." he says in simple gretting.
  8. @Randimaxis @Arid_Blitz Fallskir received the Sparker tool. "Much appreciated kiddo." He says. "See you up top you two." He says turning around and heading his way back into the mall. Inside and through the crinkling glass and matted carpets about with the dusty marble and steel of the mall hallway along the shop sides. Mind in a wander for a bit till he heard the sounds of approaching hoofsteps closing in. Halting and stepping to the side he awaited till- Oh, its the other one. @genessee Fallskir stepped back out seeing the other young stallion approach.. "Got the sparker." He says simply passing by him and approaching to the stairwell leading back upstairs.
  9. @Randimaxis @Arid_Blitz Best not to waste more time. He best get that tinder going. "Hey kiddo? Got any flammables? Matches? Cotton wire?" He asked, old survival rigging. Cotton wire is pretty vulnerable to conduction- just rub a battery wiring to it and it'll catch blaze real quick. "Just jumble it all up. Give it a good rubbing but don't burn yourself..." Radscorpion does sound good right now. They'd probably tag along with him to go get that cooking?
  10. FancyHorse

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    Edgy pone is best villain (due to specific opinions)!
  11. @genessee @Arid_Blitz @Randimaxis @Hazard Time He dropped the tinder onto the gravel and grim. He shouldered back his rifle again with his free paws turning back to the door. "I'll head down to em. Or I'll fine my own." He says to him making his way onto the steps and back down to the mall floor. Turned about, vaulting from a rail carefully ahead to the rear side of the mall, his rifle swaying about in motion as he strode along; his paws rummaging into his rucksack for one of his earlier items. Grabbing just what he wanted to the old HolotapePlayer. Pressing the opening slot- there was one already inside? Pulling out- seemed intact? Equestrians did make items just right to survive to antiquity. His paws wiping away the centuries of dust at its face cover. UNDERGROUNDZ BEATZ - NEW AGE "Geoffry would love this kinda beat." Hm, doesn't sound like one of the more well known names? Doesn't have that brand name like classic swings or jazz. And it was no DJPON3. He took a moment- looked about the place- Aha! Just ahead to the left hand side. The cage door having detached with the security overide he pushed it open to the small electronics store- some kinda radio hut? Small bobbles like radio parts- wiring- but most importantly. "Come here." He muttered under his breath nabbing a pair of blocky looking ear wraps- fit for both pony and dog alike. He'd at least see if it worked. Inserted and fusion cell replaced thanks to the convenient spot he gave a pause before pushing play. A build up to a rhythmic keyboard with sample basses- emiiting a nod from the wild dog. "It's something fresh- something new." It's a building of shelved memories- sated back by curiosity. Blazing synths and echoing drums unlike nothing the antiquated residents cherished as real music- refusing to move on. He felt the old spirit burning in his itching feet- a slide of the foot despite his aching joints and weathered condition. And as he was to begin a loud feedback and loud yelp as he yanked them out of his ears. The blasted thing shorted out... His ears drooping and a frown. He stowed it away in his back after pressing the pause function wadding up the earbuds- disappointment replaced with simple rationality. "Broken antique." He muttered as he approached the exit door seeing the scuttling two figures carving about the various arachnids- large ones. His fur a bit on edge even just look at the dead ones. Though no stranger himself to snacking on one. "Mall has everything too- and fresh scorpion too." He says approaching to them.
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    Check out the crossover! Emily Blunt also played in Edge Of Tomorrow. Love the sci-fi bobbles and it fits for Tempest's attire. :3
  13. @genessee @Hazard Time He simply trudged behind them carrying about the tinder in his arms. With Dip and Odair parting on to search for those scorpions . Up to the stairwell Lance was heard coughing as the dust kicked about them. He simply raised his loose bit of shirt to cover his nose as the dust rushed past in frenzy. Taking a step ahead past the two as the door opens to the growing darkening sky and lazing sun hidden away by the gloomy atmosphere, he sat down the tinder and rifle now in paws. A decent viewing, Closer to the entrance; he spotted the house he hid earlier stalking his now companions. He cleared his throat a bit feeling an itch, he reached for his canteen taking a short sip hiding his disgust at the metallic taste- he should take advantage and boil it later to clean it. "Any burn? Lights?" he asked, "Something to light the tinder?" he asked his rooftop companions.
  14. @genessee "While you're at it announce it to the whole world too." He says giving a light chuckle under his breath. @Hazard Time "Where's that shaft at you mentioned? Lets get going before it gets darker." He says readying his grip on the carry wire he crafted around the tinder at his feet. "Making fire is pretty easy, grab some spoil cotton and 9Volt and just rub it..." @Randimaxis @Arid_Blitz Radscropion meat? Not against the idea, he ate much worse before. Living upon edible fungi and even raw bloatsprites... Ah good ole times. Rifle tugged under his other arm he hefted the tinder pile to an upright as he awaited about.