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  1. @Renegade the Unicorn Eleanor: "Okay. I understand and am cool with it." Chidi: "You're lying right now, aren't you?" Eleanor: "Yes. I wanna strangle you."
  2. (I love you for posting this.) "Jeremey Bearimy, baby. We'll get through this, and and then you and I can chill out in the dot of the "i" forever."
  3. Fashionwise, I prefer cute and cozy. I usually touch myself up with some lipgloss and earrings, but I've been wearing more mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow lately. I LOVE jeans and leggings. As for shoes, I usually wear booties, sneakers, or ankle boots. I don't really mind. Personalitywise, I've been described "sweet" by many, many, MANY people.
  4. High School Musical or Descendants?

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    2. PiratePony


      I hear ya. I just watched the three High School Musical movies for the first time this month since my daughter got into them. It had just missed out on it. I imagine if I was in high school or college when those came out I wouldn't have been obsessed. And we've been watching descendants for years now. My daughter was Mal for Halloween in 2017.

    3. Emerald Heart

      Emerald Heart


      That's awesome!

      Well, if y'all like those I'd suggust watching Lemonade Mouth. It's one of my favorite DCOM musicles. 

      It's on Disney+. I highly recommend 

      PS have you watched "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure" yet? It's a spinoff of the HSM movies. Also one of my favorite movies.

    4. PiratePony


      I haven't yet!  probably within a week or so. I think Sharpay is awesome. 

      Thanks for the tip. We have Disney + so I'll look out for it.

  5. I am so effing tired

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    2. Derpy Pon-3

      Derpy Pon-3

      Agreed, today was slow and exhausting for me  

    3. Pastel-chan
    4. RaraLover


      *hugs* :kindness:

      I hope you will be able to get some rest soon. :coco:

  6. Gonna go to school in a bit

    1. CatCat


      Have fun (as much as you can in school)

  7. I made my own tea latte today and it is so dang good


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    2. Emerald Heart

      Emerald Heart

      @Samurai Equine

      Yep! They serve them at Starbucks. They're all so yummy!

      There's English Breakfast, Chai, Matcha, and London Fog (aka Earl Gray).

      I made an Earl Gray one, and it's so good!

    3. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Matcha Latte... Welp, I know what I'm doing this weekend!
      *Hugs* Thank you for the update, @Emerald Heart! I have another reason to go there now. :ticking:

    4. Emerald Heart

      Emerald Heart

      @Samurai Equine

      You're welcome! I hope you enjoy!

  8. None of the above. I like Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer
  9. I didn't know what Doctor Who was until Doctor Hooves.

    1. strongwilled_pegasus


      don't worry, your'e in good company

    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      I knew about it, but I never actually watched it until around two years ago. I actually have a Dr. Hooves keychain.

  10. "I wasn't a failed DJ, I was pre-successful."
  11. I legit love Trixie she's so cute

    1. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      I love to ship Trixie with Starlight. :bedeyes:

    2. Emerald Heart

      Emerald Heart

      @Samurai Equine

      Friendship or romance, I can't see those two ever not caring for one another. They really bring out the best in one another. 

    3. Cash In
  12. Thinking of covering this song but idk