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  1. Haven't had a Fish Taco in a long time. time fo my Lunch.

    1. Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Sir Cal Stonehoof

      *stomach growls* I haven't had one of those in a long time.

    2. Unknown Ghost

      Unknown Ghost

      Same here. It is a good time to eat one. Especially in this time of Summer.

  2. Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice and the relationship of something great ends with a big bang.

  3. Goodnight Everypony. I am going to start practicing Lucid Dreaming.

  4. For how long I've been away?...

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    2. Literally Snails

      Literally Snails

      Be wary. He will try to deceive you. *disappears into the shadows.*

    3. Unknown Ghost

      Unknown Ghost

      Your quite a funny pony, but I've met funnier.

    4. Rockymoo


      Shots fired.

  5. Ah yeah my Birthday is here. Time to go party

  6. Nice try Google lol we all know that the pokemon challenge is a Prank

  7. Hi there welcome to the Forum. Enjoy your time here
  8. Where can I Find a Vector Artist that can Make my Cutie Mark look good?

  9. No College for me...*Sigh* Might as well stick to my Bamboo Tablet.

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    2. Unknown Ghost

      Unknown Ghost

      Thanks bro. It's not all bad, at least I will have a lot of free time, in Drawing Ponies. *Hugs*

    3. Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Yeah but still. I hope you get the chance to go back.

    4. Unknown Ghost

      Unknown Ghost

      I will for sure and next time I will be prepared. For now I will just draw Stuff

  10. What a day today. Awesome Meetup ever. Good Night *Yawn*

    1. Rockymoo
    2. Unknown Ghost

      Unknown Ghost

      Just a small Meetup. Nothing big c:

  11. I just finished watching MAD t.v. lol another mlp reference has been made XD

    1. Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Sir Cal Stonehoof

      I didn't know MAD t.v. was still around, lmao

    2. Unknown Ghost

      Unknown Ghost

      I didn't know either when I turned on my T.V. lol they made a mlp skit called "My Little War Pony" lol I will admit it was funny

  12. Little Mac in SSB4. The Fun has been Doubled :D

  13. Puzzle Bubble 4 why do you have to be such a complicated game in your Story Mode? :(

  14. If only College handed less assignments. I would've use the other time to make a Sandwich.

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    2. Rockymoo


      Just don't poison the water hole.

    3. Unknown Ghost
    4. Rockymoo


      Lovely. This'll turn out just fine in that case. :D