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  1. Zygen

    clock rendition

    That is such an amazingly clever idea! A pony clock is cool on it's own, but it's funny that you used Lyra specifically due to her fandom backstory fitting so well into that cleverness. And the overall art just looks really great! I could see people actually investing in such a clock, it looks like it would be pretty awesome actually. I could see it becoming a fairly popular product, but regardless the art is good!
  2. Zygen

    Where are all these dislikes from?

    YouTube related videos are weird sometimes, and maybe they came across it and hating the show decided to dislike it. I imagine it's probably just that though, nothing really that complex, people think disliking the crap out of a YouTube video is going to make some kind of point to the fanbase I guess, but honestly it doesn't really matter to me, or to most people I know, so it's kinda a waste of their time.
  3. Zygen

    Can you sing in foreign languages?

    Not really honestly, I mean I took Spanish this past semester in highschool(2nd spanish class) and I guess I could try to sing something in Spanish, but it would be fairly difficult. I'm sure there are other languages that with enough studying of the lyrics I could maybe get, I wouldn't know what I was saying. I think I'll probably just stick to improving my normal English singing though ;p, although it would be cool to sing something in another language, maybe I'll actually try it sometime.
  4. Zygen

    Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    I wasn't even aware you could record gameplay off a PC using a capture card. I think the typical reasoning is more so because without one it's almost impossible to record console gameplay to my knowledge. Fraps is pretty demanding on frames sometimes though, I hear there are better options, but I have no real personal experience honestly. But as far as capture cards go, to my knowledge they are traditionally for capturing console gameplay, correct me if I'm wrong though, i'm not really that experienced with the whole thing, i've just never personally seen it done.
  5. I guess as an American I appreciate my freedom (MURICA) No but seriously, I really do appreciate that I can be whatever I choose to be, and am not forced to do something, as well as other freedoms I get. Also the fact that overall we have a pretty good quality of life. I don't live in conditions in which I'm worried for my life daily or anything. America in my opinion isn't really as bad of a country as people make it out to be, sure, we have our share of issues, but i'm sure everyone is well aware of that stuff, I try to be grateful for what we have however.
  6. Honestly I don't think there should be any heat for this really, unless the coach was like flat out aggressive to the other team while they were beating them, or like insulting them or something, but if they won by that score they won, that's that. I guess it sucks for the other team and I feel bad for them in a way, but on the other hand I don't think the coach deserves any heat because the players played well. You don't always win in competitions, sometimes you do win, and sometimes you get beaten bad, that's how it goes with anything competitive, and you have to learn to take that loss, suck it up, and utilize it to improve. I think that's my thoughts atleast on the matter.
  7. Zygen


    I'm not sure exactly what a Flutter-pony is entirely, but your drawing looks really good, and has made me like it, so I'd say a job well done! I honestly don't see much to complain or critique about it, a few messy edges I guess here and there I can see, but they are fairly hard to notice so I'd say it's hardly a big deal, especially if this was simply a quick done sketch. So a job well done!
  8. Zygen

    Are Bronies also Furries?

    The way I've always understood furry's as being is those who like anthropomorphic animals, not just a show about animals(ponies in this case) given a more human-like personality. I wouldn't say they're closely related enough to automatically categorize bronies into the same thing as furries, that's simply being to general. Infact, even in a generalization I don't know if it would really be correct, as being a brony isn't quite directly correlated enough to furries to be considered in the same generalization. That said, of course bronies can be furries, but it isn't a given, I don't personally consider myself a furry, but I do consider myself a brony. There is also the issue however of the fact that both terms aren't exactly dictionary defined or anything. Even just concerning the term "Brony" many are split on what constitutes as a brony exactly. And the same I'm sure is true with the furries. So I guess it depends to an extent, however I lean towards no in my personal opinion, but there could easily be variance on the answer really depending on the individual and his view of it.
  9. Zygen

    Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    You have issues with the scarecrow levels? Even on my bleh APU which doesn't really run the game at amazing quality and excellent framerate or anything hasn't had any issues from what I remember playing scarecrow levels. I don't remember exact numbers for what I normally run in contrast to the scarecrow levels, but I can tell you it wasn't anything noticable enough for me to remember. I have not actually finished the game yet though, but I have gone through 2 scarecrow levels thus far, and noticed nothing, maybe it's some graphics effect you have turned on that I don't that gets intensified like crazy in scarecrow's levels? Otherwise I have no idea frankly.
  10. I don't really think that people should just be allowed to touch people whenever. Maybe have it be more acceptable between friends or something, but even then i wouldn't even really consider it something required. Personally i'd just like to see more emotional connection, not necessarily physical connection, but physical connection is a possible part of said emotional connections, if that makes any sense. On the other hand though, random hugs are awesome in a way, depending on the situation. Interesting idea, but idk how that would work, and would be kinda weird in a sense xD. Be much easier to just ask them probably. And yeah, I'm not usually an offerer myself unless I know they would like them. I also don't really give kisses, I find that to be a little be to much in most cases, besides family, otherwise it's just odd to me. But I do love hugs, although I can also be really awkward with giving hugs for some reason, even if I do like them, which I think may give people the impression at times I don't like hugs or something, when in reality I just suck at them. I get the exact same type of feeling sometimes myself .
  11. Dude, I know exactly what you mean. There have been many many times that I'll be watching MLP, and i'll start thinking, "Why can't I have that? Why can't I have those beautiful deep true friendships? Why can't the world in general have those friendships? Why must they be so rare?" and all kinds of other deep thinking. Sure MLP is a cartoon, yeah yeah, I know that, i'm not an idiot. But still, why is it that those types of friendships are almost nonexistent it seems? Seeing those heartwarming moments on MLP are both heartwarming at times for me, but at other times they make me feel so lonely, and so unloved, so unwanted, maybe even jealous. Especially as a guy, where sometimes even just giving hugs can be considered by some as "gay", it just seems like those kinds of friendships are so rare, and idk, I just feel like I wish my real friendships could be something closer to that, or just even the world in general. But when I realize it may never be, It's quite saddening to say the least. Maybe I'm just a wishful thinker for it, but that doesn't really change how I feel sometimes about the whole thing, it's quite true unfortunately that our world can be quite cold at times, as a lot of us are raised to fear others, and look out for only ourselves. Maybe i'm just overly caring about this stuff, or overthinking it, but I do sometimes wish real life friendships were more like those in MLP, because it's just so heartwarming and beautiful to see those friendships, even between a group of fictional ponies. But yeah, I know exactly what you mean dude, I think the same think basically all the time...
  12. Zygen

    Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    Well, I just got a Logictech F310 Gamepad, mostly because I wanted to get something to use with my computer for those games that are just to awkward to play with a keyboard and mouse. it's not the greatest controller ever I know, but it works, and I got it for relatively cheap (like 12 bucks) so I guess thus far I'm happy. Finally had something to play Sonic Generations with ;p.
  13. Zygen

    Ask Daring

    I'm not sure that's physically possible ;p.
  14. Zygen

    Ask Daring

    Then i guess it would be pretty accurate of a response for Twilight.
  15. Zygen

    Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    You think your cable management is shameful, my computer is pre built, so yeah, I haven't even bothered to touch(Partially because I don't know if i could really do better tbh without messing it up) but yeah, it's quite a mess to say the least. I actually have an APU myself, and it's ok I guess, It's not like total crap, but it won't run a lot of games as smooth as I like (Most notably Skyrim, which it runs at like 20-30 or so frames average depending on what's going on(medium settings). I can run less demanding stuff at more stable framerates usually, but I definitely would like to have a more powerful card, and am in the process of getting one. I know I could've done better, but my computer is a prebuilt, and yes I know, I should've built it myself, and I almost did, so close to deciding to, but I got lazy and went with the prebuilt partly because I also knew like hardly anything when it came to computers when I bought this computer, I was just tired of the piece of crap I had to use for probably 6 months after my Laptop died(Which was a pretty good computer, for a laptop I guess.) You would be too if you couldn't play half of anything at any kind of resonable framerate, did I mention said computer had 2 gigs of ram? 2!... . So yeah, at the time my computer looked like my shinning reward of an amazing beast computer, and while I do like it, I realize I could have done better, oh well. Jezz, I got really long winded there, sorry ;p. Skyrim looks pretty darn even on medium settings just because of the scenery to it. I like it especially so with mods like pure weather for example(pure weather doesn't even take a hit on your FPS either, so a plus.)