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  1. AmarisNsane

    Rarity Fan Club

    Oh my gosh! So many new and lovely pictures of best fashion horse! All of which I must go through and save. ♥❤ And it's been quite a shameful amount of time since I've posted here, so here we go!
  2. AmarisNsane

    Favorite animals

    While I'm a big fan of really any reptile and amphibian, my absolute favorite would have to be... Prepare yourself. FROGS. Frogs, frogs, frogs! ❤ They're just so adorable and precious and I want all of them. ♥❤
  3. AmarisNsane

    Web Last YouTube video you watched?

    Well, here we go. I believe this was the last video watched. ♥
  4. AmarisNsane

    Music What kind of music to you listen to?

    While I'd listen to pretty much anything, I suppose that the type of music (or genre) that I typically listen to would be: Dark Cabaret, Darkwave/Coldwave, Post-Punk, Steampunk, Neoclassical, Dark Ambient, Witch House, Aggrotech/Dark electro...♥
  5. AmarisNsane

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    ^ First of all this put the biggest smile on my face! Just finished watching some Batman with my grandmother about an hour ago too! Into my forever saved images it goes. And I've been well, thank you! Though I have missed you quite a great deal. I do hope that everything has been going well for you! I'll have to get back to the messages. Be sure to keep me updated anytime, eh? ♥♥ I apologize for being so absent. ;o; It's been so long since I've posted here, I feel so lost and out of touch, haha! Perhaps I can slowly but surely work my way back though? Here's hoping!
  6. Listening to @@Sir Hugoholic's pro instrumental skills and envying so hard. But you didn't hear it from me...
  7. AmarisNsane

    What food are you craving right now?

    Cinnamon rolls. It's always the cursed cinnamon roll/buns. They are my greatest weakness, after all!
  8. AmarisNsane

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    ^ AHHHH!! This is too cute!! Oh my goodness, I need all three of them in my life! They're just... so precious! Literally squealed out loud upon seeing this post. Gosh, my heart... ♥❤♥
  9. AmarisNsane

    Web Last YouTube video you watched?

    The magic and the mystery of Potato Knishes. Somehow, I always find myself coming back to this, haha.
  10. AmarisNsane

    Chocolate or pizza?

    Well, I can't exactly choose. So, I'm going to go with what a handful have said and say: Both. Chocolate chip dessert pizza. This counts, right? But really, if I had to choose, I'd go for chocolate. My sweet tooth cannot be tamed.
  11. AmarisNsane

    Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    ^ GASP. OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH! This is absolutely amazing! Ahh, it makes me think of figurines of her! Figurines that I'd totally want... no, need in my life. Admittedly, I don't take part in much of the merchandise aspect of the show but I would get something like this ASAP. ♥❤♥ Also, I'm doing pretty well, thank you! Though the computer had finally died on me, so now I have no possibilities of coming online before late at night when I have the laptop. Around this time. It's definitely nice to see you around though, I've missed you dearly! How have things been for you? How are things going?
  12. AmarisNsane

    What object have you owned the longest?

    Easily a necklace that my grandmother had given to me when I was very young. ♥ I wear it everywhere, and keep it on while doing anything. Sometimes, I'd even forget that it's there as it's pretty much become an extension of myself through the years. The very few and rare moments that I've had no choice but to remove it were the moments in which I've felt the most bare, and even anxious to an extent. While I can't take a photo of my own, I can share something very similar for visual sake.
  13. AmarisNsane

    What's the last thing you drank?

    The last thing that I had was a bottle of water at room temperature.
  14. AmarisNsane

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    Behold! The embodiment of beauty.
  15. AmarisNsane

    What Pokemon is the user above you?

    I'm thinking Murkrow for you. ♥