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  1. I was so shocked when it became apparent that A K Yearling was actually just Daring Do. I'm not sure if even now I'm that fond of that reveal. I don't think it works that well. :okiedokielokie:
  2. is sick. *coughcough*

    1. SweetJeans88


      ~misssss yooooouuuus~

  3. I noticed this too. I think she was probably practicing simple little spells while she was up in her room. Nothing major, just sparks or easy spells. I liked the show's little nod to it.
  4. I was really excited about Sunset Shimmer's backstory and potential at the beginning of the film, but once you find out the writers aren't going to give us anything good with it, it was a little disappointing. She had so much potential but imo she's my least favourite.
  5. CrystalRose

    Best Song in EG?

    Helping Twilight Win The Crown is a really wonderful song. But I looooove the remixed intro! It's so catchy.
  6. Twice. That's not because I didn't like it though; on the contrary. I ended up wating forever to try it because I wasn't sure if I'd like it, and since that first time I just haven't really had the chance.
  7. At first I was very against the whole thing. I didn't want them to change Twilight's personality. Then when I watched MMC I was a little more impressed (I loved the musical numbers; Celestia's song omg) but as it was so rushed I didn't have time to adjust. Once I watched the start of the fourth series though, I realised that everything was going to be fine. I think Twilight is great as an alicorn, she suits it now. She still has all the same little quirks that make her wonderful and it's been some good character development for her.
  8. It's a wig! One of my favourites, but it's getting a little old now.
  9. CrystalRose

    Mega Thread What is the poster above you known for?

    Known for being around here for aaaaages and making lovely posts.
  10. I flipping love Disney. Love love love. <3
  11. I met my special somepony online. We started talking on a Guns n Roses forum and later met up at one of the concerts. We've been together seven years now and plan to get married.
  12. "Reformed" Discord is my favourite. He still keeps all his quirks, humour and mischief whilst pointing Twilight in the right direction. He doesn't give too much help which keeps with his character.
  13. @@~Chaotic Discord~, Your posts in this thread make my brain so, so happy. I completely agree with you. That tree is clearly very ancient. I do wonder if Discord is as old as the tree, or if Discord's personification (dragonification) of Chaos is something which has been handed down to him, in a way. I always used to believe in my headcanon that Celestia and Discord were polar opposites. Celestia was the personification of Harmony and Discord the personification of Chaos. Celestia and Luna "rose up" to defeat him when he was already well-established, but (especially with the recent fla
  14. I'd really love another Christmas episode. I bucking love Christmas. Or, if not Christmas, something wintery like Winter Wrap Up. I love occasions. <3
  15. I never liked the first one, and the second was only slighty better, so this is my favourite so far. I thought the others were a little tacky, but this is sleek, beautiful and simple. It sums up our Twilight pretty well!
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