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  1. I, for one, am a teenager, and I must say, teenagers are... interesting. Of course, there are many, many, different types of teenagers, so it isn't really fair to mash them all into one group and judge them from that. I do say, though, teens go through so much, so I believe it's a bit unfair to judge them to harshly. First job, first love, first kiss, first time driving, etc etc. Plus, how could we forget puberty? Although some will say they hate teenagers because they're so moody, there's an actual science explanation
  2. The way I see it is 'Who cares?' It is ones choice to shave. This applies to anyone. If they like shaving, shave! If they don't like shaving, then don't do it! I, personally, don't see why it's such a big deal. I either see people saying that if women don't shave, they're not 'actual women', which is total bull, then I see the other side who make's such a big deal out of it, saying women are 'oppressed' and are 'forced' to shave, which I honestly find that silly. Women are women, shaving doesn't matter at all, and women aren't being forced or oppressed to shave. Yeah, you might get an insult, someone might comment on your body, but to say you are being forced and oppressed is a bit extreme. Oops, got a little bit off topic. Anyways, to sum things up, women have the right to not shave at all. It is their choice after all
  3. If you guys have time, please check out this persons live stream!! It's a walk in commission stream! If you guys can't commission her, please share!!! She needs mons.....

  4. I notice that my art style keeps slowly changing. I view this as both good and bad. I consider bad because I just want to stop stressing and keep a certain style. But I view it as good, because this possibly means that I'm just improving, learning, heading towards the path of having a set style :3

    1. BlackHole(TimeLord)


      I never stay in one style for very long. Give me a week and I could almost copy any style I see. Which can be really annoying at times.

  5. I'm excited for this summer! I have a lot planned. I'm mostly excited for camping, Rockabilly riot, and Hot August Nights :P

    1. Geoff the Skeleton

      Geoff the Skeleton

      Best part of summer: No school!

  6. I finished two requests last night. I'll try posting them now DX

    1. BlackHole(TimeLord)


      Can't wait to see it when I get home.

    2. Slice0Pie


      :D I'll post them in a couple of minutes
  7. I FIXED MY FREAKIN PEN PRESSURE!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO EASY I CANT BELIEVE I DIDNT KNOW HOW TO FIX IT BEFORE I AM SO HAPPPPPPY!!! hahaha.... I need to calm down XD Im jumping around the room right now

    1. BlackHole(TimeLord)


      Yay! *starts hopping around with her*

    2. Slice0Pie
  8. I believe weather is so interesting! There's so much science behind it, it's fascinating! I, personally, enjoy all weather. I do have two favorites, though: I love it when it's pouring rain, with insane thunder and lighting. So exciting! I also enjoy warm weather, when you can wear shorts and tank tops, and you go out with friends and have a good time!
  9. I really like this theory! I originally though Celestia was going to lose her wings But this seems to make much sense