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  1. It is. We're collectively, as a community, creating original characters with the personalities and backstories to fit. Sure, we all have our own interpretations of them, but we typically agree on a couple of standard rules. And to top it all off, this is encouraged by the producers and writers of the show--we're getting a whole episode just for background ponies in S5 apparently. I personally like background ponies because of their designs--they're so fascinating and unique. I mean, I know Vinyl Scratch's manestyle is one of the most popular things right now, but it wasn't when she first appeared.
  2. . eris .

    What are crystal ponies special ability?

    I think it's the Crystal Heart effect that gives them that semi-transparent, glittery look. But if that's true, then Crystal ponies aren't really a different species at all, they're just regular ponies with a high gloss finish. More importantly, if it's just an effect of the Crystal Heart, why are they all earth ponies? We haven't seen any unicorn or pegasi Crystal ponies, have we? I can't remember. Possibly the Crystal Empire is a earth pony settlement like Appaloosa. BUT, if they were to have a special ability, I would probably think sensitivity or empathy. I mean, their mood literally governs the fate of Equestria, so they'd probably have to be fairly good at that. XDD
  3. Coming back from a ridiculously long hiatus myself, I feel like I needed to drop my two pennies here. I think it's a combination of things. Sometimes if people aren't welcomed quickly or enthusiastically, they lose interest and it feels like nobody's paying them any attention. With most forums it's difficult to break into an established site, even if the users are super friendly and welcoming; there are just in-jokes or references or even just user compatibility that newbies aren't going to get right away. Sometimes it's a spur of the moment thing, when they sign up, and then lose interest because the hour or so they had to kill that afternoon has expired. This site is great, and it's a shame that people don't get to see that. We're a big, welcoming fanbase and I wish more people got to see this side of bronies instead of the not-so-nice bits.
  4. Hello hello hello, my darling potato minions! You benevolent queen has once more come to dump a bit of art and run away. This is my OC, Zatiko, just a pony I love to draw. His design is undergoing a bit of an overhaul, as well as the rest of my characters, so nothing's permanent yet. I'd love to hear some feedback and opinions though. I'm still trying to nail down a specific "style", I haven't gotten anything yet really. I'm trying a couple of different shading/coloring styles as well. Anyway! Thoughts?
  5. . eris .

    Could you really blend into pony society?

    I'd probably give it a try. I mean, I love being a human and I like my life: I wouldn't trade it permanently, of course. But hypothetically, I think I'd be okay. My main problem would probably be finding an occupation, considering the skill sets I have as a human are probably completely useless for ponies, and vice versa. Politics aren't much of an issue for me because although I do have opinions about our government, they're not something that drives my life and dictates a great part of my personality. Magic might be difficult to get used to, as well. I wonder what magic feels like?
  6. I love it! That actually sounds like a really fascinating idea--and honestly I don't think you need gore at all. But that's just me, probably because I'm not personally fond of super violent or gory stuff just for the sake of being violent or gory. :3 I'll read your introduction and then give a little more refined opinion.
  7. . eris .

    What do you wish you were better at?

    I see a lot of people saying that they wished they were better at art. Not to sound like a cliche, but all you need is practice, I promise! My first pony attempts are still floating around on these boards somewhere, and they are terrible. They're misshapen, broken-legged beasties that destroyed my pencils and my ego. xD But practice!! I promise it gets better. Now, if there was a skill I wish I was better at, I would have to say communication. I don't like to upset people or be a bother, so sometimes I say nothing when I really should speak up. And other times, when I really should keep my mouth shut, I talk way too much and embarrass myself. So yeah, communication. xD
  8. . eris .

    Nightmare Moon

    Distracted and off track, sure, but we could also assume that she could do basic math. "Gee, six ponies. Six elements. OH HEY if I knock off one of them with Shadowbolts or a couple of them become Manticore snacks, then they won't be able to use the Elements of Harmony."
  9. . eris .

    S04:E14 - Filli Vanilli

    Okay okay I loved this episode but first: WAS THAT JAN ANIMATION'S VOICE!?!?! I loved it! It sure sounded like him, part of me is seriously hoping it is. If not, that's okay, but still.
  10. . eris .

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    8/10--I love it, but it's a little grainy.
  11. . eris .

    Should cloppers be segregated from bronies?

    Absolutely not, at least in my opinion. Why should we divide our fandom just because someone else has a different opinion or way of viewing things? I've never gotten R34 shoved in my face before (unless I'm on Google without safesearch on), and from what I've seen most cloppers seem to be extremely polite, loyal fans of the show. I don't care what you do or think about in the bedroom--just so long as you enjoy the show. Non-cloppers enjoy the show too, we have that one big major thing in common. So why let something like clopping get between that?
  12. . eris .

    One Wish

    I'm currently writing an epic (not really) fanfiction about the reprecussions of interfering with the storyline. That being said, I don't think I could control myself by leaping out and tackling Lupin or Sirius.
  13. . eris .

    One Wish

    There's a quote I read somewhere once that prayers are for big things, like world peace and happiness, and wishes are for small, selfish things. I would like to wish myself a selfish thing. I want the ability to hop in and out of fictional worlds as I please. Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings...it could all be MIIINE. Oh, and Equestria as well. ^^
  14. I like chocolate, I like fruit, but not together~ Just kidding. I'd like my obsessions separate, lol, but I'd love to watch a pony parody of HP. Plus I voted for "Robert Downey Jr. as a Pony" because I'm trained to automatically vote/like/thumbs up anything positive with his name. *dreamy sigh*
  15. Why, Discord would only go with someone who's as wacky and crazy as himself. Like Pinkie. Or...perhaps a Rule 63'd version of himself, like a sassy draconequus named Eris. xD Either way, the whole world would completely explode.