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  3. Motion Spark

    Rarity Fan Club

    ohhh bummer, good luck in your future endeavors and leaving doesn't mean you can't take quick peaks here and there, just to check on the forums from time to time. Best wishes Flip! @@Obsidian Sky, I didn't read all from the last 2 pages, because I basically hate reading but you have to calm down and take these things as Rarity hate less seriously. Cuz really, I haven't seen the words 'Rarity' and 'whore' in the same sentence since months!
  4. hmmm things have changed now, now the brony haters are bronies themselves, and this fandom in general is disgusting. Tthat doesn't mean we have pretty good bronies who never forget what's the most important of it in the very beginning. Friendship. That's why I stick to do art and interact with small group of bronies.
  5. Motion Spark

    Rarity Fan Club

    gosh I hate when I drift off the forums and then I have to keep up with this topic, I'm glad I'm back after a week of innactivity uhh, moving on. You guys the most iconics members of this topic should know better about what content is accepted, tone it down guys!! D: I'm surprised how many WP you guys have --- let's share some human Rarity stuff, by the amazing quizzicalkisses on deviantART
  6. yeah your right about that. well at least the girl looks like she's pretty popular at school, I don't think the internet would scar her forever, or at least i hope so... i get what you mean, but you always have to think about the 'it's not what you say but how you say it' obviously I didn't mean retarded in 'that way'
  7. Motion Spark

    Rarity Fan Club

    you guys are all so sweet I promise I shall make tons of Rarity artworks --- I find Trenderhoof thing interesting, and I'm with Ghosty here, I hate him because he's a poorly written bad character, like everything in MLP has potential, he HAD potential but it was wasted. At least we all have a reason to hate Prince Blueblood and he fitted the jackass role very well, he was a good written antagonist to be fair. The thing is, when you blame writting instead of how the character behaves, then shit goes wrong. I absolutelly say that Trenderhoof is the worst guest character i've ever see
  8. and I agree with ya, I wasn't actually defending Rihanna, but in a side note it's hilarious how media make this a lot more dramatic than it should have been. Rihanna is clearly at fault for making fun of her but c'mon! bullying is way worse than this.
  9. Nice artwork ya got, Sparky.

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    2. Motion Spark

      Motion Spark

      oh thank you so much! :)

    3. DryGuy84 (Inactive)

      DryGuy84 (Inactive)

      No problem, man. I just didn't think you'd see my response in the Rarity Fan Club right away so I booped you on here.


      I just used "booped" unironically...Ghostie's rubbing off on me, I guess. *shrugs*

    4. Motion Spark

      Motion Spark

      i actually haven't seen what's up lately on the fan club, I'll check it

  10. I don't take the literal meaning of words at heart but what the person means. Of course I meant she looked stupid in that shot, but she might be a cute girl, who knows. Calling retarded to a mentally disabled person is very rude but the context is changed. It's like saying 'that's so gay', usually people don't say it to bash on gays, heck even gay people say that. They may use the word but they don't mean it that context.
  11. Motion Spark

    Rarity Fan Club

    *giggles* I think I've heard of that youtuber before, but I can't place it I should have copyrighted the Spark name ¬¬
  12. saying she looks really stupid it's also disrespectful
  13. Motion Spark

    Rarity Fan Club

    well I do have a youtube account, but I don't really do videos, why?
  14. it's amazing how much a headline can impact the true nature of the news. I don't give 2 shits about this, and to me it doesn't seem all that bad what Rihanna did, the word 'bullying' is way too broad for what she did. 'Mocking' or 'making fun of' sounds more fitting. Besides, the girl has an amazing body but that dress is just ridiculous to go to a prom and she looks retarded in that picture lol
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