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  1. Happy birthday! 2-8-17

  2. I was hoping for Fluttershy But seeing Spike is a really wonderful surprise!! I may just go grab the both of thrm, I really like Twilight's mane and she is my third favorite.... I plan to at least go to build a bear and check them out
  3. Ugh no.I don't anymore, seriously I, can't eat instant ramen noodles anymore, i keep a bunch in my pantry for guests and our roommate, who actually makes fried ramen which is magical. I do go.and buy actual ramen noodles from a local Asian grocer and.use them in stir fries and will boil them in low sodium.chicken broth with veggies but instant pacakge ramen days are over
  4. Oh how lovely!! I had a few of the g1 and g2 toys growing up. She really is in lovely condition and I lobe the cutie mark and mane. Congrats!!
  5. Obi strip, hmm I like that word! I couldnt think of what to call it, my brain is fried from school
  6. I can't wait to see this! I"m hoping to see it in stores, I want to see what is in it before I buy it, I really hope that it covers some lore, and I Like the idea of having the letters all in one place, Also am I the only one that hopes the cover looks more like the top half and that the bottom half with luna and celestia is like an advert? I want the cover to look solid and not choppy.
  7. I took this thing 10 times *blushes* I want a Fluttershy plushie so bad! I would love to go to build a bear and make one and possibly buy the clothing accesories too depnding on what they have avaliable. I really hope Build a Bear makes this happen, GAH I NEED FLUTTERSHY
  8. I am neutral good everywhere in my life besides work where I am more lawful.good, the reason for that is I work with animals for a living and their safety and my safety is number one and that can only be assured by following the saftey standards set to keep everyone safe, my job doesn't have too many useless rules in my eyes for that reason, I do break rules on occasion but I feel bad for it there. Everywhere else I am neutral good, I do what I feel is be the greater benifit or good for others and if that means bending rules or breaking them then I have few qualms about it. People are still people regardless of what they have done and I will help that person if they are suffering and I will also have no qualms about hurting someone that tries to hurt me, but if I did hurt someone I would probably tend to their wounds as well, Now as for rpgs my character right now in the tabletop I am playing is by far chaotic good, she is a druid with knight like fighting style and she much prefers to do things her way and lives outside of society, she sometimes values non human life a bit higher up the scale, but always helps anyone suffering, regardless of alignment. She feels no social order other than she realizes she has to follow some level of it to survive in more urban environments, and feels slightly constrained having to perform to social order especially when dealing with nobels or the court (her father was a knight, hence the fighting style and court).
  9. I am far sighted, which means I can't see up close, if I don't have my glasses on my depth perception is crap and i will get headaches and nausea when trying to read. I don't see well at night at all, I hate driving at night because, particularly at dusk. I have to really strain
  10. I really hope it is true I would love to have a Fluttershy!!! I would like to see them do the mane six and the princesses with shinning aromor and the cmc. I defintely wouldnt buy all of then but I would consider more
  11. I live in an area where deer have not nearly enough natural predators and if there was no hunting season they would not only do harm to their own species but other species in the area by wiping out food sources and repoducing at a rate where they would also spread disease and take over space. So if we aren't suppose to eat meat would you prefer for people to just kill the deer and leave them there to rot not utilizing any of it and being wasteful? If you want to be a vegitarian or vegan I respect your choice however do not go around trying to argue meat is cruel. Yes factory farming is cruel and I would love to see reforms on it and i try my best to eat meat that family has hunted and gave to us because I know the death was fast or kosher meats due to the very humane way yoy kosher kill an animal. I eat meat, my family eats meat and if i had the land I would raise my own chickens for meat so I knew they weren't kept in a harmful fucking cage where they never saw the light or got to run around. Humans have been hunters and gathers for thousands ad thousands of years. I am thankful for the meat and I always say a small blessing in my heart to the meat from.the animal I consume, I thank it for giving me nurtishment. You cannot go around bashing people for their choices same way I will not bash you for yours but you are not a better person or suddenly gain some level of self righteousness just because you are a vegetarian, end of story, so step off your pedastal
  12. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. It is always so easy to view the world in black and white, to point fingers and say this is good and this is evil. Rarely is anything that clearly defined. I am a child abuse survivor, not of the physical but I was sexually abused by an uncle. I don't wish him dead, I don't want to find him and kill him, what would be the point? I would like to see him get help, to answer why he did it, what happened to him and how could he heal from that so he never hurt anyone again. He is a sick person that did something horrific to me and for so long I told myself he was evil scum that was that. But see no, it isn't just that. People can be sick and do horrific.things to others, but you have to ask why, what happened to them along the way to make them so sick to hurt others. The easy answer is to say let's kill them all but that won't fix the problem, it won't get to why these people emerge and take things out on others in such am extreme way. They aren't some demon species you can eradicate with a gun because most people who abuse others, no matter the means, are not born as abusers they are shaped and influenced and finally make that horrible decision to harm for some reason. Also, it is very naive of you to think that when a child gets placed in foster care they suddenly get a fairy tale ending and get placed in an amazing loving home. Most kids don't, people who foster children can be abusers to and i know people who had foster parents that abused them. There are kids that grow up their whol life's in the foster system and then at 18 are shoved out into the world with no support, no family, no skills, no job, absolutely nothing. Just because they are removed from a bad situation doesn't mean they are suddently saved or put into a better situation.
  13. We can't fly with wings, birds who do fly have hollow light bones, birds who don't fly have solid heavy bones. It just won't happen, if we ever did gain the ability to fly it would be thousands and thousands of years down the line ans there would have to be a evolutionary need for our bodies to change as drastically as they would have to in order for us to be capable of flight. This sounds in all honesty, to me, risky and strange. The science behind it is pretty interesting about how our bodies adjust to accept losses of limbs and adapts to artificial limbs.
  14. I love chips that are done with hot sauce. The Frank's red hot Pringles were amaazing. I like hot sauce so yeah, yum and all that delcious stuff
  15. Oh my gosh guys I'm glad what I said wasn't a rambling pile of mush, it felt like it when I wrote it. I watch people a lot, not in a creepy way I am just observeant of others actions and interactions with others. It has made me reflect on what love is, what it means to be in a relationship with lasting power. My parents do love each other, but I grew up watching them hurt and stifle each other, my dad would hide important information from my mom, my mom would verbal abuse him and physically threaten him. my dad takes every insult every word to heart. They have stood by each other and I can see they love each other but the damage they have done to each other and their relationship can never be fixed. I don't want that for me, for anyone else, for my own relationship. I believe communication is so important, to hide something, to withhold information is poisonous. To belittle your partner, to threaten them, is toxic. I see friends in love with the idea of "love" but not wanting to do the actual nitty gritty work a relationship can take. One can't constantly be showered in flowers and jewlery. It's about apprecaiting the memories and moments. like building a blanket fort in your living room and sharing a bottle of wine, just because it seemed like a good idea. I don't expect my partner to be perfect, he doesn't expect the same from me. I wish more people saw that, that more people wouldn't throw in the towel the first time something goes array or doesn't match your idea of love. It takes a moment for two people to learn how each other perceives and needs to have affection shown to them. I would be mortified if my boyfriend sent a big bouquet of flowers to my workplace or bought me an extravagant engagement ring. To me that is excessive, to others that is the affection they need and want, and that is okay. More mush rambling sorry