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  1. I have things to do but nobody to see.

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      Precisely my dilemma.

  2. Haha, so done with this place. The ride has ended.

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      Yeah, right

  3. You guys do realize that debates can happen without a flame war occurring, right? I'd like to think that this is both the fault of members and staff alike not doing what the board's intentions seem to be. Members here are way too sensitive and the staff appears to let it happen. I mean, sure, some of the topics get locked when things get really out of hand, but I've seen a whole lot of junk posts in debates like the Abortion topic or the Feminism topic that's a waste of space, and are usually the catalysts that fuel the wars in the first place. The other side is that if the Debate Pit is truly "the scholars place to have mature conversation", then why are half the posts I see on there filled with sloppy grammar, meme pics, one run-on sentence, or quoting someone and then just adding a sentence further like "I agree fully to what you are saying, kudos."? I think a rule needs to be established that the posts in the Debate Pit need to have correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, have a decent length (just a short paragraph even), and isn't simply a meme pic proclaiming "FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED" with that stupid image of the guy raising his fist. It's more or less the reason I don't really post here anymore because the Debate Pit was kind of my main board after I pretty much expressed everything I could about the MLP episodes I've watched.
  4. What annoys me about the Debate Pit is that there are topics that are just downright stupid to look at for a board that identifies itself with serious political, philosophical, and social topics. "Do you like Canadians?" is one of these topics that I feel need to be moved to the General Board. It's not so much "passionate debating" as it is just asking a stupid question.
  5. So is mine! But then again it is a pretty common mascot around the country. I hate it though because Duke University is associated with them, and I hate the Basketball team.
  6. Uh, why not? Aren't we speaking from an economic standpoint? Sales don't determine what games are good or not, just look at CoD. The same applies for the music industry and television series. Where did I even state that the Wii was not without, albeit a few, quality games? Yeah, you had your DKCR, Skyward Sword, Mario Kart Wii, No More Heroes, and Muramasa, but that in no way compares to the libraries that both PS3 and 360 produced. How does that make me a hater when I've had the utmost respect for Nintendo up until the Gamecube? Literally, I have every single Ninty system including Virtual Boy, so just because my opinion doesn't correlate with yours doesn't make me a hater.
  7. Justin Bieber has many accolades by critics. Does that mean his music's good? Absolutely not. Just because he's a cash cow doesn't make him anymore of a good artist than Rebecca Black.
  8. @Artemis is really the only person left that I remotely speak to, so I guess that's something lol. I used to have a lot of friends when I first joined but they either left or forgotten about me because of my absence.
  9. See, this is exactly why I hate the Nintendo fanboys. They only assume that all PS3 and 360 is good for is FPS titles because of the extreme marketing campaign Call of Duty (which, by the way, I hate with a passion) and Halo has gotten. Seriously, there are more genres than shooters in their libraries. Persona 4, Final Fantasy XIII, Soul Calibur (the actual fighting ones), Lost Horizons, Gran Turismo, Skullgirls, Skyrim, Diablo III, Darkstalkers, etc., all popular franchises that don't have a Wii port and do not focus on shooting. So before you blindly go on a limb and tell me something completely false without actually playing the consoles themselves, maybe you should, uh, play the consoles.
  10. Notice that MANY critically acclaimed games that have came out in the past generation (BioShock, Red Dead Redemption, Halo, Diablo III, Fallout, Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy XIII, etc.) did not have a port for the Wii. The reason: because Wii had a shitty processing engine and was only three times the power to that of the Gamecube. When a gaming company announces a new system, you bet your ass I want it so that the games can stun me with excitement all over again. Wii didn't. It was only filled with first-party disappointments and casual garbage. Even established franchises like Call of Duty and Soul Calibur couldn't make a solid port because the developers were confused on how to program shit with the motion control gimmick, which quickly came and went. Again, from an economic standpoint, it was great with the soccer moms/casual crowd, but as for gaming, not a chance. PS3 and 360 definitely beat it.
  11. Soul has more rep in the American market though, and since most of the competitive scene is here in the States, I would think Namco with go with someone like Ivy, Yoshimitsu, or Cassandra seeing as how they have a huge fanbase. I think a character from Tekken is a high possibility too. There's a problem when you have a fascist organization ( overlooking all of the nationally recognized tournaments and making a universal ruleset that sucks. I'm glad they axe their "Unity Ruleset" a couple of years ago since TOs were getting pissed off at all the strict bullshit they enlisted. You can't take an obvious casual-oriented game like Brawl and make it into something competitive; you would have to mod it. This is why people make stuff like Project M, because it's way easier to use Melee's engine rather than Brawl's shit. Honestly, the competitive scene IS ruining the competitive scene.
  12. Other M? Kirby's Epic Yarn/Return to Dreamland? Super Smash Bros. Brawl? New Super Mario Bros. Wii? Yeah, no. Their library was definitely not extensive enough.
  13. Well, Sakurai stated that Namco might be getting some rep with a third party character, so my guess it'll be someone from Soul Calibur or the Tales Of... series. I highly doubt Pac-Man will fit the cause because he doesn't have an established fanbase anymore. I just hope 4 is way better than Brawl. Brawl was really a disappointment and I cannot believe it is the sequel to Melee. All because Sakurai wanted to make the game as "anti-competitive" as possible. You realize you can do that by not royally screwing up the physics that were perfected in Melee, right?
  14. Wii definitely was a bad console, though. Probably not from an economic standpoint, but quality wise, it was shitty. The graphics processor was not far off from Gamecube, shovelware/crapware up the wazoo, terrible controller design, motion sensor gimmick that only lasted for about 3 years before getting really old, crappy online, not much selection with multiplayer games, etc. Nintendo just got too greedy with this one. They put in so much time with an effort to create a "casual", "family friendly" system that they completely forgot to put quality into their gaming library. Pretty much the only games that are worth buying the Wii for are Donkey Kong Country Returns, Super Mario Galaxy 2, No More Heroes, Mario Kart Wii, and Muramasa: The Demon Blade.