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  1. Happy nightmare night 

  2. Happy birthday! I hope you get the chance to do something fun for it!

    1. Truffles


      Thanks! This year it's a dinner in situation for obvious reasons. But it was steak and it was great, so I can't complain, lol!

    2. thepinkapocalypse


      Hey how do you get him to respond to me he won’t answer my dms :(

  3. Happy birthday, Chart! :yay:

    1. Music Chart Fan

      Music Chart Fan

      Thanks! I went and visited with some of my family this past weekend, so that was fun. I haven't had too much going on since I got that research & development chemist job and moved last November. I was assigned to work out in production for six months (from March through August), which felt like a whole other world than R&D. But I was able to return to R&D lab work earlier this month, which I prefer to do and I find a lot less stressful.

    2. thepinkapocalypse


      @Music Chart Fan is pinkie the only name 6 character you hate answer my question and I will leave you alone don’t be rude! 

  4. Yeah, I'd like to think that Twilight wasn't that bad, even at the beginning of the show, to the point of her being dismissive or a know-it-all right to Princess Celestia's face as she's trying to explain an important lesson. But I suppose that Luster Dawn's relationship to Princess Twilight may be different than Twilight's more deferential relationship to Princess Celestia, and as you point out, the writers may have been trying to replicate Twilight's generally more snarky/exasperated attitude in the early part of the show. Good catch, I had missed that. I like Pharynx, so that's nice
  5. I laughed at the mental image of Spike's teleporting a giant roc - or, say, the big frozen cloud from "Equestria Games" - somewhere else by breathing fire on it. But that mental image also calls to mind a potentially interesting thought experiment. From what I recall observing on the show, Spike's sending a scroll (or whatever else qualifies) by breathing fire on it doesn't necessarily occur instantaneously; it appears to be sent as it's burned, even if that takes a second or so. But on the receiving end, a cloud of smoke and magic forms until the whole scroll pops into existence instantaneous
  6. I certainly don't think I'm qualified or able to make any "objective" judgement of what the best episodes of all time of the show are, so I'll just briefly go through some of what I think are my favorite episodes of the show. As a disclaimer, I think I'm more liable to like particular scenes, moments, and aspects of episodes in the show, rather than liking entire episodes from start to finish, per se. I'll probably have at least some qualms, skepticism, and/or certain things that I don't particularly like about essentially every episode of the show; I feel like that's just how my brain works.
  7. All right, as I've done for most of the previous seasons, I've compiled what I think are my favorite episodes this season. It's weird to think that this is the last time I'll be doing this for this show. It's good to have a record of my taking stock of the episodes I most liked from each season, and to go back and see the previous episodes that I overall liked the most. So, for the final time, here are, not necessarily in rank order, what I believe are the five episodes I most liked in Season 9. The Big Mac Question (Episode 23): Many of the callbacks and symbolism around the proposals an
  8. After almost a year and a half of job searching after graduation, I've accepted a position as a Senior Research & Development Chemist! It will mean moving across the state, but I'll be moving in with one of my brothers, and I'll be closer to a lot of my siblings and to my parents. And, after having my house on the market for several months, I should be finalizing an offer to buy my house in the next few weeks. So the next chapter of my life is rapidly coming together, although that means that I'll be really busy the next few weeks moving out, selling my house, and starting my first post-graduation job. @Truffles @Dark Qiviut

    1. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      Yay! Congratulations! :yay:

  9. Overall, I'm not really sure how to feel about this episode. I thought that it was good that the flashback story around Twilight's coronation acknowledges that things are going to be different with Twilight's moving to Canterlot, although it's also a little painful to watch. However, with the future part of the episode, I can't help feeling that Twilight's position as ruler of Equestria is a lonely one, particularly with Twilight's living in Canterlot, the Council of Friendship meetings with the Mane Seven only being once a month, and the rest of the Mane Seven's seeming to be really busy with
  10. Overall, as with the finale episodes for other recent seasons, I found these episodes to be kind of a mixed bag. As the final battle for Equestria, the stakes are high and the unfolding of events is compelling. It was particularly powerful to see the villainous three seize Spike and threaten to pluck his wings - essentially threatening to torture him - and Spike's willingness to lose his wings and go through that, saying not to worry about him. And after the Mane Six stand down so as not to allow Spike to be tortured, they even appear to resign themselves to die (unless the villainous three's
  11. Now that Season 9 has officially finished airing, what do you think were the best and worst (or, if you prefer, your favorite and least favorite) episodes of the season? In the poll above, you can vote for as many or as few episodes for each question as you wish, although many people traditionally have given a top 5 and bottom 5. At the bottom of each question, there is also a "None / Prefer not to answer" option. Also, feel free to post and explain your choices. Later on, I'll post the top 5 episodes that I liked most this season. Thanks for voting!
  12. I was sort of basing my presumption that the engagement ring is (at least fairly) expensive on Spike's reaction. He seems pretty impressed by it, and I think he would have a pretty good idea of what gems are impressive, considering that, for example, he's been Rarity's regular gem collecting helper, and he was seen with Rarity offering a second opinion on precious gems at the jeweler's shop in "Dragon Dropped". Then again, we may not be able to rule out his hopeless romanticism clouding his judgement, haha.
  13. Overall, I would say that this is an okay episode. Part of the issue I have is that I don't like the idea of feeling obligated to buy an expensive engagement ring, or to come up with a complicated "grand gesture" proposal. So as the setting up and attempted execution of Big Mac's and Sugar Belle's proposal schemes were playing out, I couldn't help thinking of both the logistical issues of the schemes and how unnecessary they feel to me. Spike does say near the end of the episode that "when all the planning and grand gestures go wrong, it reminds you the most romantic things are usually the sim
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