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  1. Sorry, forgot to wish everyone a Happy Halloween/Happy Nightmare Night last night.

  2. Anyone been working Scream Fortress this year? Scored another Magical Mercenary from my Halloween contracts, possibly as a gift from Merasmus out of respect for the series being over.

  3. True. Nicole, Tabitha, and Tara have a long list of shows, both animated and English-dubbed anime, that they have provided the voice for characters in. I remember that Nicole did The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull in the 2002 He-Man series, and Meiling Li in the English-dubbed Card Captor Sakura anime, among other roles, so it will be interesting to see what else they add to their repertoire in the future after Friendship Is Magic.
  4. Comics just won't be the same as the show with hearing Tara, Nicole, Ashleigh, Andrea, Cathy, Tabitha, and the others providing the voices for our favorite characters anymore...
  5. Thanks, appreciate it very much, my Brony Brother. I'll keep my eyes open on the Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker Ponies groups on DA for any news on the models of the older Mane Six.
  6. It's been nearly 24 hours since the series finale aired, and I'm still coming to grips with knowing its over and I have to turn to the comics for the next season next year. It just won't be the same as the show...

    *sighs* At least my video games and Thomas the Tank Engine can help fill the void in my heart that Friendship Is Magic left behind...

    It's like part of me died when the series ended...Is that natural for Bronies who have been with the series since the early days?

  7. Yeah, I know that IDW will be taking over with having the next season be in the comics, but it won't be the same as with the show. I'm still gonna miss it once all the other Generation 4 stuff ends, including the Equestria Girls and the upcoming movie.
  8. I think I have a new favorite episode now in the series finale, The Last Problem, as I appreciated that they showed the fate of many characters in the time skip since Twilight's ascension. Twilight now looked like Celestia in terms of appearance with the longer horn and larger wings, but with her own styled version of the ethereal mane and tail based after her trademark style. Rarity had retired and left Carousel Boutique to Yona and Sandbar, and was showing signs of age with the gray in her mane and tail. Rainbow took over for Spitfire as Wonderbolts captain. Fluttershy still maintains her animal sanctuary and being with Discord, and Pinkie married Cheese Sandwich and had a kid. Pound and Pumpkin were grown, Flurry was mentioned to have taken over for Cadence and Shining Armor, though we don't know if they moved to Silver Shoals to join Celestia and Luna, Grand Pear and the Gold Horseshoe Gals have passed on to rejoin Pear Butter and Bright Mac in the afterlife, the Crusaders now teach at the School of Friendship with Silverstream, Ocellus, and Smolder, with Starlight, Sunburst, and Trixie still working there as Headmare, Vice-Headstallion, and Student Counselor, Big Mac and Applejack still work Sweet Apple Acres with Sugar Belle after Granny Smith passed on, and Equestria is at peace with all of its allies, coexisting together in friendship and harmony. Definitely one of my favorite episodes, even with the grief and joy I'm enduring knowing it is the last one of the series and we won't be getting anything new until the series to start Generation 5 debuts in due time.
  9. To be honest, I would have liked to see what became of Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Shining Armor in the years since Twilight's ascension. Are Celestia and Luna still the same in terms of appearance, despite the time skip? What about Cadence and Shining Armor? Have they aged at all, and Cadence gaining a similar appearance to Twilight with the ethereal mane and tail like the Royal Sisters? I have to assume Grand Pear and the Gold Horseshoe Gals have passed on to join Pear Butter and Bright Mac in the afterlife since Applejack and Apple Bloom were seen wearing Granny and Goldie's old neck clothing. Not to mention seeing how well the Student Six have aged during the time skip. Silverstream looked as tall as Skystar now, Yona was fully grown, as big as Prince Rutherford, Ocellus was about as big as Pharynx, and Smolder looked like she was about Garble's height now. Gallus is serving as a Royal Guard griffon now, and many of the various races were coexisting peacefully among ponies in Canterlot and Ponyville. Probably was the same for the Crystal Empire, Las Pegasus, Manehattan, and more.
  10. I hope the 3D models include Twilight, Spike, and all their friends from the future. I would love to do a "Thank You" thing in Garry's Mod with them to post in my DA as thanks to the entire MLP staff, especially Lauren, for giving us the Mane Six for this past decade. I'll try to fight through my tears of joy and grief as well while I wait for them and prepare for next year being the first year without expecting a new season of Friendship Is Magic, which will allow me to enjoy something I've really looked forwards to: The 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
  11. I'm...*sniffs*...I'm not sure I can hold myself together long enough to say this... The final episode of the series, and it ends like how the series began. The series began with the book opening up on the story of how Celestia and Luna ruled together before Luna fell to darkness and became Nightmare Moon, and ends with the book closing on that final image of an older Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends seeing off her own protege as she leaves to continue spreading the Magic of Friendship, bringing the series, and Generation 4, to a heartbreaking end. I'm not sure a lot of Bronies and Pegasisters got through the end of the episode without breaking down at the end of the final song as it symbolically ended the series and left us looking forward to Generation 5. I know I turned on the waterworks big time when the song ended and I saw the book close to end the series. At least we got to see what became of many of our favorite characters since then. We got to see older versions of the Student Six, Starlight, Sunburst, the Crusaders, Big Mac, Sugar Belle, and many more. Not to mention seeing so many various creatures now mingling among the ponies, especially enrolled in the School of Friendship. This episode has definitely earned a perfect 10, if not 10,000/10, from me. To Lauren, Meghan, Daniel, and everyone who brought us Twilight and her friends for the past decade, thank you. God Bless Your Huge Hearts For Giving Us This Series That Will Live In Our Hearts Forever. All that is left for me to add is this link to remind us that this is not truly the end of Friendship Is Magic as long as the Brony Community lives on and keeps it alive from here on out: (Sorry, don't know how to post videos here like I've seen with other users.) Thank You My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. You truly have changed a lot of lives for the better.
  12. The final season finale of the series, and they spared no expense with it. As the Legion of Doom continues to spread disharmony and distrust among the three pony races to bring back the Windigoes, they are able to use Grogar's bell to power up and expose Grogar for being Discord all along, forcing him to flee and warn the Mane Six and Royal Sisters of what's happened, but upset upon learning the truth, Twilight loses all confidence she had gained since the season premiere, and does her best to prepare Canterlot for the inevitable attack, only for her preparations to have been in vain when Star Swirl and the Pillars are overcome easily by Tirek, Chrysalis overpowers and captures Starlight after she had Trixie evacuate the School of Friendship, and Cozy manages to use Grogar's bell to drain Celestia and Luna of their Alicorn magic, forcing Twilight to flee to the Crystal Empire to be with Cadence, Shining Armor, and Flurry Heart while the others are captured. However, a heroic move by Discord, Starlight, the Pillars, and the Royal Sisters buys time for the Mane Six to escape and regroup with Twilight, where once the Windigoes appear, things seem bleak, but the Mane Six are able to rally, restore Twilight's morale, and head back to confront the villains. However, their plan to get Grogar's bell to recover Discord and the Royal Sisters' magic fails, and Spike is used as leverage by the villains to force the Mane Six into surrender, before moving to finish them off as they prepare to, presumably, die together as friends. However, thanks to the Student Six and a couple of other young ponies who took the lessons from the School of Friendship and Hearth's Warming to heart, they are able to rally the three races back together, and joined by Rain Shine, Prince Rutherford, Dragon Lord Ember, Changeling King Thorax, Grandpa Gruff, General Seaspray, Chief Thunderhooves, Tempest Shadow, and the races allied with Equestria in the yaks, dragons, reformed Changelings, griffons, hippogriffs, Kirin, buffalo, and more, they are able to hold off the villains for as long as they can and save the Mane Six before Twilight confronts the villains, magically frees the Pillars, Starlight, Discord, and the Royal Sisters from their imprisonment, and fueled by the magic of the Elements of Harmony of the Past, Present, and Future, Twilight is able to dispel the Windigoes before blasting the villains and draining them off their power, defeating them once more. Of course, while Tirek and Cozy are now scared for their lives, Chrysalis refuses to give up on her revenge, until once restored of their own magic, the Royal Sisters and Lord of Chaos see that the three unreformed villains pay for their crimes with being eternally imprisoned in stone until such a time when they finally will accept friendship into their black hearts. With the kingdom and its neighbors safe from the Legion of Doom, the Mane Six relax before they prepare for Twilight's coronation once Canterlot is rebuilt following the destruction caused by the three baddies. I give this finale a perfect 10/10, if not 100/10, for how everyone showed up to help the Mane Six in their hour of need, not to mention cameos from Tempest, Queen Novo, and Princess Skystar.
  13. I'm not sure I'll be able to overcome my grief over seeing the end of the series after hearing that beautiful final song from the Mane Six. It may take a while. As for the end of the series, I can only think of this link to explain how I'm trying to look forward to the future with the series behind us now:

  14. The final episode before the final season finale, and I'll admit, despite the actions of Discord, Spike, the Crusaders, and Mrs. Cake with trying to help out Sugar Belle and Big Mac, it was nice to see Big Mac finally propose to Sugar Belle and the two of them get married beneath the tree that grew from the seeds planted by Bright Mac and Pear Butter when they were married. Even better, Mayor Mare officiated the ceremony like she did with Bright Mac and Pear Butter, and many friends and family were in attendance for it, including Burnt Oak, Goldie Delicious, Party Favor, Double Diamond, Night Glider, Auntie Applesauce, and Apple Rose. Overall, I'll give this episode an 8, maybe a 9 out of 10.
  15. Well, I generally enjoyed today's new episode. First off, I liked the designs of the Crusaders as older versions of themselves. Second, I did not expect their older selves to be the result of a wish made on a magical flower that Star Swirl wanted Twilight to analyze. Third, it was nice to visit a few places like Hayseed Swamp and Appleloosa again and meet some new characters as well. Fourth, I do like how Rarity was working on something for Fancy Pants, Rainbow was in her Wonderbolt uniform again after being called into duty by Spitfire, and Applejack was tending to an ill Big Mac, rendering all three big sisters unable to escort the Crusaders to the fair, as was Twilight and Fluttershy because of the research they were doing for Star Swirl. Overall, I give this episode a 9, 9.5, maybe a perfect 10/10.