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  1. Happy Veterans Day to all the Brony Brothers and Pegasisters serving in the military.

  2. Happy Halloween/Nightmare Night to all my Brony Brothers and Pegasisters out there. :Thorax::Pharynx::kirin:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sonic5421


      Thanks. I hope you enjoyed it, despite the pandemic.

    3. EpicEnergy


      @Sonic5421 I have enjoyed it! I spent most of the day playing video games though. :twi:

    4. Sonic5421


      Yeah, same here. Mostly working the latest season on Fallout 76 right now. Come next year, I'll turn back to things like Kingdom Hearts and Dynasty Warriors:)

  3. Everyone working their Scream Fortress contracts lately? I got a good start, but today made it difficult due to high ping. I hope tomorrow works out better.

  4. Happy Sunset Shimmer Day! :awwthanks:

  5. How's everyone doing following 9/11 and still fighting the war against the coronavirus?

  6. Fresh month, and I hope everyone is still doing okay with the pandemic still raging out there.

  7. Everyone doing okay lately? I was curious if anyone has seen the "Team Fabulous 2 Re-animated" video yet to honor 5 years since we lost Kitty0706, and losing Rick May a few months ago.

  8. Happy Fourth of July to all my Brony Brothers and Pegasisters in the United States and those serving in the United States Armed Forces overseas, such as Kuwait, Ramstein, and Yokosuka.

  9. I forgot to wish all my Brony Brothers and Pegasisters serving in the military a Happy Memorial Day this past Monday. Sorry about that.

  10. Again, I agree with that thought regarding Luna after her introduction as Nightmare Moon.
  11. The Royal Family may have not gotten the love I was looking for, but at least Celestia and Luna proved that, even without their Unicorn magic, they actually could still fight using their Earth Pony strength and Pegasus flight, despite being outgunned by the villains.
  12. Happy Easter to all my Brony Brothers and Pegasisters!!! :kirin::Thorax::Pharynx::Tempest::Rara::sassy::twi::fluttershy::grin::wub::):mlp_icwudt::sunbutt::LunaMCM::love:

    1. EpicEnergy


      Happy Easter to you as well! :grin:

    2. Sonic5421


      Many thanks. :)

  13. Happy April Fools Day. Hope everyone is still doing good in the fight against the Corona Virus.

  14. Ugh, as if my stomach wasn't already in knots with the virus raging out there, I heard one of our favorite actors has fallen victim to it in Tom Hanks, the voice of Sheriff Woody. :worry:

    1. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      That bit of news was announced about a week ago