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  1. Once In A Blue Moon

    Personal Dilemma

    Unfortunately I was referring to administration in the sense of paperwork - dot the i and cross the t, then do it again for form 2-B. Systems admin is a bit outside my area of expertise. I'm fairly certain that there are people who work in system admin here though; a status post or blog asking about it might turn up something.
  2. Once In A Blue Moon

    Personal Dilemma

    It was for me. Admittedly I found university rather challenging*, so when I started an office job doing straightforward admin work it did seem very straightforwards. Perhaps if I had managed to join a fast-paced graduate scheme I would have found it harder, but even after being promoted into a graduate role it's still nowhere near university-level. As to being unemployed, I'm a strong advocate of volunteering - it gives a sense of purpose and gives you some good material for job applications. Your call. Putting a little note up that things are a bit hectic might make you feel a bit better about it though? It does seem like you're beating yourself up over it, and you shouldn't. *turns out working extra hard to get into the best university you can get in to means that you need to work extra hard just to be average.
  3. Once In A Blue Moon

    Personal Dilemma

    On the subject of jobs, I certainly had a hard time finding a job* but when I actually got one I found it so much easier than university and far less wearing than being unemployed. At least in my experience, how good you are at a job often depends on how much you apply yourself to it; if you want to do a good job, that does show. Then it's just a case of keeping a record of all the times you went out of your way to do a good job as material for future applications and interviews. Regarding burnout, it sounds like you're nearly across the line anyway - if you can try and schedule the work you need to do as well as rewards for doing the work then perhaps that will be enough to make it? That said, if the feeling persists for a longer period of time, or completely pervades your life^, then it might be worth seeing a doctor - there's still a lot of stigma about it, but mental illnesses are real and can have a substantial detrimental effect on your wellbeing. I wouldn't jump to that conclusion especially quickly; as someone who is prone to worrying I get those feelings from time to time - that's quite normal, but it might be worth keeping in mind if the feelings persist. As to MLPForums, is there a particular reason you feel the need to spend at least a given amount of time on here? I don't do a huge amount here, but I keep an eye on it and interact as and when something catches my interest, but if I don't have time then I won't even visit. You're clearly a busy person, and your education comes first; no-one should blame you for that (perhaps pop something in your signature for the next couple of months, or leave a status update.) At risk of sounding excessively upbeat and optimistic, keep putting in effort and you'll end up somewhere"". Best of luck. *although that's mostly being bad at job applications; it turns out that hand-crafting each job application with background research and a diligent attention to detail doesn't work as well as throwing out twenty generic applications and seeing what sticks. ^so you can't be bothered to do things that you like, or to take care of yourself or so on. ""maybe not where you expected to be (I'm certainly not), but that's something that can be worked over a longer period of time.
  4. As long as you're aware that it's basically an episode of Dr Who(oves), Recall the Time of No Return is really good. I'm surprised that I hadn't found it earlier.


  5. Once In A Blue Moon

    Horror Movies Suck

    Oooh, interesting indeed - it certainly seems that the above horror franchises tend to have awful sequels (whilst Star Trek has a bad first showing, but was presumably brought to the big screen for a second time on the strength of the TV series alone.) I'd be a bit wary of using Star Trek as a comparison - certainly the last three were huge budget affairs, and whilst that alone won't make a movie it does allow a great deal of polish that I would expect reviewers to appreciate. Perhaps a scoring relative to other films released that year on a similar budget would allow a better like-for-like comparison, although I'm not sure how you'd measure how 'niche' a film is; horror films don't have the same wide appeal as, say, family or comedy films. Still, I suspect that your hypothesis does have some truth in it (although I would phrase it in terms of the difficulty in making a 'good' horror film compared to other genres.) That and the point made above about a series of horror films losing the initial unknown aspect that makes for good horror.
  6. Once In A Blue Moon

    Which of the Main 7/8 is the hardest to write?

    I'd disagree there. I won't say it's easy, as engaging writing isn't easy, but there are vast amounts of literature that cover the interactions of family commitments vs other commitments, along with keeping integrity, so there's a lot of material to learn from. Parents in particular will have first-hand experience of that balancing act. I guess it's a bit disingenuous of me to say that, given that I'm not especially engaged by Applejack as a character, but that's mostly because I don't find the family aspect very interesting - I guess if that's your point, that not many people find it interesting, then I will concede the point. I'd put forwards Spike, as there doesn't appear to be any clarity about who he actually is. And by that I mean that I'm not sure whether he's effectively Twilight's foster child, junior colleague or younger brother, and that appears to be intentional. I think that interesting things could be done with that (and were, in a sort-of / tangential way with that dragon migration episode) but I don't think the writers are allowed to explore that, which hinders them. There was book I read when I was quite young, which sadly I have forgotten the title of, which followed a child whose parents were going through a messy divorce; these things can be done well in a children's book / show (to the extent that I remember it to this day), which I guess undermines my point (again) but it would be very difficult to do well and without clearing that up I think that he's limited as a character. All of the above carry the caveat that I'm not a writer, so I wouldn't attribute huge weight to it. They, none the less, cover my perspective on the matter.
  7. So that title screen is mildly disturbing - mostly due to the horrified looks of all involved.

    1. AJ2489


      true, but the addition of Pear butter is much appreciated! 

    2. 47216063816


      Yeah it looks pretty dark 

  8. Once In A Blue Moon

    General Favorite Things to do in the Fall/Winter

    I'm still going to be out and about, if with a few more (often waterproof) layers on and perhaps a bit more frequently, but there are a few winter-specific things that I like: 1. A mug of hot chocolate and marmite on toast whilst watching a film. A habit picked up from my years as a student; I spent a lot more time at university over Christmas than my friends, so as it got cold and everyone else disappeared off home I would take to spending evenings eating marmite on toast and drinking hot chocolate* whilst watching a really odd collection of films (you wouldn't think of Apocalypse Now as typical Christmas viewing) and going through various box-sets (Dr Who, Sherlock, Big Bang Theory, etc.) 2. Hot water bottles. Accommodation I pay for is always cheap, whilst my dear father thought that an old wooden house with holes in the walls was a nice place to live - both are very cold in winter, so retreating to bed with a book and a hot water bottle is a very pleasant experience. I think that I might do that now actually, so I'll wrap it up with... 3. Cheap ice-cream. Seriously, go and have a look - maybe not the always-popular varieties such as Ben & Jerry's, but the own-brand stuff usually has a nice discount. Now, given the horrific fat and sugar content of a typical ice-cream I'd recommend against going overboard, but I will be picking up a few and keeping them in the freezer until next Summer (they'll keep, as long as you don't freeze them solid or accidentally melt them.) Or if you want to really enjoy the warming effect of a mug of hot chocolate, having an ice cream a little earlier to bring your temperature down even further works well too. *an odd combination, to be sure, but it seemed to work. Marmite makes you thirsty, so at that point you don't really care what you're drinking.
  9. Ugh. For all that it's got absolutely beautiful art (and it would have to in order to persuade me to buy a platformer) 'Wonder Boy/Girl - The Dragon's Trap' has some very... irritating design choices. Such as putting a boss at the end of a difficult area so that if you lose, you have to go back through the difficult area to try again.

    Yes, Dark Souls did it*.

    No, I didn't like it then either.

    Learning through experience stings a lot less when you have a fast turn-around time - much like Dark Souls, there is a risk that I'll leave the next attempt for another time and end up never coming back to it. Which is a shame as both games have their merits and are quite enjoyable when you get into the swing of things.


    *much later, as Wonder Boy/Girl is an older game. 

  10. Once In A Blue Moon

    Gaming Would you still rent a video game ?

    Subscription services including games are a big thing on consoles aren't they? If it's sold, I presume it's because there is a market for it, so although the business model needs to be right it can work.
  11. Oooh, another Xcom pony parody, and an old one too:


  12. I just saw a thumbnail of a German clip from 'The End in Friend'. 

    Unless there's another German joke that I can't see in there, 'Das Ende der Freundschaft' doesn't sound nearly as lighthearted (and it's not like the English version is a barrel of laughs either.) Surely they could at least try something like 'Schaden der Freundschaft'* or suchlike.

    *ok, my German is both bad and rusty, but you get the idea. Perhaps Freundschaden? (unless that means physical hurt, which it might.)

  13. When a pony suddenly and unexpectedly accosts you with precious stones...

  14. Once In A Blue Moon

    Can changelings see through each other's glamour?

    Further, during 'To Where and Back Again' ... I suspect that they would be better at spotting disguised changelings though, simply due to familiarity with the process.
  15. Once In A Blue Moon

    Best insults you got.