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  1. General Have you thought about living off the network grid?

    These days you simply can't. Even if you don't use the internet directly, you will leave a... call it a 'shadow'. An image shared by a friend, a document that is in the public domain, using a shop's loyalty card ... I can think of at numerous instances where I can be found online despite not having put the information there myself. And obviously there's things like your medical records, bank accounts and so on. It's not a question of being off the grid, but you can be a bit harder to find - not sharing too much about yourself on social media, that sort of thing. It won't stop determined investigation, but it will rebuff casual inspection - the hope being that those looking for identity fraud targets (and other such criminals) will look for easier targets. If you're worried about government snooping, then that's something that should be dealt with through politics - hoping to put off the NSA by hiding your identity is a bit like having a gun in your house to keep the US army at bay; there's no point even trying. Still, there was a BBC article a little while ago that might be of interest to you; it's about a man who's trying to keep his face off the internet. One idea that I found intriguing was his 'Spartacus hack'*. *as I recall, President Macron's team used a similar idea to deflect the Russian hackers during the French election - putting so much enticing yet fake information on their systems that was leaked by the hackers and then proven to be fabricated.
  2. I can definitely see Twilight as the coding sort. Actually, the Elements of HTML kind of works; Rarity is the element of <pre>, Applejack is the element of <samp>, Pinkie is the element of <var>, Rainbow is the element of <code> and Fluttershy the element of <kbd>, with Twilight being the programmer who puts it all together.


    Picture by Check3256 on Deviantart - go and have a look at their gallery. 

    Yes it's a bit tenuous*. No, I don't know much (or really anything) about HTML. 

    *Rarity is <pre> because of course she's preformatted. Applejack is <samp> because... um... sample of cider? Pinkie is <var> because she's nothing if not variable, Rainbow is <code> because that's where the awesome stuff happens and Fluttershy is <kbd> because horses have hooves and so one could loosely claim that they 'walk all over' a keyboard - and Fluttershy is nothing if not obliging at being walked over.

    1. Hederik


      Not that I'm *that* well versed in HTML, but even after a good few years spent away I can't resist having a go at this! (Yes, most of this is still going to make the eyes of someone versed in it bleed.)

      Rarity would be the specialist in CSS, since that's where style and class rule supreme.

      Twilight would be <head>, keeping everything running as it's supposed to and summoning the magic of outlying scripts.

      Applejack would be <body>, telling it as it is and showing honest truth.

      Rainbow would have to be a <marquee style="direction: left; size: 120%; color: #ALL;">.

      Pinkie would be <p>, because <p> is friends with every other part of HTML. Plus it's <p>.

      Fluttershy would be either display:hide, or in keeping with Moon's version, style:override. <!-- fluttershy --> would work too.

      For Celestia, I'd choose <!DOCTYPE>, as she sets the rules and doctrine.

      Luna would ber AdBlock, making the fun double.

      And Cadence the facebook widget to spread the love.


      Now let me do like <b> and disappear from around here.

  3. Movies/TV Anypony Ever Watch Babylon 5?

    I've heard of it, but I never got around to watching it. Is that a particularly strong theme in it? If so then I might actually find time to watch it - I've always liked Dune-esque sci-fi intrigue, and I'm hunting for more sources and inspiration to pour into an RPG campaign I'm planning.
  4. Health Not having dreams, at the moment?

    I do recall that dreams occur during REM sleep - so I suppose it's possible if you were to wake up shortly before the 7h30 mark (or 6h00 or 4h30) then you might be less likely to remember your dream as your brain has been doing ... whatever it does when it isn't dreaming*. *disclaimer: this is just a guess. I have very little knowledge of sleep and suchlike, so take it with a pinch of salt.
  5. Do you think there is such a thing as evil cutie marks?

    In brief, I would say that as a cutie mark indicates a talent it is not inherently evil* - although certain talents might predispose a pony towards evil actions. To take the example of having a cutie mark showing a talent for murder, being good at murdering isn't inherently evil but making use of it to kill innocents fairly clearly is. This sort of comes up in the show in regards to Shining Armour - note that he has a shield as a cutie mark, and is in the Royal Guard. If his talent relates to protecting ponies through violent means, then some pacifists might consider that evil. As an interesting thought experiment, consider a pony with a talent for murder joining the police and using using their talent to help solve murders. *the question presupposes that good and evil exist and can be identified as such.
  6. I shall open with this image:

    I shall now follow with a tangential aside that I 'called it' in the RP I ran a couple of years ago - if Discord stops being chaotic, he'll fade away. 

    On 10/02/2016 at 1:26 AM, Once In A Blue Moon said:

    But be aware that the Fool also treads a fine line - fall too far into chaos and it will consume you, too far into order and you will waste away and die.

  7. Can you drive a manual transmission (stick shift)

    I've only ever really driven manual cars, and whilst an automatic would be easier when crawling along in heavy traffic (constantly holding the clutch at biting point gets annoying after a while) I make quite extensive use of engine breaking and so appreciate control over the gears*. The other problem with an automatic is that if I ever switched back to a manual I'd have to re-learn clutch control, which isn't hard (I actually found steering harder, for various reasons) but would result in a fair few stalls until I remembered the third pedal. *there are certain techniques for driving in more challenging situations, such as using a higher gear in snowy conditions, that a standard automatic would struggle with. Given that I'm not very good at such techniques, and that some (usually the 4x4s) have settings that factor that in, I wouldn't hold that as a particularly important reason, but I think if you're a good driver on a low budget then you'll do better with a manual.
  8. Would you prefer a job that pays well rather than the one you enjoy?

    I think you've got a good point there. I knew someone in the catering trade who, after seeing how much I enjoyed cooking, tried to persuade me to go into catering. I gave them a similar answer; that I cook to relax, and having to produce a wedding banquet with a bridezilla breathing down my neck would rather ruin that. Regarding the original question, I am in a moderately fortunate position that I enjoy mathematics and that there are quite a few well-paid mathematics jobs (ones that I am reasonably confident I will enjoy.) The only challenge is that I need to build up the experience and specialist knowledge first, so I need to do some not terribly well paid and rather dull jobs to get there... and it's actually proving to be far less of an issue than I thought. It turns out that I can get enthused about something as dull and repetitive as administration - an exceptionally useful ability.
  9. The Maths Return!

    @SparklingSwirls It's surprising how having interest in the superficial 'skin' applied to a problem can make it more engaging - one need only look at the game 'Kerbal Space Program' to see just how many people ended up doing literal rocket science because they slapped some amusing Minon-like creatures in the game. Still, if you liked that, have a look at this:
  10. The Maths Return!

    I see what you mean about getting an idea stuck in your head - I was nodding along until you got to the sine functions, then I felt really stupid for not thinking of them instantly. And at least you thought of a sensible function; even though I knew that it wasn't the objective, I kept thinking of f(x) = { 1/ |x| | x =/= 0; [icon removed] | x = 0 } and seeing the ponies whizzing skywards in my head (suitable for a gang of Pinkie Pie clones perhaps.) That final piece of code is a work of beauty though - concise, effective and efficient.
  11. It's not what the writers intended, but I don't have much sympathy for Rainbow Dash's parents in Parental Glideance; it's not often that I outright disagree with the message an episode is trying to convey, but either that one wasn't made clear or it was just completely off the mark when it comes to what 'supportive' actually means.

  12. Gaming What Games Got You Into Gaming?

    The C&C games (Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2 and Generals) were what first got me into gaming, along with Age of Empires II and Black & White. It's probably why I still think of RTS games (few and far between though they are these days) as a cornerstone of gaming, and haven't been much of a console gamer as a result.
  13. Seeing a My Little Pony joke whilst at work:



  14. I hadn't noticed it before, but it would appear that back when they held the elements Luna held the elements of Laughter, Honesty & Loyalty whilst Celestia held the elements of Generosity, Kindness & Magic.


    1. ShadOBabe


      Yup. Interesting isn’t it?

    2. Once In A Blue Moon

      Once In A Blue Moon

      I wouldn't have thought of Luna as the bearer of Laughter*, although as I had attributed Generosity and Kindness to Celestia that would mean that Luna would have Magic in its place.


      *although there is the whole "The fun has been doubled," and she was portrayed as much more playful in the comic where Big Mac searches for a nail, so maybe it does fit.

    3. ShadOBabe


      When they lived in the castle of the two sisters, Luna loved the prank traps they set up there.




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    2. Once In A Blue Moon

      Once In A Blue Moon

      I wasn't very good at it, but I did enjoy analysis, and pure mathematics in general. 


    3. Hederik


      Funny how the one pony canonically proven to be good at maths is flabbergasted at seeing the integral equation. Unless that's worry for what putting Pinkie Pie inside a mathematical formula might do to the structure of the universe.

    4. Once In A Blue Moon

      Once In A Blue Moon

      Seeing that your integrand twists reality in a manner typically associated with a work by M.C. Escher would certainly be intimidating. x^x is bad enough.


      As an aside, in the adventure 'The Pet Predicament' for the Tails of Equestria RPG Twilight makes a reference to Dijkstra's algorithm, which genuinely impressed me - far too many authors would substitute meaningless babble in place of genuine mathematics.