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  1. I really don't tend to get angry and I really don't like conflict or confrontations; I almost always back down from a serious* confrontation^ and I've never (yet) resorted to violence. I guess that makes me 'a bit of a pushover', but I'm fine with that. *as in beyond 'I disagree with you' discussion and into a 'I'm right and you should back down' situation - then I usually will. ^verbal or physical
  2. In the original 'Read it and weep', my understanding was that Daring Do looked so much like Dash to emphasise that Dash identified with Daring, which was how Dash got into the story and learnt that reading wasn't just for egg-heads. If Quibble also looks like Daring, then that might be a visual cue that he also identified with Daring, albeit for slightly different reasons (hence his dislike of later books.) In effect it's the reverse direction of the in-show best guess which is that he dyed his hair to look like Daring because he identified with her.
  3. I agree - building a strong team that works well together fits with the whole theme of the show (and I suppose one could play around with combat mechanics to try and depict 'social combat', were one so inclined.) I don't know if a mod 'counts' in this context, but I do play a fair bit of...
  4. I think Battle Brothers would fit well, thematically speaking: Claymores and blue face paint would fit right in. Not so kilts because no-one exists below the chest, apparently. Looking through my games library, the idea of a Tropico game in which you are the dictator of, say, the Shetland Islands, would be hysterical. Oh, and I suppose on this topic, honourable mention should go to the game that didn't have Scotland in it, but definitely should have:
  5. There's a comedy program I like to listen to called 'The Unbelievable Truth', where contestants (who are comedians) need to speak on a topic speaking nothing but lies - apart from five true facts that need to be slipped in. Strange and eccentric US laws being smuggled in as truths are so common that it's a running joke. That said, there are some entertaining ones from the UK as well - it is illegal to wear a suit of armour in parliament.
  6. Fried eggs go well with quite a lot of things; I found that they add quite a bit to an otherwise bland meal of rice and baked beans - throwing in a fried egg or two, along with a chopped pepper, really adds to the flavour and changes up the texture a bit.
  7. I suppose that's the entertainingly illogical result of following a logical process (character-wise ordering.) I suspect that it's a lot easier to do when you have a string of unknown length that could be composed of letters, integers or both. As to how you would solve that for n files (for n arbitrarily large), so long as you knew how many files you had you could put in an ordering block at the start of the name that would force it to go in the correct order (so generate the blocks in such a way that they will be ordered correctly - e.g. 0000, 0001, 0002... 9997, 9998, 9999 should be ordered sequentially, I think, for n < 10,000) It's discussed more here - apparently it's called 'lexicographic ordering', and I agree with one of the posters there that it's highly predictable (nothing worse than not being quite sure what an ordering function will do when you're trying to spit out a list in a specific order.)
  8. It's rare enough that I find any currency these days, never mind its age. I have a pile of small change, and a quick inspection turned up '2 NEW PENCE' and '1 NEW PENNY' coins from 1971, which was when the UK switched to decimal currency and so is about as old as I could expect to find. I think most banks will usually still accept them (I think they're accepting the old £1 for the foreseeable future.) Also (and I'm being really pedantic here) it wouldn't be a 'tax free windfall' for the government as the effect of removing money from circulation would be deflation (which would increase the value of the valid currency - so it's effectively distributed between savers, which the government isn't.)
  9. I have some experience of running the D&D5E rules included in the Ponyfinder rulebook, although not the Pathfinder rules.
  10. Yes, but only semi-skimmed pasturised milk (and in quite substantial quantities.) Anything else tastes wrong; full fat is too creamy, skimmed is too watery, UHT has a weird aftertaste and the less said about flavourings or powdered milk the better.
  11. I enjoyed school and university, but I have found working life to be far easier. I've found work nowhere near as challenging as learning, and once I moved out of the admin jobs it lost the main downside of being dull - and even then, when I took an interest in the work (which I tend to do naturally) and tried to 'do it smarter' rather than working harder I found it engaging. Not to mention that I get loads more pocket money now...
  12. I remember the final mission of Stronghold was a nightmare. You had to assault a superior force holding a mountainside castle, with several choke points that were full of hidden pitch ditches* and spike pits that negated my usual siege strategy of going around the tough sections of the defences. In the end I used a money cheat to buy more siege weapons and crawl my way up the mountainside with the use of excessive firepower. I also remember some really hard missions in Codename Panzers Phase One and Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps - indeed, most games where you have to play as the Allies and fight through a greater number of superior German tanks (the worst was a DR vs. AK where you had to take a German airbase before the aircraft could take off. Even though it let you steal tiger tanks you had to get through a wall of Flak 88s - all on a time limit. I seem to recall that you had persistent [or persistent elements? I can't recall] tanks too, so losing a high-end tank hurt.) *despite the fact that there was a whole mission about keeping the secret of burning pitch out of your enemies hands. That one was rather fun too - you had to defend a monastery in a marsh... I set a lot of spearmen on fire that day.
  13. I've always preferred 'pegasus ponies' as the plural for that reason.
  14. The Lunar Rebellion, by Chengar Qordath. They also wrote A Moment in the Sun, which was very good and leads into The Freeport Venture, and Rise of a Phoenix Empress which is excellent and leads into Tales from the Phoenix Empire. A Moment in the Sun and The Freeport Venture have audiobook readings. Ponibus also writes some stories in the same universe (Midnight's Shadow leads on from The Lunar Rebellion, and is what I would recommend reading after it.) Fallout Equestria by Kkat is also excellent, and has an audiobook reading. On the comedic side, Whom the Princess would Destroy... is quirky but entertaining. Those are all the ones that immediately spring to mind (i.e. that I've read recently), but I do remember listening to the Oh Babble Scribbler! podcast, where they regularly talk about and review various MLP fan fictions (usually referencing plenty of others while they're at it.)
  15. Depends which 'last day' you're referring to. I remember that the last exam I was in for was a STEP exam that I was taking just for the sake of taking it (as it wasn't needed for the universities I wanted to go to, but I would always have been curious if I hadn't tried it.) There was also a physics party, which I'm glad I went to - we had cake, the teacher nearly stabbed me by accident by holding a knife while making an exuberant hand gesture and I asked a couple of questions about subatomic physics that had been bothering me*. I remember climbing into the car afterwards and saying something to the effect of "Well, that's that." The other 'last day' would be results day, when I drove in to pick up my results. I'd already had an e-mail from my university at around 7am confirming that I was in, so without that suspense it was a really great day; talking with other people about what they were going to do, where they were going to go and what they would be studying gave a huge sense of anticipation and optimism (one that I've tried to hold close ever since.) Getting drunk and setting notes on fire are also supposed to be traditional activities, but not ones I'd encourage. *yes, I was that sort of student.