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  1. I keep watching those Game of Thrones Official Licenced Mobile Game adverts, despite them being awful adverts for an awful game, because I am just fascinated by how diabolical they are.

  2. When I was younger I had issues with my teeth*, which had to come out. For various reasons reasons I had to go to a specialist hospital to have them out, but we arrived early and the hospital hadn't opened yet. It was freezing outside, but it turned out the eye hospital was open, so we sheltered in the eye hospital until the dental hospital had opened. And then I talked about Weetabix with the nurse (who was a total wimp and couldn't even eat two, when I could go up to four some days), and being told (as I was being anaesthetised) to count to ten, and while I know I didn't get to ten I can't remember what number I did get to. Then I got my teeth to take home... and they might still be about somewhere. So that's my tale of 'surgery' (well, having my teeth out under anaesthetic) that is tangentially related to eyes. *milk teeth, thankfully
  3. I agree it's not the only way, but I think that as a show with a strong community and such a big focus on friendship, it has an opportunity to leverage that to make a game that is mechanically and thematically focused on 'Friendship is Magic' in a way that a stand-alone title doesn't. It would probably fail, but if it succeeded then it would become a remarkable game in its own right (and if you want to avoid the drab, unimaginative licenced games that are so common among film or show tie-ins then you should be looking to push boundaries. Not that that's easy with the tight deadlines tie-ins usually have.) And if they made a singleplayer game where there were excellent interpersonal relationships and a good story with strong writing then that would be excellent too; if some of the superb fan-fiction I've read is anything to go by then there is a great deal of potential in developing the world, so I don't disagree that there is substantial potential there (not to mention that a lot of people, myself included, aren't big fans of online games.) On a slight tangent, I think that this Extra Credits video on non-combat gaming is of relevance - might I recommend it; it presents some ideas about game design that I think would be pertinent to an MLP game.
  4. I think this faces the same challenges as the various efforts I've seen at MLP-based tabletop roleplaying games; one of the main focuses (and indeed, strengths) of the show is the strong inter-personal relationships in various situations (friendship is magic, after all) and that's difficult to do"". To that end, I think that a cooperation-focused online game* would best match the themes of the show - if it made determined efforts to build small inter-player social groups that worked together to solve problems then that would be both fun to play, and if done successfully^ would be a notable step forward in game development. Still, if making a huge leap forwards in online game design is seen as a bit too ambitious then will do nicely. "" for tabletop RPGs, I see a lot of re-skins of existing, combat-focused RPGs such as D&D. Those are fun (indeed, I have run a D&D 5th edition Ponyfinder campaign) but I don't think the mechanics really match the social focus that a 'true' MLP game would have *I don't think an MMO would be a good idea - too high a cost given the limited appeal ^and that is a rather big 'if' - there aren't many games that do co-op really well
  5. Now that's one to take out of context. But I digress. There might be some Tree Hugger quotes that might relate to astrology? I can't think of any off-hand, but at risk of stereotyping I think she would be into astrology. You know, even though I've run a done world building for, and run, a few fantasy RPGs, I never actually had the idea of using astrology as a 'genuine magic'. I'll have to file that idea away somewhere for next time.
  6. I played AC2:Brotherhood on my brother's console, which was fairly good fun, and I put a good 20+ hours into AC2 (in that order and with a fair gap between them) on the PC, which was good but felt incredibly padded. I remember one fight with a major antagonist where all of your allies turned up, and I thought Right, we're really going somewhere now, this should be interesting! Only for the fight to finish and to be sent to *another* city to sneak and stab in exactly the same way I already had. I will say that the historical aspects to both those games was quite interesting, and I remember someone's parents remarking that their child played the game and spent most of a trip to Florence pointing out monuments they had stabbed people from, areas of castles where there was a secret passage, etc., as well as showing impressive knowledge of the people of the day.
  7. I vaguely recall not getting into The Fifth Elephant as much as other Pratchett books, though I couldn't say why either. At the moment I'm switching between the rather heavy 'Napoleon the Great' that, while rather interesting (and relevant, given that I'm rather enjoying Europa Universalis IV at the moment), can be a bit much for bedtime reading; and Freeport Venture: Old Wounds in which I will admit to enjoying the familial conflict a bit too much. Chengar Qordath is one of my favourite authors, pony-writing or otherwise, and the interpersonal relationships throughout their stories are very well done - as in Fallout Equestria, I am repeatedly amused by the realisation that the most appealing part of my favourite MLP stories is in fact the very human aspects of their characters.
  8. I really don't tend to get angry and I really don't like conflict or confrontations; I almost always back down from a serious* confrontation^ and I've never (yet) resorted to violence. I guess that makes me 'a bit of a pushover', but I'm fine with that. *as in beyond 'I disagree with you' discussion and into a 'I'm right and you should back down' situation - then I usually will. ^verbal or physical
  9. In the original 'Read it and weep', my understanding was that Daring Do looked so much like Dash to emphasise that Dash identified with Daring, which was how Dash got into the story and learnt that reading wasn't just for egg-heads. If Quibble also looks like Daring, then that might be a visual cue that he also identified with Daring, albeit for slightly different reasons (hence his dislike of later books.) In effect it's the reverse direction of the in-show best guess which is that he dyed his hair to look like Daring because he identified with her.
  10. I agree - building a strong team that works well together fits with the whole theme of the show (and I suppose one could play around with combat mechanics to try and depict 'social combat', were one so inclined.) I don't know if a mod 'counts' in this context, but I do play a fair bit of...
  11. I think Battle Brothers would fit well, thematically speaking: Claymores and blue face paint would fit right in. Not so kilts because no-one exists below the chest, apparently. Looking through my games library, the idea of a Tropico game in which you are the dictator of, say, the Shetland Islands, would be hysterical. Oh, and I suppose on this topic, honourable mention should go to the game that didn't have Scotland in it, but definitely should have:
  12. There's a comedy program I like to listen to called 'The Unbelievable Truth', where contestants (who are comedians) need to speak on a topic speaking nothing but lies - apart from five true facts that need to be slipped in. Strange and eccentric US laws being smuggled in as truths are so common that it's a running joke. That said, there are some entertaining ones from the UK as well - it is illegal to wear a suit of armour in parliament.
  13. Fried eggs go well with quite a lot of things; I found that they add quite a bit to an otherwise bland meal of rice and baked beans - throwing in a fried egg or two, along with a chopped pepper, really adds to the flavour and changes up the texture a bit.
  14. I suppose that's the entertainingly illogical result of following a logical process (character-wise ordering.) I suspect that it's a lot easier to do when you have a string of unknown length that could be composed of letters, integers or both. As to how you would solve that for n files (for n arbitrarily large), so long as you knew how many files you had you could put in an ordering block at the start of the name that would force it to go in the correct order (so generate the blocks in such a way that they will be ordered correctly - e.g. 0000, 0001, 0002... 9997, 9998, 9999 should be ordered sequentially, I think, for n < 10,000) It's discussed more here - apparently it's called 'lexicographic ordering', and I agree with one of the posters there that it's highly predictable (nothing worse than not being quite sure what an ordering function will do when you're trying to spit out a list in a specific order.)