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  1. oy magic clog man

  2. To anyone who reads this,

     I'm taking a break from the forums, and I don't know when or if I'll be back. There were two things keeping me here, and now both of them are gone. I wanted to express how much I appreciate all of you; your ongoing friendship and support never fail to cheer me up. This time, though, it's not enough. Thank you, everyone. 


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    2. Alexshy


      Followed on Tumblr... but, forsooth, what's befallen? yikes.png.0bb3c26a0ce64b5b8c6796c0c23ad233.png

    3. Duality


      You shall be missed.

    4. The_Gobo


      See ya when  ya get back o3o


  3. Ask A Wannabe

    Which musical is your favourite? :3
  4. The Bioshock Infinite Twins spotted.

    I don't know which artists put the Lutece Twins in, but I love them for it. "Heads?" "Or tails?"
  5. Ask Luftschloss

    Goodness, that's a tough question. I love the fact that you're about 90% of asks I receive. On the outside, I'm mostly just an average person. Perhaps a bit quieter than most, but there's nothing particularly unusual about me. I'm usually found reading- it's an escape for me, and means that I don't have to deal with interacting face-to-face with people, which causes me a lot of anxiety. On the inside, I'm still pretty average, just because humans are so varied. I'm insecure, and yet do my best to be there for the people around me. I'm not really a good or bad person. I have OCD, which makes me question myself a lot, and makes me feel in general like a really awful person. Because of that, I work extra hard to leave a good mark on the world. I'm a thinker, but also a feeler. If there was one word I could use to describe my personality, I would say "conflicted." I still don't feel like I deserve my successes. I have a tendency to isolate myself, but when I really connect to a person, I'm fiercely loyal, mostly because it's rare for me to come across someone like that. I'm sorry. This turned out to sound kind of pathetic. I hope I answered your question well enough.
  6. Happy birthday! :D 

  7. Mega Thread How famous is the user above you?

    Pretty well-known. 6-7/10, maybe?
  8. Answer The Love Question Above You!

    No, except for in elementary school, when everyone gave everyone else valentines. Same?
  9. Last thing you googled?

    "Heathers MBTI types."
  10. Answer The Love Question Above You!

    It really depends. I'm quite young; something like a ten-year age gap, which wouldn't be a big deal in a relationship where both parties are legal adults, would be unthinkable. If both people are adults, the older you get, the less it matters. I'm kind of sensitive about the term 'age gap' at the moment, mostly because I'm a minor. Generally when you're my age 'age gap' is used regarding pedophilia of some sort. Same, I guess?
  11. Happy birthday! ^_^

  12. Happy birthday! :D 

  13. A monumental occasion. 



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    2. Duality



      Even now we could gain control of the forums!

      Bribe @Dark Horse with tea, bribe @Lightwing with a fleet of ships, and the forums shall be ours!


      No need to worry about @PathfinderCS; I have taken care of him personally:sneer:

    3. Her


      Oh hello :maud: 

    4. Duality


      So. . . how do you feel about being overthrown as moderator in favour of being made an even more glorious all-conquering ship admiral than you already are?