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    The purpose of life is to create a purpose for it. Whether that be family, friends, or stuffing your face with muffins.
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    My little pony of course. Rarity and Starlight glimmer,Girls and Boys ( im bisexual) Zombies because why not. Comedy. Star from "star vs the forces of evil" crying, pikachu, hugs,Doctor Who. Hot Topic. Bad puns. Hugs. Youtubers. Athiesm. Love and Tolerance. Philosiphy. PARKOUR. The unknown. Painting my nails. Anything MLG. Making sure everybody around me is as happy as i am at all times. Oh and also coming up with funny conspiracy theories proving the illumanati ha. Look out for those triangles doe.

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  1. Mega Thread

    343430... Why are potatoes soooooo attractive.
  2. hey you, yeah, you with the face, i like what's going on their with your face. *points at face* that Sh!t, I like it!!
  3. Mega Thread

    Whichever makes the majority of my flannel shirts!! XD What do you want to name your child or what would you name them if they were the opposite gender?
  4. Im gonna say mine craft. I was one of those haters but then I played it and I was like huh this isn't that bad actually I don't want to stop playing. Also with far cry, I thought it looked stupid and unoriginal but the gameplay was actually really well done with decent graphics
  5. Mega Thread

    We should do this more often ;*
  6. Very much science class hurts my brain!!

    1. TheLegoBrony


      I had a good day at college plus I bought a new paint pen

  7. Mega Thread

    341784 It's been a while since I've been on the forums.....
  8. Put your hand on your chest and feel your heartbeat. I want to fill the gaps in between <3 ;*
  9. Mega Thread

    I am defenetly planning on eating tomorrow. What does 1+2+3.. All the way to 100 equal

    1. QuantumPony


      *pulls out trumpet* bah bahbah baaaahhh!!!!!!

    2. Happy Spark is King

      Happy Spark is King


  11. Mega Thread

    Alright then 0_0
  12. Web

    5 things that stress me out about shopping - IIsuperwomenII
  13. Mega Thread

    OVER 9000!!! Name of your least favorite band
  14. Is this even a question? Of course!! Cuddling with minuette would change my life!!!!