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  1. Hi, long time no see.

  2. Final exams. I don't want to live anymore -,0
  3. How long has it been.. T^T This photo is 5 months old ㅠ-ㅠ
  4. Malzahar was cancer. Now he's even more.. just T.T His passive counters "everyone" in lane. How's that balanced D:
  5. I.Hate.School :T I just want to play Call of Duty all day T^T
  6. I'm just so happy ;~;~; I've been waiting for this for a long time T^T It's finally happening :DD
  7. Babies are fine, but kids, please have mercy T^T ;~; They're annoying me everyday D: </3
  8. If you're of Korean descent, but born in Alabama (for example), does that still make you South Korean?

    1. PROJECT: Simon

      PROJECT: Simon

      I don't think so xD

    2. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      That joke comes from Henry Cho, a Korean-American comedian who was born in Knoxville TN. It at least sounded funny when he said it.

  9. 321928 It's been a long time xD ._.
  10. Need to work on the background.. hmph ;C :C
  11. meme

    1. Annie


      @SpongeBobsLittlePony Why'd you dig up this old status and react to it? lmao

  12. Non-friendly spiders T-T What did I do wrong? :C
  13. My brain. >.< My memories are flashing back
  14. I didn't talk to my sister for too long ;CC Now I'm not motivated to do anything :CC 030