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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. And unfortunately, this happens to be their last year due to a shrinking fandom.
  4. The main things at this current moment needed are people who can devote a small portion of time to this project. I don't ask a lot here, but I'm asking out of pure frustration with myself. I have a lot of things going on all at once, and yes, I will admit, I have a tendency to delve in deeper than I really should into a project. The game isn't fully ready to be unveiled, which is why there are fewer cards posted here than I would have liked (Partially because I've had some art thieves steal stuff from me before. I'm waiting for my copyright paperwork to go through). If you're interested, but can only volunteer a small amount of time, that's better than anything else at this point. Currently, there's myself and someone else (The other person being a play-tester), and below this post is the list of people that are currently needed. There will be videos that show more of how this game works, how it plays, and explaining various parts of the game, and I will post those in this thread later. Main Team Primary Project Lead (That's ME! Team Leads report to Primary and Secondary Project Leads.) Project Manager (Basically, you're the person that would report to the online project lead, and be able to give me some progress reports from the various teams.) Secondary Project Lead (I am the only project lead for now, and having a secondary lead would make things rather easier for me. Any reports submitted to the person that takes this position in the team will have to be reviewed by me later just as a precautionary measure. Two sets of eyes are better than one.) Team Builder (Yeah, an odd position. However, this position is rather important. I plan on expanding the game further than just 3 factions, and the main part of that is getting an idea of what we need for expansion, which is where this person comes in, to give the rest of the Main Team some idea of what we will require.) UTEF TEAM 1 Team Lead 1 Artist 1 Playtester Abaron Team 1 Team Lead 1 Artist 1 Playtester Nexus Team 1 Team Lead 1 Artist 1 Playtester I'll post some art for Abaron and Nexus to give you guys more of an idea of what sort of "style" each is going for. If you're interested in helping out at all, send me a PM, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
  5. So, hello everyone. It's been a long time since I posted something on here, and this is being posted for one of two things. One, I want to introduce people to Furious Factions - The Multiverse Battle Card Game, a game I've spent about three years developing, and am still nowhere near completion. So, without further ado, let's get started with the factions! United Terran Expeditionary Force (UTEF) The UTEF are a faction from an alternate Earth, where alien invasion upon alien invasion has turned our world into a partial wasteland, with the world banding together as the Union of Terra. Technology is focused mostly on war, with very few new advances in civilian technology due to the massive needs of the current war. Examples of UNITS: Now, the second reason I am posting this. I require assistance. I was of the school of thought that I could do the entire game by myself, all the art and setup, but it's starting to become obvious to me that my previous reasoning was in error, and now I am looking to build a team. To answer the obvious questions: Yes, I am a traditional artist. All the card art, minus the symbol for the UTEF (Which serves as the card back) is hand-drawn and coloured. I've been doing this iteration of my card game for about a year now. Also, the [.spoiler] tabs are... acting a little weird at the moment.
  6. Rearguard slid down against the wall, sighing as she stared up at the ceiling. Hidalgo was right. Hirsan was not there, and this time, he was never coming back from the dead. Deadwood had even given his life for the cause, and had cast off the Elements one final time. Sighing, she stood up, and sat down next to Jex, nuzzling up beside him. "It's probably going to be a long time before we can even go to the surface. I doubt we'll ever be ready to live up there again if we stay down here forever."
  7. Well, I guess I'll get the ball rolling early this year! So, here's the thing, I guess. Every year, since I started doing it last year, I will be starting a topic here on MLPForums for a BronyCAN discussion. It'll be my little "thing" I guess. Anyways, since we're still REALLY early into the year, and BronyCAN is still half a year away, what are everyone's thoughts? I mean, last year was quieter than 2015, and that could be realized by the fact that it was the same weekend as AniRevo and Anime Evolution, two of the biggest conventions out there in the world (IN regards to animation. ComiCon is still larger by far). Anything in particular those of you who might consider going are looking forward to? (I might not be able to go this year, simply because lack of job means lack of funds, and that means lack of an ability to unveil what I was planning to unveil.)
  8. Well, I was going more for PC games, as it is a lot easier to get people together for PC games than console.
  9. So, hello, forums! I am FullMetalParagon, or, if anyone knows me from Youtube, The FullCrumb! I'm here with a little video series that I'm wanting to get started up after working with FlightForce on MLPForums Reacts. Basically, the concept is that every episode, myself and a few other people get together to play a game - old, new, I can run people through how to play them all (You can run VPN connections through DOSBOX), and even Multiplayer Pony Games as well! I'm posting here partially to see interest, and if anyone has any questions about this, just post here! One thing that WILL be required is SOME kind of face cam, due to the fact that your reactions will be necessary.
  10. Introduce yourself doing something in the environment. I may be the DM to get the story moving, but you have full control over many things. The story changes as we go.
  11. Well, I've had a couple of people ask about the RP, so if there was a consensus vote to restart the RP, then I'd be in contact with one of the mods to figure out what the next step is.
  12. I'm bringing a little something something to make people smile. It's my special project, and I am almost at the point of a playtest.
  13. If there's anyone interested, I'm considering starting over from the beginning if this RP doesn't get going again, where we can at least move forward somewhat with more people.
  14. All right! Those who had Equestrian characters, we're at the point in the RP where YOU come in!
  15. No problem. I've got two other RPs to work with, so I'll be doing those, and I've got game design to go through for the first game I'm making on my own.