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  1. Do you play a female or male character in mmos?

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. GrimGrimoire


      Female usually since a lot of the male character models just look overblown and silly to me. I usually prefer monstrous/non human races though.

    3. StarBurstFries


      I pick male 'cause I am a male and it feels weird otherwise sometimes. o.o'

    4. Widdershins


      Its more about aesthetics really with me. It's about 60-40 with me.... the sixty being females.

         Granted its mostly just been Warcraft i've done this in. Only other time i've had the option is in Pokemon and i've done that only maybe once before.

           Take for example the male Draenei. Go ahead, google what they look like. A fine example of yet another overblown male physique that they think we want. I do not want to play some character so physically imtimidating that they can't manage an expression other than a scowl or are so hideously muscular that they almost completely lack a lower body! Numerous times I've played a female character just because the males are outright nauseatingly designed. Womenfolk tend to be downplayed to manageable, if cute, extents. Men seem to turn out a good 70% of the time as flippin' monsters. Women adventurers always sit right on that line of still seeming capable of being competent fighters while still being capable to sit down and have enough intelligence to plan things or compromise. The men are trying to be meatheads.

         Tauren women are kinda cute, still admittedly monstrous due to their species, but the tauren men... have their heads shoved down so far so you can still see their massive shoulders, limbs like tree-trunks the size of their vestigial head.... feet as big as some of the smaller races...

        Heck, the only times I played human was went I wanted my character to look like some posturing jerkwad!

         But that does work sometimes. The orc & worgen men are every bit as overmuscled, but with their backstory it kind of makes sense & its subtle enough to where they can still put on a robe and look like an intelligent, wise wizard.

         I'll admit though... that I am a bit of a manhater...despite being one. I don't trust any character that looks like they got strong just so they could wear loincloths and show off how strong they are. You can still be strong & not be some mound of quivering muscle-flesh.

         There is some truth that video-game-women put up an unrealistically high standard for a body to impressionable younger players that are only just getting a view of their world. I feel that it's at least equal on the male side of things. I look at a male draenei, a Superman, a Schwarschegger, and I think to myself "Am I supposed to look like that? Because I'm pretty sure I'd die in the process."

          A Man always has to be the strong one...

  2. Playing Skyforge, it's a fun game :)

  3. Wow, I heard Cape Town is a nice place and I knew a girl from there, it's good to have you here Squiggle!
  4. I will, but if they bite me it's over.
  5. I'm probably going to have to go with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I know, it's probably one of the more popular but here's why I dislike it so much. I have played the Call of Duty franchise from the very beginning, COD 1 Final Hour and on wards till Black Ops 2. The Single Player for COD games have always been a treat to sit down and play through, at least from my experiences, I lived out some major fantasies thanks to COD in my younger years (minus actual danger to my life, thank you video games). So up until COD 4, which heavily featured Multiplayer as a core aspect of the game, COD 3 had multiplayer but wasn't as popular and wide used until COD 4 Multiplayer. More people had consoles with an internet connection! Their was a time when people played console without internet! Isn't that mad!? So I started getting heavily sucked into this COD 4 world of Multiplayer which at the time was amazing, not much around was like it, you could play against people from ALL over the world! It was pretty mind blowing stuff at the time and it seemed like everyone and their grandma was doing it. I had no clue how to play as I hadn't played many if any Multiplayer competitive games and I was still very young at the time so learning things in a game on top of learning the fundamentals to life from school had its impact on my performance. But I was non the wiser to it, I played for the fun of it, pretending to be a soldier in a made up Earth against a made up enemy with computer made guns that shot computer made up bullets. Now I started getting into the nitty gritty scene of the competitive multiplayer experience, joining clans, playing with friends, fighting people 1v1 because of an argument over the mic. It was all fun and fresh and new to me as someone who was used to solely enjoying the game by himself in his own way. Then COD World At War or something along those lines was released, I wasn't too impressed at first. I had gotten a custom to shooters being set in the World War 2 Period that I was too committed to the idea of Modern Combat at the time, so I put off from getting it. I eventually decided to get it with time and some friends from school saying it was bad ass and actually good. It was bad ass and good, it was everything and more than I was expecting from a typical WW2 game that I've come a custom too. WW2 never looked so good, I had been used to seeing the games typically in low poly and scrapping the bucket beginnings of gaming type graphics, but this was amazing and refreshing from COD 4. I played it more than I played COD 4 and found a permanent love for all things WW2 from it. The Singeplayer was thrilling and multiplayer was immersive and it had a general good feeling about it, plus all the WW2 movies and documentaries of the time helped gander even more interest in it. I made some great friends playing the game, it had also a hidden weapon tucked away to those who completed the game. A CO-OP mode where you fight hoards of the undead! I was scared to play at first because scary things were scarier when you were younger. I was generally terrified when playing myself and hearing zombies and ghosts making noise in the eriee atmosphere, I jumped many a time when waiting for a zombie to come round and corner only to be hit from behind! So, so far everything has been really enjoyable and fun, both games left lasting good impressions and were both very successful sellers among the gaming community of the time. Well then MW2 was annouced, the hype train was real, like it felt like everyone, their mamas, their grandmas and their undead ancestors were all on board the hype train for its release. And it looked from the gameplay reveals, trailers and leaked footage of people playing early that it was going to be the next Jesus. When I got my hands on it I played through the single player first, as I typically do with most games that have a single player, if anything to get myself into the controls and feel. I was pleasantly satisfied with the single player, it helped build up hype to start getting into the nitty gritty of multiplayer, I was sad to realise that zombies was not making a return. But I wasn't too destroyed as I had all the zombie maps on COD WAW and it was a game set in another period but I had a need for zombie killing in the modern era, ah well, I still hopped onto COD WAW and played many hours of zombies. So the single player was fun and entertaining, the coop had no zombies (sad face) now all was left to do was the multiplayer, the thing that made this last longer than it should have. Everything was very cool and modern feeling, un-naturally modern, its own alternate reality to what modern really was at the time. It was terrible, I died more then than I did in COD 4 and I was pretty much a headless chicken in COD 4. The killstreak choice was the biggest killer for me, the amount of killstreaks along with how ridiculous power house they were made it very unenjoyable. Dying repeatedly to a helicopter with aim bot is no fun at all, and shotguns killed you from across the map! Noob Tubes were so real and in large abundance, one many army let you have unlimited troll items for camping it out in one spot. Juggernaught, grenade drop and Last Stand were a mistakes as perks you could have every time you respawn, I also believe it was complained about in COD WAW, but because the game had such a fun vibe it wasn't brought to wide scale attention like it was in the cold MW2. I just cannot get into MW2, it is just not my game, I played well in every other game but MW2, it's by far my worse experience in a game.
  6. My favourite planet in Mass Effect: Andromeda is Elaaden.

    1. Kenshiro


      I havent got one :)

  7. So much floof, so little time.

    1. Kenshiro


      Agreed. You have donated large amount money i see, right ? Fluffy unicorn ?

    2. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Nope, just because they had some trouble getting my subscriber badge up and running.

  8. spoiler

    Since it's hair, it can change, most things can change, but i have faith in the creators design.
  9. So much floof, so little time.

  10. Games today are so much longer than they used to be, am not used to it >.<

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    2. Corgis


      Eh, seems more like they are getting shorter compared to games 5 years ago.

    3. Kenshiro


      I strongly offer you to play this game Lunar :)

    4. Widdershins


      Ah Know!  Back in MAH day we had oursefs a game whal liked ta call Rock Chuckin'! Only rule of the game was that the winner was the last one without a concussion!

         ....An' thet's how Equestria was founded!

  11. So many planets out there, when will we join the Space adventurer guild dammit!

    1. Nightshroud


      when ever sjws stop whining bout milk being racist

    2. Widdershins


      When the planet gets blowned up to make way for an interstellar highway?

  12. Fish freak me out, I'd probably not.
  13. HAPPY EASTER LUNAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Element of Wub Wub