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  1. Celestial Panzerhund

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    All of you are just... banned...
  2. Celestial Panzerhund

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Oh.... Banned cuz of the CONFUSION YOU GAVE ME! 3:<
  3. Celestial Panzerhund

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned cuz I have no idea what SBSAIW is...
  4. Celestial Panzerhund

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned cuz of looking like nose butter.
  5. Celestial Panzerhund


  6. Same here (always on the Rarity side) I don't care what platform I play on, as long as the game is good, I'll play it for that.
  7. I feel like Reose is between Troll and PC fanboys just by the way he's writing... Just felt like posting here to show some gif and to see whos on what side.
  8. Celestial Panzerhund

    rp [Ponyville] A Magical Mistake

    @Silver Note The machine noted an energy wave coming into proximity at a rapid pace and nano-seconds after noticing it, a new pony appears. Teleportation. An intruder?... nope... not with that first sentence and the scream. The gardener spoke up about keeping quiet. The newcomer looks discombobulated. Then the pink one... fluffle Puff rushes over to comfort her and brings her into a hug. The new one is now at a calmer state than before. Asking the fluff ball her name and getting a... response. Just not the she must've been looking for. The gardener spoke up for Fluffle Puff, and the two (or three if you still count fluffle "speaking") exchanged names. Silver Note... Flower Leaf... Flower.. Leaf? odd name... odd laugh... and uncomfortable one at that.. especially when stating a name? Why laugh at your own name? If it wasn't for the name and the laughter soon after, it wouldn't be as curious. The gardner has its attention now. Facing her and angling its head down, it notices somethinge it didn't notice before... it could be false... the odds- even if slightly evident at the stuttering and laughter of the name, couldn't be true.
  9. Celestial Panzerhund

    rp [Ponyville] A Magical Mistake

    @Silver Note The metal beast could understand ponies worry. When UT of what seemed of be nowhere, a pink and absurdly fluffy pony scampers up and hugs it's leg. Slightly taken aback from the sudden hug and... nuzzling... it watches by bringing it's 300lb head down to meet the pink fluff ball. Only for her to run around in circles. What a spunky little thing. "Fuffle Puff..." The gardener spoke of this pink ones name moments ago. Her voice pattern was heavy with caution. Fluffle Puff... fits the pink one almost too perfectly. It wonders if this "Fuffle Puff" could speak. If she could, it would most likely say something other than gasping... unless she was so excited you meeting this hunk of metal.. but why? It's an aegis to a Celestial being! It needs be looked up to in awe! A machine of-... The gardner spoke again, hesitantly, "Hello..." She said. //:<Hello: həˈlō, heˈlō -Exclamation used as a greeting or to begin a conversation -Noun -An utterance of “hello”; a greeting. -Used to acknowledge the other.:>// It couldn't reply volcally, but if there was one thing it could do... it gave a slow nod.
  10. Celestial Panzerhund

    What would you do if the avatar above you started snuggling you

    But... you look so shmoll!
  11. Celestial Panzerhund

    What would you do if the avatar above you started snuggling you

    I wouldn't notice...
  12. Celestial Panzerhund

    rp [Ponyville] A Magical Mistake

    @Silver Note The Hund has looking down at a slight angle, thinking about the possibilities of what the day can churn out for it. ==outcome #1<<A-B>>== ==outcome #2<<C-D>>== ==outcome #3<<E-F>>== It thought of what would happen if it chose from this, that would happen, or if it chose that, this would happen. If the outcomes number is higher than the other, that shows less of a possibility that outcome were to come true. ==outco-.... It holds in mid thought and stride, seeing a pony that just came into view range. It looks (how can it do that without eyes? Magic) the pony over... a garden worker. It slowly shots to the side to show it possessed not emblem on its hull. It was Celestia's cutie mark, the sun. Hopefully this pony would see that it's on their sun idea and not just some...thing... scampering about the halls... or garden come to think of it. Come to think of again, this was the 4th outcome it processed a while ago. Since the 4 is shown to be true... ==outcome 4/A: Pony panics== ==outcome 4/B: Pony accepts, moves along== And so on...
  13. Celestial Panzerhund

    Make up a fun rumor about the pony above. (Please keep it somewhat nice!)

    I heard @Arid_Blitz likes to rest his hooves on things... but that's what I heard...
  14. Celestial Panzerhund

    Make up a fun rumor about the pony above. (Please keep it somewhat nice!)

    I heard @Arid_Blitz fur coat isn't it's natural color.
  15. Celestial Panzerhund

    rp [Ponyville] A Magical Mistake

    Patch is a small fluffy dragon-pup, being 4ft tall and 7ft in length, he wanders about in the center of ponyville, a small basket in tow on his long tail. He was looking about and around the kiosks that sold various grocery items, mainly looking at the ones that sold fruit and veggies. Taking a quick peek at a few expensive fruits here and there, picked up some with his paws to feel the texture and weight behind it, only to place it back soon after. It was out of his budget range after all. None the less, he goes about the day, and finishes up his shopping by making a quick stop to the bakery. --- The Panzerhund sat in the garden. The royal garden. Having some thought to itself. It thought. How though? A machine thinking on its own? Well, it's Equestria. It has to have some magic in it somehow. It could be a soul that's wrapped around in a crystalline structure in the core of the machine. An experimental encased with alloys and magic. From yours truly by the germaneigh folk on the other side of this magically inclined world. It turns his head around to the door that leads back into the entrance of the castle, then stands as its body shifts to the door the same way as the head, and walks in. Formulating an idea...