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  1. Oh yeah it’s awesome! I’ve been playing it on my Vita since it can emulate PSP (which in turn can emulate PSX).
  2. I had a GameCube as a kid, I remember my friends being all about the Xbox and the PS2 but I’ve always been a Nintendo fanboy. I remember I played melee so much as a kid (and never actually got good haha!) I also had a gba but never got that many games for it. I remember the DS being introduced while I was still in elementary though and it was super popular. I got one at some point as well
  3. Back from work! :yay: How is everybody doing?

    1. Dabmanz


      I am doing fine how about you?

    2. Wayzer


      @DabmanzThanks!! I’m doing great right now!

  4. Heeey goodnighty everybody! ^^

    1. EpicEnergy


      I hope you rest well! :fluttershy:

    2. Mirage


      Night night. Sleep well.

  5. Currently playing the Zero Escape series and persona 3 and 5
  6. Aaaah yeah we totally have to finish watching AOT as well! But I’m like totally invested in code geass right now. Me and @CopperSpirit are also watching MHA the fourth season. Also didn’t we finish food wars after anohana? Or doesn’t that one count since there seems to be another season coming up.
  7. Omigosh ah thank you so much!! Wow ah you’re so nice to me it’s like, well honestly I don’t even know the right words but it’s a total surprise and really nice so thank you again! And I think <3 @CopperSpirit <3 knows I’m his and his alone so I do not think he really minds as much. He’ll probably just use this to rub in my face how he was right heheh @Bas and thank you so much as well! Wow you people are all so friggin nice it’s like unreal!
  8. Bas

    May I ask what your preferred pronoun is or if male is fine for you?

    1. Wayzer


      Of course you can ask!! That’s very considerate of you to do actually! Thank you!! 

      If I’m entirely honest I’m sort of in the process of figuring out myself so I’m not 100% sure myself! Kinda dumb right? 

      As of now I don’t really look feminine at all so it’s kind of really embarrassing to ask but for now, could you use feminine pronouns?

      Anyway I’m like really glad you asked! Thank you so much! 

    2. Bas



      If I’m entirely honest I’m sort of in the process of figuring out myself so I’m not 100% sure myself! Kinda dumb right? 

      Wouldn't say it is too uncommon among LGBTQs to have their own time for searching for themselves and figuring themselves out - knowing so myself.

      Well....you certainly look more feminine than most men I have seen, lol! No reason to feeling embarrassing at all!

      You could check if you can specify that female part in the gender field on MLPF.

    3. Bas


      I have actually met some abinary people recently IRL, and also some few weeks before that. I also know another person on MLPF who is fluid, and actually - what are the chances!? - living in NL or BE.

  9. A picture of me in a work uniform, somehow I only got this compressed version so the quality is a little fuzzy
  10. Nice picture!! Wonder what the dog was looking at, maybe a car outside?
  11. @Samurai Equinewoooo I got booped *boops back excitedly*
  12. Wait so that is a little one I’d love having something like that in my car but as of now, it’s so small I barely fit in it myself haha
  13. Derpy boop patoot activitate! @CopperSpirit
  14. Wow I think you've got a very unique eye colour there, looks great! Lucky! Damn that looks like one heck of a subwoofer so how does it sound!? Also even with the fuzzy picture quality you've got a very nice smile! Honestly I don't think you do at all You should stop underselling yourself! You look totally fine!
  15. Aaaaaah that one is so adorable!!! I love it!!! It’s almost as cute as you!! @CopperSpirit *boops back loving*