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  1. Merry BIrthiversary! 

  2. When you get back to the forums after ages and sorta wonder who's still there x3

  3. Happy birthday, if you're still alive!

  4. Yeah it's mostly my dad who got me into that! He always loved the band and took me to a concert, that's where the shirt is from!! Aaawh thank you so much! *blushes a bit*
  5. Well had been a while since I've been online on these forums at all so I guess I just as well post a pic showing how I'm doing
  6. I've not talked to you in so long! I hope you're still okay! Aah I was just so busy with my study and making the year... If I don't I would get kicked out!

    1. Wayzer


      Aaah how have you been in the meanwhile? I missed talking!

  7. http://i.imgur.com/B7gd1zu.png Happy birthday! Hope it'll be amazing! :D
    1. Infernus


      thank you dear!!

  8. Goodnight forums!!!

  9. Looking pretty awesome there buddy! Anyhow here's me in a StarWars tee
  10. Losing someone who is very close to me....
  11. Been doing okay, today was a bit of a boring day to be honest, tonight will be fun though!
  12. Well that was some rather complicated subject I just got taught

    1. PacificGreen


      Which subject is that?

    2. Wayzer


      Basically eh, microscopy of gonads

  13. "Just keep on going buddy.. never give up okay?"

  14. Doing awesome mostly. Just trying to keep apositive attitude as much as I can and doing pretty well now