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  1. I shave my legs because I don't like the feel of them with hair, especially when im getting ready to sleep. I love how they feel when they are silky smooth hence why I do it, however it is a chore for me and I tend to skip shaving through the winter months as I don't usually wear shorts or short pyjamas so it bothers me less... I will shave every so often though just to keep it in check And as for my underarms... As often as possible!!! As for men, some hair is fairly attractive but my biggest issue is a hairy back (probably stemming from one time at a pool when I had to stand behind a guy with gorilla like back hair for the entire time I was lining up for a slide!) However I think if you're fickle enough to not want to be with someone because of the hair on their body then you deserve someone as fickle as you... A relationship should be more meaningful than that
  2. Oh haha I was kidding! (Mainly put it to fill out the 100 character limit) You really should focus on drawing for fun, especially if you have limited time to yourself! I look forward to seeing what you produce in the future! After all art is always better when you're motivated
  3. Aww adorable! Can't wait to see more as we have said the art style is amazing! Do you take requests? (I'm just kidding! You'd be inundated if you did!)
  4. These are adorable! Well done Just a suggestion but you should draw Discord or Spike or a griffon. I'd love to see your style on other species!
  5. Happy Birthday!! =D *hugs tightly* Btw, you seem like an awesome artist!! =D

    1. UserNotFound


      Hehe thanks :) I'm not really that good! I just use bases... Basically the cheats way of arting XD


      Sorry the reply is so late! I was kinda inactive :/

  6. Happy birthday! =3 Hope you have a wonderful time~ c;

    1. UserNotFound


      Aww my two favourites! Thank you!

  7. A golden eagle or a jet black horse (I have a thing for black animals, I just think they look so awesome and sleek) Mythical animals probably a Phoenix or a unicorn
  8. Mine are a very similar colour to my OC's, a hazel brown with a tendency to shift from dark to light almost green, but mostly it's just like my OC's (I based her eye colour off of a picture of my eyes)
  9. Thanks for the friend add Jelly :) It's been a while since I'e seen you around here. What's up? How is life? :3

    1. UserNotFound


      Hey :) no problem I was just wandering around when I realised I hadn't added you! :o I'm good! Super busy of late but I'm looking forward to the upcoming season! I just found a few teasers and I'm so excited!

    2. Dsanders


      That's great haha. Well I wish you luck in whatever you've been busy with. Hope everything eases out for you so you have more time to spare on here. And I know, I can't wait for the new season!

  10. Yeah Saj! You spend a lot of time asking people to post a pic! Where's yours?
  11. I have to say this is one of my favourites! It's so cute! Pinkie makes some sweet faces in the Smile song... Also Twilight as a filly in BBBFF <3 Or in cutie mark chronicles
  12. An interesting choice of colours! Personally I like one the best as her Amber coloured eyes tie in with the regular Amber stone and the blue of her mane ties in with the blue Amber! I'd go with 1
  13. I've always considered her a girl, aside from Breezies and Male foals only the female characters have eyelashes, and I didn't know that at the time but I still associated her with being female, also I grew up surrounded by several tomboyish girls so the attitude and nature of Dash wasn't foreign to me
  14. Yeah your "race" icon is just a way of letting members know at a glance how much you've posted on the forum. It starts off small, every hundred posts or so and gradually the gap increases to thousands. I think there's a post somewhere that informs you the intervals at which your icon changes. I'll see if I can find it and edit this post with the link if I do
  15. Well yes and no... No because I've been sleeping alone for years and I've only ever shared a bed with either my parents after a nightmare, my friends at a sleepover, or my brother/cousin when he or she was little But I recently found I sleep better if I have pillows piled up next to me like a person... And if I sleep laying on said "person"... So in a way yes I would have trouble sleeping alone... With no pillows...