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  1. Wingnut

    The avatar above you is in jail, what for?

    Jailed for jumping a subway turnstile.
  2. Wingnut

    Answer The Love Question Above You!

    I don’t get carried away with them as I’m not the type who likes to make a scene. How long should you wait before calling after a date?
  3. Wingnut

    Would you kill or kiss the avatar above you?

    You look so smoochable.
  4. Oh no, you’re into that new Duck Tales cartoon? 

    1. Snowflurry


      Disney owns my soul and I love it. 

  5. Pretty good. But nobody noms ears the way CinnamonPop can.
  6. Wingnut

    Have you ever seen the user above you on this site?

    Several times.
  7. Dang, I almost forgot what it felt like.
  8. Wingnut

    Do you own the above thing or not?

    Yup. Mostly baseball caps. Got a dry air fryer?
  9. Wingnut

    The avatar above you is in jail, what for?

    Jailed for reaching the maximum number of service hours under law.
  10. Wingnut

    Disinterest in going to any brony convention?

    I went to the one in Baltimore a couple times with some then active forum members. I mainly wanted to see what it was like as I also regularly attended Transformers conventions in the past. But after doing it a couple times I’ve had little desire to return. I suppose I should go in 2019 as that will be the final one but I currently feel indifferent about it.
  11. Wingnut

    Would you give a hug to the avatar above you?

    Without hesitation.
  12. Wingnut

    Mega Thread Ship the member above you

    Venomous x Kaiba
  13. Wingnut

    Would you date the user above you?

    Someone I don’t know from a can of paint? Uh...
  14. Wingnut

    Health When Was The Last Time You Vomited?

    It’s been a couple years and I couldn’t pin down the cause. But my most embarrassing and memorable moment throwing up was at work a decade ago. About an hour after lunch I felt queasy and tried to ignore it. All of a sudden I needed to heave and I grabbed the nearest thing which was a nearly empty recycling can. The cleaning guy graciously took care of it but a short time later I heaved AGAIN! At that point I just wanted to crawl under a rock. I hope everybody else forgot about it but I doubt it.
  15. Wingnut

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    I was less than impressed. Season 8 seemed less like the MLP I know and love and more like a back door pilot for a new series starring the student six. Needless to say, The finale only cemented that sentiment. With this major transition, maybe season 9 should be considered season 1 of a new series. Maybe these episodes will grow on me over time. But the first time watching it felt kind of flat.