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  1. Happy birthday, Shawchert!  I know you don’t really come around any more but I hope everything is going well.  

    1. Shawchert


      thank you, things have been crazy lately but I really love the birthday wishes <3


  2. Blue is my favorite color. It has been ever since I was little. But as wonderful as it is, blue doesn’t work for everything. Blue Pepsi, for instance, was one of their most infamous flops.
  3. No more Debate Pit?  I was curious to see how members’ reacted to the 2020 election.  But I could see it leading to a LOT of moderator intervention and locked threads.  

    1. Xe__or


      Mostly because people can't help but lash out at each other, like monkeys.

      Someone posted a thread like that by mistake, not knowing the guidelines very well, and it was funny to see how a lot of people jumped on the occasion to lash out, because they knew the thread would be locked soon. Funny, for a place who pretends that friendship is magic.

    2. Wingnut


      If the Debate Pit did survive until now, I’m sure arguments about the election would’ve ended it for good.  The MLP fandom is just like any other fandom.  They all preach a kind of friendship based on the love of a common interest.  But every single one is broken into many factions along things like political lines and personal vendettas.  

  4. I pop in like three or four times a year these days. And I make it a point to check the forums on my birthday because even now I still get greetings from long time members.
  5. 496,565? Come on, we’re hardly any closer to a million than when we started. :p.
  6. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. Wingnut


      Hello...and thank you!  :)  

  7. Happy birthday pal! I hope you your family, friends and cats have a great one.


    1. Wingnut


      Holy shared birthday, Batman!  Hope you had a swell one too.  :)  

  8. Hope you’re having a happy birthday! :squee:

    1. Wingnut


      Thank you!  :)