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  1. I listen to pony music everyday, though it isn't always directly pony related. I mainly just listen through Ponies@Dawn mixes on Youtube, though I also listen to some other artists directly. Music is probably one of my favourite parts of the fandom.
  2. I would ideally like to be in bed no later than 11pm each night, though I often seem to be staying up past midnight anyway. My bedtime can be kind of erratic.
  3. Getting married and having children is one of my biggest goals in life. First I need to just find a girlfriend though, and that's where I'm having difficulty.
  4. I'm not really worried about it, especially since I live in a rural part of the United States. I do believe measures need to be taken to prevent the spread, but I don't see a reason for global panic yet.
  5. If I'm going to be completely honest, I'm most grateful for there being prophets receiving revelation from God again, which wasn't happening for quite some time after the death of Christ's apostles. Yeah, it's religious, but I believe it.
  6. I keep browsing Twitter after bedtime. It doesn't always have a good effect on me.
  7. More Flutters!
  8. My adorable OC! :D


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    2. DivinePony1000


      @Partialgeek514 I love the way she looks! So adorable and lovely! :wub:

      I've made an MLP OC once... I don't think it's that good though... :please:


    3. Partialgeek514


      @DivinePony1000 What are you talking about!? Your OC looks adorable!!! :kirin:

    4. DivinePony1000


      @Partialgeek514 You really think so? Thank you!

      Her name is Midnight Glow and she's a Princess like Celestia and Luna... or rather, she was! :ooh:

  9. I'd have to go with fire magic, though probably not dragon slayer magic, because I think that's more Natsu's thing. I've always felt like fire was kind of my inner element, so I'm not sure what else I would choose.
  10. So I was thinking I would go to BABSCon this year, but now I'm thinking I'll probably go to Everfree NW instead. Is anypony else planning on being there?

  11. 21! Though I still feel like a teenager sometimes.
  12. I actually got all my homework done today! Yay!!! :yay:

    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Nice! Enjoy the extra free time. :squee:

  13. Only 540 MB. Maybe I should try to double it my the end of the year.